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Avoid Butter and Restaurants
Posted by Jonna (Atlanta, GA) on 03/20/2007
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I am 39 years old and recently realized that going to restaurants can set me back 10 days sometimes in my weight loss regime. I realized this after going to a home-style indian restaurant 2 weeks ago. Their food was delicious, but cooked in lots of butter and sugar. It literally took 10 days to cover. My body fat went up by 1% after the meal and only today, 10 days later, has my weight dropped .50 of a pound, even though I have been exercising every day and on a very healthy, low fat diet at home. So I think one has to be very vigilant about the butter when going to a restaurant and ask that the food be prepared in olive oil. 10 days to recover from 1 meal -- can you believe it??