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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 11/29/2007
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Dear Earthclinic, Thank you for putting up such a fabulously informative site. I am a daily visitor. After reading some virtues of coconut oil on your site, I decided to drink it daily for weight loss. Well, I began to notice that if I had a couple of teaspoons coconut oil in the morning with my breakfast, then I didnt get acidity the entire day. Also, I didnt get migraines that day. I am quite susceptible to migraines close to my periods. So during those days, I have a couple of teaspoonfuls twice/thrice a day, and dont get migraines that day. In fact, I now carry a small bottle of coconut oil in my purse, and drink some of it if I start feeling a migraine coming on, or if I start feeling nauseous(sign of acidity)--after drinking the oil I burp (because of acid base neutalization and subsequent gas release, I guess), and my acidity/migraine goes off.If I am home, I may drink the coconut oil with some cold milk--helps immensely. If I am out, I drink the coconut oil by itself, and just drink some water on top of it to take the oil taste off my mouth. Ever since I started taking coconut oil (thanks to earthclinic), I have been free of migraines and acidity nausea. My facial skin had open pores previously--the pores have closed now (!!) since drinking coconut oil and skin looks moisturized. Thanks again.

Mite Infestation

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Posted by Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland) on 07/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Mite Infestation -- I, too, like others have suffered similar ailments--intense itching and red, swollen bites on upper part of body for three years, and until recently, my face. I am of African descent and my skin does not heal well, after any kind of bruising. When the redness and itching finally go away, I'm left with lots of black spots. Needless to say, it leaves me quite depressed and I'm not able to wear short sleeves, shorts or go to the beach (due to eczema on the lower part of my body). Well, I though it was bedmites or dustmites and replaced my mattress and linens and even wash these in hot water, ammonia and borax every couple of days. But almost every morning when I wake up, I find more red bumps.

Well, much thanks for Earthclinic!!! After reading many testimonials on different skin issues, I purchased ACV to neutralize my body's acidity and Organic Coconut Oil for eczema, etc. I was still getting my usual number of bites and tried 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for the itching; it helped for a couple of hours. Just by chance, I read about the lady who had tried Pond's face cream with the intent to "suffocate" the mites and I reasoned that coconut oil has such tremendous healing properties--bacterial/viral/fungual; this just might work. So, I put some on all over my face, chest and arms where I had bites and voila! The itching subsided within several minutes and by the end of the next day, the swelling and redness was 97% gone and I still have NO more itching!!! (I've also been taking the coconut oil internally but not diligently as I should be.)

I'm so ecstatic to share this with others and hope that you would have as much success as I did.

P.S. Ted, can you share any light on this. Also, since using ACV and baking soda, my eczema has flared up. I'm now trying baking soda only. (I also suffer from chronic BV).

Replied by Cured
(Niceville, Fl)

Check out the BV page on this website. Peroxide does wonders for BV. Read all the comments and come up with a regimine that works for you.


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Posted by Nancy (Bangor, Maine) on 07/24/2009
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I had a large mole on my breast, the cost to remove it was rediculous so I decided to try coconut oil. It took about 2 months of keeping the mole saturated with the oil, but it finally just came off in small pieces and has not come back.


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Posted by Jacqueline (Omaha, USA) on 03/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Natural Remedies to Treat Mononucleosis: I have had mono for 2 months now, and I read about the coconut oil, and went out and bought some about 3 days ago, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel even now. I take 4 in the morning and 4 at night and I drink a TON of water all day. I highly recomend this remedy, it has helped me when nothing else could.

Posted by MARK (WGTN, MINNESOTA) on 02/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

my daughter who is an active 18 year old that plays high school basketball came down with mono. i read on this site about coconut oil curing the mono virus. my daughter was diagnosed with mono and a week later revisited the doctor and he said her spleen was way b-ball until it is back to normal. i figured, why not try coconut oil, i went to the gnc store, got coconut oil pills, took 4 in morning and 4 in the evening for 6 days. went to the doctor today and he first noticed her color was back, checked out her spleen and it was back to normal. doc wrote her a note that she could resume b-ball again, as everything checked out good. coincidence or not, you decide.

