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Ten Diet Tweaks to Lose Weight for Life!

Posted by Smokymtnlady (Tennessee) on 08/20/2015
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I am here to give a resounding NAY for cinnamon for weight loss. I had already lost 15 pounds by tracking my caloric intake with a free app on my phone. I thought adding cinnamon might help shed the last few pounds. Well *pay attention* if you decide to take cinnamon. I added only a tiny pinch to my morning coffee each day. It was delicious! But after 6 weeks of this I was so constipated that my abdomen was having sharp cramps through the day. That is when I learned that cinnamon is also used as an anti-diarrhea supplement. Results may vary, of course. My husband can take turmeric every day and still have regular bm's but my system is way more sensitive apparently because both cinnamon and turmeric stop me up.