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Acidophilus, Vitamin E, Folic Acid

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Posted by Hopeful (Orlando, Fl) on 03/03/2013

I recently started back up taking an Acidophilus, Folic Acid, and Vitamin E in the morning, and using a small acidophilus vaginal suppository every couple of days (should probably do it every day).

For the last year especially, I've been battling with burning feeling (feels like a UTI sometimes, but lab tests show no UTI). It was making me irritable, sometimes made me want to cry, and sometimes I stayed home from work because of it. I gave up on going to the doctor since it has been more manageable in the past 3 months.

So, like I said, I've been taking (2 billion) Acidophilus tablet in the morning with Vitamin E and Folic Acid. And I have cut some of the acidophilus tablets into fourths and am using those as vaginal suppositories on occassion. It seems to be managing the problem. I've only been doing this for the past 2-3 weeks and right away I noticed I have less discharge and burning.

I've also been eating pretty healthy for the past 3 months. No real significant change in my diet, other than cutting out candy for the most part. And I make an effort to ensure each meal includes fruit (breakfast) or veggies (lunch and supper). But I make all my meals at home from scratch mostly (even making homemade pita bread! ). I think I've eaten out 3 times in the past 3 months. Maybe this has influenced it, maybe not.

Hope this continues to work. Fingers crossed.

Acidophilus, Vitamin E, Folic Acid
Posted by Sharon (San Antonio, Tx) on 12/02/2010

Cure for a Yeast Infection: Acidophilus pills, Vitamin E, and Folic Acid. I struggled for about 2 years with constant burning in the vaginal area. I need to stress here that all I had was burning. Hardly any discharge, not the cottage cheese type, and NO itching!

It started with what I thought was a UTI. My doctor gave me antibiotics. It didn't work. Long story short, I took around 7 different antibiotics in about 3 months. Doctor just kept trying different ones. Please don't ever do this. It messed up my digestive system big time. I went to a naturopath next. Nothing helped. After 2 years passed with constant burning and going to a few different doctors, a new doctor finally diagnosed me with a resistant strain of yeast. I took 6 rounds of Diflucan. Didn't work. The doctor's last resort was boric acid suppositories. Didn't work.

I had pretty much given up until, by the grace of God, I read in a food/nutritin book about how Vitamin E kills yeast. I had also read here on Earthclinic how alot of women with Bacterial Vaginosis get relief by taking Acidophilus and Folic Acid. So, I took them all together. 2 Acidophilus, 1 200IU Vitamin E, and 1 Folic 400mg Folic Acid morning and night. Within a few days I felt a little better. I was hopeful. The burning wasn't as bad, but still there. I imagine 2 years of burning would take awhile to heal. After a month, I knew the combination was definitely working. I took it for 3 months. Then, gradually took it less and less. It has been gone for a long time.

And here is the kicker: At my next GYN appointment, I told the doctor what finally cured me. She then told me how she read about a very small study that tested the SAME EXACT combination I took and yes, it worked. I was FLOORED! She said big pharm doesn't do those kinds of studies (No way for them to make money off of vitamins). So, alot of people won't know about what has been found. So, I am telling you my own experience. I hope this will help someone else. This period in my life was horrific. It affected my family, marriage, and my overall health. I am still dealing with the physical effects of the stress and anxiety. It was so defeating to have this burning, but no one could tell me what it was. I credit the Lord for showing what I needed to take. I did pray for those two years and couldn't understand why God wouldn't heal me. The journey wound bringing me closer to God than I have ever been and I feel this is what He wanted from me all the while. I realize some people may downplay this aspect of my healing, but I am here to say I am living proof. May God Bless You!