Posted by ROB (JUSTICE, IL) on 11/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

coconut oil for mono... my niece had mono about 3 mos. ago... the doctor said all she could do is rest. he told her it would be about 6-8 weeks before she would start to feel better. i immediately called my brother and told him to get some coconut oil. within 2 days she was up walking around and had an appetite again... within 1 week she was back to normal---eating, playing with her friends, and feeling 100 %. it definitely works wonders... the kicker to the story---my other niece is a nurse at a local hospital... i asked her if she told the doctors about her sister being cured of mono by using coconut oil-----she did---to which one of the doctors replied "we know it works, but because we can't prescribe it and make money from it, we don't tell people". he summed up what our health care system is all about...

Posted by David (Memphis, TN) on 11/29/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking coconut oil for five or six years now. About five years ago, my daughter,who was in college at the time, came down with mononucleosis. I overnighted her a bottle of monolaurin, the main ingredient of lauric acid, which is only found in any quantity in coconut oil and human milk. My daughter was diagnosed on a Tuesday, she got the monolaurin on Wednesday and on Friday, nine days later she had no symptoms and quit taking it. The following Monday (that's 13 days post diagnosis) she had lab work done and was completely normal. Other dorm-mates of hers had mono for months. Coconut oil, lauric acid and monolaurin supposedly lise the lipid envelopes of lipid viruses and bacteria.

Most colds are caused by lipid enveloped viruses as are a number of major viral infections.

Just last Saturday, a friend of mine called to tell me he had a horrible cold and had made an appointment to see and ENT physician on Monday. I told him to take three tablespoons of coconut oil. When I saw him on Monday, he was obviously fine. He told me he had taken two tablespoons on Saturday and Sunday and was fine on Monday so he cancelled his doctor's appointment.

I take it all the time but every now and then I run out. Usually I will get sick when I do. Then I go get some more. It is particularly effective for sinus infections. I just snort some into my sinus cavities. Most people are amazed when I prescribe it and it works. But I have seen it happen so many times now, I just expect it to work.

Replied by Greta
(Kamloops, Bc Canada)

How do you snort coconut oil into your sinuses?

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Rhonda (Delray Beach) on 08/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I'll be 68 soon. I use coconut oil for everything. I take a heaping teaspoon every morning.

I have horrible sinus issues and started putting a dab up each nostril sinusitis. GONE.

I use it as lotion and female hygiene for me and it does wonders. I use it for everything in moderation, of course. I buy the best coconut oil I can find. For me, it is truly a miracle oil. We're all different, what works for one may not for another but I'd bet there are many many who could benefit from coconut oil.

I use coconut milk in my smoothies.

If your hair is thinning try coconut oil and castor oil a couple of times a week I leave it on all nite. Love it

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sue (Kemp, Oklahoma) on 02/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil, I use it for many things. I am just starting to use it for my sinuses that have been a big problem my whole life. I make my own deodorant using equal parts of coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. I very been using this deodorant for 4 years because it works better than store bought. The lumps under my arms are gone since using it. I mix coconut oil with baking soda for a face and hand scrub. I mix coconut oil with dissolved epsom salt to soften skin, help reduce wrinkles and fat deposits. That will also help excema or soriasis. Coconut oil and magnesium has recently been very useful in the bedroom for this 60 year old teenager. I never want to be without it. I believe it's nature's miracle food and medicine. I would like to hear your replies to my comments. My name is Sue.

Replied by B
(Brooklyn, Ny)

How do you use coconut oil for your sinuses?

Replied by Lisa
(Colquitt, Ga)

How do you use coconut oil for sinuses? I have had sinus issues my whole life! Hope to hear back from you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Marie (Lawrence, Kansas) on 12/13/2015 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I've started taking the EVO myself and I've noticed some success. The brain fog and anxiety has definitely improved and the achy body has improved. I don't wake up tired anymore and I take it with my meals about 3-4 teaspoons. I mix it with honey sometimes. I am going to continue taking it, I'm hoping to see success such as my thyroid improving and weight decreasing. I enjoy the posts. They are great and good to know there are alternatives to your doctor putting you on tons of medications. Thanks to everyone's input.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Deedee (Skowhegan, Maine) on 11/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After finding out how bad Canola Oil was, I literally threw away the rest in the trash, along with a tub of Criso {which I had used sparingly}, over time, and mainly for greasing my pans. That was about 6 months ago, and only use Olive oil, Coconut Oil and occasionally Sesame Oil. We always used a lot of Olive oil anyways, and we have always used real butter.

