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Edgar Cayce's Remedies for Hair Loss

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Posted by Doug (Phoenix, AZ) on 12/29/2006

Dear friends, please take the time to investigate via the internet or the library, all of the Edgar cayce material regarding hair loss. There have been countless cures using his remedies, not just for hair loss, but for a multitude of ailments. I personally healed a pulled muscle in my left shoulder by literally doing two applications of one of his remedies. You are all in my prayers.

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Minn)

Hi, I've looked at Cayce products before and just took the plunge to purchase. I purchased from Amazon sells them but I was concerned maybe they weren't the genuine full strength products. I bought crude oil treatment, rinse, and shampoo and a different line of spray in conditioner for the scalp. There weren't too many testimonials, but those were good, claims of better conditioned, fuller hair, one claim of thicker hair. I'm 64 and lately my scalp is becoming more visible in areas, on top and on the crown, and I don't want it to get worse. My hair is almost totally gray and very dry. Conditioner helps only a short time and it's dry again. My scalp is dry too, produces very little sebum. However I have no dandruff or itching. My overall hair look's dry and tired, no volume, won't hold a curl. I'll post results in about a month.

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Minn)

Just read on this site about splenda and hair thinning and loss. Thanks whoever posted this, I wasn't aware. I started using splenda 2 yrs ago, using it in coffee and baking. Claims to block the absorption of vit d and proteins and kills the good bacteria in the colon. I found other side effects others have complained of on the web I have some of them such as the feeling of water dripping somewhere on the body, night sweats( I even started sage capsules to cut down on the perspiration), itching ( which I thought was from dry skin) mental fogginess which I thought was just me. I cut it out completely this am and I do feel more focused. Thanks to all who post here.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Splenda contains aspartame which is a poison to the body. Google "Excitotoxin"... It can cause seizures, parkinsons disease and cell death.

Replied by Jackie
(Grand Rapids, Minnesota)

This hair regime seems to be working. I think I will forever stick with it since it doesn't take that much time and I have the routine down. My hair after a month is no longer dry, my hair roots no longer ache on top of my head. I'm able to wear a short bob haircut with bangs without using heat appliances, curlers or styling products. It has a little volume compared to the starting point where it layed limp and lifeless flat to the scalp.

I use the cayce crude oil every 10 days followed by the cayce rinse and shampoo, and every other day in between the crude oil treatment, I apply jamaican black castor oil to the scalp by pouring a little oil at a time in a dish and dipping the fingers in and rub into the scalp, leave on overnight and shampoo with cayce shampoo the next day. Massage the scalp at least once a day. After shampooing and the hair still wet, dip fingertips in white vaseline and rub on any scalp areas that show ( on myself it's along the part on top and cowlick on crown. ) Use just a little, it won't make the hair greasy. I stopped any artificial sweeteners, use a toaster oven instead of microwave, use only cast iron or stainless steel pans, no nonstick, use coconut oil for cooking. I take quite a few supplements, andrew lessmans hair, skin and nails, andrew lessmans evening primrose oil, a. L's omega fish oil, and recently added biosil. And a. L.'s complete multivitamin. The hairline feels fuzzy, the hair has a little lift so it looks thicker, all in all a big improvement in a month.


Posted by Z_girl (Santa Barbara, Ca) on 10/08/2012

I am experiencing greater than usual amounts of falling hair. I've tried adding hair vitamins, good protein in diet, adequate water, using safe shampoos, but the only thing that lessens the amount of falling hair, that ends up in my hands, on my clothes and in the drain, is eating several eggs per day-- they are free range, organic, omega -3 brown eggs. If I miss a day of eating at least 3 eggs my hair starts to fall out again.

Eggs are such a complex food its very hard to isolate what mineral or combination or minerals are helping my hair. I really cant eat 3 eggs every day-- not only because that is a lot of cholesterol, but I don't want to develop an allergy to them from eating them every day.

Additionally my nails and cuticles arent in that great of shape, but eggs sure helped at least the cuticles in short order.

Part of the reason I am so concerned about it, is that if I have a deficiency of some type I'd like to find out before it affects something more serious than my hair.

Any help as to why the eggs are helping would be appreciated.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Z_girl, You don't say much about your diet other than eggs help with your hair and also nails. They're rich in protein, lecithin and sulfur among other things. I'm thinking it may be the protein. I say this because, when I was a vegetarian in my 20's my hair started falling out and my nails would peel. I had always had very thick hair and good nails up to then. When I finally started adding in eggs and meat my hair was eventually restored and my nails got a lot stronger. Anyway, that would be my guess. Since you're concerned about eating too many eggs, get protein through many different sources. Hope this helps, Lisa

Replied by Diana329
(Philadelphia, PA)

Eggs are also good for your face. Whites are good for oily skin and yoks are good for dry skin.

