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Losing your hair can be a surprise, expected, or occur early, but it's rarely desired and can be a blow to your self-image, especially for women. People normally lose 50 to 100 hairs a day without causing noticeably thinning hair, but causes of excessive hair loss can be genetics, medications, stress, aging, or medical conditions such as scalp infections or thyroid issues, the latter of which are common origins of hair loss in women.

Depending on the cause, hair loss can be sudden or gradual, effecting either just the scalp or the entire body; fortunately, sometimes the effects can be temporary rather than a pattern of permanent hair loss. Emotional shock and stress can actually cause hair to loosen and get tugged out through combing.

Find a Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

On this page you can find user-submitted home and natural remedies to combat hair loss. Some of our more popular cures are apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and manganese sulfate from our super-poster Ted. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to cure your hair loss. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please don't hesitate to share your story with us. Don't forget to mention whether you are male or female in your post, please!

Warning -- Please Read Recipes Carefully!

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Posted by Mary (Newark, New Jersey) on 01/04/2008
1 out of 5 stars


Dear Earth Clinic, I just wanted to let you know that I think on Ted's Posts it should say in bold at the beginning, or where it can't be missed to read the recipes carefully. I had a small bald spot on my head, found this website, and read some things Ted wrote. I read something about hydrogen peroxide and acv for scalp problems and hair loss. It did not say how much to use in the blurb I read. I thought I would try it. Well I just made a solution up and put it on my head. Left it on overnight. Well, Now I am loosing all my hair!!! So this was not a remedy in the little problem I had, instead, it is causing all my hair to fall out. I would like to spare future readers from this, so please put a warning, and make sure people read Ted's postings very carefully, and if they do not see a recipe, have them contact Ted before just making one up themselves. I know most people would be more careful, but there are us haphazard people out here you know. Thank you.

Replied by Shemika
(Hightstown, Nj)
1 out of 5 stars


I am grateful for Mary's story about topically applying acv to her head by mistake when she had a fungal infection and thus losing all her hair. I unthinkingly slapped some acv on my head before bed last night as I do from time to time, but this time I woke up disturbed and vaguely recalling her post so I got up and reread it as well as Teds instructions about the subject since I hadn't read them in a couple years. I realized I was making the same mistake Mary had because I likely also have a fungal infection due to my parasite infection. In Jan just when my hair was starting to see some real progress I absentmindedly put a little acv on it and continued to do so on occasion. Soon afterwards I was combing my hair and it started falling out in clumps. Not making the connection I continued over the past five months to put acv on my hair from time to time, wondering why it kept getting shorter and wouldn't grow any more. Sure enough, topical acv is likely part of the reason why my hair fell out and hasn't grown. I had credited it all to the meds I took about the same time which are known to cause hair loss, which is also likely part of the reason as well. Now I hope to get it right by using tea tree oil and the proper remedies instead. I will let that be a lesson I have to be more careful. Thanks for your site.

Replied by Pat
(Athens, Al, Usa)

What about possibly taking too much ACV orally causing hair to keep falling? Is it possible to take TOO MUCH orally??? And if so, would this cause an already case of hair coming out to continue or worsen??? I am not applying it topically, but am taking it orally 3 times a day. Is this possibly too much for me personally, as everyone might be different? I'm a big girl so don't know.

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or)

Note to Everyone about Hair Loss - The Apple Cider vinegar is NOT the culprit in Mary from NJ's hairloss. I've used ACV for years on my scalp in the shower (and left in) with no problems. (I have a sensitive scalp.. It only soothes it). If you read Mary from NJ's post again you will see she MIXED full strength ACV AND PEROXIDE and left it on her hair and scalp overnight. Clearly it was the PEROXIDE that burned her hair and irritated her scalp causing hair loss. No hairdresser would leave Peroxide in hair and on scalp for 24 hours, and neither should we!! Also, those 2 ingredients never should have been used full strength together and left on scalp. I didn't want there to be a ACV panic.. It's still good stuff and harmless to the scalp, at least it has always been harmless for me for years. (I only use 2 T ACV to one pint of water mixture.. Why waste it when this is sufficient to create an acid environment on scalp?) ACV is a known remedy to STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH, so why would it cause hair loss... In fact it DOESN'T! Certainly taking ACV internally would not cause hair loss either. Millions of people would be bald if that were the case :)

Hope this reassures people and they put ACV back on their list of great things to take!

Replied by Barbara
(Union City, Tn)
5 out of 5 stars

I totally agree. I have been rinsing my hair with ACV for years and years and I have never noted any bad side effects. The ACV helps control my dandruff and it brings out the red highlights in my hair.

Replied by Doddie
(Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa)

1) I used baking soda 1:5 ; 1 part baking soda to 5 parts water to wash my hair, left it on 10 minutes and rinsed.

2) I used borax 1/2 Tablespoon to a liter of water pour it in my hair and left it on overnite, I rinsed the following day, then sprayed my hair with 1 part ACV and 5 parts water. I have a sink top water filter and so it probably did have some chlorine and definitely fluoride it in and I am hoping the borax helped some.

The only side effect I had is when I left the baking soda sit on my scalp for 10 minutes. It did burn (sting) in the areas where my hair had thinned out (on top, at temples) and I take that as a good thing (like there was a little fungus or something there that I did not know about, that needed to be removed )

3) I am very pleased with the results and my hair is not falling out.

I think that when a person chemically treat their hair maybe with perms or permanent hair color and use peroxide or vinegar incorrectly you will have a negative reaction. Read everything carefully!

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

For all of you losing hair: maybe is your thyroid. In that case you need iodine and selenium supplements. Be careful with selenium dosage. Some sources are saying that over 200 mcg is already poisonous, some say 400 mcg is still allowed...

Replied by Jj678
(Central Usa)

This is the most reckless use of vinegar I ever saw.

Ever rinse your mouth with vinegar? Works great. Ever try to keep vinegar in your mouth for 5 hours? It would burn the hell out of you for sure. The same for your hair. DO NOT LEAVE VINEGAR IN YOUR HAIR OVERNIGHT.

