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Hydrolyzed Collagen
Posted by Beryl (Uk) on 06/22/2016
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I'm in my seventies, and keep well. However, recently I've been attempting to lose a bit of weight, and to guard against looking too drawn from weight loss I've been taking hydrolysed collagen. Hoping that it will help with bones, nails, hair, skin, etc. I've been taking six caplets a day on an empty stomach, and for about a month I felt really good. However, this last fortnight my spine has become really painful, and one of my discs especially so when pressure was applied to it. And I've been finding that old injuries have also become painful. Putting two and two together I wondered whether it could be the hydrolysed collagen, and so two days ago I stopped taking it, and all the pain has disappeared. I wondered whether I was overloading my system with too much calcium, but I understand there's no calcium in it. The reviews of the product are excellent. Any thoughts on this?