Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

| Modified on Feb 13, 2024

While a daily hair loss of 100 to even 100,000 hairs is considered normal, hair loss in women that is not replaced by new hair from the same follicle is likely cause for concern. Hair loss can be especially difficult for women to deal with as many women look at their hair as their “crowning glory,” which is why we have compiled a list of natural hair loss remedies specifically for women.

If you are dealing with female hair loss, you can find reader-recommended natural treatments that have worked, such as biotin supplements, coconut milk, and apple cider vinegar.

What Are the Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

If you feel you are losing more hair than is normal, a number of factors could be to blame. Hair has a natural cycle of growth that is supported by what is happening “beneath the surface” or in the scalp. If there are issues affecting that growth cycle, you might find issues with hair health and even hair loss.

A variety of factors contribute to hair loss including autoimmune disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and genetics. Additionally, common issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, psoriasis, and seborrhoea dermatitis may affect hair and scalp health. Even fungal infections can invade the scalp and cause issues with hair health and growth.

Should I Use Rogaine?

While the FDA has approved Minoxidil or Rogaine for women, the treatment is not always effective. In fact, many women increase the suggested concentration of this formula from the 2% recommended for women to the 5% recommended for men to achieve better results. However, this form of treatment requires multiple applications for an extended period and does very little to actually improve the health of your hair. The formula can even further upset the natural balance of the scalp and prevent any recurrent growth.

Are There Any Natural Remedies I Can Try?

Instead of applying chemicals to your hair and scalp, we suggest using natural treatments. While there are a number of effective treatments available, our favorites are biotin, coconut milk, and apple cider vinegar. The effective properties of these three treatments treat hair loss from all directions and actually improve the health of the scalp and hair.

1. Biotin

Biotin is a natural supplement that is used in the body for healthy hair and nail growth. As such, when you take it as a supplement, you boost the natural prevalence of this nutrient in your body and support overall regrowth.

2. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is extensively beneficial for the body but especially the hair and scalp. This liquid is full of vitamins and minerals that restore hair and scalp health. It also is a natural antibacterial agent, so it treats any issues associated with infection.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

One major cause of hair loss is a fungal infection. As such, apple cider vinegar is an especially effective treatment for hair loss. This mildly acidic liquid naturally eliminates fungus and helps restore hair and scalp health.

Hair loss is an especially difficult health condition for women. Some people have better results than others.  Please submit your feedback with any hair loss remedies that worked and let us know if you are male or female (very important). Thanks!

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Alopecia Totalis Remedies

Posted by Tonia House (Indianapolis) on 07/28/2013

Alopecia Totalis: I have lost the hair all over my body, as well as my finger nails. My toe nails are black and lifeless. My skin is dry and flaky. I have been to a few dermatologists, as well as my PCP. I have had my thyroid tested, and I was told. My TSH is normal. I have severe night sweats, actually throughout the day I also suffer from hot flashes. I was told my estrogen level is within normal limits. I have chronic hypertension, even though I eat a healthy diet. I have cut out table salt, I cook with sea salt and I also use olive oil. Can you help me?

Replied by KT

Have you had your home checked for mold? Look up intussusception. I don't know what the connection is with mold but there has been enough evidence here that, I feel this is what I'm dealing with. I cannot sit here and provide more detail now but will try later. Hope this helps.

Amla, Ashwaganda

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Posted by Commit2change (D, Usa) on 05/02/2011

Alopecia was stopped on my head with the use of Amla Juice and Ashwagandha. Amla juice is sold at some India stores but the Amla or Amla C and Ashwagandha can be bought at Sprouts, and some online stores.

I was told by my doctor I had ZERO Vitamin D in my body and no protein uptake either as per my blood results. She even asked if I was vegeterian which I am not as my body was not uptaking protein which is what hair is made of and therefore I had Alopecia.