ACV certainly is a wonder cure for alot of things. Great for your hair. But it must be used in a normal way. Drink it in small doses every day. Wash your hair with it. That's all. The rest happens in time.

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

Hello Jj678; on the use of Apple Cider Vinegar as a hair rinse and left to dry overnight... Well I've done that when hair was just lifeless and dry. Even when using conditioners. Just now did it again. Let it soak on hair to the point it was nearly dripping... Very wet but not dripping. In the past when I did it, next day hair had a sheen was very managable.

Can't recall if I read it from Dr Jarvis' book on ACV "New England Folk Medicine" which I read about 20 years ago. That book is what got me started on the amazing world of ACV.

Replied by Andrea C

Hydrogen Peroxide?? I certainly would NOT put that on my hair, or anyone elses!! It will bleach your hair WHITE, even in small amounts (Peroxide Blonde?) make it super dry and brittle, snap off and turn you bald in large doses as saturating your scalp in the stuff is a BIG dose, it will also kill off healthy tissues as well, so do not use it on wounds either, Lugol's Iodine is much better for that. Love Andrea C xxxxxx

Replied by Mellberg

I'm sorry for your experience, however I would like to make a few notes. I am a licensed hair professional and it was not the apple cider that made your hair fall out, it was the peroxide. I wouldn't necessarily recommend ACV for a hair rinse regularly. I do use it on myself and have never had a problem with it. However, leaving peroxide on the scalp will cause breakage. It's a shame that you are having to deal with this issue because hair loss is such a delicate issue. Please look into a deep conditioning treatment which will help to preserve your hair and prevent further damage due to the peroxide.

Best wishes.

Replied by James As Commonly Called ;-)
(Rugby, Uk)

Do also look into the benefits of Organic Sulfur ( msm crystals ) for hair problems. Good luck.

Replied by Devlin
(Toronto, Ontario)

Apple Cider Vinegar is such a wonderful product with Mother in it. I would suggest taking the warning sign off your post. This product has been a god send to me for ovarian issues to hormone balance, to removing those nasty little spider veins. Please do your research before you post.

(Hermosa Beach)

Devlin... can you say more about exactly how you used ACV in relation to your improved hormone balance and spider veins? Thank you so much.

Replied by Anon

To Devlin: How were you able to rid yourself of the spider veins with ACV? By applying topically or ingesting it? I am noticing more and more little 'webs' on my legs and would love to know how you did it, and how long it took for results. thanks!

Replied by Sandy

Does Apple Cider Vinegar take your hair coloring out of hair... I dont want to strip my hair color after just getting it dyed!

Accutane Related

1 User Review
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Posted by Monica (San Francisco) on 07/08/2018

I'm happy to let u know that after 3 weeks of using gelatin collagen hydrolysate, my hair fall has greatly diminished!!!

I still can't believe no one is talking about this!!!

Replied by Mihai

Hi Monica! Could you kindly tell me if the collagen hydrolysate helped you with the hair loss on the long run, or just as long as you take it? Thank you!

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Many water heaters are not hot enough to kill microbes that get in hair follicles and cause hair to fall. There are some tips for that, use some vinegar as a hair rinse and coconut oil shampoo to keep scalp healthy from bacteria virus fungus and microbes. If hairdo is too tight it can cause hair to fall. The next cause could be hormone imbalance. A persons' urine can treat the fungus and the hormone issue in one shot. Before a shower catch a paper cup full of your urine . You can shampoo, then put the urine in your wet hair, let set as long as you can stand it and then rinse.....don't use soap or cream rinse. The urine has a lovely oil in it and the hair loves it and it won't smell when it's dry . Urine is very healthy for skin and feet health, no need to soap it off, just a light rinse. I have a lot of friends that show me how awesome their hair looks when they take my tips to heart.

Accutane Related
Posted by Nickodactyl (Pullman, Wa Washington, United States) on 12/10/2011

I'd like to start by saying how amazing this website is and all of the great information that Ted and all of the members provide. A little background; I started Acctuane July of 2010 and got off it in December of 2011. I took anywhere from 40-80 mg a day. I saw a previous post on Acctuane and hair loss on this forum and I have been following it to a T for the last 4 months will little success. I am 18 years old and had the thickest head of hair before Accutane and I have no family history of baldness on either side of my family. I am 100% sure that I am losing hair due to Accutane. It isn't in the MPB pattern, it is mostly diffusing all over. I have taken so many supplements in attempt to counteract my hair loss, here are some:

Biotin (5mg)

N-acetyl Cysteine (1500mg)

Riboflavin 5- Phosphate (36.5mg)

B Complex (Activated/co-enzymated 3x daily)

Molybdenum Picolinate (1, 000mg)

Phytisone Adrenal Complex (3x daily)

AC Grace Vitamin E (1200 IU)

Glutathione (2x daily)

EPO (1000mg)

Thorne Mediclear (2x daily)

Prescript Assist soil based probiotic (2x daily)

Niacinamide (1, 000 mg)

L-Glutamine (10g)

Copper (2mg)

Zinc (30mg)

Manganese Sulfate (400mg)

Fish oil (2x a day)

L-Lysine (1000mg)

Vitamin C (5000mg)

MSM (3000mg)

Vitamin D (6000 IU)

As you can see, I have experimented with a lot of different supplements and it's quite overwhelming. The hair loss did not start until 2 months after my course was over. I feel like none of these are getting to the source of my problem which I believe to be cell divison. Accutane is a chemotherapy agent and acts by suppressing cell division and proliferation. I have done copious amounts of research over the last 8 months and feel like I am getting so close to the answer.

"Retinoic acid (active form of Accutane) induces differentiation and reduces proliferation of stem and progenitor cells. It works on acne by inducing similar events in basal sebocytes. These same actions also lead to 13-cis-retinoic's (Accutane's) side effects, and these are directed towards proliferating cells in the adult such as in the skin, gut and bone. "

"A wide ranging effect of retinoic acid is to inhibit proliferation in dividing cells, and this accounts for its frequent consideration as an anti-cancer agent."

