Natural Cures for Hair Loss in Women

Avoid Retinoid Skin Products

Posted by Jodi (Australia) on 06/05/2020
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Around middle age my hairline started receding...A LOT! The entire shape of my face seemed to change since my forehead looked a lot bigger. It was disturbing and made me feel bad about my appearance--especially since I used to have quite a lot of hair. In recent years I developed many health problems, notably chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia (one or the other). So I have focused a lot on my health over the years. I gave up alcohol, started drinking lemon water every morning, etc. But still, there was the hair loss (which I have read can be associated with fibromyalgia) and hairline recession.

Then I read a little tidbit on some random website. EUREKA! It said RETINOIDS can be associated with hair loss. This was a light-bulb moment, because it coincided exactly with when I started losing so much hair. Right then and there I stopped using the topical retinoid that I had started years earlier (Differin). After several months my hair loss stopped and my hairline has filled back in. In the interest of full disclosure,

I also use a number of hair oils on my scalp that are supposed to be good for hair growth (I "oil my hair" before washing using oil blends like black seed oil, castor oil, argan oil, curry leaf infusions, etc.).

These are very good for your hair and can help reverse gray hair. There are lots of videos and diys about this online. I do recommend scalp and hair oiling for the health and appearance of your hair. But it was stopping the retinoid product that made ALL the difference for me!