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Tea Bags
Posted by Leah (Friendswood, Tx, United States) on 09/06/2009

There is one remedy I know of that works for yeast infections and doesnt burn like acv. It is regular tea bags. I dont know it stops the itching and irritation, but I m not sure if it cures it, I did this when I was on antibiotis and it worked. I wanted to take acidophillus, but I didnt know how it would interact with the antibiotics. What you do is:

1) boil some tea bags, black tea or chamomile, or whatever tea bags you have. I used Lipton and chamomile.
2) Get a douche bottle
3) Take the tea after it has cooled down and place it in the douche bottle, then douche.
4) After that, pack the tea bags into the vagina lips, not into the canal (DO NOT WRING THE BAGS OUT)
5) Get a maxi pad and place it in your panties so you dont leak, that would be embarrassing. It discreet enough that no one would know that you have them in there.

When you think the bags are drying out, replace them, of course wash up before doing this and after just in case of contamination. Oh yeah, and get a new douche bottle everytime or boil the one you have, although, I dont know if it can stand the boiling water, and not melt. Good luck, try this, it does work!