"Deleting telomere elongation capacity throughout the body would also be life-threatening, because it would mean that our regular, proliferating cells (like those in the skin or the lining of the gut) would suddenly have iron limits on their ability to reproduce themselves and thus replenish tissue. From the moment that we denuded our cells of telomerase, a clock would be ticking. With each division the telomere would shorten by a notch from whatever it had been when we took telomerase out. We would be under the specter of a rather horrible death, as our stem cells went offline one by one under replicative senescence with each failure of a stem cell responsible for supplying key functions, the tissue would fail to be renewed and would slowly degenerate. "(De Grey, 297)

To sum all of this up, the evidence we currently have is that long term treatment with ATRA (all-trans retinoic acid), which is almost chemically identical to Accutane, causes "telomere shortening, growth arrest, and cell death."

Accutane induces cell apoptosis. It down-regulates the telomerase enzyme and shortens the telomere length so the cells can't divide as much anymore.

Numerous factors affect the number and activity of androgen receptors in dermal papilla cells. Retinoic acid (vitamin A derivative), if used for a long time, may reduce the number of androgen receptors by 30 - 40 percent. [29] Vitamin B6 reduces by 35-40% the extent of protein synthesis observed after androgen receptor activation. [30] A polypeptide with molecular weight of 60 kDa, analogous to an intracellular calcium-binding protein called calreticulin, prevents binding of the androgen-receptor complex to DNA and also results in the production of calreticulin.[31]

Drugs producing hair loss:
Drugs may affect hair follicles in anagen in two ways: by stopping mitosis in matrix cells (anagen effluvium) or by inducing transition of hair follicles from anagen to premature telogen (telogen effluvium). Anagen effluvium ensues a few days or weeks after drug administration, [46] and telogen effluvium only after two to four months. In both cases hair loss is reversible. Anagen effluvium can be produced by cytotoxic drugs (alkylating agents, alkaloids) and telogen by: heparin, vitamin A and its derivatives, interferons, angiotensin converting enzyme blockers, beta-blockers (propranolol, metoprolol), the antiepileptic trimethadione, levodopa, nicotinic acid, salts of gold, lithium, cimetidine, amphetamine, isoniazid and antiinflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid).

I feel as if there was a way to increase cell division that the hair loss could be reversed. It states in the last paragraph that "in both cases hair loss is reversible". I hope that this is the case and that I just have telegon effluvium and not permenant alopecia.

Without having a scientific background it is hard to connect the pieces and come up with a solution. Ted- if you can decipher all of this and make some connection between it, it would mean the world to me and many other Accutane sufferers.

Sorry for the long post, take care EC.

Replied by Dj
(Chicago, Illinois)

Thank you for this post! My son is also suffering hair loss from taking Accutane! I hope that Ted answers soon. We are looking for a solution! He has been taking Accutane for about 2 months now and his hair is falling out. I'm going to try Fulvic Acid. Hopefully this will help!

Replied by Njman
(Paramus, Nj)

Accutane will definitely cause hair loss. I took it back in 2007 when I was 23years old, and my hair thinned all over.

However, it should be reversible. Like you mentioned, you experienced hair loss 2 months after stopping Accutane, which seems perfectly normal.

Accutane is a very powerful drug and will shock your body from the inside out, and hair loss is just a side effect of it.

I remember a short time after I took Accutane, I looked in a mirror at a retail store and my hair was so thin that I could see my entire scalp. But, before that moment, I didn't even realize I was losing hair. I was 23 and hairloss wasn't even on my mind. I did absolutely nothing to treat the hair loss, but it all grow back over time after I stopped the Accutane.

So in short, I'd be more concerned about the overall side effects of continuing that insane drug Accutane, than I would be about the hair loss it causes.

Replied by Natalie
(Seattle, Washington)

Try taking Coconut Oil!! When I take 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, my thin hair instantly becomes smoother & seems thincker - it's incredible! Ihe color even looks darker, too! Just remember to star slow - even 1/4 teaspoon for a week, then slowly increase the dosage. You can get severe Herxheimer reactions (die off) from coconut oil, so please start slow!! Get Virgen coconut oil - if that is too strong for you, try Expeller Presed.

Replied by Sunshine31527
(Jekyll Island, Ga)

Drugs of any knd will destroy your liver and cause many side effects. If you want beautiful hair and skin just simplify your life and diet. Eat fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and beans. Lots of water. Your body needs nutrients and you can't get those from pills or creams. Coconut oil is very good for your hair and skin and so is carrot juice. Flood your body with live juice and carrot is the best. Try to find organic if you can. Peace and love to all.....

Replied by Alyssa
(San Diego, Ca)

Same exact thing happened to me. Accutane definitely causes hair loss, among hundreds of more serious and even deadly consequences. Do NOT even consider taking Accutane! It is not worth it! There are tons of natural supplements and dietary changes you can make (like eliminating high fructose sugars like in fruit jucies, and dairy products from cows). Sorry to get this topic off track.

Replied by Nickie
(London Uk)

I've recetly started taking Diatomaceous Earth for my joints but read up on it first and was surprised at how many other things it clears up; parasites, hair, nails, blood pressure AND ACNE. Plus more.

I hope Nickodactyl reads this 'cos I think he's getting carried away with the science. Remember Occams Razor; simpler is best. You've been tackling the symptoms rather than the cause which is what most doctors do. Spots on the face, or anywhere, is the body telling us to take care of it. We've all got toxins and parasites and imbalances so chucking a pharmacoepia of supplements at it ain't going to fix it or lengthen your telomeres unless you clean it up first.

And you should NEVER screw around with hormones!!!! I've had thyroid problems and you don't want that, I can assure you. I never took contraceptive pills but there are probably thousands/millions of women out there who are experiencing a myriad problems because they did. They were the easy option, of course, and I guess you thought, when you used Accutane, that would be too. We are all prone to the temptation of the quick fix or instant gratification, particularly at eighteen. Been ther - done that. My Gran used to say - Lazy people take the most pains. - and it's true.

If you are still reading, first do a cleanse, then eat what is most nourishing with good protein for the hair and for vitamins and minerals do juicing. And try the diatomacious earth; tasteless, cheap and easy.