About a month ago I stumbled across the how good it was for you Coconut Oil raves, and started extensive reading, and insisting hubby read some also. He wants to get his cholesterol down. We now take about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in our coffee in the morning. I normally drink 2 cups. It melts fairly easy with some stirring. When my tubs of coffee creamer are gone-then I am going to make the switch to using milk or better yet, cream, and get away from the corn syrup crap that they put in the coffee creamer. I started using it on my feet almost everyday for toenail fungus, and keep my fingers crossed it works.

Today I mix up a batch of tea tree oil and coconut oil for my feet, and toes.Tonite I will apply it to hubby's almost bald head. I've been using it on my face for the last 2 weeks, and as a moisterizer after shower. When I make my Cream of Wheat in the morning, I simply add a full 2 teas, as its cooking in the pot, add some cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar in my bowl.I know that any type of cereal, hot or cold, has never stayed with me, within 1-2 hrs I am starving again. I also use it to fry eggs, and in all cooking and baking.

I keep 2-3 big jars on hand. One near the coffee pot-one on my kitchen island, and one in the pantry. One small tub near the shower-one small tub in my foot basket. I will say my appetite has changed, going for good longer stretches, my cereal now stays with me, and I would say eating about 1/2 the amount I used to do, and feeling satisfied. So far I haven't gotten the blood sugar spikes up and down at all since the first week, that made me shaky, weak or felt like I was starving to death if I didnt get food into me right then-which would always lead to stuffing something quick into me while I waited for some food. Bowel movements have changed to much more volume also.

I/we hate going to regular docs, and will always search another avenue if its not an emergency. I don't know why it takes us so long to smarten up in life, but better late than never. I will say I have gotton a little queasy at times, so I just back off the amount, till I adjust, but will also try a lemon cleanse for the liver. After being on statins for a short period { heart attack}, that gave hubby bad side effects, since then its been all natural stuff-which of course the docs dont like. But he was quite firm in telling them just what he thought of their statins regardless of whatever nonsense they try to spiel off and suck people in. At least if he dies he figures hes had a good quality of life without the bad side effects. He has yet to get another test done to see what the numbers are, and I am hoping after a few months the coconut oil will raise his HDL. He goes to the gym-{ 4 yrs}, almost everyday, he quit smoking. I sure do hope this is the one thing that will straighten out the cholesterol and will keep you posted...

Replied by Deedee
(Skowhegan, Maine)

Also last night as my cat was sitting on the ledge over the sink- I dipped the spoon in the jar and put a little on it to see if he liked it. He ate it right up-so this morning I gave him some more. I'm hoping it helps his coat with all the scratching he does, as he does have fleas. I also have flea traps plugged in 24/7 all year round and it keeps them at bay...

Replied by Linda
(Southern Maine)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Deedee - from one Mainah to another, coconut oil is great. I'm happy to hear of its success for you and your husband (and your cat! ).

I used two drops of grapefruit seed extract in about three tablespoons of water for a facial wash. I guess I put too much G.S.E. in not-enough water because my face was burned by skin was dry, dry, dry for almost two weeks....coconut oil helped tremendously. It's great for so many uses! I <3 it.

Replied by Dena

Coconut oil can do many great things, but changing your diet to a WFPB (whole food, plant based) diet will help your heart, lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, get rid of type 2 diabetes, etc! Promise! It helps your body heal! Try it!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Stephanie (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have very good results with coconut oil. Grew back my hair with hot oil treatments, great for heartburn, great for weight loss. I mixed with my yogurt, oil pulling/teeth. Forget teeth whiteners! Bye bad breath. Good for sunburn..stay indoors, while sweat to death. Great for colds. Add a spoon to some tea. Lighten your complexion by mixing a little with shea butter once a week. Great butter substitute. Recently tried for asthma. Perfect results. Added and drank hot tea three times during an attack, completely disappeared...not even a wheeze. I swear by this stuff. My cat loves it to. great for her constipation/anal sac issues. I let her lick a little off a spoon. She's too smart for me to add it to her food. My only downside is that the more I drank it, the more I passed kidney stones. I had to slack off a little. I would like to use it for hemorhoids, but need to figure a how to?

