Natural Cures for Hair Loss in Women


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Posted by Saoirse (Ny, Ny) on 05/24/2012
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This is for alopecia/ hair loss: take an onion and either you grate it/put it in the blender or food processor--then you have the juice and "pulp"-

You will put the juice and pulp to your scalp in which ever way is easiest according to your hair length-cover it and keep it on for at least an hour and then either simply rinse it out or if your hair texture and condition can tolerate it--wash/condition as you normally do.

Do this every day for at least 2 weeks to a month---that's why I say to either simply rinse it out or use shampoo, all according to your hair's texture etc. MOST have seen regrowth within a month, then they do it a few times a week then once a month.

Now, punching hair loss remedies into the google search led me to this onion remedy and I wound up on youtube where there are many, many testimonies and their videos-this seems to be the easiest and most "economical" one around.

I am doing this for 5 days now AND seeing tiny new hairs in the areas previously without any as in my receeding hairline, crown and sides.

I have never tried any remedies before and I feel this one needs to go 'round and be tried for at least 2 weeks.

Replied by Nan

Can you make up a big batch and store it in the refrigerator? How long will it keep?

Also, is there any commercial product that has the same beneficial ingredient? Thanks.

Remedy Side Effects

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Posted by Mary (Newark, New Jersey) on 01/04/2008
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Dear Earth Clinic, I just wanted to let you know that I think on Ted's Posts it should say in bold at the beginning, or where it can't be missed to read the recipes carefully. I had a small bald spot on my head, found this website, and read some things Ted wrote. I read something about hydrogen peroxide and acv for scalp problems and hair loss. It did not say how much to use in the blurb I read. I thought I would try it. Well I just made a solution up and put it on my head. Left it on overnight. Well, Now I am loosing all my hair!!! So this was not a remedy in the little problem I had, instead, it is causing all my hair to fall out. I would like to spare future readers from this, so please put a warning, and make sure people read Ted's postings very carefully, and if they do not see a recipe, have them contact Ted before just making one up themselves. I know most people would be more careful, but there are us haphazard people out here you know. Thank you.

Replied by Ltwashington
(Atlanta, Georgia, Usa)

Thanks for this warning. Will definitely read carefully.

Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil

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Posted by Sam (El Cerrito, California, Usa) on 07/26/2010

Can anyone please help me to get rid of this disease. I am 28 years old now and I have alopecia since I was 16. I lost some part of my hair in the head and the body including eyebrow and beard. I suspect this is because of the fungus as it itches and my nail surface is uneven and not smooth. I am tired of this disease but nothing works fine for me. Some medication helps to regrow but doesn't prevent hair loss. I am thinking of using tea tree oil and boron supplement. How it works? How much do I need to take? Thank You

Replied by Marisa

Have you looked into your nutrition? Is it properly balanced? I am finding that I have an imbalance in my system - gluten sensitivity- causing patches of hair loss. Good luck.

Replied by Milroc

It's a long time since you posted, but I just signed up to answer. I have hair loss from some years, but I noted that those last time, I had uneven fingernails on my two thumbs, and some other nails too. I don't know if it's linked. I'm also 46 year old. According research, some uneven nail can be a deficiency in iron too.

Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil
Posted by N (USA) on 07/31/2006
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For alopecia, tea tree oil and lavender oil should be used. However, they should only be used once a week. I used it daily and it burned my scalp.

Replied by Kat
(Chicago, Il)

For applying tea tree oil and lavender oil to the scalp, how much do you need? Is it in drops or teaspoon mearsuement? Is it 50/50 of each? I know it is applied once weekly to the scalp. Is any particular brand better?

Replied by Maura
(Chevy Chase, Md)

Search internet for recipe used in on hair loss study by Isabelle C. Hay, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland.

Traction Alopecia Remedies

Posted by Ltwashington (Atlanta, Georgia, Usa) on 07/28/2012

I have a question for Ted from Bangkok or anyone who can help. I have traction alopecia which has caused permanent damage and bald spots in two areas of my head where previous hairstyles caused stress. I am 40 yrs old and realize only now that this damage began when I was a child and adults would use stressful hairstyles like braiding techniques, etc. Based on what I have read, because the condition has existed for so long and is now completely bald, traditional topical treatments will not work nor will treatments that are usually advised for alopecia conditions that are caused by fungi and mineral/nutrient deficiencies etc.

I would like to know if there is any way to reverse this trauma and regenerate the damage hair follicle to stimulate hair growth. Dermatologists and MDs have unanimously said that the damage is irreversible and my only options are scalp reduction or hair transplant surgery. I am hoping to better understand how a hair follicle is damaged, what it actually means to say that scarring has taken place and whether it is possible to repair and heal the scalp and follicle. Thank you for your assistance.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

I noticed my hairline receding around my temples, but also it came to mind that that was where my towel was pulling (and I was feeling it) on my hair. So now I make sure my hair towel is loose and not too tight. I use castor oil for hair growth. Here is an unsponsored link on castor oil use for hair. Also consider supplementing biotin and B-complex, especially pantothenic acid (B5).

Replied by Ltwashington
(Atlanta, Georgia, Usa)

Thanks so much for this!

Vitamin D

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Posted by Yaya (Portland, Or) on 11/01/2014
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I had serious hair loss for several years. I lost hair everywhere. My beautiful Native hair became very thin with some bald spots. Turned out my vitamin d levels were down to 13. Now after a prescription of 50,000 units of d2 weekly for 10 weeks, then 6000 units a day of d3 for a year. I have hair again. I was prescribed 4000 units a day for the rest of my life by our doctor.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

Hi, Did you take 50,000 units per day, once a day, twice a day?

Replied by Julie R
(Phoenix, Az)

Yaya, how long did it take after starting the vitamin D for you to notice new hair growth in the bald spots?

I just finished taking 50,000IU D3 4x/day (because I am "high risk" - others will need less) for 4 days, and now just switched to 50,000IU once/week.

For under 20-25 nanograms/millliliter (still too low! ), most MDs will prescribe 50,000IU/week (usually D2) for 10 weeks or so, then cut back. But I took the advice from a link (VitaminDWiki) provided on Dr. Mark Sircus' web site which advised what I did/am doing.

FYI - I had zero side effects from taking 200,000IU/day for those 4 days.


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Posted by Berry (Florida) on 12/28/2018
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I am a female, 37 years old. A couple years ago I began losing my hair. I was constantly pulling strands off of my clothes throughout the day and there was wads of more hair coming out whenever I showered. I tried different shampoos advertised for hair loss and they seemed to help a bit but the hair loss would start up again if stopped the shampoo.

Finally I went to my doctor and told him to test me for several vitamins and minerals. My zinc was significantly low (in the 40s), even though I ate meat. For some reason my body was not absorbing zinc through foods. I began supplementing with zinc sulfate and within a few days the hair loss stopped. I retested my levels a couple months later and it had gone up to 72 (optimal levels is about 90). My hair no longer falls out and the bald patches I was starting to get before have filled in. If you are losing your hair it is most likely a deficiency, like iron or zinc. Get tested.

Replied by Carolyn
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We used to raise dogs and we would put a tbsp of zinc powder on their food once a day. Then we noticed they weren't shedding anymore, so I started putting it on my Cocker Spaniels food. He quit shedding, too. So I can see how zinc would work. I have the same problem, so I'm going to try it. Thanks!!!!

Replied by John

hi, how much zinc sulfate you took per day and which exact product?? when you took your zinc doses? thank you