Natural Cures for Hair Loss in Women

Anti-Fungal Treatment

Posted by Pamela (Beverly Hills, Ca Usa) on 07/09/2012
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Hello Ted I have follicular alopecia (scarring alopecia) and have used so many types of products and have even gone to the dermo and nothing they gave me helped. My scalp would burn and hurt when I touch it and my hair would fall out not matter what I used. I recently sprayed intensive antifungal treatment on my scalp and shortly after it stopped hurting, I have been using this for a few days and notice that all systems are going away. I decided to use pure coconut oil as an oil base to keep it from drying, I will also buy some tea tree oil and lavender oil to help my scalp remain healthy.

Do you know how this actually worked on my scalp and why don't the doctors tell people to use this if this is what will make the alopecia go away? Did I just find a cure? Well it is working for me and I'm treating my entire scalp so the fungus will go away and not return. Please reply.