I do have a question. Any reviews for Trader Joes coconut oil. It's the only one I use and it's the cheapest.

Replied by Pbird
(Western Wa)

The Trader Joe product is fine.

You can make little bullets of the oil, get them cold enough to hold shape and then insert quickly.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kim (Columbus) on 01/23/2014
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I started rubbing VCO on my lower back about 3 months ago. It gave me a instant relief! I was so thrilled but decided to keep it to myself. I was rubbing it all day as needed and on the third day I woke up with no back pain! I started emailing my family members and got some for my 87 year old mom. We all took it internally 1-2 tablespoons a day, we oil pull with it too. My mom had some remarkable results on her skin. A 25 year old bump on her forehead from a car accident subsided 60% after a couple days of rubbing on direct, after 2 months, it's gone. It seems to sooth her itchy skin and helped her curled toes to relax a bit.

Then going into 3-4 weeks, one of my sister stopped taking it because she was getting stomach pain. Then her old stretch marks started to darken, purple, red and bloody looking.

My other sister was having great results for almost two months with her leg pain and skin problems. Then she had to stop because it was making her constipated, zits under her skin on her face. She got scared due to the bloody wipe when she goes to the bathroom. She went off the oil and is ok now.

I have very mild back pain now after 3 months of taking it internally and using it as lotion after showers. Some day no pain at all but my legs were getting bumpy and itchy all day; extreme, miserable itch. Although VCO did a lot of good for all of us with a lot of little things, we now all stopped due to the side effects. I read up on the detox symptons and I waited over 3 weeks for the itching to go away on my legs which it didn't. Does detox takes this long? My mom had to stop cause she scratched her back to the point of bleeding and was getting boils on her head and bottom. I don't understand what went wrong, it was wonderful the first couple months. We all use virgin, coldpress, the purest coconut oil. My mom did stop for a week and said her itching is 50% better and the boil on her head is flatten. Anyone else that can shed some light on this? Ted, are you around?

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Maybe the coconut oil dried out the skin. During the winter it gets more dry so skin is more vulnerable to drying out hence itching. So it may be a seasonal thing. As far as back problem, is this a back problem related to the spine or just the skin and are you over 50.

Maybe your other sister may have developed an allergy to VCO.

If for some reason you still can't get around VCO then you may try experimenting with a combination of MCT oil, lauric acid and caprylic acid supplements and see how you react.

Replied by Mike62

Kim: I have spent 7 years studying folk medicine from cellular biologists, sports nutritionists, old people and the food they eat, and this perplexes me. You take the oil, you get better, then you get worse, so you stop and get better again. You could email the experts, Tropical Traditions, and ask them.

Replied by Greta
(Kamloops, Bc, Canada)

They symptoms as described above must have been horrible!! And I really empathize with each one of the ladies. Rather than an allergic reaction to VCO, it sounds more like a response - something being kicked out of the body. Quite possibly parasites.

The boils, zits, itching, stretch marks darkening, constipation and bloody wipes all sound indicative of parasites and I can only imagine how terrible the itching might have been. Naturally the symptoms would eventually cease once the VCO is discontinued however, the original problems would still exist. When one says they are fine, I would question what that means. Constipation would occur if there is a large mass of material in the bowel that was dislodged from the effects of the VCO and perhaps an enema would have helped solve the problem. Bloody wipes can occur from material being excreted from the bowel was not excessive, this would be sporadic until the material (parasites?) was eliminated.

The first thing that comes to mind when one incurs symptoms such as above is a bowel cleanse.

I really hope others experiencing similar symptoms will look at doing a bowel cleanse.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Green Augustine (North Wales Uk) on 01/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started researching coconut oil last year to help my sister with Alzheimer's. I also started using it myself as I was borderline under active thyroid and found my basal temperature went up from 36.1 to 36.6 on regular basis. For 2 years I'd suffered with sore eyes that felt as if grease was smeared across sometimes so badly I couldn't see to drive. My optician and my doctor both said it was dry eyes and gave me drops but they didn't help. I then went to a Consultant who diagnosed it as post menopause hormonal imbalance which meant my tears were not viscous enough to stick to the surface of my eyes, so I was given Visco tear drops which helped. About the same time I started taking the coconut oil and after about 5-6 weeks realised I was no longer having to use the visco tear drops. I ran out of the oil for 7 days and on day 5 I had to use the artificial tears again. Once I re stocked with Coconut oil, my eyes became problem free again. I was amazed. I can only think that the boost to my thyroid helped balance my hormones. And I no longer have pains in my joints which I put down to allergies! I recently got a stomach virus and doubled my oil intake plus having Kefir and lacto fermented vegetables like sauer kraut and I was was better within 4 days whereas most friends that had it were 12 days or more. For more good ideas read Mary Enig and Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, full of life changing knowledge and research.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Weston Price, Mary Enig et al. I highly question their understanding of nutrition in our times. Have there been No changes??