PS. When your hair grows back, please wear it long or longish. Hair does so much for a guy. Michael Bolton is rubbish now.

Replied by Nickie
(London, Uk)

re: Nickodactyl

I meant to include this link with last message.

ciao Nickie

Replied by Richard
(San Diego, Ca)
1 out of 5 stars



I'm in my fifties now but experienced major hair loss from my late 20's to my early forties. After a lot of research (supplements, OTC treatments, doctors, naturalpaths, articles) I came to realize that hairfall for most men and women comes from the afteraffects of Candida and leaky gut syndrome. Sugar of all types (even fruits) accelerates it. The candida/leaky gut comes from too many antibiotics and not enough Probiotics to clean up the mess that they leave and/or simply eating very poorly and causing bacteria proliferation in different pockets in the gut over a period of years.

Try this if you're losing hair in the shower- FAST for 24 -48 hours on water or broth. NO SUGAR. If your hairfall diminishes significantly or completely then your answer is there.

Replied by Joyce
(South Carolina)
6 posts

One of my teenage boys had terrible ACNE. A Mexican missionary told us about this. We used zinc powder (patting it lightly on the face after washing it). This can really dry out the face too much, so we eventually began to get it under control and then keep it back by washing face and a little tea tree oil rubbed on his face before bed. At age 24, he still has a tendency to bad acne BUT ONLY IF he doesn't keep up this regime. It isn't as bad as when he was 16 but still there. Especially on his back. We have the best healthy diet of anyone I know, so it is not junk food either. Maybe gluten, but haven't noticed a big difference when he gets off it. Anyway, just saying to you all... if you are taking the Acutane for acne..Why? There are natural ways to deal with this that don't involve such an aggressive dangerous drug.

18 posts

If you want to get rid of acne pretty fast, there is something you can do but it may seem gross. However it's natural but we've been so sanitized that our beliefs are all over the place. Here's the trick - urination! Yes, your cure is in your body. Tell your teenager to simply put some of his/her own urine onto the acne and let it dry. It may have to be done a few times a day for a few days but I bet he/she will see improvement on the first day. Also urine is good for insect stings.

Replied by Monica
(San Francisco)

I am currently suffering from extensive hair loss. I've tried everything. I've been researching more and I found that gelatin works wonders for hair loss and so many other problems. I've started a couple days ago but I will let u know how is going. I'm taking gelatin collagen hydrolysate. It's got to work because I'm at the end of my search. I'm surprised no one has suggested collagen powder or gelatin. I hope my suggestion will help someone and if it does, please share your story!


Hi Monica! Could you kindly tell me if the collagen hydrolysate helped you with the hair loss? Thank you!

Replied by Kraig
12 posts

The indian herb, bhringaraj, has worked well. Just search the internet for testimonies. Mine was for a 69 year old woman with hair loss and within a month not only did the hair loss cede, new growth came in.

Activated Charcoal

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Sean (Miles, IA) on 12/19/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have a bald spot birth mark on side of my head the size of a nickel that I darken with activated charcoal to hide. It works great with brown or black hair. Often the barber would cut my hair to short there and further expose it. So this helped greatly. Also later started to cutting my own hair with a flowBee that helped the situation with the clumsy barber go away!

Aloe, Essential Oils

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Posted by Phyllis (Selmer, Tennessee ) on 08/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For thinnig hair - try Teds recipe of teatree oil, laverder oil, and aloe vera. I did it once a week for 3 weeks and it worked great.

Aloe, Essential Oils, ACV, Cod Liver Oil, Grape Seed Oil

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1 star (1) 

Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, GA) on 03/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hair/Scalp/Hair Loss Prevention:

*Lots of Aloe Vera (Gel preferred) [1]
*Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, & Peppermint Oil [essential oils] (little) [5]
*Apple Cider Vinegar [2]
*Cod Liver Oil [3]
*Grape Seed Oil [3]

I really didn't measure, just estimated. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the most & 5 being the least. Put the following in your hair after shampoo & do not rinse off; Then put water in your hair so you can makes sure it mixes well with your hair and spread it around. Leave on all day. Hair will smell a little like peppermint. You want to put as much as ACV in as you can but not to a point where your hair smells like vinegar. Peppermint should be the strongest smell out of all of them.

I put it in a big Aloe Vera bottle (the one you get at GNC)and mix it up. It's really good for the scalp as well as your hair!

Replied by Vinny
(Atlanta, GA)
1 out of 5 stars


Please let your readers know that this combo should be used only if they know that hair loss is due to fungus & probably use a little once/week. I used this 2-3 times a week and my hair loss was not due to fungus and thus caused some of my hair to fall out.

Amla, Ashwaganda

Posted by Zahidur (Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 01/21/2012

Thank you for maintaining a website like this. I am suffering hair loss that is genetic. I do not know which disease is this specifically. I doubt it to be Alopecia.

I found Alopecia solution in this website that suggested me to use Amla and Ashwaganda. I have understood the use of Amla. But I did not understood the matter of Ashwaganda. Will I drink the powder of Ashwaganda with water or use the powder over my head?

Awaiting for your reply...asap.

Thanking you,


Cell: 8801674923493

Email: zahidfriend(at)

Country: Bangladesh.

Apple Cider Vinegar

15 User Reviews
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4 star (2) 
3 star (1) 

Posted by Helena (Leeds) on 10/05/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for hair loss

Hi all. I firmly believe you should tackle any problem from the inside aswell as the out, so instead of getting 50% of possible results you take it closer to 100%. Yes ACV is a good starting point but I must stress NOT the only step. Tackling hair loss takes commitment and time. I am in my 40's now and of reasonably good health ( I walk to and from work each day and exercise regularly) but despite my health I was losing hair and thinning, especially on the top and also a little at temples.

ACV is your base, it helps clear any fungal infections and parasites. Choose a brand with the 'mother' - this is very important (there are many including: Bragg, Finios or Luckyeats all raw, organic and with mother)

Step 1. What I do is mix about 1 tsp of ACV with my shampoo (ANY SLS/SLES free - there are so many now out there that it would be pointless listing as all decent) and apply. Note that I don't advocate using ACV neat as a rinse though as I find it stings my scalp and also strips my hair dye. Although I use hair dye I would suggest to avoid if possible, or like me if you really must then I suggest Naturtint, Colour Me Organic or Herbatint are all quite natural). I massage shampoo/ACV in for 20 seconds and try to leave in for up to 1 minute if I have time. Rinse with lukewarm water NOT hot! As and when required.

