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Ten Diet Tweaks to Lose Weight for Life!

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Posted by Rick (University Place, WA) on 12/11/2008
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History - 244 pounds, 302 on last test, A1C=10
Today - 4 months later - 198 pounds, 95 today's fast measure, A1C=7

1- Life style not diet. Don't go on diet for cure. Diet means short term measure or solutions. Must change life style meaning FOREVER.

2- Medications - We love easy solutions. Diabetic meds are not to cure you. They are business solutions to keep you stable for a while, at a profit with possible side effects. Nothing wrong with that if you want easy solution and eat what you like, at least for a while before kidney failure and other complications.

3- Smart Eating - How about no starch, no grains, no beans or peas, no corn, no green peas, no sugar, no sweeteners, no coffee, no soda, no potatoes, no fried food, no fast food, no buffets, no red meat, no milk, no oats, no breakfast cereals, no chocolate or candies, no pop corn or chips, no sweet fruits, no fats and oils, or very small portion. Brush your meat or vegetables with oil if you want to use your Foreman style broiler or toaster broiler. Boil you vegetable and meat, or use high heath steam.

Do not eat out of a bag or package. Get a small cup. Fill the cup with what you want to eat. Use that as a measure. You need to see visually the portions that you are eating. The measuring will help you reduce portion and cut on your excess weight.

4- What to eat - Meat can not exceed 20% of your meal. Eat berries, any berries, vegetables, Fish, other sea foods, skinless chicken, and spices. Some not so common items to eat include pomegranate with white meat portions included. Fresh or rehydrated walnuts with the soft dividers between the meat included. Artichokes, green beans, zucchini, avocado, and green tea seems to be very effective. Use Sunflower oil and Fresh Squeezed lemon Juice for salad dressing or meat marinade. Eat garlic, watercress, radish along with its few youngest leaves on.

I can hear voice of opposition wanting to have some fruits, oils and starches. They call it having balanced diet. You are a diabetic, most likely overweight. It was those little sugars, oils, starches and grains that got you here. Your obesity is testimonial that you can not eat just a little of soda and pasta without going back for more. Drastic measures are required until you are in much better shape.

5- Supplements - Vitamin C, Flex Seed, Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Fenugreek, Garlic, B complex, Magnesium. Don't overkill. Take 1 tablet of 1 supplement a day and change to the next supplement next day, rotate and arrange to your liking.

6- Exercise body and mind - Start easy with 30 minutes walk on your lunch period. After work, do another 15-30 minutes of tread mill or walking. Some warm up an cool down easier exercised as well as few minutes of small weigh, around 5 pounds, exercises.
Use meditation or biofeed back. An alternative way would be when in bed ready to sleep, use the quiet time to tell yourself you want to be cured. Ask your brain to find out what the problem is and to have it corrected. What you believe is what can happen.

7- Education - Try to read one article a day about Diabetic or your digestive system. First, it educates you about your conditions. Second, it reminds you of the risk if you continue. Third, it keeps you on course. As you read, question all suggestions to see if they have commercial implications for the writer.

Here is what happens. No salt, no oil, no starch, no sugar makes you lose water that your kidney storing some in the puffed up ankles. You start to lose weight. Loss of weight equals to more energy and better fasting levels. The extra energy gives you mobility to lose more weight for better control over your diabetes and the healing cycle continues. As a side effect, your other diabetic complications like shrinking kidneys improves.

These suggestions are not for every one. It takes a very determined person to make this work. I am sharing with you what worked for me. For all others, take medications as your doctor suggest. I refused medications because every chemical action oriented drug that goes into your body eventually has reaction(s), some I hope to avoid. Plus, pill gives me the latitude to not drastically change my life until it is too late.