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Ten Diet Tweaks to Lose Weight for Life!

Liver Cleanse
Posted by Stephen (VA) on 07/30/2005
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Here is a natural cure for losing weight. "LIVER CLEANSE". All the drugs, in my opinion, diet pills, and FAD DIETS you've TRIED your whole life has caused excessive toxic build up in your liver, thus causing your metabolism to slow down, because the food isn't being digested properly as it should (kinda like a traffic jam). After using a liver cleanse, eat a 80% raw diet. Meaning most of your foods should be in their natural organic state, plenty of fruits,veggies,natural oatmeal,water(not tap water),and other foods that don't come in boxes. Stay away from boxed foods. Food isn't the number one problem causing obesity, in my opinion, it's what THEY put in the food that makes you fat (so they can make more money). When you look back at the 1950's or 60's and when you would go to the beach and everyone was pretty much in great shape,now there are more fat people than ever before. All of the huge food companies,in my opinion, put food additives and chemicals to make food taste sweet,when in reality they can cause chemical (toxic) build up in your body-which later on leads to many other health problems. Oh and, if you tried this and have NOT lost any weight check your thyroid, that could be a HUGE problem also. Thank you