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Probiotics, Kimchi, Vitamin C
Posted by Mar (Honolulu, HI USA) on 05/13/2023

Probiotics, Kimchi, Vitamin C for yeast infection

I wasn't willing to cut out alcohol, sugar or yeasty foods and I didn't need to (how hard is it to give up yummy foods when you're already sad and stressed about being itchy and inflamed?! ). I think unfortunately there's no one pill cure for vaginal issues- it has to be an aggressive and decisive combo. The remedies that work for one woman won't necessarily work for another, but my hunch is this general combo will work for anyone as long as you stick to it for a couple weeks:

- A daily probiotic capsule

- An immunity booster

- A daily fermented high probiotic food

This is the combination that worked for me, now symptom free:

1. 2 probiotic capsules per day (20 billion FCU) for a week or so reduced my symptoms but definitely not a cure (my "local wholesale chain" had 70 capsules for $20)

2. I added Vitamin C even though I definitely get enough through my diet, I thought it might help and it definitely did

3. Right after I started the vitamin c, I started eating kimchi everyday (I got a big tub from "my local warehouse chain" for cheap - it's full of garlic and probiotics which are both recommended for yeast infections)

I ate healthy but I still had the occasional cookie, beer and fried food as usual. After about a week of taking all 3 daily, my pum-pum felt great and still does. Find your team and you can slowly taper off the supplementation as you build up your good cooch bacties once again. You can do it!