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How Marmite Can Help Hair Loss

| Modified on Feb 16, 2024
Posted by speedmanifesting (Australia) on 02/12/2021

My amazing hair growth turnaround has not been mentioned here.

Firstly, I agree with externally using Borax (high alkaline) for hair wash, then follow up rinse with ACV (vinegar is high acid - matching natural scalp pH). BUT because I practiced very low Keto, I eat zero (almost) of brans and grains. My top hair was thinning for years in my 50s. BUT WHEN I ADDED Marmite/Vegemite spread daily into my diet - a miracle happened.

My hair began to grow thicker and faster and than ever in my life. Marmite is Brewer's Yeast (the good kind). It also has loads of B vitamins. I am a keen observer of change. This is the one for my problems I tried Silica with some success, but Barley and Brewer's Yeast (in Marmite) may be the thing missing. Remember the 'beer rinse' wives tales? I am getting new scalp growth that I haven't seen since my 20's. So thankful. Hope this helps someone on Keto out there too.