Replied by Violet
(Chino, California)

Acidophilus, vitamin E, and folic acid. I have something similar to you, Sharon from San Antonio, Tx. I have had what I perceive as burning and hotness in vagina. As I have advanced in years and after menopause I find that dryness, burning and felling of hotness in vagina has increase, becoming really bad during intercourse. I have had many infections but I never consider this to be an infection. I would like to take the combination of Acidophilus, vitamin e, and folic acid to at least try to help myself. Could you tell me the quantity of acidophilus that you use. I already have the vitamin e and folic acid. I would appreciate it. Thank you

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)

Hi Violet - The Acidophilus I took is 500 Million live cells per tablet. At first I took 2 tablets morning and night (along with the Vitamin E and folic acid), then I went down to 1 tablet as I felt better. Good Luck to you!

Replied by Margaret
(Houston, Tx)

I have had what my doctor calls yeast infection for 3 months now. Went through 3 courses of Terconazole that only worsen my symptoms, and 2 courses of Moinstat and only got worst. Tried the garlic insertion and felt I was getting worst. Inserting yogurt caused what trully looks like yeast infection where before I only had discharge, but I felt it didn't really resembled yeast although the test came back positive. I'm dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and know that unless I can fight it off to begin with my chances are slim. I bought expensive 500 billion probiotic but it worsen my symptoms and I'm afraid to take it further. What brands did you find best? My main symptom now is burning with minimal discharge. Thank you,

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)

Margaret, I used Nature Made brand for all three. I know you can get it from any chain drugstore.

Replied by Alex
(Tucson, Az)

I have had a yeast infection for about 8 months now. I feel incredibly better than I used to, though it is still not cured. Check out though - lots of good information. I am following the candida diet and am currently taking Syntol (which has enzymes in it that is supposed to break down the yeast cell walls) and CP1 probiotics and Vaginal Flora probiotics. I take about 500 billion a day of 11 different strains. I think that the diet and these medications/probiotics have been hugely beneficial to me. You need to do the diet and not eat any sugar/breads/carbs. Also, keep in mind that your chronic fatigue might also be caused by yeast... I can't even tell you how tired and irritable the yeast was making me. Now that I am feeling much better, I also have way more energy and am less irritable. Your symptoms also will get worse before they get better - more discharge and more irritibility might mean that you are killing the yeast. So don't give up on things right away.

I think I'm going to try the vitamin E and folic acid thing.

Replied by Simgirl
(Caribbean, W.i)

Sharon I thought you're story was inspirational, thanks for sharing. I have a question tho. Is it 400 mg or 400 mcg folic acid? I am using 5mg folic acid once a day along with 400 IU Vit E once a day. [I haven't added the acidophilus as yet. ] But is there anything wrong if I take this strength of folic acid for this condition. Will it work just the same? I couldn't find the 400 mg in the pharmacy.


Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)

Simgirl, You are right. It is 400 mcg of Folic Acid.

Replied by Jingkatphils
(Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines)

sharon, I just wanna ask when do you take the acidophilus pill, vit. E and folic acid during the day? is it an hour before breakfast or right after breakfast? do you take the 3 immediately before going to bed? is it necessary to refrigerate the acidophilus pills right after opening? I took the pills last march, but did not refrigerate it. I thot I was cured but now the yeast is back, maybe it had less effect as I did not refrigerate it. Im going to try the other vit. 3 and folic acid together with the acidophilus as you have tried..

hope you reply on this sharon.

thank you.

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)


I took the three together about a half hour to an hour before breakfast and then I took the three together again before bed, a few hours after dinner.

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)


I did not refrigerate the acidiophilus. Some brands require it and some don't. I hope you try the combination. The yeast has never returned for me.

Replied by Hopeful
(Orlando, Fl)

Of those who have tried this combination of vitamins, has anyone else had success with it?

I began itching 2 years ago. I have been to the doctor 3 times since then, and I have tried the prescription meds, repHresh, and Monistat to no avail. I have asked to be referred to a specialist, but the doctor doesn't seem to be taking this seriously. They have taken several samples, and at first they said it was BV, but after taking samples a 2nd time and sending to the lab, they say it looks a "slight yeast infection. " Not if it's been irritating me for 2 years!

I have occassional itching and redness. I always have at least a noticeable amount of thicker white discharge. And just recently I have begun to experience a burning/urgency feeling, especially *after* urinating in the morning.