Replied by Z_girl
(Santa Barbara, Ca)

Actually my diet is pretty good and I get a sufficinet amount of protein for my size (small). I've tried hair vitamins to no avail. If it helps the texture has changed as well to coarser and brittle-- it's like wire now, before it was soft thread. I'm wondering if its some sort of toxic buildup that my body is getting rid of by dropping the hair that contains it? Maybe its not a deficiency at all but a toxcity?

Eggs, B Complex

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Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 09/06/2011

I had noticed I was developing baldness when some doctor switched my pain medication from codeine to Darvon. This darvon stuff made me go bald on the top of my head. I had the doctor switch me back to codeine and then I began eating two eggs and taking one vitamin B-complex tablet every day and the bald spot went away.

That was about 20 years ago and that bald spot never came back....oscar


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Posted by Richard (San Diego, Ca) on 03/08/2015


I'm in my fifties now but experienced major hair loss from my late 20's to my early forties. After a lot of research (supplements, OTC treatments, doctors, naturopaths, articles) I came to realize that hair fall for most men and women comes from the after affects of Candida and leaky gut syndrome. Sugar of all types (even fruits) accelerates it. The candida/leaky gut comes from too many antibiotics and not enough Probiotics to clean up the mess that they leave and/or simply eating very poorly and causing bacteria proliferation in different pockets in the gut over a period of years.

Try this if you're losing hair in the shower-

FAST for 24 -48 hours on water or broth. NO SUGAR. If your hairfall diminishes significantly or completely then your answer is there.


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Posted by Drsd (Dubai, UAE) on 08/31/2012

as a long time sufferer from hair thinning, I would proudly say that I haven't almost missed a remedy for hair fall. Recently, I came across a remedy on the web, that used methi (fenugreek) to stop hair loss. I added few more ingredients to methi and the remedy was very powerful.

Here is what I have concocted:

  • 2 teaspoons of methi soaked in 1/2 a glass of water overnight
  • 1 large red onion (actually, I find them purple! )
  • 1 table spoon of cayenne powder or 3 jalapenos
  • strain the methi seeds on the next day, put them in a coffee bean miller or a food processor, add the peeled onion and the cayenne pepper, make a paste out of all that.

now massage the scalp with the paste, wetting your palms frequently with water to help your finger tips slide around and the pepper to sting alittle bit. Cover with a shower cap. you will feel instant heat on the scalp. In an hour, rinse thoroughly and wash and condition as usual.

I noticed an 80% reduction in the mass of falling hair.

now, this remedy is potent and effective in ceasing hair fall, but will not suffice ALONE in the battle of regaining hair. So adding nutritive foods and taking vitamin supplements is imperative to check hair fall.

hope this is as useful to you as it was to me! regards :)

Fungal Hair Loss Remedies

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Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, GA) on 03/27/2008

Hair/Scalp/Hair Loss Prevention:

*Lots of Aloe Vera (Gel preferred) [1]
*Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, & Peppermint Oil [essential oils] (little) [5]
*Apple Cider Vinegar [2]
*Cod Liver Oil [3]
*Grape Seed Oil [3]

I really didn't measure, just estimated. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the most & 5 being the least. Put the following in your hair after shampoo & do not rinse off; Then put water in your hair so you can makes sure it mixes well with your hair and spread it around. Leave on all day. Hair will smell a little like peppermint. You want to put as much as ACV in as you can but not to a point where your hair smells like vinegar. Peppermint should be the strongest smell out of all of them.

I put it in a big Aloe Vera bottle (the one you get at GNC)and mix it up. It's really good for the scalp as well as your hair!

Replied by Vinny
(Atlanta, GA)


Please let your readers know that this combo should be used only if they know that hair loss is due to fungus & probably use a little once/week. I used this 2-3 times a week and my hair loss was not due to fungus and thus caused some of my hair to fall out.

Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

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Posted by Monica (San Francisco) on 07/08/2018

I'm happy to let u know that after 3 weeks of using gelatin collagen hydrolysate, my hair fall has greatly diminished!!!

I still can't believe no one is talking about this!!!

Replied by Mihai

Hi Monica! Could you kindly tell me if the collagen hydrolysate helped you with the hair loss on the long run, or just as long as you take it? Thank you!

General Feedback

Posted by Meg (Washington, Dc) on 12/17/2012

Has anyone tried gelatin for the hair? If so, does the gelatin repair damaged hair or stimulate hair growth? A few sites say that it prevents breakage and adds body, but that evidence of hair growth is inconclusive. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

General Feedback
Posted by Irene (Sandvika) on 11/02/2012

Can someone look at this link and tell me if this is the tin TED meant in his posts for hair loss?

