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Posted by Truda (P.louis, Mauritius) on 07/30/2010
5 out of 5 stars

To Reina and anyone else on this website,

Thanks for trying to help me, I don't feel as desperate as I was a month or two ago. I have been documentating myself a lot on remedies found on this site. In fact, acv is an astringent (cleanser)it cleans the scalp, lemon is also a good astringent which helps cleaning the scalp and helps with greasy hair. My hair is in fact greasy, I had a habit of touching my head this also helps in making hair greasy as it releases sebum.

I have stopped taking acv orally and wash my hair once in a while with acv now. I tried the cayenne pepper and vodka as well and I didn't feel any different.

But something has finally stopped my hair from falling completely and that's aloe vera, I went to an aryuvedic shop and bought aloe vera pills.

It in fact, helps all skin problems and stops hair from falling. I did not find borax to wash my hair but I found a neem and lemon soap as well as its shampoo. The blackstrap molasses mentioned by some kind friends is not recommended as it helps in producing cancer, anyone using this often should stop. I write off here for now.