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Dietary Changes
Posted by Kaylee (Portland ) on 03/31/2022
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During the pandemic, I had gained eight pounds and for the first time my cholesterol went up. I read Cholesterol Down. Started eating doing the 5/2 then I went on to eat 500 calories three times a week it's so easy to do. I eat one meal a day around 2:00 pm and take my vitamins at the same time. I lost ten pounds, my cholesterol is normal, and I feel great.

Dietary Changes
Posted by John35 (North Lewisburg, Ohio, United States Of America ) on 08/07/2011
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It is true that fast foods are bad for health and the most dreadful effects of them is that they slow down the work of your immune system. I used to eat a lot and gained some 30lbs of weight and suffered of many diseases due to improper immune system. My wife advised me eat natural food and workout in the gym. I am perfectly alright now. Anyways your article is quite good and justifies all the points that you have discussed. Thanks for such a detailed explanation!


Dietary Changes
Posted by Ted (Bankok, Thailand) on 07/26/2009
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This is part of an instant messenger conversation I had with one of the earthclinic readers who had a 75 pound weight loss from changes in the diet, as well as using other remedies for his father that helped stopped the heart attack. Please post it from anonymous.


(7/24/09 11:03 PM): I eat at least 1 cantaloupe everyday, and drink 2 gallons of water from my own deep well, I tested its ph and its usually slightly alkaline- so in each gallon I add 1 tsp magnesium citrate- like you taught me its the best magnesium for my ph, I also add the juice from 1 lime and 1/4 or a little less baking soda to each gallon, and 1/4 tsp celtic sea salt, and thats all I ever drink- a little plain water also of course, But I also noticed that when I drink a lot of water with lime only my hair starts turning very black, it seems the sodium ascorbate recipe does not help my hair color turn black as well, I dont understand that maybe you can explain. I am deeply fasinated by the information you have, you are doctoring people and helping people more than you know Ted and we thank you so much.

(7/24/09 11:03 PM): I eat large salads made with spinach leaves cucumbers carrots onions lettuce ect, I put olive oil for dressing and seasalt and squeeze a lime over it, I allways eat small portions of red meat , not too much to overwhelm my stomach acid, I eat this meat with every salad, I also put some black or kidney beans of some kind in the salads and Ted they taste wonderful with the lime and seasalt and olive oil, I eat at least 6 or 7 times a day, I have been backing off the baking soda because this food especialy the cantaloupe melons are loaded with bicarbonates I think. when I touch the cut mellons with the litmus paper the ones from mexico, and the melons we grow here by my home they turn the litmus paper purple so I eat one every day.

(7/24/09 11:03 PM): I also eat the seeds of apples, and I have learned that certain kinds contain more of the B-17 or nitrosilic acid maybe I spelled it rite, some say its cyanide but I know you taught me it was somthing else, I am very carefull not to get to much from the apricots and peaches like you said, but I have some sodium thiosulfate ready just in case, I remember you words, I just want you to know that they do not all fall on deaf ears. and when someone ask me where I learned all this I tell them Ted from Bancock Ha Ha Ha , you get the credit Ted you are amazing really, I once donated money to your earth clinic and I see the way they have it set up now for you and I will be donating more, It is a small price to pay, I think you saved my fathers life really.

(7/24/09 11:03 PM): My father had a masive heart attack in 2001 and he has died 3 times and they brought him back, they had him ready for a transplant list Ted, I soon learned from you how the sodium bicarbonate lowers blood pressure, and I used your magnesium citrate to help steady out his heart beat and the Vitamin c and some calcium disodium edta small amounts of that, we got the cholesterol down the blood pressure stays at around 119 over 65 and his pulse a little high about 80 beats per minute but much better. they informed us last month his irregular heart beat was totaly gone, the famous heart surgeon was mystified and still is, they have no Idea what happened and we did not tell them what we did, when we were leaving a little Nurse who is from China escorted us out and when outside she pulled out a s

(7/24/09 11:03 PM): I have advised all these people also to use the sea salt to provide monoatomic minerals like you said and go barefoot a little while each day in the wet sand while the ph is high I use these supplements in moderation I have forgotten nothing you taught me Ted thank you so much.

(7/24/09 11:03 PM): When I logged on and seen you there I was so excited, I probably talked to much but I just felt I had to tell you these things.

Me: Thank you for the feeback about your weight loss. And the condition of your father. As to the hair turning back, it takes time to get it back with vitamin C, and some vitamin B complex and copper is also required.Yes, most heart problems are actually a magnesium deficiency and getting the blood pressure down as well as the edta, to get rid of free iron metal.