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Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Octavia (Knoxville, Ga) on 04/12/2011

I was suffering from a Yeast Infection for several days just recently (along with a bladder infection, which I quickly cured with Ted's Sea Salt remedy - Thank you, Ted! ), and at my husband's suggestion I tried Colloidal Silver. All I did was take 2 oz. about 4 times a day and in 2 days it was GONE. For good measure I continued to take 2 oz. Twice per day for a few more days. I haven't had any silver for about a week now, and everything is back to normal. I have tried all of the pills and creams that the Dr.s have recommended in the past, to no avail, either they simply didn't work, or caused other problems and STILL didn't work. I am SO RELIEVED to have found this remedy!

Colloidal Silver, Boric Acid

Posted by Jenni (Miami, Fl) on 09/25/2013

Hi, this question is for anyone who knows. I was using colloidial silver to treat a yeast infection and uti. I was taking a lot of the silver orally (alternating between a tablespoon over the tongue and a teaspoon held under the tongue for 20 seconds and then swallowed) every hour. Ex: 4pm tbspn over tongue, 5pm tspn under tongue, 6pm tbspn over tongue for as long as I was awake. Internally I was instructed to put 3 oz of the silver solution into my vagina and let it sit there for 20 minutes. Then empty out and wait 30 minutes and then put a probiotic in. After all sorts of ups and downs with the uti and yeast and other symptoms I decided to try the boric acid suppositories. Decided not to douche with the silver tonight and only use the boric acid because I was unsure if these two methods are safe to use around the same time.

Long story short, would it be safe to let's say douche with the silver in the am, follow up with a probiotic after and then use the boric acid in the evening? Would it also be an option to douche with the silver in the evening and then maybe an hour later use boric acid? Any advice/knowledge would be appreciated:) Thank you.

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

To Jenni re interaction of Colloidal Silver and Boric acid:

Any time there is a question of interaction, you can proceed cautiously by first applying a little CS to wrist and then a small amunt of Boric Acid to the same place and judge the reaction, if any. Your Boric Acid application I presume is diluted in water, correct?

I am only talking about a very small amount to first test. Then if no adverse reaction, try more but at a little higher amount. Again, if no adverse reaction try at higher amounts until you are confident that there is no adverse interaction.

Finally, when actually applying to infected area, only apply a small amount of CS first and then the BA. Next day, if no problem, increase CS a bit.

This idea is the same way you test for allergic reactions... small amounts and raising the level over a number of test applications.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Jenni: I have taken whole-body hot bath w/ Boric acid (also many other minerals) and also drank C.S. to treat a fungal infection, and had no appearance of a reaction. Spacing their use as you spoke of would be the wise way to go.

Cranberry and Lemon Juice

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Posted by Dena L. (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 04/05/2021

If you are suffering from yeast infections or bacterial vaginitis, pour a half cup of 100% cranberry juice ( I used ocean spray brand) and fresh or bottled lemon juice. I pour 2 tablespoons with a half cup of water. I like to water down the cranberry juice so it's not too sugary.

I drink this every day, three times a day. You can also take a woman's probiotic (cold) daily. Do this daily along with a low sugar diet and you should feel back to normal. If not, try to douche with hydrogen period and water.

Cranberry Juice

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Posted by Christina (Silverdale, WA) on 06/04/2006

When I have problems 'down there' as I call it, I always break out the 100% juice cranberry juice. If you're really brave you can try 100% cranberry juice straight, my sister said it cleared it right up, but tasted awful.

Replied by peter

How much cranberry juice per day do you usually drink per day to get rid of the yeast infection and which brand(s) of cranberry juice would you use usually? Thank you very much.

Diagnosing a Yeast Infection

Posted by Konstantine (Canada) on 04/30/2015

I just wanted to add a note to this forum. If you are experiencing heavy discharge, with a foul odor (fishy) this is not a yeast infection. Mostly yeast infections have no smell, if any it would be almost sweet. If you have this odor it is bacterial vaginosis. I know from experience. I hope this helps someone.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Sheila (Los Angeles) on 05/04/2018

After years of dealing with yeast infections and doctors telling me to watch the carbs and sugar- I finally figured out what was causing them. I only drink plain coffee and tea- thus it was all the CAFFEINE that was causing a PH imbalance in my body. Now I started drinking decaf and green tea and it has made a huge difference in the number of infections that I get. I also have begun to recognize a connection between stress and yeast infections.

