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How Marmite Can Help Hair Loss

| Modified on Apr 14, 2024
Below, learn how an Earth Clinic reader used marmite to treat his hair loss!

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Posted by speedmanifesting (Australia) on 02/12/2021

My amazing hair growth turnaround has not been mentioned here.

Firstly, I agree with externally using Borax (high alkaline) for hair wash, then follow up rinse with ACV (vinegar is high acid - matching natural scalp pH). BUT because I practiced very low Keto, I eat zero (almost) of brans and grains. My top hair was thinning for years in my 50s. BUT WHEN I ADDED Marmite/Vegemite spread daily into my diet - a miracle happened.

My hair began to grow thicker and faster and than ever in my life. Marmite is Brewer's Yeast (the good kind). It also has loads of B vitamins. I am a keen observer of change. This is the one for my problems I tried Silica with some success, but Barley and Brewer's Yeast (in Marmite) may be the thing missing. Remember the 'beer rinse' wives tales? I am getting new scalp growth that I haven't seen since my 20's. So thankful. Hope this helps someone on Keto out there too.

Replied by Nina

Hi, thanks in advance, how much of marmite, do you consume every day and do we continue, indefinitely???, or stop for some time.
Regards and thanks. Nina

Replied by Spirittlk
(Phoenix, Az)

My hair and nails grow like crazy too when I eat a lot of whole grains and take my B-vitamins, but I like your idea!

Replied by Pacific Coast Lady
(Crescent City, CA)

Wow, this one got my attention and I'm going to check it out! My hair has always been fine-type, but lots of it until pretty recently. I do Keto, all the way, so zero grains etc. I cannot do them as I am a type 2 diabetic and even the small amount I've tried spikes my blood-sugars. I see my hair thinning at the temples, but not sure where else that I don't really see. Again, I'll look up all the info I can find on Marmite and thank you so much for sharing your experience.

I'll try to keep up on reporting back on this thread.