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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

Vitamin D-3
Posted by Michelle (Minneapolis) on 02/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! I have dealt with eczema and psoriasis for years. I have tried pretty much everything and spent so much money on different remedies and practitioners to heal it. I read a book about Vitamin D3 and started on 50,000IU about 3-4 times a week along with Vitamin K and B complex and the eczema was gone within a couple days of starting the vitamins and the psoriasis that was covering most of my torso is almost completely gone. It has been less than 2 months since I started the Vitamin D. So easy and inexpensive. Vitamin D is not even a vitamin. It is a natural steroid. I also gave my son 50,000 IU for his chronic bronchitis and the next day, that was gone. He takes it 3-4 times a week too.