Step 2. Supplement. Aim for a supplement with a good representation of anti-DHT and nutrients, examples: Solgar skin hair & nails or Food science of Vermont. Both have a good range although the latter more suited to male hair loss whilst the former to female imo.

Step 3. Apply a good scalp oil at least 2 x a week. There is a Russian brand (loosely translated as 'pygeut') although not seen this outside of Russia. Another good one is Divine Herbal Hair oil which combines 31 oils and extracts and quite easy to get hold of!

Try the above 3 steps for 4-8 weeks. Most people I recommend to will see a difference in this time, at the very least to the amount of hair shedding. Thickening of the hair will take longer. But importantly a multi-pronged approach is your best bet so that you tackle it from every angle.

Additionally you can add a derma roller or just dry-massage your scalp daily. Both will help increase bloodflow to the scalp which also helps. But try the 3-step approach first alone. Only add one of the techniques just mentioned if you are still not noticing a difference after week 8.

Also for female hair loss sufferers - iron levels and thyroid tests are a must. And if you take iron supplements then drink fresh orange juice daily as the vitamin C helps the iron to be absorbed properly.

I hope this helps someone :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sandy (Christchurch) on 11/11/2015 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about the Apple Cider Vinegar, I decided to give it a try for my excessive hair loss, which started around menopause 5 years ago. My hair is so thin now compared to the lush head of thick hair I had.

To my utter astonishment my hair is not falling out any more, I drink 2 tablespoons 3x daily, and twice a week I rub some into my scalp and leave it on for one hour.

I no longer clog up the sink and shower drain, or the vacuum, what a miracle tonic, I have also cured my hot flashes with this also.

I will take this for life!

Replied by Glen

Hi Sandy,

I was wondering if you can update progress of hair growth with ACV? Are you still using it and seeing positive results?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bugsy1 (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/26/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I've been suffering from hair loss since I was 16 and I am now I'm my 40's I've tried many shampoo, medication and vitamin scalp injections and nothing worked. A doctor told me once that I have hormonal imbalance and nothing can be done to solve the problem. Lately, the itching and red bumps have been terrible. I've tried apple cider vinegar which works but the itchiness comes back. My hair is very thin now and the hair fall hasn't stopped. Baby hair would grow but would fall off. I've also noticed that when my hair falls from the root but the root is almost invisible.

Could you please help me make my own shampoo and let me know what food or vitamins I should take and which ones to avoid?

Thank you so much!

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

So recently you developed bumps and rash ? Maybe it is something new and not just the old problem!

Bugsy if you are a man you can use natural progesterone cream 1/8 tsp. 2x a week.

I use E..... A brand. Somewhere it said to mix it with Hyaluronic acid and rub in for hair growth. There are two kinds of the HA so not sure which one. Too much testosterone makes hair problems in men and women

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Bugsy1 - Have you checked out the cures here on Earth Clinic yet? They mention what supplements worked for them as well as more natural shampoos (such as baking soda, etc.).

I had thinning hair because of a thyroid problem. If your doctor says there is nothing they can do if you have hormone imbalance, then he/she is wrong! Time to find a new doctor or - better yet - a naturopath.

My husband uses 8 ounces of aloe vera gel, 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil and 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil (mixed in a glass bottle and kept in the fridge). Every day he massages about 2 teaspoons into his scalp. His hair loss has slowed down quite a bit. Everyone loses hair on a daily basis but his was clogging the shower drain. Now, it may be that it is the actual massage that slowed down his hair loss and not necessarily the ingredients but he's just happy that "something" is working.

Once you've read the hair loss cures, I think you can find a solution that works for you. Best of luck! Bess

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susan (Yakima, Wa) on 05/13/2012

I am wondering that if ACV works well to help with hair loss, why isnt it common knowledge and why wouldnt the media be all over it? I'm struggling with losing my hair and all the sadness that goes with it and I'm going to try ACV, but still I wonder?

Replied by Kp

So how you been getting on with it.... Seen any noticable difference yet?

Replied by Denise
18 posts

That's an easy answer - the media is corporate-owned, pharmaceutical companies are part of the ownership. Corporations want profits. When a cure is easy, you won't hear about it on the mainstream media (msm) because their goal is profit. It's as simple as that and it applies to everything the msm tells us. The trick is they DON'T tell us! So we have to find out for ourselves. I love earthclinic. It's the best website out there.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karla (Pembroke Pines, Fl - Usa) on 04/20/2012

Hello, My name is Karla. I'm 42 years old. I have been suffereing from hairloss since I was 14. It is of course gotten worse with time. I would like to know how I should be using the organic ACV for hairloss. I also have an underactive thyroid and take medication for it. I have gone to numerous doctors over the years and have spent a lot of money without any resuts. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Maura
(Maryland, USA)

Have you tried eating sea vegetables, seaweed, kelp, etc?

Replied by Jenna
(Salem, Or)
5 out of 5 stars

Food grade diatomaceous earth! Start with a tsp and mix into smoothies, oatmeal, mashed potatoes or even water, juice or tea/coffee. Work your way up to a TBSP. LOTS of vitamins/minerals and a great detoxer.

Replied by Antoine
(Los Angeles. Ca)

I noticed ACV helps with hair loss but NO ONE is being specific as to how it should be used exactly.....please help. Thanks!!

Replied by G
(Sydney Au)

Antione, there are many ways to use ACV.

One of them is to add anything from 1 tsp to 1 tbs of ACV to 1 Lt of water and, after washing your hair, simply pour it through your hair, massage it into the scalp and leave in to dry.

There's no need to rinse it out and the vinegar smell dissipates rapidly as your hair dries.

You could add a few drops of Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils to the rinse as well.

