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Cayenne Pepper and Aloe Vera
Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, GA) on 05/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Not only does Cayenne Pepper & Aloe Vera prevent hair loss and help in its growth, it also SUBSTANTIALLY diminishes and/or gets rid of acne where ever it is applied. I would suggest not to use the household cooking spice (if you can help it) only because I believe the Cayenne Pepper tablets are much stronger.

I mix Cayenne with Aloe Vera and put it on my face and after application, I get more Cayenne Pepper to mix it in just to make sure there is enough C.P

Be cautious that it does not go in your eyes as it will burn! In fact, after application, it will burn but you have to be strong! I usually keep it on my face for about 20mins so I try to leave it on there. It will burn but after you rinse your face with COLD water (carefully making sure it does not go in your eyes), you will be glad you did.

After an hour or so, you should see a huge difference, if not right after your rinse.

EC: Vinny, can you please tell us how you apply the cayenne and aloe vera to prevent hair loss? Measurements, application process, etc. Thanks!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dorie (Ft Lauderdale, Florida) on 04/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil for Hypothyroid patients: I heard that virgin coconut oil was a good supplement for people suffering with hypothyroidism. I went to a natural food market and bought a jar of it. That was 2 months ago and I have gone back to buy more several times. I am taking 3 tablespoons in the morning. It has not helped with my weight although I know a few people who used it and lost weight immediately. It has stopped my hair loss (it use to fall out by the handful) and in fact not only is my hair thicker but my eyebrows are growing back. I no longer have cold hands and feet either. It doesn't cure thyroid problems but it certainly is a great supplement to help with the effects of the disease.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Toni (Enid, Okla.) on 02/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I started using VCO 3 weeks ago for hair loss. Well in that time I have seen a dramatic difference in my hair plus my hot flashes are decreasing. Now there are only 2 a week. My energy level has increased, my insomnia is gone and my mood is alot better, also my moisture has increased in my whole body. I can't wait to see what happens in 6 months. I take 3 tbsp. a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mary (Newark, New Jersey) on 01/04/2008
1 out of 5 stars


Dear Earth Clinic, I just wanted to let you know that I think on Ted's Posts it should say in bold at the beginning, or where it can't be missed to read the recipes carefully. I had a small bald spot on my head, found this website, and read some things Ted wrote. I read something about hydrogen peroxide and acv for scalp problems and hair loss. It did not say how much to use in the blurb I read. I thought I would try it. Well I just made a solution up and put it on my head. Left it on overnight. Well, Now I am loosing all my hair!!! So this was not a remedy in the little problem I had, instead, it is causing all my hair to fall out. I would like to spare future readers from this, so please put a warning, and make sure people read Ted's postings very carefully, and if they do not see a recipe, have them contact Ted before just making one up themselves. I know most people would be more careful, but there are us haphazard people out here you know. Thank you.

Treat for Fluoride Toxicity
Posted by Ginger (Fort Wayne) on 10/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with alopecia for over a year following an injury as well as exposure to black mold. I have since detoxed from the mold. However, the hair loss continues along with other GI issues. I am now detoxing heavy metals like fluoride. We recently switched to a Berkey water filter and got an aqua home shower filter. I am noticing considerable improvement in the condition of my hair after showering as is my husband with his. I take Iodoral 12.5 mgs and other supplements. If you are experiencing hair loss, I recommend ruling out fluoride or heavy metals as a possible cause. We only recently purchased the shower filter and I am seeing very little hair loss now. This is a big improvement. I hope soon that I will see regrowth in the bald areas of my scalp. I love this site as it offers lots of good alternatives for health issues. Thanks everyone for sharing your remedies.

Posted by Hisjewel (New York) on 09/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Re: Hair and Nails Growing While Using Supplements for COVID19

AS I shared earlier my hair started to grow while taking supplements to fight COVID. What I forgot to mention was that I had a dent in my thumbnail that kept growing dented. I would cut my fingernail down in hopes that it would grow up normal, but the vertical, upright dent continued to grow.

While I was taking my COVID concoctions and supplements the nail began to grow normal and is back to normal. So my hair and my nails went into recovery as New York was in level two of the emergency.

Since I had started on the Berberine during the time I noticed the growth, I had thought it was the berberine that put my hair and nails into recovery, after all it is said to regulate sugar, and fight against UTI. And I can tell you it did that for me, I have not had a UTI since taking the Berberine. However, after continued use, and cutting down on the emergency concoctions and supplements, I realize it is not the Berberine that cured my hair and nails. Which supplement helped my hair and nails? I don't know. I guess I will continue all of them to some degree until I find out.

I'm looking at my long list and thinking, "there's something good in this! " Was it the Vitamin C, Was it the Zinc, Was it the Iodine, or one of the other so many things I used to kick the virus? If I can figure, it out I will share it with you.


Rice Water + Aloe Vera
Posted by Bnatural415 (Michigan ) on 05/25/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all!

I was introduced to the rice water hair remedy about 2 years ago and I've seen AMAZING RESULTS since using it. It is full of all of the nutrients that helps the hair grow longer, thicker and also helps if you have thinning/breaking hair, bald spots, alopecia, hereditary hair loss. IT WORKS!