Googled what caused Vitamin D and protein to be blocked and found the sugar Splenda (yellow package of no calorie sugar) of which I consumed daily. People also wrote in that they had alot of itching on their head when they consumed Splenda. I stopped using Splenda.

I also used Hair, Skin & Nail Vitamins which can be bought at drug stores and vitamin stores. That helped my hair grow back in after about 6 months BUT it would NOT stay in as my hair fell out all over my head and my scalp was quite visible.

Then found AMLA and Ashwagandha and after 6 weeks of use it totally stopped my hair fallout.

Just google Amla or Amla C (it same product) and Ashwagandha and you will find lots of information on it. I also use NEEM which can be bought at same stores.

My hair has all grown back in and I continue to use Amla shampoo and hair products. You can also buy Amla Oil ( which has a very strong smell) and Amla powder. Just mix the powder with water and apply to hair/head. It will tighten the hair follicles. The Amla tablets and juice I consumed.

Hope this helps others.


Replied by Clopez247
(El Paso, Tx)

I have a 12 yr old daugther with alopecia areata. She lost almost all of the hair on her head and now I'm noticing that some of her eye lashes and eyebrows are falling out too. How would you suggest my daughter consume or use the 2 things you suggested? I am desperate. I also have a 7 yr old little boy who has the same thing but it is very minor. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Replied by Mary
(Auckland, Nz)

Hello EB - I would love to know how much you mix. I have used Alma & neen before in a ready prepared indian oil mix and it did help. But it is expensive and I want to mix my own. I have found powdered Neem, Alma & Tulsi.

How much did you mix? And did you use an oil base? THANK YOU

Replied by Zack
(Brooklyn, Ny)

CLopez247 Your children's Fluoride intake levels must be to High. Have them tested for low Iodine levels. That is mostly the case with children with Alopecia. Avoid giving your kids toothpaste with Fluoride. Go to your local organic supermarket and purchase children's fluoride free toothpaste. The negative effects of Fluoride out weigh the positive benefits. Zakisl(at) if you need help

Replied by Camanokat
(Camano Island, Wa, Usa)

Save yourself some money and don't buy toothpaste. H2O2 and baking soda work great and it's cheap.

Replied by Renee
(Houston, Tx, US)

Don't recommend vitamins from drug stores PLEASE. Many vitamins are irridated. I've been a "holistic" person since 13 and have never had health issues I am visit this website for pet and conditions others I know have and it's a great resource. God Bless this web site :-)) "Doctors" have had one hour of nutritional training throughout their medical training and education and I love how they always say YOU NEED MORE PROTEIN. Hogwash.

Replied by Mari

How long did it take for your hair to not fall out after using Amla? My mother used to apply it on me when I was a child but as an adult I stopped. Now I notice my hair is much thinner than before. I use the brand Dabur, is that what you use as well? Will see how it goes but I have a feeling it will work.

Replied by Beverly

Thank you for the information on Splenda. That may be the reason that my hair won't grow back after I cut it short twice. I had to stop using sugar.

Lady Liza
(Los Angeles)
32 posts

Please people, stop using Splenda or most fake sugars. Some of them are known for putting weight on and never being able to take it off. Others are really a pesticide. Use Monkfruit by Lakanto. It works well and has no side effects. Also you can try yacon syrup. Totally natural. Monk fruit is mixed with erythritol and tastes pretty good. It also comes in bulk for baking and packets for traveling. Sprouts has it in California.

(New South Wales)

