Natural Remedies

10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Oolong Tea
Posted by Neukoln (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) on 02/01/2013
1 out of 5 stars

I get eczema. Everyone is different, and what may not work for me may be fabulous for you. But I can't tolerate Oolong tea. It makes the skin on my face red and greasy and lumpy. It may be a cleansing reaction. But I had to stop drinking it because it made me look awful. My eczema isn't on my face (behind knees, mainly) - and I don't think I had a case of eczema when I tried the Oolong tea, so I can't comment on whether it helped eczema or not.

I drank it strong - steeped for 5 minutes, as suggested. And the redness/oiliness got progressively worse over several days. I think I had to stop on the 5th day because of the redness and greasiness of my facial skin.

I don't have this response to green tea, which I drink daily, and also take as a powder stirred into hot water. Both are Camellia sinensis. So it is clearly something unique about the double (or is it triple?) fermentation of Oolong.

Don't let it put you off trying it. It's a very healthful tea. I'm just sharing that it caused me problems with the skin on my face.