Don't Douche

Posted by Cal (Topeka, KS) on 01/15/2008

All throughout this article, women are douching to help rid themselves of yeast infections. This is ridiculous. Flushing water or anything else into the vagina will do nothing but force the bad bacteria further into the uterus, which can lead to worse complications. If you want to help yourself, take a daily probiotic and drink lots of water.

Replied by Mary
(Annapolis, Maryland USA)

I agree -- DO NOT DOUCHE! ACV gave me slight, temporary relief from my vaginal yeast. However, the douching flushed out the productive bacteria and set me up for a RAGING vaginal bacterial infection, which required an antibiotic cream. That remedy caused a yeast infection to recur. I am now committed to an anti-yeast diet, probiotics, and anti-fungal herbal regime. I work with an experienced herbal practitioner and am 2 months into my program. I urge all with yeast issues to research systemic candida. It's a growing problem.

Replied by Mark
(Las Vegas, Nv)

This is B.S. Women have used ACV as a douche for years to maintain Vaginal health. Douching is not always bad, especiually if something gets up there that needs to be washed out. Lake water, milk (from a milk bath, anything number of situations. Don't use high pressure.

If you douche with ACV, you should also be taking probiotics either orally or vaginally. I have had girl friends cure their infections using ACV and the women in my family all used it.

The don't douch hysteria is going way overboard.

Folic Acid

Posted by Andrea (Flint, Mi) on 07/04/2011

WOW! I am amazed. I stumbled across this website while doing research on my bv issue thats been ruling my life for months. Ive also had problems in the past with this infection but the docs always gave me the metrocondizole or however you say it. It would help for a short period of time but the problem would slowly but surely come back accompanied by a yeast infection. I was a my wits end and then I saw "Folic acid". Just so happens I had some sittin round the house and decided to give it a shot. Why not?? I took 3x the daily recomendation and went to bed... Woke up this mornin and checked things out.... AMAZING!! Smell=GONE, discharge=starting to normalize. I'll never see a doc about THIS problem ever again! I am FREE!

Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent

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Posted by Debra (Shawnee, Kansas) on 03/14/2009

When I turned 19 I started developing awful UTI's which of course were followed by yeast infections because of the antibiotics. I was averaging a UTI every other month. After every UTI I had another yeast infection. I'm 31 and this cycle is starting to end. I'll post more about my end to the UTI's on the other page, but as for the yeast. It became absolutely resistant to over the counter creams and diflucan.. I have the same pattern as most, little irritation all month, period then major symptoms. I went to the doctor and had it tested (in the past we just assumed and he would dole me out the diflucan)... test came back negative. I had the fish odor, the itching and the discharge.. did not make a bit of sense to me. So I did what I'd been told to do years and years ago, but rejected because of price.. I switched my laundry detergent to a fragrance free, dye free brand. I switched my dryer sheets to the same.. I feel so stupid now.. I haven't itched since. I guess I didn't believe it since I didn't feel that my clothes were getting clean enough.. FYI.. first try.. had a pair of my sons peed in training pants.. and the entire load smelled.. I almost gave up.. I always wash in cold water.. I (as reluctant as I still am about this) switched it up to HOT.. and no smell.. everything comes out clean.. makes me almost wonder if you really need that much detergant.. hot water helps kill and such... I also (again, not cost effective, but so worth it).. use either ONLY cetaphil to wash that area.. or I bought Neutrogena fragrance and dye free face wash.. gentle.. (not for acne).. and again.. my uti's and yeast problems have disappeared.. My husband accidentally brought home the new charmin with aloe.. I didn't realize it till I took one wipe and it burned.. I started itching.. realized the problem and threw the junk out.. I bucked this for years.. figuring if I had detergant allergy it would show on my skin.. boy was I wrong..

Replied by Maria
(Phoenix, AZ)

I agree with your post. UTI's are a direct result of soaps and toilet paper. Once I change the products to more natural or organic, and stopped using harsh liquid soaps, my UTI's are staying gone. I've had over 50 UTIs in over 10 years.


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Posted by Karrie (Wi) on 02/02/2017

Was on a beach trip for several days, noticed a raging itch in my vagina on day 3 of 5. Didn't cause too many problems until the plane ride home 2 days later. Whew, as soon as I got home, started downing the acidophilis. Have garlic, and garlic extract gel caps, but did Not start taking them until 10am the following day. UPon inserting the cloves, I felt near instant relief from the burning which overtook the itching shortly upon landing. I only had thread, using a needle I sent it through 2 cloves of garlic, stuck them up there. When it was time to pull them out approx 10 hours later, thread broke. I was able to get the cloves out myself with little trouble using my finger, although I was scared for a minute there, did not want this to turn into a trip to the doctor.

