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Garlic, Yogurt, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Karen (Manila, Philippines) on 09/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had UTI last week and been taking antibiotics for 7 days (today is my last day). On the 3rd day of taking antibiotics I feel really itchy. I just ignore it and thought it was normal having UTI. On the 4th day I am experiencing extreme itchiness and swollen vulva that is really painful to urinate.

After reading all the post about yeast infection. At 1030pm I cant find any ACV nearby so I decided to buy hyrogen peroxide, Yogurt, Yakult and Garlic,

I eat 2 yogurt and drink 2 yakult. then inserted garlic clove. i cant stand the 15-20 mins. so just leave it for few mins. 2 minutes total. coz it was really painful. then washed with hyrogen peroxide dilluted in water. I was able to sleep without pain. the itchiness had lessen by 70%. its not swollen anymore. from flaming red color its now back to normal. i will buy organic ACV today and will update my post. Thank you very much for this site. Thank you for saving lives.