How to Use Castor Oil to Stop Hair Loss Fast!

| Modified on Apr 19, 2022
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Learn how Earth Clinic readers use castor oil to stop hair loss fast!

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Posted by Shelley (Trinity County, California) on 01/19/2022 7 posts
5 out of 5 stars

The best thing for thinning hair is Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

In April of 2016 my hubby and I were hit in a crosswalk by a van going 45mph. I developed a ton of hair loss I'm my allergic reaction to the Titanium Alloy used to try to repair my shattered Tibia and Fibula of my right leg. I made the Ortho remove the Titanium Alloy and had been researching serious herbal and homeopathic remedies to treat my swelling and leg pain in my knees.

I purchased Cold Pressed Castor Oil online from CVS since I wasn't allowed to walk or put any weight bearing on my right leg for 4 years. I had used it to treat the swelling and knew pain by doing a cloth tic wrap soaked in Castor Oil. I then placed plastic wraparound the soaked with I wrapped an ace bandage around my knee and slept with the heating paid on it I woke for the first time in 2 years with no swelling or severe arthritic pain I also found online that using Castor Oil once awake left on your hair overnight with repair lost, fallen hair and loss of hair quickly I later read that Stinging Nettle which I use with horseradish to create a tincture for my severe allergies I read it aides as a hair growth herb. I made very strong low, less then an 1/8 of a cup two bags tea tisane.

Once cooled I added about 3/4 a cup of Castor Oil and mixed it well. I created a mask. Also of you have grey hair the Nettle Tea will stain your hair out of being grey. I put the mask on my hair covering it with a shower cap and tied it with a bandana. Left it on till the next afternoon and rinsed it out. I suffer low B-12 absorption and my hair grows very slowly and I have soft thin nails.

My hair after the cutting to blend it when it fell out, grew faster than at any time in my whole life.

I also used it recently on my lashes due to lash loss. It has made my thick dense hair return and very healthy. I alternate with other homemade hair masks but used a bit weekly for six months.

Castor Oil
Posted by Ve (Dayton, Ohio) on 02/17/2018 3 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I suddenly started loosing gobs of my hair. I went to earth clinic and started down the list of remedies, one after the other. Nothing worked! I then got to Castor Oil. I didn't feel hopeful since there were only 2 testimonials. I took castor oil and put it on my fingertips and pulled it up my scalp from every edge to the top of my head. In the meantime I suddenly had several emergencies to deal with and didn't get to wash my hair for about 7 hours. When I finally washed my hair I noticed it felt thick and looked really shiny. The best thing was not one hair fell out. It stopped my hair-loss in its tracks. I couldn't believe it since I had been loosing my hair for more than 5 months. So every time before I would wash my hair I would once again spread castor oil on my scalp sometimes as little as 20 minutes before washing and I have had consistent results. No hair-loss!!!! I don't wrap my hair for this to work. I do shampoo twice.

Also I notice my new hair growth is about 2 inches long on my forehead and it looks like I have purposely given myself bangs. Just put it on usually 20 minutes before washing my hair. Hope this helps!!! So happy to share this with Earth Clinic since everyones posts have helped me so much over the years!

P.S. I love Castor Oil. It also helps my former insomnia. Will post my insomnia method now in insomnia section.

Castor Oil
Posted by Julie (Phoenix, AZ) on 09/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I just posted earlier today on my experience using castor oil but I posted it in the hair conditioners section. I've been using it 50/50 with coconut oil, adding a few drops of rosemary oil.

Yes, leave on for 1-2 hours. I haven't tried overnight. Shampoo twice.

The condition of my hair has improved tremendously. It has gotten thicker, and is now smooth, glossy & wavy - the way it is supposed to be - vs dried out, thin and frizzy. This is only after 3 treatments (a little over 2 weeks)!

I am in the process of trying to stimulate regrowth after massive hair loss. Next to taking nettle leaf (2 caps 3x/day), the castor oil has mad a huge difference. My hair loss is STOPPED. It may be a bit too soon to tell, but I THINK I am seeing new growth. At any rate it is thicker and the thinning areas are better camouflaged as a result.

Replied by Mikell
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Hi Julie!

My wife is doing the castor oil treatment recommended by Shirley which will take 3 months to see the result. You said that you've seen result after 2 weeks of the castor oil and coconut oil combo. If this works faster than the pure castor oil treatment then I'll tell my wife to use this instead.

How many times a week will the treatment be? Can she just shampoo her hair for non-treatment days?

