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Garlic, ACV, Acidophilus, Coconut Oil
Posted by Tamara (Fort Collins, Colorado) on 05/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am quite prone to bacterial infections and when I got the last one in October, I went to my obgyn clinic to get antibiotics, which before becoming a regular on Earth Clinic, had been my go-to for UTIs. But this time they couldn't confirm it, so they gave me a lesser, short course antibiotic that, by the time the tests confirmed that the infection I had would be resistant to it, had already run out. So they gave me a longer, more potent antibiotic (I have no recollection of the name) that, of course, gave me a yeast infection. I had never had a yeast infection before (miraculously) and it was agonizing but I did not want to take diflucan or any other prescribed, traditional medication. Instead, I read up on Earth Clinic and tried a few of the therapies. Unfortunately, it was several months ago that it happened, but I do remember a few things that definitely worked. I took a few baths with about 2 cups of organic ACV in the water and applied organic coconut oil to the external parts that immediately reduced, but did not eliminate, the itching and burning. But I believe the most potent remedy was garlic. I chewed one or two raw cloves of garlic twice a day and at night I placed a raw, peeled garlic clove internally as a suppository. Amazingly, it worked. As a word of caution, I don't recommend leaving it too long (take it out after you wake up), try to find a smooth, rounded clove so that it won't poke or scratch the vagina, and to tie some yarn or string around the clove to pull it out easily (wouldn't want to get it lost inside!). I noticed that the garlic worked fast and I would use it internally whenever it started to itch but the oil from the garlic would burn if I didn't have an infection. I also started taking acidophilus in the yogurt-like form and eating coconut oil, which I think helped as well. I only had the infection for three days and started these remedies on the second day, so it could've been even shorter! I had been skeptical of home remedies until this infection and subsequent "cure" and have since used Earth Clinic for mounds of ailments. In fact, I was quite prone to every cold and flu and got a lot of cold sores (once every one to two weeks) and haven't had anything in over 7 months. I guess it took me awhile to realize what a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies can do for me. Thank you Earth Clinic!