I find that 1 tablespoon of ACV (for me personally) is far too strong and causes my scalp to increase oil production, whereas 1 teaspoon seems to be just right. I don't use it every time I wash my hair, but it does seem to leave it feeling fresh, clean and soft whenever I do.

I can't comment on its efficacy in treating hair loss, though.

Play around with the amount of ACV and see what works best for you.

I wouldn't, as others suggest, use bicarb (baking soda) to 'wash' hair with - it's incredibly drying and can lead to hair breaking off/falling out, because it's highly alkaline with a pH of 9.5! (skin and hair naturally have an acidic pH of 4.5 - 5.0).

It's only a matter of time before regular use of baking soda as a 'natural shampoo' causes excessive damage (sometimes it's 2 or 3 years before a person realizes what's happening and by then, the damage is generally done).

Good luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nilesh Pandey (Mumbai, Maharashtra And India) on 12/18/2011

I am 22 male... India. From last 8 to 9 months I have a severe hairfall.. And am fed up of this... Peoples say that there is no cure for hairfall... And once a hair is gone it never grows again.. I love my hair a lot... I have heard about APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TABLETS on some webpages... So I'm interested in it- plz tell me if it reduces hairfall and gains it back... Plz do reply... Waiting for a good reply... Nileshpandey84(at)

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Zug, Switzerland)

Hi, after a bad perm which had to be repeated my hair, which is normally greasy got awfully dry and started falling big time. As I had my oldest daughters' wedding it was awful. After that we went on honeymoon with them and I felt like a moron with that bunch of horribly dry curls. My hair kept falling from May this year till a little while ago. By now it was looking in a bad condition and clearly less than I had before (I never had thick hair, so you can imagine what I looked like! ).

I tried a lot of stuff from VCO to anything else I could think of but nothing seemed to help. During a visit to a health food shop in France I found this herbal mix, which is called Herbamix. They say that it nourishes and regenerates the hair while stopping it from falling, delaying it getting grey and stopping dandruff. At first my scalp started itching so after a few days I stopped. As it was still falling weeks later I decided to start again. Funny enough it started falling almost immediately and it looks quite full although of course it hasn't grown much yet, it is just that it is in a better condition.

The mixture smells like urine but although I rub it on my scalp and hair in the evening (just a tiny little bit) the smell disappears in no time. As I swim twice a week now I wash my hair twice a week as well.

I can give you the name of the lab which is actually in India and you can maybe find out where to buy it: Vedic-Bio Labs Pvt, Ltd - Bangalore India - 560 076. There is a long list of herbs but all with scientific names so I don't really know what is in it! But.... It seems to work...... I hope it helps you too and maybe other people! I have the address of the importer in France in case anybody is interested!

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey, Usa)

Hi Francisca, Is Herbamix the only name of this product? I found Vedic bio labs on the web and it doesn't mention this product, at least not by this name. They do have herbal hair products but with different names. I was interested because I would like to get this product! You did say that it helped curb your hair from falling? Is it an oil? Or herbal powder? Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Tina, sorry but the only name that appears on the bottle is Herbamix. Under it, it is written Ayurvedic Hair Oil, above Natural Cosmetic. It is clearly an oil. To be honest I never had a look at their site as I haven't had it for a long time. I find my hair is looking better and falling less. I will keep on using it as I only started it maybe a week ago. I massage a little bit on my scalp in the evening and then a little bit on the hair itself, especially the tips.

Here is a site I just found that might also be of interest: . I don't have the time to read it all now but it seems to contain useful information! Sad when one starts losing one's hair.... usually nothing dangerous but still very annoying! Good luck.....

Maybe you can contact the lab, give them the name they use in France or else contact the French e-mail address, they might be able to tell you what the international name is. If that doesn't work contact me again and I write to them in French, no problem! Good luck....

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey, Usa)

Hi Francisca! Thanks for getting back to me! I will contact the seller. Vedic-bio labs has two hair oils on their site, so I can also get it from there. Glad to know your hair is becoming healthier by using the oil.

I started a regime of diatomaceous earth recently and within 10 days began to see it's effect: my hair, which tends to get dry and therefore frizzy easily, now feels silky. The frizziness has almost disappeared. We are having a warm spell here and my hair would have usually been an untidy mess. Instead, it is calm, smooth, and shiny, even after spin class! I am also losing less hair when I shampoo, which is amazing. I also have more energy, no more of that late afternoon slump, and best of all, I am losing weight. That could also be because of me spending longer time exercising due to increased energy, lol. I have a heaping tablespoon in the morning and evening, blended in water. It's easy to swallow with no strong flavor or smell. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Earth Clinic!

Replied by Lotus

Hi, I know this is an old comment, but I hope you see this reply - where do you get this edible dichotomos clay? I know of clay you can use as a facial mask, but not the kind you eat. I am very curious to try this. I am 53 and for the past two years I have had slightly thinner hair on top and in the back of my hair, not terrible, but enough that I have to wear a barrette to cover the back bald spot and am self conscious about it. My hair looks pretty good when it is freshly washed, but the next day after it is a little oily, the thinness is more visible. I attribute this mostly to hormonal shifts (I am not yet in full menopause, still menstruating) and also to stress, since my life has been more stressful in this time as well.

Replied by Cj

If you are interested in trying diatomaceous earth, you must be careful to get food grade. I have bought it online through Amazon. You can also get it at farming supply stores as farmers use is helpful for animals, and can cut down on the number of flies and fleas.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Losinghair (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 03/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I started reading this post about a month ago. I read about apple cider vinegar for hair loss.

I have been suffering hair loss for the last year and a half. I am in my mid thirties and always had long, thick hair.

I noticed over a year or so ago, in certain light, my scalp was obvious around the top of my head (by the way I'm female).

I believe, all hair loss is bad, but I think for women it's much worse, mentally. It's not quite as acceptable to shave your head!

I am already a major stresshead and this made me stress even more. I even stopped going out with friends.

I tried many natural hair loss products with no luck and eventually starting using minoxidil (which I ordered online because I was too embarrased to purchase from the chemist).

Minoxidil did grow back some hairs but after 5 months, I began suffering major irritation.
My head wouldn't stop itching and was flaky and developing sores.(I had never had any problems with itchy, dandruff head etc before.)