My hair loss remedy is using rice water and aloe vera gel from the plant.

Rice water recipe:

One cup of long grain organic rice in a bowl (white/brown/jasmin) your preference. Please rinse rice before preparation to rid any impurities.

Add 2 cups of distilled or alkaline water to the rice.

Cover the bowl with saran wrap and let ferment for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Make sure you refrigerate the rice water. If you leave it out it has a putrid smell.

Before preparing to wash your hair take the rice water out of the refrigerator, strain into a clean bowl. Your water will appear cloudy,milky looking. Those are the nutrients from the rice.

Pour water into a spray bottle. After shampooing and conditioning hair, saturate the scalp and hair with rice water concentrating on the troubled areas the most.

Place a shower cap and leave in your hair from 30 mins to 2 hours. (I prefer 2 hours). Once time has elapsed, rinse hair with cool water.

I get one stalk (large) from my aloe vera plant, cut it open and you can either scrape the gel out of the plant or rub the plant throughout the scalp and leave in.

These 2 natural remedies together has given me amazing results.

FYI: I do practice a healthy diet eating lots of dark green leafy veggies (kale, spinach, cilantro, basil) and I drink lots of water. I have omitted refined sugar from my diet and red meats. This alone has also helped in my hair growth journey.

I hope this helps anyone who's experiencing these hair troubles.

Increase Hot Water Heater Temp, Borax
Posted by Bluebutter (Florida, Usa) on 05/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've read about the connection between fungal infections and hair loss. I tried Ted's recommendation of washing my hair with borax. It was great. I had so many little sprouts on my scalp. But the sprouts would never really take off. They would have such gusto, then stop. I wash my hair about once ever 5 days. I did some research. And found out that if your hot water heater is not set to super scalding hot, a certain bacteria will start to grow in your hot water heater. If your water is only about 100-120 Fah bacteria will grow in your tank. Therefore when you wash you hair with that water, it's BAD for your hair. Adding borax to this water probably helps it, but still not good enough.

Set your hot water heater to hottest, and you will eliminate the fungal/baceteria from the source of your water. Then wash with borax and hopefully wait for great results. Thanks Ted for all your knowledge that I was able to glean from. I hope this helps people to regain their beautiful hair. :)

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Jenna (Salem, Or) on 08/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Food grade diatomaceous earth for hair loss! Start with a tsp and mix into smoothies, oatmeal, mashed potatoes or even water, juice or tea/coffee. Work your way up to a TBSP. LOTS of vitamins/minerals and a great detoxer.

Onion Juice
Posted by Jane (Mass, US) on 06/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

In 2002 The Journal of Dermatology had a study on the use of Onion Juice for hair growth in Alopecia Subjects. 80% of subjects grew hair within a week of using onion juice as a treatment. The allicin in the onion actually stimulates the hair follicle and pulls the blood supply up to the follicle roots encouraging growth. You just take basic dutch onions and put them in a blender, puree to a juice, can take out the pulp if you wish. Massage mixture into the scalp before bed, put a shower cap over it at night while you sleep. In the morning rinse off. This remedy also works for male pattern baldness. You can google this study. Also use till you have the desired length of hair and then use once a week for maintenance.

Sulfur-Rich Food
Posted by Nancy (Houston, Tx) on 10/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had severe dandruff for about 5 years, saw a dermatologist, use tar shampoos, etc. One day I read severe dandruff was a sign of sulfur deficiency, and several good sources of sulfur listed was onions and garlic. Just so happened, I had followed a way of eating for years that excluded onions and garlic.

I didn't really believe it applied to me, I thought surely I consumed enough other sulfur foods to not have a deficiency. I immediately prepared a salad with raw onions, and within a day my dandruff was completely gone. That was several years ago, I have continued eating foods with onions regularly and it still works for me. The connection was amazing, and I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it myself.

Stimulate Blood Circulation
Posted by Marko (Christchurch, Canterbury, Newzealand) on 01/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

A lot of hair loss is due to lack of circulation at the top of the head which is supplied with blood in a different way to the hair at the back and sides -I started losing my hair at 33 years slowly but surely. I tried a few things like E C vaseline & crude oil which improved the hair loss a bit but took a long time also topical herbs (chinese) which helped but didn't fix it so I searched the internet for natural alternatives and found a site that suggested doing head taps with fists, not hard just to get circulation going -no blood, no hair -you can lower your head to your waist tap over scalp for 30 secs or sit upright tap 2 mins also scalp squeeze and pinch about 6 times daily this and a few other things (holistic approach) turned the problem around for me at 56 -I got this from a site called -how to naturally regrow your hair in 15 minutes a day. This really works and will override most underlying causes for hair loss.
Look it up, you won't regret it -good luck you won't need it. Marko

Accutane Related
Posted by Nickie (London Uk) on 11/14/2014

I've recetly started taking Diatomaceous Earth for my joints but read up on it first and was surprised at how many other things it clears up; parasites, hair, nails, blood pressure AND ACNE. Plus more.