I am hopeful upon reading of your success with this combination. I just bought all the vitamins and have taken the first round this evening. I am 22 years old, and I don't want to be like this forever. Has anyone else had success with this combination?

Replied by Jingkatphils
(Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines)

Hopeful from orlando, I am also 22 years old and have been suffering this infection for a year..

Have you already cured yours? I drank kefir for a week and the white discharge is no longer in my underwear however if I try to scoop my finger towards my vagina, the white discharge is still there but no longer itchy..

Hope ud reply on this..

Replied by Michelle
(Phoenix, Az)

How did you get tested for the resistant strain of yeast? Which doctor did that for you? I'm having the same exact symptoms as you had... just burning for 2 years, but all the docs say there is no yeast. thanks

Replied by Jessica
(El Paso, Tx)

Hi sharon!! Thanks so much for that positive, motivating story! I just started my first set of round right now, hopefully it works. God bless!!

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)

Michelle, My GYN looked under a microscope and said it was yeast. Of course, she could not identify the strain. The reason we knew it was resistant is that none of the conventional yeast medications worked. I tried a Diflucan; once a week for 4 weeks, then one every 2 weeks for a month, and then 1 a month for 3 months. This is a treatment given when women are believed to have a resistant strain. After 2 months, I asked my doctor if I could stop taking it because this too was not working. She agreed. I then tried boric acid as a last resort, which did not work either. Also, the lab tests always came back normal. For some reason, the yeast was never detected in the lab.

Replied by Sharon
(San Antonio, Tx)

UPDATE: I am still yeast free. I did have one bout of it a year ago. My standard treatment of Vit e, folic acid, and acidophilus did not work. I suspect that the yeast became resistant to the treatment since I used it so much. For the last infection a year ago, I consumed lots of yogurt/plain kefir and did ACV baths. I would also recommend checking your Vitamin D levels. I was always running low in the vitamin over the last few years. Since all this occurred, I have been diagnosed with gallstones and have been having symptoms of a sluggish gallbladder. Gallbladder disease causes us to run low in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. I did run low in D during the time I had the chronic yeast infection. So, I suspect my body may have been low in Vitamin E as well. I believe now that this had something to do with why my body could not fight off the yeast. I have read about Vitamin D and E being used to fight yeast infections.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, SC)

When I was married over 20 years ago I suddenly developed a yeast infection... A kind of white residue; lots of itching. Every time my wife and I would have sex, a day later there it was again. Then after a year of this torture, we found Nystatin. After consistent treatment, my wife was cured and so was I. Never another problem.

Now the BV I'm reading on these posts under "Yeast Infections" and the "BV" posts here on Earth Clinic has a different cause of course. For that I'd suggest three tablespoons of a high ppm colloidal silver every day on an empty stomach. See if in two weeks that does not knock out the bacterial infection. And can also apply topically too.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, SC)

One last word of advice; if the infection is body wide (called systemic) you may need to be on the silver solution for six months to knock it out.

Replied by Naomi
(Phoenix, Az)

I bought liquid acidophilus thinking it would be easier then trying to get a chewable vitamin any easy ideas how to get this in the vagina?

Replied by Ed2010

Apply homemade milk kefir. Contains a whole bunch of Lacto fermenting bacterias and Good Yeast. Just a spoon of kefir contains billions of bacterias. Good health.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

When zinc and copper are in balance they help enzyme systems in the body and enzymes help with controlling candida. Also Molybdenum decreases the symptoms of candida die off.

Acidophilus, Yogurt, ACV and Peroxide Douche

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Posted by Bella (Roselle, Nj) on 08/21/2009

I have had three yeast infection these past two months. The third just started today. I didn't want to take any over the counter meds so instead I took the natural approach. I took 3 acidophilus pills every few hours, ate a greek yogurt, and my cousin gave me a recipe for a great douche. Acv, peroxide and water. I felt instant relief. Its quicker and better than prescription meds. Try it ladies!

