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Hydrogen Peroxide Instead of Oil Pulling

on Jul 03, 2021| Modified on Feb 29, 2024
Hydrogen Peroxide Instead of Oil Pulling
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, FL) on 07/02/2021 47 posts

Why I think Hydrogen Peroxide pulling is superior to Oil pulling.

I have a lot of respect for ancient healing practices such as Ayurveda but perhaps if H2O2 had been available during the time when Ayurveda was developed, instead of recommending oil, Ayurveda would have recommended H2O2.

So why does Ayurveda suggest just a couple of minutes of holding the oil in your mouth whereas modern man thinks more is better and suggests 20 minutes per day? It seems excessive to me and I don't believe in any practices that take up that much time because more than likely, people won't stick to such lengthy daily regimens.

Oil pulling is supposed to kill germs and clean your mouth. What else kills germs and cleans your mouth but is cheaper and acts more quickly? Hydrogen Peroxide 3%.

Oxygen is the most abundant molecule (in the form of H20) in our body and it is the foundation for life. Oxygen has very powerful healing properties. Probably the most powerful healing methods for virtually any pathogen based illness is based on oxygen and oxidation. Oxygen kills harmful pathogens because most pathogens are anaerobic organisms.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Ozone (O3) and Chlorine Dioxide (CL02) all have one thing in common. They have one additional oxygen molecule that breaks free and kills pathogens through oxidation.

Advantages of H2O2 "pulling" versus oil pulling.

H202 is cheaper than a quality oil.

You can do it for just a couple of minutes and you'll kill whatever pathogens are in your mouth.

Your teeth will be whiter and your gums won't bleed in a very short time.

And finally, who has time to spend 20 minutes a day swishing around a bunch of oil every morning? Most of us are pressed for time and have a million things to get done in the morning.

I used to do oil pulling but I don't have the patience to do it for the length of time recommended. Also, H2O2 is cheaper and more easily available than organic coconut oil or organic sesame oil, etc.

I just take a small mouthful of H2O2 after brushing and flossing and swish it around for about 2 minutes. After that, I simply spit it out. I don't rinse my mouth after. H2O2 is recommended for many things, including healing cancer. So if I swallow a bit, that doesn't matter and is probably good for me. (Yes and I know some people think you shouldn't use the cheap stuff from the pharmacy because of stabilizers and all. However, if it is safe to put on a cut or wound to disinfect and it also says it is safe as an oral debrider, it def. won't harm you.)