I got this now, and it says its dangerous, irritant to the skin etc. So I got scared. Please, let me know?

General Feedback
Posted by Alastary (Frankfort, Kentucky, Usa) on 02/02/2012

Ted, I have developed hair thinning after drinking senna tea and having acupuncture done in my scalp. The thinning area is directly in the area on my scalp where the needles were inserted.

Also What supplements resemble the actions of ASTRESSIN-B?

Read this article please.

According to reports, researchers came across the discovery when testing a chemical compound on genetically-altered mice. The mice's bodies had been programmed to overproduce a stress hormone, called corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF), which, in addition to other things, caused them to lose their fur as they aged.

As part of the study, the balding mice were given five daily injections of a recently-developed anti-stress hormone, astressin-B, and then returned to their habitat. Three months passed, and when scientists returned to collect the rodents for follow-up studies they unexpectedly discovered the once-hairless subjects had re-grown their fur. Reports indicate the injections were 100 percent effective in re-growing hair.

"Our findings show that a short-duration treatment with this compound causes an astounding long-term hair regrowth in chronically stressed mutant mice, " said Dr Million Mulugeta of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

"This molecule also keeps the hair colour (and) prevents the hair from turning grey, " he told the AFP news agency.

"This could open new avenues to treat hair loss in humans, " Dr Mulugeta added.

Here's how MedPageToday characterizes the research:

The mutant mice bred to overproduce the stress hormone corticotrophin-releasing factor become bald on their backs as they age. But after a week of daily injections with a compound to block CRF called astressin-B developed by the group to treat gastrointestinal disease, the mice unexpectedly regrew their missing hair and were indistinguishable from controls.

The effect remained for up to four months, which the researchers pointed out in a press release is a long time in a mouse's less than two-year life span. It far exceeded the mild regrowth produced by minoxidil (Rogain) in the same mouse model, the group reported in PLoS One.

Since CRF is also expressed in human skin, the researchers expressed optimism that a similar approach could be a "breakthrough therapy for alopecia."

Replied by Minu

I just wanted to know whether there is any further news on corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) theory. I am keen to know as I am losing a lot of hair and I am old female. Someone pl. help.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Art (California) on 04/14/2024 2182 posts

If you have excessive hair fall, this may be an option worth considering. Wash your hair and after a day, ask a friend, who you know to have a good nose for odors, to sniff your hair to see if they detect a musty smell. If they do, then use grapefruit seed extract (GFSE) in a spray bottle and spray your hair with the spray twice a day and massage into the scalp as you spray. Do this for two weeks and it can stop hair fall caused by fungus.

Here is how to make the spray. Use whatever size spray bottle you have and for every ounce of filtered water, add 10 drops of the GSPE concentrate.

First test your diluted GSPE liquid on a very small area of your inner forearm to make sure that you are not allergic to GSPE. Here is a link to one popular GSPE liquid concentrate :


Grass Oil

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Posted by Shamayam (Evanston, Il) on 08/10/2010

I am 24 yrs old and my husband is 30 yrs old. We moved out the country and found some green grass oil for hair loss. Already we have seen results, me after 4 washes and him after only 2. His slight baldness he was starting have from all his hair cuts is now gone and my hair is growing healthier and faster. I researched the oil for friends in the states but couldn't find it. However, the ingredients in the oil are: Green Herb Oil, Saturated & Unsaturated fatty acids, Provitamin A, and Vitamin E. We love it and use it every time we wash our hair, which is every 2 weeks. We wash our hair and then massage the oil into the scalp (enough to cover the entire head) and then add conditioner to our hair. We let it sit in for about 15-20 minutes and rinse out with warm water. I hope this helps some of you

Replied by Bill
(Philly, Pa)

How about telling us the name of the product. There must be a company name on the bottle somewhere. And an address or a phone number or a website. I think it's a little strange how everybody keeps saying how fast and simple it is to grow hair with this stuff but nobody actually tells you anything. It's just "Go out and get some and in a few weeks your hair will be growing back" Sounds more like someone playing games. As usual you never hear from them again. Like the story about growing hair with carrot juice.

Replied by Kelly Colby
(Dallas, Tx)

I searched for Grass Oil and found that it can be purchased through some India(n) stores. I also came across a recipe that looks like it is pretty straight forward.

Mix 63 ml. of the juice of green grass in 250 ml. of coconut oil, boil it. Let it cool down, strain and use it for massaging the body or scalp.

Grass Oil
Posted by Zk85 (Khobar, Saudi Arabia) on 12/04/2009

I am surprised this is not mentioned or known about much.