Replied by Annie
(Lynnwood, Wa)

Trying to find the recipe Bella from new jersey used for a yeast infection. It's ingredients were apple cider vinegar, peroxide and water. Just wanted to know the amounts of each. Thanks

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Rosie (La, Ca) on 02/20/2010

A quick cure for yeast infections is to cut off a piece of aloe vera, remove the skin and insert it like a tampon. It burns, so it is difficult to keep there. Just putting some of the aloe vera gel on, also helps. You will have immediate relief, but keep doing it for atleast 3 days to prevent recurrence.

Replied by Becky
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi, I also have been using a piece of the aloe gel inserted into the vagina to treat yeast infections. I wrap it in a thin piece of sterilized gouze and tie one end with a piece of dental floss and then I put 2 or three drops of tea tree oil on it before inserting. In the beginning it iches like mad and after 5 mins it goes away. In the morning I pull it out and feel much better!! It really works for me. If anyone has any other ideas to substitute the gauze and the dental floss please let me know! Thanks

Replied by Kathy
(Davis, Ca)

Try a tampon.

Anti-Fungal Remedies or Medication

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Posted by Christopher (Kirkland Lake, ON) on 03/30/2008

A few years ago i worked in a kitchen environment and a candy store. Ok obviously i had a bad diet... i developped a rash on the side of my hand. water made it worse and perhaps the plastic gloves for candy didnt help. this rash persisted for over half a year and disappeared only by moving up my pinkie. there it became obvious that aside from cracking skin that there were tiny pimple like bumps.

My dad got me cortisone cream and it flared. apparently i found out at that time that cortisone feeds yeast! i got to thinking i had a yeast infection on my hand!!! i did try ACV it brought relief but i think the infection was too deep. Or that the ACV would of worked better mixed with a cream... it would clear to reemerge once the skin became dryer again. I was so convinced it was a yeast infection...

One day i told my dentist what i thought and she helped me get some cold sore medication... nyaderm/betaderm.. just to say it was antifungal!!! after 3 days the rash never came back.... i know its not a natural cure but just to say had i made a something with garlic or you know something antifungal the rash would of left.

since that time ive formed a belief that almost all health problems stem from mycotoxins or fungus/yeast living in human tissue. i still have a coated tongue and in my best efforts have only been able to partially clear it up. sucking on a tablet for candida did clear it up for a few hours, enough for hope but yeah thats expensive.

Replied by Maggie
(Kansas City, Ks)

For Thrush, the white coating in your mouth, I have found a good way to stop it for me. First, I brush my teeth as normal in the morning. Important! Upon waking do not swallow any spit (sorry). The spit (IMO) is FULL of candida, the white stuff, especially in the mornings. If I swallow anything, it fuels my gut candida and virginia candida overgrowth, I think. But, anyway, the second crucial part is this: I get some Listerine, or store brand of it, and put in a normal cup-full of it in my mouth. Now, for the fun part! I brush my teeth again gently - the gums, the nooks, the crannys, the toungue, back of the mouth as far as I can get, etc. - to get as much surfaces in my mouth brushed with the mouthwash in there. Yes, I lean over the sink and tend to drool, but I've gotten better at it with practice. My eyes can water from the sting, since it takes me over a minute to get all my surfaces, but I figure the tears go down the back of my throat and help wash things. I end up rinsing and rinsing with water afterwards just to get rid of the stinging, but its all worth it. I have found that the stubborn white coating cant be rinsed with just a half a minute of swishing; it needs to be brushed out!

The benefit of doing this twice a day for a couple days and then daily for a week or so gives me great results all through my body. This means that my digestion returns to normal (no longer constipated) and my vaginal yeasty beasty virgina dies down. In addition, I do take Femdophilus (refrigerated acidophilus from Whole Foods) twice/three times a day when I have a flair. (Once at night normally). I also take Azo Yeast (from any drug store) 4 times a day with a flair (twice a day normally). I have taken Diflucan in the past, once daily for thirty days to get rid of candida. This regimen works just as good for me! The only times I seem to have a flair now-a-days is when I run out of the Azo or the 'dophilus for more than a couple days. You'd think I'd learn...

