Natural Cures for Hair Loss in Women

Coconut Oil

Posted by Priyanka (Mumbai, India) on 12/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I use coconut oil once a week as an overnight treatment. Earlier I was facing a hair loss problem. Since applying coconut oil to hair is a common pratice in south India where most people have very thick and long hair and is highly demanded internationally for real hair extensions, I decided to give it a try.

I take half cup of coconut oil and WARM it in the microwave/stove. (It should not be too hot, just warm. Heating oil too much destroys its nutrients, but warming it slightly will help it to penetrate the scalp better. If it is fuming when heated, then it means it has been heated too much.) Massage it to the SCALP in circular motions for 5-10 mins. Then apply it to the length of the hair and tips. The really effective method is to SOAK your hair in the oil as it is done in south India. This gets very messy but is extremely helpful. Tie the hair tightly into a ponytail, cover your pillows and sleep. Do this at night and wash it off next morning. You might have to shampoo 2 times to get the oil out.

Ever since I have been doing this (since 2 months) my hair fall has become very less and this treatment gives the hair an unbelievable shine and softness. People have also started noticing and asking me the secret! :) Many people who do this since childhood have very long and thick hair when they grow up, so better to do it for kids also.

If you feel that waiting the whole night is too long, applying the oil in a similar way 2 hours before shower might also help, but keeping it the whole night is actually great. Initially it feels messy but once you get used to it, it actually gives a deep and calm sleep and I feel very well rested when I get up in the morning.