To cure hair loss and have hair regrowth, the Bedouin here use grass oil (like normal grass in your garden turned into oil... it is a very thick oil.. just a bit thicker than olive oil sometimes as thick, if you get one that is watery know you have been cheated and its mixed with water or other things)

It is so effective I am 26 years old and I could never grow a full goatee ( always wanted one :P ) so I used it for about a week on the empty area and hair grew where none was!

To use it on the head apply daily or once every other day with good enough amount to spread over your scalp and massage it in leave it in from 4 to 6 hours for about a month should be enough to notice real difference... I am not kidding this thing is WORTH the trouble, we don't have many scientists in this country if we did and they studied this i am SURE they would have extracted what ever is in there that makes it work so damn well and cured baldness already.

Warning though this stuff is green and it drips so make sure you don't stain your cloths :) but i promise you this is one mess you wont regret :D

EC: Hi Zk85. Is there another name for this grass oil? We see that citronella, lemongrass, and palmarosaessential oils areeach made from grass. However, lemongrass oil isthe one we seelisted asbeing manufacturedin Saudi Arabia.

Replied by Anonomous
(Falling Pines, America)

I also googled this every way possible and cannot find any information. I wanted to bring back up the subject to see if anyone else knows, where this grass oil can be purchased or if it can be made.

It's weird, how some people post here and you never hear from them again.

EC: Yep, we googled this extensively too. We're guessing it's lemongrass oil. If you google "lemongrass for hair loss" you will see it mentioned on several websites.

Replied by Stacey
(Greensboro, Nc)

I've found a US patent for the use of vetiver grass for hair restoration: (

Vetiver is in the same family as lemongrass.

Replied by Judy
(High Point, Nc)

I found vetiver oil at, made by Aura Cacia company

Replied by Saba
(Mento, Oh)

I found lemongrass oil in whole food store in the oil essentials section. Tried to use it on my scalp (for thinning hair) a few drops and BOY Oh BOY! it burned my scalp so much I couldn't even hold it for 2 minutes. I had to jump in the show and wash it off.

Replied by Juliette
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)


I am an aromatherapist - please never use undiluted essential oils on your skin or hair; they can burn (as you now know!) If you want to try the lemon grass oil again, dilute it in a carrier oil - anything you have around the house will do, the carrier oil will also have benefits so try to use a cold pressed, unrefined oil. A good rule of thumb is about 6 drops to a tablespoon full of oil. Essential oils are wonderful in healing, but they need respect - I should know - I still sometimes burn myself if I add too much basil oil to the bath; more is not always better!

Replied by Saba
(Mentor, Oh)

Thanks Juliette, I will do just that - I have cold pressed coconut oil. I'll mix it and try again. I have female hair loss on the front top of my hair. I just started a week ago to wash with borax and consume a tea spoon of the coconut oil. I've been taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses and honey for 3 weeks now and I love it. I love EC and all of you. To come across this website has been a great blessing.

Hair Loss and Hormone Issues

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 03/26/2013

I don't have any hair loss , but I read a lot and in the book by John Lee, What your doctor may not tell you about menopause, he writes that some people get estrogen dominant from our food, water, plastics and fertilizers, anyway, he says many people who get their homones back into balance can reverse their hair loss.

There is hairloss with thyroid imbalance and you can have an imbalance even if your tests come back normal , read the book by Mary Shomon, the thyroid diet revolution. It's not a Diet Book, but reviews of what helps to heal the thyroid .

Frequently a progesterone deficiency/imbalance due to estrogen dominance in men and women. Hope this helps someone.... Sometimes you just have to try a little dab and see if it helps

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Googling around again and one site said to no longer use soap or shampoo on hair but 1/2 cup soda in 1 1/2 cups water and massage in scalp and then rinse with cold water as little as needed and don't mess with hair much, combing , curling , styling , but massage head once in a while until improvement shows.... Hope this helps.

Hair Loss and Wilson's Syndrome

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Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas, Usa) on 04/16/2010

For the last year I have been experiencing hair loss and have tried every remedy on EC with no help. Hopefully I think I have finally found the answer to my problem thanks to EC and those who post here. One day someone posted info on Wilson's Syndrome and I followed up on researching it.

The short of Wilson's Syndrome is you can have all the symptoms of low thyroid but your blood work is fine. The key is low oral temperature below 98.6 on a regular basis which I had. I talked to my doctor and she said she treated this and even had a blood test to check for Wilson's syndrome. With Wilson's syndrome your body is unable to use the T3 your thyroid produces so the treatment is T3.

I have just started to take the T3 twice a day. Internet info says 12 hours apart. Also I was extremely fatigue more so than usual as I have been working on getting rid of CFS and Fibromyalgia. Actually it felt as if I had fallen into a big black hole and couldn't get out. Thanks again EC because I had not heard of Wilson's Syndrome and my doctor didn't look for it with my history of CFS and Fib.