Anyway, getting to my point.
After reading here about ACV, I decided to give it a try. I have been, and would try anything to grow my hair back. (I haven't used minoxidol in over a month).

It has only been 2 and a half weeks and after drinking ACV every day, 3 times a day, I now have new hairs sprouting in my balding patches.

I am not paid to recommend this, but I am taking B____s ACV as I believe it's the purest (available from most health stores).

I recommend drinking ACV to anyone suffering hair loss! I also have been putting the rinse through my hair twice a week. It does smell a bit, but the difference is amazing, so much smoother.

I took some before photos tonight. I have a crappy camera, and they are slightly blurry, but I hope to be sending before/after pictures soon, with all my new hair!!!


Replied by Cb
(Blaricum, Netherlands)

Hi Victoria, If you use a lot of ACV it is possible that you need to supplement with Iodine as the ACV breaks down the iodine (I got funny sensations in my chest that freaked me out!). If you are a stressed person (like me) you also need to take lots of food with vitamin B or take a B-complex supplement. For the restless legs magnesium is very helpfull. Kelp can be a good supplement for you as it contains iodine and magnesium a.o. Another very good supplement for hairloss is MSM (you can read about it on this site) it worked wonders for me as I had the same problem with my hair. Regards, CB

Replied by Truda
(Port Louis, Mauritius)

hi, I'm 33yrs old and female, i have suffered from hair loss since i was 17 yrs old. Before i had long and thick hair. In those days all i had to do was pull at a my hair and it would fall, it was so loose at the roots. With time it just kept falling despite all treatments. I tried many shampoo's, pills and last resort was minoxidil solution. At first my hair stopped falling but the texture of my hair was very dry and terrible to manage.

It's an exaggeration if i say that i don't have hair at all but the crown is getting more and more visible and it's embarrassing when i go out to fancy places. I am trying the 2 tablespoons ACV with 1/4 tablespoons baking soda 2 times a day the final hair rinse with diluted ACV twice a week it looks more manageable and hair falls but i am not expecting a miracle right now. I just wanted to add to this person's testimonial as i feel I'm in the same position only thing that worries me is i don't know if i have fungus and whether i need iodine supplements.

thank you to all for your honesty and it really warms the heart to know that people care.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I washed my hair with bicarbonate of soda yesterday and rinsed with ACV. My hair seems ok, fuller, not really shinier but something I would like to ask the ladies here: please mention whether your hair is dyed when you advise some hair treatment because natural hair often reacts in a completely different way. I will do it a few more times and see the results.

Replied by Truda
(Port Louis, Mauritius)

I wish to add that it's been over 2 weeks since i started the ACV orally and last rinse as advised by one of the friends above. My hair is more manageable as i said before and looks nicer but the hair still falls(the amount of hair loss varies as when i just wash my hair i lose more hair than normal days) i don't know whether it's due to dying my hair as i have graying hair so i must dye constantly. I would like some advise on what type of dye to use safe for fragile hair if anyone can help me.

By the way, i made the mistake of drinking ACV on an empty stomach and not eating all day as i had so much work two days ago. Conclusion: i ended up so sick i started throwing up and having loose stools all through that night. Make sure all of you eat after consuming ACV.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I would say more.... make sure you always eat enough. Work shouldn't come before your wellbeing!

I have tried to take ACV at least once a day in a glass of water but I have problems, my tongue goes all white even if I only take 1 teaspoon, no matter the time of the day. After getting better tried a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning, as I read that this gives you a lot of energy but the same thing happens. Does anyone have an explanation? It also seems to slow my digestion even more. I have no trouble whatsoever with either if mixed with food or with lemon juice in juices.

I hate having my coated tongue again as I got rid of it when I changed to non fluoride toothpaste. But I know that it will disappear in a few days!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Francisca,

The coating on the tongue builds quickly when the toxins are being released from your body. If I have an especially powerful green smoothie (such as dandelion greens, ginger, garlic) within a half hour my tongue is thick with a coat. It's actually a good sign that it happens after the ACV and the lemon juice as it shows the power of those for detoxing the body. What I do is use a tongue scraper which you can purchase at a health food store. Some Asian stores also carry them because they understand these types of principles. It is annoying when I'm not going home so I now carry one in my purse. This also occurs when people are detoxing through their diet. As far as slowing your digestion, not clear on what it is doing that. Both the ACV and the lemon?

Hope this helps. Take care, Lisa

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks Lisa, I hadn't thought of that.... I just thought that my stomach couldn't take it and stopped. As far as digestion goes maybe I just don't feel like eating because of the coated tongue..... it is as if I never have any hunger when this happens. And yes, it happens with both, ACV and lemon juice.

I will go on trying and see if in a little while it disappears. If it is my body which is detoxifying it should, shouldn't it? The ACV makes me lose quite a bit of weight even if I only take 1 tspoon a day in a glass of water and I can't afford to lose anymore weight. If I use it in salads nothing seems to happen, only on its own. Thanks!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Francisca, I'm glad to hear that info helped you. I understand what you mean about the tongue coat making eating very distasteful. It happens to me as well which is why I said I carry a tongue scraper in my purse because it makes me lose my appetite too. If I'm coming home to eat I just immediately go into the bathroom and take care of it because it feels so gross. Then I'm fine and am ready to eat. You may find the same for yourself.

As for it disappearing after a time from the body detoxing, well, that's another story. I would love to say that our body is finally and completely detoxed but today, that will never be the case as we live in a toxic world now. Hence, why it is important to continually work at helping our body to detox, aiding it with a cleaner diet, using ACV, baking soda, juicing, finding alkaline water to drink, etc. That is why Bill says he has his "arsenal" to continually help his body. I have my personal favorites as well!

As for the ACV causing you to lose weight but not in salad, then perhaps stick with that protocol. I too lost a lot of weight when I changed my diet to mostly raw and juicing and now I am finding my balance because I don't want to lose anymore weight either. Wishing you the best, Lisa

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks again Lisa. I will try to clean the tongue. I used to do it when I had a coated tongue all the time because of using toothpaste with flouride. When I changed the toothpaste it went away almost immediately. For the time being I am still drinking my water with a few drops of lemon juice and I will see how it goes. Somehow I have the idea that it is better already..... thanks for the advice otherwise I would have stopped!