Use Xylitol----- Tastes like sugar but is GOOD for you and for teeth as well. Speaking to all people here: I can't believe people EVER thought that white CHEMICAL powders (sweeteners) could ever be better for you than sugar. Sugar is bad yes- but at least its natural...NOTHING is as bad as pure chemicals. People are having seizures because of these chemical sweeteners and pilots aren't ALLOWED to use them because their planes are expensive and they don't want pilots crashing them when they have a seizure! It's a known thing! Now we find that these sweeteners are making peoples hair fall out? Geez people- The point is to stay AWAY from chemicals, not use them to replace natural products which we are told is fattening. Don't you know that EVERY "non-fat" "low-fat" "sugar-free" thing you eat, puts ON weight? Also cri--s--co is the most weight gaining worse poison you could put in your body...and every restaurant uses it amnd almost every home SMH. I'll tell you something you may not know but FAT...makes you THIN. Yep. The right kind of healthy fats like avocado, nuts and coconut oil have c--ured diabetes and made people lose weight. Also know that we are flooded with omega 6's... Omega 6's turn ON the fat gene and omega 3's turn the fat making gene off. We NEED omega 6's but certainly not in the ratio thaty we're getting them... Whatever 'They' want you eating, they put in everything--- (because they are in the SICKNE$$ business" not the health industry).


Why Monk fruit instead of xylitol or stevia? Monk fruit has a strange aftertaste to me, bitter. Stevia does, too, but not quite as bad. I like xylitol's taste best if I can't have sugar, but xylitol has carbs that I'm trying to limit. So, what of the natural sweeteners is best? Are any natural sweeteners to be absolutely avoided? (Sugar cane/beet sugar is a natural sweetener, right, just not as good for you). I can manage the Truvia (erythritol + stevia) easier than the plain stevia, but am trying to adapt to the liquid stevia without anything else. It's hard, they all have a strange taste except the xylitol. Anyone? Pro's and con's?

(Provo UT)

Avoid all sweeteners including honey, brown sugar, molasses, artificial sweeteners, stevia, monk fruit, etc. They all cause the production of too much glucose, hence too much adrenaline, and hence too much inflammation. Eat only low sugar fruits like berries. See, a bio-physicist for more details.


I dealt with Karen Hurd about 30 years ago or so. Be careful. Every bit of advice she gave me was exactly wrong. I have ibs-d and she pushed raw and fiber, which about killed me. I tried hard to follow her protocol, costing me a fortune I didn't have, and got sicker and sicker. I finally said this isn't working and stopped. Best move I could have made. Not saying she isn't good at what she does but, for me, she was a disaster. (This could have been when she was just starting out and hadn't learned about ibs-d yet, so not totally against her. Just be careful.)


Xylitol is poison to pets. So I wouldn't use it. My sister's dog died after eating a piece of a cookie she made with xylitol.

Anti-Fungal Treatment

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Posted by Pamela (Beverly Hills, Ca Usa) on 07/09/2012

Hello Ted I have follicular alopecia (scarring alopecia) and have used so many types of products and have even gone to the dermo and nothing they gave me helped. My scalp would burn and hurt when I touch it and my hair would fall out not matter what I used. I recently sprayed intensive antifungal treatment on my scalp and shortly after it stopped hurting, I have been using this for a few days and notice that all systems are going away. I decided to use pure coconut oil as an oil base to keep it from drying, I will also buy some tea tree oil and lavender oil to help my scalp remain healthy.

Do you know how this actually worked on my scalp and why don't the doctors tell people to use this if this is what will make the alopecia go away? Did I just find a cure? Well it is working for me and I'm treating my entire scalp so the fungus will go away and not return. Please reply.

Replied by Cat
(Bop, Nz)

07/09/2012: Pamela from Beverly Hills, Ca Usa: Sadly Pamela, it amounts to $$$. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies can't make money out of anything that's not a prescription drug, so you don't expect them to tell you. Not only that, but I believe that in their medical school training, they aren't told ANYTHING about how the right food can help your illnesss, let alone a natural remedy such as coconut oil. My 11yr old son recently experienced alopecia areata and after going straight to a naturopath and feeding him up on the essential minerals, oils etc that he was missing, his hair is now growing back at a steady rate. A doctor would never have told me this stuff. I would have been given a cream to rub on!

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

Hi Pamela, What type of antifungal did you use and how long did you use it? Thanks.

Replied by Mr Q
(Casiz, Spain)

Have you tried apple cyder? but be careful if u have it irritated could be itchy.