Dairy is dangerous now and I don't understand when people post recipe and ideas when dairy and meat are thoroughly poisoned plus the new wheat strains that brought havoc on the western population. Even so called grass fed animals do receive their potion of GMO's, like free run chickens, etc. You name it.

From vegetarian to vegan now, I am hungry quite often since foods are becoming increasingly unfit for health .But the good part is that one becomes innovative plus keeping in mind the fact that huge number of humans are on the border of starvation.

Most recipes and good old time food ideas don't pass the test any longer. Om

Replied by Andrea C

Hi xxx It's Raw Milk you are supposed to use. The problem with Dairy now is it's heated and treated and all the digestive enzymes are destroyed in it. But also unless it's Grass reared organic Grain Free Cattle there will still be problem's with drug and all sort's getting in to the Dairy via the Animals treatment.

But the other thing is the gland to digest milk shuts down by the age of 3 in Humans and this is to digest Mother's Milk. But Raw Milk it's self has worked Miracles in some seriously sick people and many 'Stone Age' peoples drink a lot of dairy and keep Cattle as well.

All 'Hunter Gatherers' around the World consume Goat's or Cow's milk when they can get access to it and also honey when they can get it. But lots of people say not to eat that too.

Some of us are fine with some of the 'Forbidden Food's' others are not. But Raw Milk, and Raw Honey is the only one's anyone should eat if ever.

My Body makes it plain as day what it DON'T WANT, if not right away in a shrt space of time. And then I got to suffer as it comes out and sometimes it feels worse than when it went in and for longer!

But i'd rather THAT than the result of carrying on? If it's started to do thing's I'm now aware of, what the hell has it done to me before my body started screaming for help and I can't see it?

Only a fool would carry on and not take the time and discomfort of being long term ill and suffering? I have spent years of pain and tears to get stuff out of my system that nearly killed me. stole my life, and they called it MEDICAL HELP? MEDICAL EXPERIMENT' .


Multiple Cures
Posted by T (Northeast, United States) on 06/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking coconut oil internally for a skin issue. I can definitely verify that the results I've had are from coconut oil because I came off it for about 2 months and I went back on as soon as I noticed a difference.

The first thing I noticed was energy. I take the coconut oil (about a tablespoon) with my breakfast every morning, and my energy is through the roof. I used to feel like I absolutely needed a nap every day. Now, I'm awake all day no problems! I don't experience that usual 3pm dragging feeling that happpens to most of us. I just feel... idk more awake. It's really odd, but definitely great. I noticed my appetite has also been curbed. It's not in a starving way at all. It's as if the coconut oil helps my body metabolize my food more efficiently. I can relax and eat my breakfast around 10 am and the next time I'm craving a meal is at 6pm. I just drink water and tea between then, and I feel not "full" but satisfied. I don't really crave anything, I just feel sustained. Coconut oil has definitely helped my digestive system. I'm not sure if my recent weight loss is due to the oil or not, but I definitely did lose a noticable amount of weight. It's my body that I've loved, it just seems to have deflated the extra baggage. My bowel movements are also quick and easy. I'm more regular without feeling like my stool is too loose. Coconut oil just makes it a breeze to go. I also notice that my waste smells different, so that's a plus. I don't know if I can attribute this directly to the coconut oil, but in the months I took it, I definitely noticed overall mood stability, increased skin suppleness, reduced soreness after workouts, and it seems like my hair is growing in faster. Again, these are only results I've been able to note an absence of when I was off the coconut oil versus when I took the coconut oil.

A little shot of melted coconut oil in the morning honestly gave me a lot more than I bargained for! I love this stuff!