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Posted by Jessica R (New York, Ny) on 04/19/2013
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hi everyone... Hoping someone will know what is going on. In an effort to lose weight slowly but healthfully, I have been blending organic greens and 2 small organic apples with water and chia seeds and drinking this green smoothie twice a day since Tuesday. I am also eating other foods, but in small quantities. Yesterday, Thursday, I started to have muscle aches and a slight headache that comes and goes. I was up most of the night with waves of pain throughout my body. Feels like what you get right before the flu hits. I think I must be detoxing but am very surprised that this is happening just with dark leafy greens and apples! Can anyone recommend the best course of action? I do wonder if it's fluoride being detoxed too quickly from my body. I am supplementing with lugol's iodine by the way and plan to take vitamin c. Thank you very much in advance!