Replied by Eva
(Madrid, Spain)

What type of scarring alopecia did you have? Because I'm sufering from lichen planopilaris and I havent found any successfull treatment. Can you specify the anti fungal treatment that you used. Thanks

(New South Wales)

Colloidal silver water. I bought a silver generator and make my own (with distilled water only) When it comes to any kind of fungus---- silver water. Borax (20 mule team borax) apparently also kills fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Walker (Huntsville, Alabama) on 12/14/2011

My sister has alopecia, and I was wondering will using Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the bald area will it remove the DHT that is around the follicle that is keeping the hair from growing?

Replied by Diane

Sorry to respond so late... but apple cider vinegar worked great for me. It takes quite awhile to see new growth, but it did happen. I rinse my hair with it and take a Biotin supplement.

Avoid Retinoid Skin Products

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Posted by Jodi (Australia) on 06/05/2020

Around middle age my hairline started receding...A LOT! The entire shape of my face seemed to change since my forehead looked a lot bigger. It was disturbing and made me feel bad about my appearance--especially since I used to have quite a lot of hair. In recent years I developed many health problems, notably chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia (one or the other). So I have focused a lot on my health over the years. I gave up alcohol, started drinking lemon water every morning, etc. But still, there was the hair loss (which I have read can be associated with fibromyalgia) and hairline recession.

Then I read a little tidbit on some random website. EUREKA! It said RETINOIDS can be associated with hair loss. This was a light-bulb moment, because it coincided exactly with when I started losing so much hair. Right then and there I stopped using the topical retinoid that I had started years earlier (Differin). After several months my hair loss stopped and my hairline has filled back in. In the interest of full disclosure,

I also use a number of hair oils on my scalp that are supposed to be good for hair growth (I "oil my hair" before washing using oil blends like black seed oil, castor oil, argan oil, curry leaf infusions, etc.).

These are very good for your hair and can help reverse gray hair. There are lots of videos and diys about this online. I do recommend scalp and hair oiling for the health and appearance of your hair. But it was stopping the retinoid product that made ALL the difference for me!

Replied by Jacqueline
(El Paso Texas)

Would sure appreciate if you would share your recipes, especially recipe or recipes for reversal of grey hair.

Ayurvedic Navartna Oil

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Posted by Leisa (Brisbane, Australia) on 12/29/2013

Hi. I would just like to share a most recent treatment for chronic hair fall. I am a 45 year old woman in good health at my ideal weight and with excellent fitness and never took any medications. I have always had (as most people do) hair falling during the summer months. This was never a problem as the hair fall seemed minimal and the hair seemed to thicken up again during the winter months and I always maintained a pretty good head of hair with lovely shine and lustre until the last 5 years or so. To my horror the hair fall seemed to increase at an alarming rate and volume - My summers turned into a hair shedding nightmare. Hair all over the house, clogging up the vacuum cleaner brush and shower drain and giving me absolute misery. By Autumn (Fall), thank God it would stop and I would hope and pray that the new hair growth would somehow catch up. Unfortunately, It never did and I am now left with very thin, embarrassing fine hair in which there are places where my scalp is clearly visible because of the sparseness. I tried a lot of different things - doctors, medications, diets, hair treatments, commercial and home remedies and supplements but nothing seemed to work. Until 2 weeks ago. We are currently in our hottest months here in the southern hemisphere and as usual my hair was dropping out all over the place. I tried a hair oil called Navratna Oil. It is an Ayurvedic scalp and hair oil treatment that I found in the Indian Grocery store. At first I was sceptical because I have tried oil treatments before (Coconut and Sesame) but they seemed to accelerate the hair fall. This treatment however, has, I can safely say, after 2 weeks, somehow almost completely stopped the hair fall! I am flabbergasted and cannot quite believe it as this will be the first time in a very long time when I have never had hair falling in summer. I believe it is the Oil as the effect was instantaneous - HAIR FALL STOPPED (well maybe a couple of hairs here and there) but not the excessive shedding that was happening. I am very happy with this result and wanted to share my experience here with other readers and perhaps it will help others with this very distressing disorder. The oil is a herbal treatment with about nine different Ayurvedic herbs including 'Kunch' and 'Amla'. It seems that it is most commonly used as a 'cooling oil' applied on the scalp and left for a couple of hours for relaxation, headache relief and dandruff and then you just shampoo it out like other hair oiling treatments. I really believe that one of ingredients has done something good to my hair follicles. I don't know what it is but it has a tingling cooling sensation on my scalp which is very pleasant. The smell is a bit earthy/herbally but it shampoos out well enough. I am just so happy with this treatment and I am going to continue using it. Perhaps others on this site can benefit from this information. I know what a frustrating and depressing experience it is to lose your hair. Namaste, Leisa

