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Posted by Dena (New Orleans, Louisiana ) on 11/17/2022
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Tips to avoid reinfection

I suffered from recurring yeast infections since I was a teenager. I would use condoms consistently but I was still getting them. What I did to get rid of yeast infections was I started pre washing all my underwear by washing each one daily in hot water and antibacterial hand soap. Then I wash them a second time in the washing machine in hot water and bleach and unscented washing liquid by All. If you don't have time to prewash your underwear just wash them in the washer machine but set the washer to double rinse. I only add two pours of bleach to color and white underwear and it doesn't fade the color. If you don't like bleach add pinesol and hot water. Hot water kills the yeast in your underwear and prevent reinfection. I believe many women are reinfecting themselves without knowing. Also get your partner treated. If they refuse treatment end the relationship. Your health is more important. I also take a women probiotics. I like the ones with cranberry. There is another one called femdophlis. It has good reviews on Amazon. I also make sure to bath in salt water and oatmeal for bath. Sea salt kills yeast. I stop using soaps with fragrance. I use dove unscented or I use
liquid castle soap with essential oils. My favorite is opengate castle soap with lavender essential oil or peppermint. You can also buy the melt and pour soaps and add lavender and tea tree essential oil with neem powder to the soap and put it in a soap mold. Look into tea tree oil and lavender essential oil because they fight yeast. Neem soap and powder kill yeast but should only be used on skin not internally. Amazon sells different brands of castle soap just make sure to read the labels on your products and make sure it doesn't contain fragrance or purfumes. Essential oils are safe scents and don't affect vaginal ph. I also use tea tree oil bath salts with no fragrance by daily remedy. These changes has saved me. I've been yeast free and I eat a normal diet. I do try not to overdo the sugar and bread.