Antibiotics and Yeast Infections

Posted by Ac (Houston, Tx) on 05/24/2013

I'm so miserable right now. I thought I had a UTI since I get them frequently and took the extra round of dose my doctor gave me just in case I got the UTI back. I did not see a discharge. As soon as I took the first day of antibiotics I saw the discharge and I knew I had made a mistake taking the antibiotic. 3 days of the yeast infection suppository treatment and no relief! It did not work this time. The cream that comes with it is also not helping me. I'm super uncomfy and want to go home. I will definitly go out during lunch to get the pills and yogurt. I pray this helps me.

Replied by KT
(The Usa)

What helps me is taking a non-dairy probiotic at least two hours after the antibiotic. I was advised by the pharmacist not to take them any closer together because the antibiotic kills the beneficial flora.

Replied by Mindy

Caprylic acid is your friend. I buy the 500mg stuff, and take 3-5 capsules a day if I have an infection. Usually knocks it out in a few days. Than I take two caps a day for another five days. Also, coconut oil works better than any otc cream for the discomfort.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Lillian (London, UK) on 07/25/2022

ACV for Yeast Infection

Miraculous. Lifesaver. I have had a couple less severe yeast infections in the past that cleared up with OTC clotrimazol or fluconazol (available as an oral tablet in UK pharmacies) after a couple days, but this time had a horrible infection that wouldn't clear with pharmacy medication. Went to gyno who diagnosed BV and yeast infection occurring at the same time, and prescribed antibiotic vaginal pessary x5 days for the BV + fluconazol x2 pills 3 days apart. The treatment cleared up the BV symptoms (awful smell and excessive watery discharge) but the yeast symptoms continued and worsened. For over 8 days I have had unbearable itching, swelling, burning, tenderness and discomfort. Nothing helped and following the dual medication course of treatment, it had gotten even worse. Finally found the ACV cure on this website yesterday morning. I started out soaking a towel/tissue in ACV and pressing this to my vaginal area (as well as a little bit inside vagina) for about 30-60 seconds at a time – this burned like crazy for a couple minutes but provided relief for a few hours. I did it three times throughout the day yesterday but was disappointed it was only alleviating the symptoms and not curing/killing the yeast.

Then last night, I decided to try the soak – I poured a cup of ACV into a basin of hot water and sat in it for only about 5 mins before bed. Woke up this morning feeling 99% cured!!! It's been almost half a day and no more itching or tenderness, just a feeling of dryness that I'm hoping will pass after awhile. Will do the ACV soak once more this evening and feeling confident that I will be finally yeast free! SO THANKFUL for this lifesaving remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rita (Douglasville, Ga) on 01/17/2016

I don't get frequent yeast infections, but the few I've had have been almost unbearable. Recently I was so miserable and over a weekend no way to see a doctor except the ER. So I looked it up and found Apple Cider Vinegar. I soaked a clean washcloth in very warm water then poured the ACV onto the cloth and placed it between my legs as the yeast was between my legs, and up to the vulva, sorry to be so graphic, but if this can help someone. So be it. In a few minutes the horrible itching stopped and became bearable. I used it over the weekend and saw my Gyn on Minday & got except for Diflucan. Told her about ACV and she said it was great for use just be sure and dilute it. I also get yeast under my breasts and I started using it there too. It works. I've also heard you can dilute and gargle with it for sore throats. I can NOT USE MONISTAT or the normal creams, they are like setting my privates on FIRE but the ACV really worked for me. I'm keeping it from now on for "just in case" emergencies.

Replied by Kg

After the last few days of discomfort and pain, and all of the above that everyone else has experienced, I debated to go buy the over the counters, etc and after stumbling upon this post and saying to myself, what the heck- it can't make it worse, I tried and oh man am I glad I did!!

I first tried the warm cloth soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar and you indeed see the yeast that way to identify the problem it and helps with the outer itching being relieved.

