Natural Remedies

10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Olive Oil
Posted by Felirose (Destin, Florida) on 01/12/2010
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Olive Oil Helped my Eczema

I've had eczema for several years now. Originally, I was told that it was ringworm, so I tried putting Apple Cider Vinegar on it (that was not organic - it was the brown/amber color it was supposed to be, but was diluted, a generic store brand). That only made it much, much worse.

After getting a second opinion, I was told it was eczema and put on 0.05% steroid cream. It helps a ton, but is expensive...

So I started using Olive Oil. I filled the bathtub up with hot water, and put about a 1/8 cup (perhaps a little less - you do not need much at all) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in it. Then I just relaxed in the bathtub for an hour or so. I also put a 1/4 cup of epsom salt in there, to help me relax.

After I got out, I patted myself dry with a terrycloth towel (be careful getting out of the tub - and don't towel dry like normal, because you'll rub the oil off your body) and got dressed. My Eczema looked much better, not to mention, my entire body felt like silk!