Replied by Christy
(Ut, US)

Re: Ayurvedic Navartna Oil for Hair Loss: Leisa, I was wondering if this product was still working for you and if so could you tell me if it says cool on the bottle? I found one in green box and one in red. Also do you feel this would help with female pattern balding? Thanks

B6 for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

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Posted by HMTC (Dublin) on 08/08/2021

B6 for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

I was diagnosed with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia supposed to be related to Lichen Planus. I have found B6 cream to be very effective in treating this. Reconval is a B6 cream, though not always available. Liquid B6 (particularly Pyridoxal Phosphate) is just as effective.

Note: B6 may trigger cold sores, which can be contained with Lavender cream.

Replied by Ella

Thank you for your post. I also suffer from frontal fibrosing alopecia.

Do you apply liquid B6 topically on the scalp? If so, how often do you do this?

Thank you


1 User Review
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Posted by Barbara (Philadelphia) on 03/10/2017

Hi...I started losing my hair a few years ago and my sister advised me to use Biotin. I did and, slowly but surely it's coming back. Vitamin D, Iron, Protein, and sunlight are major helpers too. Along with anything else you do please consider making sure their vitamins include these and that you also consider getting them more sunlight. I also just started using castor oil and letting it sit overnight, washing it out in the morning or I just put a few drops in my shampoo, leaving it in a few minutes. It's worth a try! God bless your kids!

Borax, Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Sabata (Spotsylvania ) on 08/15/2022

You are not drinking enough DE for your body. I'll bet you haven't drunk DE long enough to see improvements or even enough DE.

Let me give you an example. Although I don't have fibro I suffer from body pain immensely without DE and Boron. Not sure what so have as I do not trust Dr's and haven't been to. Dr's in over 20 years. Nonetheless, I have to take at least 8-10 tablespoons of DE and waited for a few weeks and my pain was almost gone, about 90% of it. Then when I added boron and reaching to about 1 teaspoon daily the rest of my body pain was gone in literally a couple of days. After 8 months I noticed my hair was growing something I have been suffering from for r over 10 years, I almost went bald as a female 😞 but thank the Lord for DE my hair is now back to about 95% when I added boron my head started to itch the feeling of needles poking my head which is hair growing all at one time. I still have inflammation problems and know it will go away within time.

Everyone is different and requires large dosage to even start to address deficiencies in their bodies.

Now I know you have fibro and need to take a much larger dosage to even begin to feel a relief. You haven't given DE enough time and or taking enough of it to address you body issues. So you give up 😞 I would rethink what you are doing and try again only this time keep on upping your DE dosage until you start to feel a relief. I would highly recommend adding Boron at least 2 full teaspoon of the powder not the watered down liquid crap, that won't touch you at all. Don't give up and trust that DE along with Boron will help you in a big way and will eventually heal you. Boron (the 20 mule team) brand only.