After a few hours I began to feel the pain again and itching so I decided the tampon method. After figuring out how to get it up there already soaked, the intense burn came and my goodness everyone was right, that sucker burned like heck! I am using the 5% and diluted a bit more in water.

Once out after about 10 min, because I was a baby on the pain of the burn, you instantly see and smell the issue right there but now after sitting for a few minutes and as I type, it has amazing results. I feel a million times better and will be going about this treatment till the symptoms are gone! Thanks ladies for the help and I'm happy to have found this earth clinic forum!!!

Replied by Prettybrown Eyez

Apple Cider Vinegar for yeast infection

I used the ACV due to an unbearable feeling of wanting to pull my hair out and scream. ACV immediately stopped the burning and itching. I seem to get itchy around period time but seems more frequent now and it drives my crazy! I noticed that it has happened since I switched my birth control. I had the Mirina and now on pills. I feel like this is a contributing factor.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Victoria (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/02/2015

Thank God for natural healings! Also, thank God for informative natural healing sites such as this one!! I've got yeast infection about 3-4 times my whole life. I'm 27 as of now. A few days after sex I started feeling very itchy, I hadn't been sexual in so long but it seems like almost every time I have sex with a new person I get BV or YI. I know what they feel like so I was able to diagnose myself. We all know the itchy uncomfortable feeling internally and externally.

DAY 1 TAMPON: Per my research I decided to use ACV.. I tried soaking w/tampon, the way it expanded before entering made it feel uncomfortable inside plus I've always heard tampons are bad so I tossed it! I separated a water ACV mix almost every time I used the bathroom, maybe worked a little, not enough for satisfaction. So I suffered.

DAY 2 AFTERNOON DOUCHE: I've never douched before but I bought Summer's ever, poured solution out and filled 50/50 water and organic ACV while in the shower. It stung for a few seconds then felt so good as it stopped the Itching, only for a few hours as it felt like it got worst after 2 hrs (Not blaming acv) (I'm also drinkin ACV 3x a day) Night time I douched again, also poured the little I didn't get from the douche over my vagina while standing. It felt so much better while in the shower, only 40% better and hr or 2 later. Same day after night time shower I wasn't satisfied still even though a little better.. So I decided to bathe. BATH So I gave up trying to avoid using my roommates bathtub (I only have a shower) and decided to do what I also kept reading works. Hot/warm water bath a little pass my ankles. Poured a little under 16oz of ACV towards my vagina while sitting in. I also added some Himalayan pink salt just because I know salt baths are good. MAN DID I FEEL 99% better while in there for 30 mins, I sat with my legs open in the birth giving position. I actually started writing this while in the tub! Lol :) I've been out for 30 minutes now, I now feel about 80-85% cured, because I'm use to feeling 100 down there 24/7 I maybe being a little sensitive/stingy with the percentage but I could definitely go out if I had to but after that bath and me going through heck all day id rather rest just in case, I'm kind of scared to do anything extra because I'm so at ease at the moment I don't want anything to bring the itchy feeling back tonight!

I'll douche again in the shower tomorrow morning and night, maybe I'll get in the bath again too not sure. I'll definitely drink 2 tablespoons of ACV 3x a day for the next week, after that I'll drink it at least once a day and make it apart of my lifestyle. There's so many other benefits! Thanks for taking the time to read! I'll try to update :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Misty (Indiana, Usa) on 02/08/2014

I used to use hydrocortisone cream to treat razor bumps in my bikini area. I found out the hard way that this can result in yeast infections - cortisol is like steroids for yeast! I found myself with my first yeast infection a day or two after applying the hydrocortisone cream.

I mixed up a solution of 50% each water and ACV, dipped a tampon in for a few seconds, then inserted it in my vagina. This burns like no other, but once the burn goes away, the itching is gone completely! Note that this can be drying, so don't leave the tampon in for too long. After inserting the tampon, I would then dip a cotton ball in the solution and clean up the yeast gunk from my labia. I would do this a few times a day, whenever I felt itchiness or had yeast buildup. The yeast infection was gone in less than a week, never to return again.