Replied by Norman Leslie
(Consolacion, Metro Cebu, Philippines)

I have used ACV for my plugged ear together with hydrogen peroxide and seems to help.

Also a lady mentioned going grey, well try taking tablespoon black strap molasses 3 or 4 times daily with hot water & milk is what I do it cured my nose bleed years ago and now it is curing my edema in my feet ankles & leg and my hair. I noticed more blond as it used to be and I read people with gray hair getting black hair again. I also use Alovera gel in my hair.

Replied by Reina
(New York, NY)

Hi Truda:

In a 2006 post, Ted wrote: "The second issue is the clogged follicles, you can clear those calcium deposits in the hair follicles somewhat with apple cider vinegar or just vinegar. It smells bad, so you need to do it on your weekends or just make a small diluted ones before sleeping. Use this as a rinse. The suppleness of the scalp will return. If you have an itching fungus issue, this will cause a hair loss. So use a mixture of lavender/tea tree/aloe vera oil mix. An ideal mixture is 10% lavender, 10% tea tree and 80% aloe vera. This applying only once a week on scalp should deal with hair loss from fungus. Leave this overnight."

Maybe that is causing the hair loss. Good Luck!

Replied by Truda
(P.louis, Mauritius)
5 out of 5 stars

To Reina and anyone else on this website, Thanks for trying to help me, I don't feel as desperate as I was a month or two ago. I have been documentating myself a lot on remedies found on this site. In fact, acv is an astringent(cleanser)it cleans the scalp, lemon is also a good astringent which helps cleaning the scalp and helps with greasy hair. My hair is in fact greasy, I had a habit of touching my head this also helps in making hair greasy as it releases sebum. I have stopped taking acv orally and wash my hair once in a while with acv now. I tried the cayenne pepper and vodka as well and I didn't feel any different. But something has finally stopped my hair from falling completely and that's aloe vera, I went to a aryuvedic shop and bought aloe vera pills. It in fact, helps all skin problems and stops hair from falling. I did not find borax to wash my hair but I found a neem and lemon soap as well as its shampoo. The blackstrap molasses mentioned by some kind friends is not recommended as it helps in producing cancer, anyone using this often should stop. I write off here for now.

Replied by Tina
(Utrecht, Netherlands)

To CB from Blaricum, Is it true that Apple Cider Vinegar lowers your iodine level? I have been using it for 5 weeks now during a detox and have been getting a mega heart rate with my heart skipping beats. I went to the doctor this morning and he said my heart is perfect, he wants me checked for thyroid problems ( too quick working). But if I read your story, it could just be that I am taking too much Apple Cider Vinegar or am now lacking iodine. Groet, Tina

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Has anyone ever heard of the connection between Molasses and cancer? Now you got me worried.... I take a tspoon every day...

Replied by Truda
(Port Louis, Mauritius)

If anyone wants to know more about the BSM, on the earthclinic itself you will find many testimonials of people who have used this. It has its benefits and has helped lots of people. Sorry for alarming anyone. This part comes from one of the reviews that I read:

"Iron acts as a cancer-promoting agent by two separate yet synergistic mechanisms: 1) by producing "free radicals, " and 2) by feeding cancer cells. Iron increases the production of free radicals, and-in fact-the production of free radicals is largely proportionate to the level of iron. 4 This means that the more iron there is in the body, the more free radicals will be produced and thus the greater the risk of disease)

Replied by Msg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Hm, I wonder about that. I actually take Blackstrap Molasses to up my low iron levels and it has worked very well (iron pills never worked for me).

Replied by Duane2621
(Johnston, Ri)

Lots of people seem to be freaking out about the effects of ACV... And the supplements taken to counter the effects seem to be a little silly.

I regularly take a swig of ACV... I try to remember once a day. Sometimes I forget. It works great controlling my frequent heartburn... I never need to take medicine unless I forget to drink the ACV for a couple weeks. And, I know this is weird, but I actually LIKE the taste of it.

I just recently read that ACV is good for hair loss. I looked at the actual medications out there and the possible side effects are definitely not worth a full head of hair. Why would I care if I had hair like I did in high school if I had erectile dysfunction for the rest of my life? Lol, I couldn't believe so many people have tried it after knowing that was an effect

I am not a doctor... Nor have I ever talked to one about this. I have never experienced a negative effect. I hope this hasn't been causing harm. But, if it isn't, I'd like to try it for the hair loss.

Anything published out there on this? Something from a medical journal, or some kind of credentials associated with the publisher?

Replied by Sal

Change your diet to no meat, gluten free, check thyroid, for iodine deficiency, and stop dying your hair, if you must and only if you must, whole foods has Natural solution for hair dye, and natural HENNA!

Baking soda and ACV is working for me but I'm so not eating foods that may have pesticides and additives!!

I'm eating less because I'm detoxing from pesticides and additiv Es that may be causing the problem, in my opinion hair loss is the body's way of saying its stressed out and the hair follicle can't breath!! Stress comes in many forms, brisk walking, nutrition and letting go of resentments and unhappiness helps!!

Hope this helps!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ruddy (London, Canada) on 06/11/2009

Apple cider drink for genetic hair loss:

Hi, I have read lots on this website and wondered if you could help me. I have started to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse on my hair and bicarbonate of soda as a shampoo on my hair - should i only use this once a week? I want something i can drink to help cool my system down as my hair loss is apparently due to having too much heat in the body - well they need something to tell me so will acv help to decrease this or what do you recommend me to do? All help welcomed i also have psorasis of the scalp but ACV and BS got rid of this.

Replied by Sara
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

i have a question. if taking 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with water cause the hair on our head to regrow, would they stimulate the growth of body hair too as a side effect? women wouldn't have increased body or facial hair, would they?

EC: No one has yet to report such a side effect on Earth Clinic! Here is the section of reported side effects from Apple Cider Vinegar: