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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mch (Sd) on 12/27/2018
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I'm a 55 year old caucasian female that has been struggling for the past year with severe skin issues, which I believe is a type of eczema. It started on the legs, back, and arms. I believed that I had become sensitive to shea butter, which at the time was the only product I used to moisturize with. I ceased using shea, and at that point, the eczema condition disappeared in those areas. Almost immediately, I began to have severe issues on my neck, face, and in the scalp near the temple area. This eczema acted differently. My face felt and looked burnt, and was weeping severely.

At this point, I began to use filtered water with baking soda to moisturize, then sealed the skin with an herbal cortisone salve, and applied an organic herbal moisturizer cream. The skin responded by healing itself of the burnt feeling/look. However, the main symptom of peeling has not gone away. The skin in those areas is similar to onion skin, and peels off. Sometimes, it extremely hard to remove, especially around the temple areas. It requires many hours of exfoliation every day, morning and night. If I leave it, it continues to build up, making the skin on my face, tighter and tighter.

I am taking ACV and a variety of supplements including zinc, vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin e, fish oil, etc. I have no other symptoms, although I do have other health issues, including Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Does anyone have advice for me?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 09/05/2018
2 out of 5 stars

Last summer, 2017, I started to get eczema on the top of one foot which seems to be caused by any shoe material. It was quite minor, just a few itchy spots here and there. However, this summer has been particularly brutal with itching and the spots keep appearing in different areas on my foot, depending on which sandal I wear. Hot weather and any sugar consumption definitely make it worse.

I have tried almost all the remedies on Earth Clinic's eczema section one at a time this summer to no avail. These remedies include topical borax paste, topical magnesium, Art's indigo powder in cetaphil remedy, lugol's iodine, baking soda paste, sea salt poultice, Himalayan salt poultice, topical apple cider vinegar, and finally essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil and mint. Most of those remedies soothe the area but nothing gets rid of it. Also to note: any remedy mixed in a cream lotion or oil like coconut oil makes the rash itch fiercely and spread.

The best remedy so far has been holding a qtip dipped in lugol's iodine on each itchy spot for about a minute as it takes away the fierce itch for about 12 hours. However, it also stains my foot and takes a couple of days to disappear. I am going to switch to decolorized iodine and try that next.

I was wondering if anyone had additional suggestions of remedies I can test.

Art, I am on day 2 of Pine Bark Extract supplements. That is the first supplement I am trying internally to treat this condition.

Thanks so much for any and all advice! D