Natural Remedies

10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Olive Oil
Posted by Baj (Cincinnati, Oh) on 03/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Really bad 17 months, five doctors. Skin on back of neck would tear if I tried to look left or right at stop sign. Skin on lateral shoulders, front, and around scapula on back... Torn and could lay on them. Entire neck, shoulders down to almost bust, dark pink to red. During flare up, usually at night, skin around neck and shoulders would lose fat underneath, be extra tough, red, bleeding in areas, sore, unusalbe, unable to sleep.

Original start was left eye... Lid, underneath... Diagnosed with eczema. Later research said can go to cellulitus, which can get serious, as if the ezcema and allergic flare ups were not bad enough. Later it was both legs, both hips, buttocks, forearms, left inner elbow... Unusable, would tear if I straightened it. Area as big as all my fingers put together. Finally at 2am on Friday night... Saw cellulitis spreading... From hips up to under arms, especially right side. Checked to see when urgent care opened next am.

They gave me two shots... Benedryl and a cortisone. Nose swab for staph, ie cellulitis, 3 days for results, pending Scripts for anti itch atarax, ranradine to keep stomach calm and to ensure drugs stay down, Clindamycin 300 mg every 8 hours. Here was a big miss by other docs... They didn't hit me with antitbiotics at all, or when they did, not hard enough.. ie only 12 hours, now I set alarm and take one during night... Never miss too much with the timing of your antibiotics. HUGE natural help...

Stopped all fish oil, no flax etc. Instead started on 2 plus tablespoons of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, make sure some is before bed. My research... Extra virgin has phenols and nitric oxide no. This stopped my flare-ups in their tracks and I was able to sleep comfortably, nightime dose of antibiotics aside. Other benefits... Before flare up my body would start revving up... like a profuse pounding pulse, building, sometimes bp would go up, wold wake me up rather suddenly.... Then the flare up... intense bursts of itch, burn, resulting in skin losing good attractive fat around upper chest, shoulders, locked into not moving head from side to side, or bending left elbow. All this stopped in its tracks after eating two tablespoons... This is your bigger measuring spoon, plus I was even getting profuse pain around heart and this stopped. All stopped dead cold in its tracks. Fast too, difference in hours to max of two days.

Keeping it going though. Eating it straight for now, awful, but will incorporate into soups, bread, meat marinade as I get time to. Look it up.. Cannot eat bread right now anyway, eating like a caveman, fruit, meat, no fried no breaded, vegetables, egg and chocolate are ok. Added potato back in tonight, ok. Rice is now ok too. Allergist got me off topical steriods which were only thinning skin and causing rebound effect. Gave me list of two product lines... Vani and free and clear. The skin LOVES vaniclear OINMENT. I cover it with that, then the vaniclear lotion which allows the ointment to stay in place longer. Had to dilute hydrogen peroxide with water to clean areas. Oldly but goody, right at grocery. Use free and clear shampoo, good, but use olive oil mister on my very long hair, on off days, every other wash. Allergy tests showed issues with some product ingedients of commerical shampoo and rinse.. But not hair color, dark blonde. Ditto nickel, bactrim topicals, carba mix, mdgn and all derivatives there of... Reactions.

I will never take fish oil or flax or tons of the POLYunstaurates again. The olive oil has the proper mix of mono to polyunsaturates. Also huge well documented research on reducing imflammation, anti oxidant (think anti rust), relaxes miles and miles of blood vessels via the nitric oxide... Anyone familiar with nitroglycerin tablets for unrelenting chest pain? Same idea except natural, can take your dose your timing, your comfort level on the extrz virgin olive oil. The extra virgin is the first press of the olive, therefore with the bigger part of the real nutrition... The phenols and nitric oxide... See wikepedia, etc. NO named moecule of the year in 1992. Also studies show anti cancer benefits. So knock out you flare ups and put off cadiovascular issues and reduce risk of cancer. I highly recommend extra virgin olive oil. It has kept the nightime flare ups... And remember we burn fat at night because we are not eating. Also keeping daytime flare ups stopped dead.... As I take the other of the two tablespoons during the day. Able to cut back nibbling alot, actually lost a bit of weight. 150 pound female in 50s, so adjust your dose accordingly.

Olive Oil
Posted by Ann Rose (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 04/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I used olive oil as a lotion directly on my eczema. The first time it was like my skin gave a sigh of relief. Everyday the patch got smaller and smaller until it was gone within about 2 weeks. Now I use olive oil and grape seed oils as moisturizers and haven't had any eczema for over a year, even though we just got through one of our worst winters ever.