Upon removal of the 2 cloves, burning started coming back almost immediately, had felt like it was getting better all day with the garlic up there. Decided to put a fresh clove up there, but made sure to secure it better to the thread. I also put a few garlic extract gel caps up there. I have been taking lots of probiotics, even tried to put some up in my vagina with no avail. I definitely feel like the garlic cloves have helped the most. I have also been using coconut oil to sooth the burning area after urination. Doesn't seem like the worst yeast infection I've ever had, worst burn I've felt though, usually its more itching. I'm on day one of actually trying to treat it (besides the night before of downign some acidophilis) and it's much better than the worst of it, which was last night. I'm a believer in the garlic for sure!

Thanks again Earth Clinic friends!

Posted by Thewind777 (Mesa, Az) on 03/03/2015

About inserting garlic into the vagina to get rid of vaginal yeast problems:

Just because I always like covering every base so nobody hurts themselves... make sure if you use an empty teabag to put the garlic clove inside that you remove the staple. There's generally a staple that connects the string to the bag. You will have to fish the bag and the garlic out of your vagina with a hooked finger if you do this, of course.

Some people find it hard to extract it with their own hand, for some reason (probably because it is hard to reach because of the angle your hand has to be in). If so, be prepared to have someone else take it out for you. It is very embarrassing to have to go to the doctors to ask them to remove a tea bag from your vagina.

Also, when I said to puncture 'it' with a needle a couple times, I meant the garlic clove - not the tea bag. That allows just enough of the liquid to leak out without making it too caustic so that it burns.

It is generally a thing people do just before they go to bed, so it does its action in the nighttime.

Make sure you take it out and replace it with a new clove of garlic and a new teabag every day if you do it for more than one day.

Don't mince the garlic, don't cut the garlic in half or chop it into pieces. Do remove the papery husk off the outside of the garlic clove before you put it into the teabag.

Realize that garlic irritates, and can burn some people. Others will have absolutely no problem with garlic burning them. Has everything to do with the person, and how old and fresh the garlic is.

If you eat a piece of the garlic and it is extremely strong - it will be more caustic. If it has turned a bit brown and is brown throughout the garlic it has 'aged' and is far less likely to burn (whether you eat it raw, or put it in your vagina).

Moral of the story, let garlic age in your fridge a couple weeks in a plastic bag until it turns a bit brown before you use it to either swallow, raw, or insert.

Posted by Recurrent Candida Sufferer (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/03/2014

Things NEEDED:

  • Qtips
  • Minced Garlic
  • Towel

I get yeast infections quite often, I was looking for relief outside of the usual RX that I receive from my gyno.

I placed a towel underneath my body and then put fresh minced garlic on a QTIP and rubbed it around my inner labia and inside of my vagina. (I know... TMI). But I repeated this several times and laid down for about one hour. When I got up, I went about my business aound the house for almost three hours and then took a shower. Eventually most of the garlic came out after a thorough washing.

I still smelled like garlic (I am very sensitive to scents) so I took another shower.

I felt complete relief from the yeast after my second shower and the scent was not as strong.

Posted by K Brooks (Idaho) on 09/17/2013

I read about you trying the baking soda for a yeast infection and wanted to relay what I have learned works phenominal. I used to get them constantly and could count on one every time I took antibiotics. I read one day about all the properties of raw garlic. I think it was posted on this site to insert a peeled clove of garlic into the vagina and let it sit in there as long as you could stand it. The first time I tried this it burned, so I could only leave it in for about 5 minutes. The infection went away quite rapidly but upon taking antibiotics the next time here came the yeast infection again. I managed to hold a clove of garlic inside for about an hour and whola! , the infection went away and I have not had one since. To tell you how well it worked, I have not had a yeast infection in over 7 years! Good luck to you in your endeavors..

Posted by Genierose (Cookeville, Tn, Usa) on 10/17/2011

Years ago I used a vaginal garlic treatment for vaginal yeast with excellent results and immediate relief. But now I have bacterial vaginitis and it feel like acid has been applied to my external parts. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed it and prescribed 7 days of metronidazole followed by one Flagyl. It took about 5 days before I got relief. A week after the treatment it was back again and I began searching the internet. I came across this site and so many of you are hurting and looking for relief!