I also bought some acidophilus tablets and would take the maximum dosage per day, so this might have helped. I did insert one tablet inside my vagina and left it overnight, but it didn't dissolve very well, so I didn't try it again and just stuck with the ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marilyn (Gladwin, Mi) on 11/30/2013

I have recently (within the last month) started taking anywhere from 1 tsp 1X a day to 1 tsp 3X per day, depending on my level of stuffiness. I have been taking it for my allergies and digestive issues) of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Both my allergies and digestive issues are GREAT now.

I am having hormone imbalance issues (totally unrelated to the ACV) but because of my age. (entering Peri-menopause)

I have now gotten a yeast infection (I think...still need to get in to the doctor to be sure since we first thought I had a UTI but the test for that was negative) and I haven't had one since I was pregnant with my youngest child (who is now 18 years old)

Has ANYONE had anything like this happen? I am wondering if the ACV, along with the hormone imbalance has caused this issue?

I understand that ACV is supposed to kill candida but could this be a die-off issue? I have not cut sweeteners out of my diet (I don't eat junk or processed food but I do consume raw honey, raw cane sugar (on occasion) and 100% maple syrup.

Any advice????

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dawn (Canada) on 11/28/2013

I drink 1tbsp. of ACV with 1/4 cup of water twice a day before meals and it helps me. I swear by it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lexi (Dona Ana County, New Mexico ) on 09/23/2013

Thank God for this site! I suffer from a number of chronic disorders and recently had to go on a course of antibiotics. This gave me one raging yeast infection, the likes of which I've never had. At one point I was putting cold packs down there in the middle of the night in between bouts of tears because the itching was so intense. I bought a generic Monistat kit, but all it did was give me serious cramps, nausea, and made me so miserable I would have rather sufffered from the flu I'd had! Then I found your site and about how Apple Cider Vinegar might help with my symptoms. I soaked in the bath and that helped stop the itch, but about an hour later I started feeling it again. So I soaked a cotton ball and put it up against my vag. The first minute or so, the burn was crazy, but once it subsided, there was no more itch! I think now that I can finally stop scratching, I'll be able to heal. Thank you SO MUCH for all the advice, I've been miserable for days. Acv is a miracle cure!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sheila (Los Angeles) on 08/25/2013

Hello ladies, I suffered for years with vaginal yeast infections. I was convinced it was sugar related. Then, in solidarity with my hubby who has gout, I started to DRINK 2 teaspoons ACV at night before bed (mixed in 1/2 cup water). This cured me!!!! I have since found out that the PH of my body was off due to too much caffeine and stress. We focus sometimes too much on curing the symptoms, when the PH balance of the whole body is the answer. Don't forget to rinse teeth after drinking as ACV can damage your teeth. God Bless and hope this helps you as much as it had helped me.

Replied by Shulonda
(Oklahoma City, US)

How long did it take to cure?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kelli (Ma) on 07/26/2013

Better But With Side Effects

I have been using organic ACV, diluted with water, soaked on a cloth and just held on the affected areas, to treat a yeast infection. I was completey raw and red and itching from my pelvis bone to my tail bone, the ACV helped with that but now my skin is so dry where I applied it, it is flakng and raw..... Has anyone else experienced this, and what did you do to help with the extra dry skin???

Replied by Mmsg

Kelli, coconut oil for dryness.

Replied by Bob
(Vancouver Bc)

Castor oil?

Replied by Intention

Follow up with coconut oil. It is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral.

Replied by Wendy

Coconut oil will help.

Replied by Bev
(Orlando, Fl)

Try organic coconut oil. It has numerous benefits.

Replied by Tina

Hi Bev,

I have been struggling with dry skin for many years, especially during winters. For the last eight months I have been using Glysolid and it's been wonderful. It's made in Germany and available on Amazon and it doesn't cost the earth. No fragrance, no fancy oil etc, just a smooth, silky white cream that coats my skin like an invisible barrier. Sorry for the ad-like prose. But this cream is truly amazing!

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