What is the nettle capsule for?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Mikell,

I am not Julie, but I have used castor oil and coconut oil in my hair/on my scalp. The coconut oil makes it easier to apply, I think, and is healing. I prefer to use both. I don't know that it works faster that way or not. Some may notice new growth in a few weeks but it may take months for it to be noticeable.

Nettle is a nutritive herb and does help some with hair growth. Herbalist Rachel Weaver talks about using nettle root to improve hair growth.

I try to use the oils monthly. But I think weekly is great if you can get around to it that often. I shampoo as usual between times.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mikell
(Louisville, Kentucky)

I think weekly treatment of castor oil and coconut oil combo would be best for now. Thanks for the reply Mama to Many!

Replied by Jenn
(Cobbora, Australia)

Re: Remedies for hair loss

On my bottle of Black Seed Oil it states that it may assist in hair growth..

Considering that many in the Middle East use this oil for everything, healing-wise, I would at least give it a go. There is a saying that goes with this " it is good for everything except death"

The name of it is Nigella sativa..if you buy it from your local Health food shop it will cost you around $38...if you buy it on Ebay it should cost around $ 15+ $6.00 for postage for a 8oz/250ml amount so hope all this helps... Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Replied by Julie R
(Phoenix, Az)
1 out of 5 stars

Hi Mikell,

I am sad to say I never saw new growth with the castor oil -- just thicker, glossier (more moisturized). I used the coconut oil with it to make it easier to apply. Castor oil is very thick, and can pull hair out during application.

It did stop falling out but only for a while, then started again. I quit the castor oil mix because of the hair loss during application. Was too scared to continue.

Ran out of nettle, but mine was the leaf, not the root.

My latest attempts at dealing with this are:

1) vitamin D - see my post here under Vitamin D


2) aloe vera gel - 99% certified organic w/some added vitamins a, c, e & herbs (it comes that way, I don't have a recipe). No new hair growth yet but it's only been a week. I get a better thickening effect than I did with castor/coconut oil. I apply it on scalp when hair is still quite damp after shampoo, and of course it gets on the hair shafts too. Leave it in. VERY pleased. Makes it easier to hid the bald patches. Would recommend it to anyone with thin hair as a styling gel.

I have to assume that with both options the thickening effect is temporary (because it's coated). But maybe with time??

P.S. Jenn -- I take black seed oil (nigella sativa) internally. 1 tsp along with 1 tsp honey twice/day -- morning & evening. Have been doing that for about a year. Maybe I'll try some on my scalp.

Best of luck to all...

Castor Oil
Posted by Shirley B London (London) on 03/02/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I'm female and have suffered from hair loss for the past two years which has left me with very thin hair. You could see my scalp. My hair has noticeably thickened up. I still have a little way to go but my hair is much thicker now. I notice how much thicker my hair is now when my hair is in a pony tail, it's almost twice as thick. It takes longer drying my hair now as it is much thicker.

My hair dresser recommended using CASTOR OIL. I did some research into this and found that Castor Oil from Jamaica worked better than standard Castor Oil. I'm sure standard Castor Oil would work too as this too would be high in Omega 3.

I find it works better if you massage the oil into your scalp and wrap it with a turbi-towel or wear a hat. The oil seems to work much better if your head is kept warm. I leave it in overnight but I'm sure leaving it in for an hour would help too. I pour castor oil into a clean 'hair dye' bottle as I find it much easier to distribute the oil onto your scalp from a bottle with a thin tip. Castor Oil is quite thick so I shake the bottle figorously and this warms up the poil making it easier to pour from the clean hair dye bottle.

It is really easy to wash out with normal shampoo, I shampoo it twice. The oil leaves your scalp in really good condition and your hair super soft. I didn't notice any difference the first two months but as the oil conditioned my scalp and hair I continued to do this treatment twice a week. After 3 months I noticed my hair thickening up. I have now been doing this for 6 months and my hair is 80% normal, you only notice a slight thining patch as most of the hair on my scalp is back to normal thickeness. I'm so chuffed.

Don't give up using Castor Oil, once it starts working the hair thickens up quite quickly. You do need to wrap your hair once you've oiled the scalp to help it work. Ensure you get oil on your scalp and not just your hair. I do this twice a week, hopefully you too will notice an improvement after 3 months.

Replied by Yuensum
(Pickering, Canada)

Hi Shirley, I wonder how your hair treatment is coming along now with castor oil after 6 months. My hair has been thinning over the last few years. It's started gradually and now it just looks so sad. I will be gratefully if you can update your condition!

Replied by Mikell Rondo
(Louisville, Kentucky)

My wife suffers from hair loss and she has thin hair in the first place. I'll make her try this castor oil treatment.

Thanks for sharing!