This morning I thought I would try my garlic treatment and see if it would help the BV. Well, I had immediate relief and now it is 6 hours later and I feel great! I will do it again tonight.

Here are the details about how to do this. Crush 1 fairly large clove of garlic and put it in 1 1/2 cups water. Whirl in a blender. Use this solution for a douche. I don't even bother to strain it! I sit on the toilet and do a slow douche. Afterward I don't even pat dry - just put on panties with a panty liner.

This cures vaginal yeast (maybe do it twice a day for 3 days) and I am hopeful that this is the answer for BV also.

The above solution should be the right strength. If you get it too strong it will burn a little for a short time.

You might be concerned that you will smell like garlic. Believe me, you won't smell! I don;t know why. Even my husband can't tell when I have done this.

This is easy and is the absolute CHEAPEST treatment you can try. Try it first before bothering with all the capsules, yogurt, and other stuff.

I pray that this will work for you!

Replied by Chris
(Smithtown, Ny)

First I'd like to thank all who have posted their experiences here. It's good to know you're not alone and that there are alternatives to pharma chemicals.

I've been experiencing symptoms over the last few weeks and when I was first sure I had a yeast infection (I haven't had one in 15 years! ) I went w/ Monistat. It seemed to work, but 1. 5-2 weeks later, whammo, it's back. Which brought me here. I tried the garlic - it gave me relief from the itching and burning within an hour. I did the clove in the vagina over night and was sure that it worked, so I only did it the one night. Several days later, back to square one. I did some more reading and found that I should probably do it for 5-7 days. OK. Again, it seemed to have immediate positive effects, but after 3 days, I was swollen, sore and just as yeast-y as before. Sigh.

Onto the hydrogen peroxide. I'm on the 3rd day of this. I've douched 4x, also soaking the lips and external areas, and used a soaked tampon overnight 2x. Finally after 3 days, the swelling and soreness have gone way down. But not gone yet. It didn't helped the external itching and burning at all. I made up some garlic oil (mashed up garlic w/ EVOO heated lightly in the microwave) which I re-apply liberally after I pee. That provides relief.

I'm going to add organic coconut oil to the regime (I have to go get some) taking it internally and applying externally instead of the garlic oil. It's supposed to kill the yeast very effectively. I'll also make sure my guy uses the oil for the next week or so just in case there's a possibility we've been passing it back and forth.

Posted by Dinah (Bellevue, Wa, Us) on 06/12/2011

So I was skeptical at first. The thought of putting a clove of garlic into my vag kinda freaked me out. But one can only go so long with the kind of intense itching that I was having. I made myself raw scratching, and then of course my labia were stinging and painfully sore! Argh!! Its the worst! Peeing then stings even more, and for sure there will be no sex when a gal feels this way.

I tried a 7 day homeopathic store bought remedy, after 5 days and still no relief, I of course came to my favorite site... Earth Clinic. 1st I tried douching with ACV and water, nothing changed, I was very bummed as I love AVC for so many other things. 2nd I tried H2O2 for a couple of days, had some big chunks of yeast fall out, but I still wasn't feeling better. During all of this, the only thing that gave me a slight reprieve from my flaming lips was slathering on the coconut oil. So finally I decided to try the garlic. I was too scared to pop a clove into my canal so I tried a soft gel garlic capsule. It worked! The next day I wasn't itchy at all! I do have to warn you though, if you do this, the smell is TERRIBLE in the morning, it will permeate your whole house. But I didn't care, my vagina was happy again. The following I night, all fear aside I went for the clove, stung one up, added a few gashes on the outside of the clove, and in it went. Smeared on some CO since I am still healing from all the tissue damage I caused by my relentless labia abuse, and then I slept soundly. Woke up, no garlic smell, no itch... I am free!

Never again will I waste my money on things that dont work... Garlic is the way to go!

Replied by Ali
(Westfield, Mass)

I want to thank people for this webside, I try garlic and it worked right away. I will never spend money on junk in the store it never helpes. Ones again THANKYOU!!!

Replied by Jenni
(Berkeley, Ca)


Regarding garlic suppositories for Yeast infections, has anyone with a gastro-intestinal problem with Garlic tried this adversely?

Garlic makes me VERY sick if I ingest it. And it triggers migraines if I smell it. I get tired of explaining this so I just tell people that I am allergic. Does anyone have info about whether the suppository treatment for yeast infection will cause side effects or adverse symptoms?