Chinese Red Dates and Honey

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Posted by Trisha (Singapore) on 01/26/2007

I started taking red date and honey as I read it is good for blood circulation, I added 3 -5 drops of apple cider vinegar to it ( balance of the yin and yang in the body and for calming too.. according to traditional chinese medicine) lo and behold, after 3 months of it.. I noticed that a balding part of my scalp rejuvenated and hair started to grow !! after 6 months I started to let my hair grow without cutting it, I now sport hair beyond shoulder length, something which I couldn't do since my hair was very fine and scanty !! ( I also take apple cider vinegar half a teaspoon daily with honey) My sister and brother also tried it, we noticed that facial skin became more youthful !! due to the blood circulation?

Replied by Veena
(Chennai, India)

Hi Trisha, I am suffering from Alopecia for past 10 months and was trying all home remedies like onion ,Garlic etc. Though it helped it did not prevent further patches. I would like to try Chinese Red Dates and Honey with Apple cider Vinegar.Can you tell me the quantity and should honey and vinegar mixed in water or milk? can we try dates syrup instead of red dates?

Replied by J
(Lebanon, TN)

Is this tea or actual fruits and honey? Thanks.

Replied by Ruddy
(London, Canada)

Was it fruits you used and you applied to your scalp right? you didnt drink it?

Replied by Mom52
(Metairie, Louisiana, Usa)

I have tried onion and garlic, horsetail tablets and have seen little hair growth. what is red date and where do i find it Trisha please send me you hair regimen

EC: Chinese red dates are jujube fruit, no?

Replied by Mom52
(Metairie, Louisiana, Usa)

Can this Red Dates be found at whole food super market? Thank you, Mom52

Replied by Diana
(San Antonio, Texas)

I would like to get the recipe for the alopecia remedy as my 15 year old son has a bad case.

Replied by Joanna
(Delhi, India)

I have less hair in the front of my head and the scalp is visible........ Please tell me how to apply ACV on my hair and in what quantity........ and where will I get 100% pure ACV?


(New South Wales)

Braggs apple cider vinegar (with the mother) ;)

Replied by Maheen
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Hey Trisha, I'm a 16 year old girl and I've had alopecia for nearly 10 years now. I've tried everything but not much improvement has been seen.. Please tell me how to use the red dates honey remedie... The quantity and method.. Please help me

Replied by Elena
(Miami, Florida)

Hi! Can you please tell me how to take the red dates and the honey.. In what quantity? Thank you!

Replied by Nashia
(Orlando, FL)

Good evening, I'm currently suffering with hair loss/alopecia. How often did you drink the tea? What red date to water ratio did you use?

Replied by Kavita

HEy Veena, My son has alopecia from last 5-6 yrs and he is 10 yrs old..he got his third patch which grew into palm size. And I tried ginger juice onion juice, nothing helped him. Then I went to homeopathy after lot of research that nothing but homeopathy can help him. Please please please DO NOT use any steroids medicines it will bald you permanently. Please go to homeopathic doctor. If you want I can provide my dr info. My son got all his hair back he had to take medicine for alomost a year. His medication stopped few months back. Hoping this was the permanent treatment. But do not apply any steroids or any western medicine it wont help.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Priyanka (Mumbai, India) on 12/30/2013

I use coconut oil once a week as an overnight treatment. Earlier I was facing a hair loss problem. Since applying coconut oil to hair is a common pratice in south India where most people have very thick and long hair and is highly demanded internationally for real hair extensions, I decided to give it a try.

I take half cup of coconut oil and WARM it in the microwave/stove. (It should not be too hot, just warm. Heating oil too much destroys its nutrients, but warming it slightly will help it to penetrate the scalp better. If it is fuming when heated, then it means it has been heated too much.) Massage it to the SCALP in circular motions for 5-10 mins. Then apply it to the length of the hair and tips. The really effective method is to SOAK your hair in the oil as it is done in south India. This gets very messy but is extremely helpful. Tie the hair tightly into a ponytail, cover your pillows and sleep. Do this at night and wash it off next morning. You might have to shampoo 2 times to get the oil out.

