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Avoid Shampoo
Posted by Cw (Las Vegas, Nv) on 10/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am post menopausal and was suffering from severe hair loss. I was told by one doctor to wash my hair daily with a well known over the counter hair restorer (at $40 or so a bottle). Not only could I not afford it, I refused to put all those chemicals on my head daily, especially since it could be deadly to my cats. Other doctors have told me there was nothing I could do and to enjoy my hair while I had it. I even tried a prescription shampoo, as well as many other shampoos on the market. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give up shampoo as so many other people are doing. I never used many products on my hair so it didn't have any kind of build up, and it is almost out of the greasy phase, and I have not lost one strand since I stopped shampooing. While my hair is a little on the oily side (which will stop soon) I wash it only with very warm water and let it dry naturally. My hair looks AMAZING. The shine and bounce it had when I was a teenager is back. I'm hoping that it will grow back in areas I have bald spots, but even if it doesn't I am so happy that I am not losing any more. I don't use vinegar or baking soda on it, just plain water. And if it smells a little funky, I just go outside, turn my head upside down and run my fingers through it and the smell is gone. I am so happy, I wanted to share with everyone!