I hope Nickodactyl reads this 'cos I think he's getting carried away with the science. Remember Occams Razor; simpler is best. You've been tackling the symptoms rather than the cause which is what most doctors do. Spots on the face, or anywhere, is the body telling us to take care of it. We've all got toxins and parasites and imbalances so chucking a pharmacoepia of supplements at it ain't going to fix it or lengthen your telomeres unless you clean it up first.

And you should NEVER screw around with hormones!!!! I've had thyroid problems and you don't want that, I can assure you. I never took contraceptive pills but there are probably thousands/millions of women out there who are experiencing a myriad problems because they did. They were the easy option, of course, and I guess you thought, when you used Accutane, that would be too. We are all prone to the temptation of the quick fix or instant gratification, particularly at eighteen. Been ther - done that. My Gran used to say - Lazy people take the most pains. - and it's true.

If you are still reading, first do a cleanse, then eat what is most nourishing with good protein for the hair and for vitamins and minerals do juicing. And try the diatomacious earth; tasteless, cheap and easy.


PS. When your hair grows back, please wear it long or longish. Hair does so much for a guy. Michael Bolton is rubbish now.


Edgar Cayce's Hair Loss Remedies
Posted by Linda (San Antonio, Texas) on 02/09/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I am female, 58 years old, and I always had thin, fine hair that became thinner as I got older until you could easily see my scalp throught the hair in the front and the crown of my head. About 3 years ago, I started using Pennsylvania crude oil per Edgar Cayce's protocol and I am still amazed as my hair just gets thicker every month; new growth is constant. I have never had hair like this, even as a child. I was always self-conscious about my hair (vanity?)and used any means possible to make it look thicker; perms, coloring, teasing. I feel great about the way my hair looks for the first time ever (I can remember sending nightly prayers as a child for pretty hair). I just want to tell everyone I see with thinning hair about it! I don't very often, though, unless asked. I have told several hairdressers so that they could share it with their customers; suprisingly, only one of them showed any interest. There are about 6 recommended steps to the protocol, including an herbal tonic and massaging with petroleum jelly. I started with just the petroleum jelly for financial reasons, and I saw rapid improvement in just a few weeks. Then I added the crude oil and the herbal tonic and I have been using those three since then. I use the oil followed by the petroleum jelly once a week and the tonic once a day. The instructions on his site are clear and you can also see the products if you look on his website for companies who make and sell products made with Edgar Cayce formulas. I had to write because I have used many remedies from this website and I am very grateful that you are here, all of you!! Namaste.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Chris (Army base, USA) on 01/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil, I internally take 3 tsp daily, as well as oil pull with it, and for skin, it is a great makeup remover as well as facial cleanser and moisturizer. For hair, once a month; I saturate my hair (dry hair) with the oil, then wrap in saran wrap and cover with a warm towel for no less than 2hrs.; then wash normally. It is IMO, one of the better oils to use externally, since it absorbs so quickly, and is less damaging than all those nasty chemicals.

L-Lysine, Biotin, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Terri (Nanaimo, BC Canada) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am writing to let everyone know what has finally worked for me after dealing with thinning hair for 20 years now. My hair has always been very fine, but starting thinning in my mid 20's.

My thinning hair has been a source of embarrassment and concern to me for many, many years. Although I eat very healthy, use all natural hair products for the most part and take supplements, nothing has helped.

I tried Nioxin which made my hair nice and shiny and healthy but did not stop the hair loss or thinning. My hair loss was so bad that it plugged the bathroom drain and I had to put a snake down the drain to clear it. When I pulled up the snake there were handfuls of hair that had been lost over time. I was really upset at that point and decided to go to the doctor and have complete blood work done thinking that I must be very low in iron. My tests all came back normal although my iron was in the low normal range.

I did some reading on this site (stumbled across it) and read a testimonial from one member who said that she had started taking Lysine, biotin and iron pills for her hair loss and she had great results. I bought the biotin 5000mcg, lysine 500mg, but decided to take 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses instead of the iron pills (they upset my bowels).

After only 1 month I can see any incredible difference already!!!! My hair is thicker, healthier, and is filling in nicely. More importantly, it does not seem to be falling out at the same rate it used to. I had almost gotten to the point that I had given up on trying to find a "natural" cure to my hair loss and was ready to consider a hairpiece or transplant when it thinned a little more.

I had been struggling with thinning hair and the lack of self confidence that goes with it (you can spend a lot of time trying to cover all the thin spots) for years. Please give this an honest try even if you are fed up with all the things that never worked. It is worth one last try and the supplements are reasonably priced and won't do your body any harm.

Good Luck to all!

Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jake (Kansas) on 07/07/2021

ALL baking soda is aluminum free. I don't know where this nonsense started, but at some point because of some uninformed person confusing baking powder, with baking soda (two completely different things), and it just took off like wild fire. There is a major company that sell it, and grains, that has been making a mint by claiming that his baking soda is aluminum free. He knows none contain aluminum, which makes him a con-artist. Don't buy into the lie.

EC: The nonsense only started years ago when Bob's Red Mill, the company you are referring to, started marketing their new "aluminum-free baking soda." There are old posts on Earth Clinic in the baking soda remedies section about it.. at least 10 years old now.

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