Ever since I have been doing this (since 2 months) my hair fall has become very less and this treatment gives the hair an unbelievable shine and softness. People have also started noticing and asking me the secret! :) Many people who do this since childhood have very long and thick hair when they grow up, so better to do it for kids also.

If you feel that waiting the whole night is too long, applying the oil in a similar way 2 hours before shower might also help, but keeping it the whole night is actually great. Initially it feels messy but once you get used to it, it actually gives a deep and calm sleep and I feel very well rested when I get up in the morning.


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Posted by Anagra (New York) on 07/09/2021

I have been taking collagen for several months now on a daily basis. It has definitely helped with the hair loss I had been having. I take approximately 2 tablespoons daily. My daughter recently commented that my hair looks like it has filled in considerably, so I think I'm on the right track.

Replied by Derek

What brand of collagen are you taking? My wife is looking to get some for her hair. Not really sure which kind to get since there are different types.

Essential Oils

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Posted by Jo Ann (Nashville, Tn) on 11/28/2012

I was told which oils (below) cure the below conditions:

  • Alopecia (I was told that there was no cure.... A lie! )
  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Thinning

At one point my edges were almost completely bald from alopecia and then I started going to a dermatologist twice a month to get injections in my scalp to grow my hair and that worked ONLY as long as I kept going but once you stop getting the injections, your hair falls back out. So my mother-in-law, who is considered a "health expert" told me about specific (PURE) oil combinations that grow your hair. These oils stimulate your scalp's hair follicles, strengthens and repairs them.

I have been using these oils for a few months to the point, I don't need to go to the dermatologist to get injections anymore. Since using these oils, my hair has grown back around the edges and have become even stronger and thicker.

The oil combinations are (Please Make Sure that the oils are 100% Pure):

OILS (Estimated Price)

  • Jojoba Oil ($8.00)
  • Castor Oil ($8.00)
  • Lavender Oil ($14.00)


  • Rosemary Oil (Note Sure of Price)
  • Lavender Oil ($14.00)
  • Peppermint Oil (Not Sure of Price)

When I bought the 1st set of oils, they were a bit expensive, totaled $30.00. I hope that this information can be useful! Be blessed!

Replied by Brenny
(Parma, Mi)

Hi, those oils you mentioned did you mix them together?

Replied by John
(Boston, US)

You need to mix the essential oils in a carrier oil like the jojoba or grape seed oil.

Otherwise you risk having a bad reaction. Essential oils are very powerful and with a few exceptions you should Never use them straight on your body.

Dead on about the oil quality. Most essential oils sold in retail stores are not of the highest quality. They are extended, may contain trace amounts of dangerous chemicals and just not as potent. You are wasting your money on these inexpensive oils. They may smell good but they will not have the medicinal effects you are looking for.

Replied by Natalie
(Desert Hot Springs, Ca)

Hi - I'm wondering how you use these oils. Is it a deep penetrating treatment and then washed off? Or are a few drops applied to the scalp and hair after shampooing?

Thanks, Natalie

Replied by Rose

I use a few drops of rosemary oil in my shampoo. I leave it in ten minutes then rinse, I have noticed new growth. It does work.

Replied by Maura
(Chevy Chase, Md)

Recipe used in a hairless study by Isabelle C. Hay at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland:

Essential oils: cedarwood (2 drops), lavender (3 drops), rosemary (3 drops), thyme (2 drops)

place preceding drops of essential oils in carrier oil mix of 3ml jojoba oil and 20 ml of grape seed oil. Massage in head for 2 minutes and then cover with warm towel. Apply daily. I don't know how long they kept it in. Check out the study in JAMA dermatology on line. Just google it. There's even a picture...Amazing!

Replied by Renee
(Victorville, Ca)

Am I supposed to just rinse all this concoction of oils out of my hair every day or wash them out? I also have a product that has DHT blocker in it and was wondering if I should add this to the concoction? HELP!! Renee

Replied by Linda
(New Brockton, Alabama)

How do you use the oils? what is the amounts of each oil that you use?

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, TX)

I just shampoo with S____ coconut shampoo and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. It smoothes out the psoriasis textured scalp. Very soothing.

Filter, DHT, Grow, Massage Protocol

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Posted by Anon (Los Angeles, California) on 09/11/2016

I have been losing my hair since my teens, and that's about 20 years ago. Instead of doing one remedy, you really need a 4 step synergistic approach. For reference, I am 36, have a great head of hair, normal to oily skin and scalp. Here is the synergistic combination that worked for me. No one thing is going to work for you 100%, you have to use a combination to fight all the toxins you are facing daily.

I call this the 4 step FILTER - DHT - GROW - MASSAGE method.

1.) First you need to get rid of toxins that's inhibiting your hair follicles and hair growth. Surprise...where does that come from? Your daily shower water. Chlorine and lead pipes both kills follicles. I lived in a place with lead pipes and my hair loss went 50% worse. Once I moved out, and installed a shower filter that gets rid of chlorine (plus some other substances), my hair loss significantly decreased. I bet a whole house system that gets rid of fluoride would be even better, but I can't afford that, so a shower filter does the job.

2.) The second step is killing the DHT hormone on your scalp and your body. DHT is the primary hormone responsible for hair shredding. You do this by supplementing with Saw Palmetto Extract. This is a naturally safe method. The one side effect is that it makes you gain 5 lbs. So you need to clean up your diet and exercise routine to make up for that, in order to look the same weight. If I ever get off the Saw Palmetto, my hair loss increases. Once I get on again, it remains stable.

3.) Next you need to focus on growth. To do so, you need a high quality hair supplement. Do your research there, there are tons on the market. Make sure it has Biotin, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Silica, etc. Your body needs all the help it can get to regrow hair.

4.) The fourth step is primary for oily scalps. Although it may also help a dry scalp with a different solution. The reason you need to brush your scalp is because for most women, shampoo isn't helping your scalp. You are just washing hair strands. Its your scalp that needs help. I make a solution of caster oil, a bit of alcohol and some castile soap in one of those tooth shaped plastic bottles used for dying hair (you can get them at a beauty supply store). Apply the solution into my scalp, then brush my scalp with a medium to hard hair brush. Preferably one with hard, pointy plastic bristles, the real hair bristles wont get to your scalp. Important you are cleaning and exfoliating your scalp. There will be a lot of oily substances on the hair brush and you. What comes out of it is a cleaner scalp with less oil, allowing hair to grow stronger. I do this for about 15 - 20 minutes, sometimes, 30 minutes. Do this massage once a week to keep your scalp in optimum condition.

If you apply the synergistic approach of Filter - DHT - Grow - Massage, your hair loss will significantly decrease. This approach was much better than any rogaine or prescription product I have ever found. I am still doing it 10 years later.

Replied by Art
(Fort Lee, Nj)

I have serious reservations that this will give anyone any increase in haircount. It just doesn't make scientific sense. As soon as I see saw palmetto mentioned in anyone's hairloss regiment it's safe to assume they aren't fully understanding the amount of DHT suppression needed to have any efficacy to slow down or stave off hair miniaturization. There is no natural course of treatment that will restore hair. There are some combinations of natural therapy and toipicals which may slow down hair loss, but this suppression would be very minor.

Fix Hormonal Imbalances

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Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 07/29/2013

Re Alopecia Totalis and Severe Night Sweats

You might try some magnesium- slow, low dose and work your way up.... Are you low on D vitamin ? If these are out of balance they throw other hormones out of balance. After a certain age a woman no longer produces progesterone and her body gets estrogen dominant. Your thyroid tests and hormone test can be normal and be inaccurate for you. Dr. John Lee wrote a nice book on how to help yourself figure out what is out of balance and how to fix it.... Best book I've read on hormones and imbalances. Electrolytes affect the hormones, read the watercure site for help.

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