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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

Dietary Changes
Posted by Martin P. (New Zealand) on 08/20/2016

I have developed leaky gut and along with that eczema brought on through eating dairy which I used to be ok with. By making chicken and beef stock I have been able to almost make it disappear within a week. I will continue with stock until it goes and then keep it as a regular top up for the gut. Chicken stock is very palatable, especially with lemon and garlic.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Colorado Mom (Boulder, Co) on 03/02/2012

My son has had eczema his whole life. Recently, he (now 14) had a really, really bad outbreak and a rash. Prior to this, he never had a rash and his eczema was always just minor spots here and there. I have always used a topical steroid, but wanted to try to heal him naturally this time. We tried the Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother topically for 2 weeks and gave him ACV pills because there was no way I could get him to drink it. It didn't work and the topical ACV burns/stings very bad. Since he is 14, he is old enough to deal with the burning. However, I definitely would not recommend trying it on a young child.

After trying so many other things: coconut oil, shea butter, Eczema Free cream, Chia seeds, probiotics, fish oil, sea salt soap, among others, I went back to using the topical steroid. He was desperate, embarrassed by the stares, and so miserable. However, I still wanted to try to figure out the cause. There were a few posts about food allergy testing, so I thought we should try that. I had him tested and it turns out he is allergic to all dairy, wheat and eggs (very allergic and he ate them often). These foods are in almost everything! His naturopathic doctor is confident eczema is caused by a stomach issue, as several other posters have said. Based on her experience with other patients, she believes we need to heal his gut and his eczema will go away.

About 5 years ago, my son started gaining weight. He was always a thin child, but all of a sudden he went from Slim sizes to tight Regular sizes. From what I could tell, he was not eating too much and rarely drank sugary drinks/cokes. He has always been very active in lots of different team sports and participates in something athletic at least 5 days a week. He has always had problems with stomachaches. I have taken him to countless doctors over the years and all they have done is prescribe medicine. I hate medicine. Now, that we have changed his diet to remove the foods he is allergic/reactive to, he is doing so much better and has lost weight. Unfortunately, I cannot say that it is curing his eczema because this episode was mostly gone prior to changing his diet, due to the steroid cream. His naturopathic doctor thinks it will take about 2 months of avoiding the foods he is allergic to for his gut to heal.

ACV seems to help some people and is worth a try, but please consider food allergy testing. I am kicking myself now that I didn't do this sooner for my son. Also, none of the doctors at Children's Hospital that I have taken my son to in the past have recommended it. I just asked his top-rated, Harvard-educated dermatologist last month and he told me it wasn't necessary. I couldn't disagree more. This doctor also said they don't know what causes eczema. Well, I'm not a doctor, but if your body is allergic to something you are eating, then it is probable it is going to show up on your skin. Maybe they don't know the cause because it is different for different people like the people that don't respond to ACV. There are different types of food testing. We did IgG testing for 96 foods. I don't know if this is the best test available. We are still in the learning process. Hope this helps someone. Thanks to everyone that has posted their suggestions!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Llfiles (West Linn, Or) on 03/04/2011

I had eczema since I was a baby. As I grew up, this skin condiion became dermatitis herpetaformis which is a terribly itchy, blistering, scarring affliction. I am now in my 40's. With totally smooth, gorgeous skin that I thank God for every day. Esp when I get compliments on it.

What changed: My diet for one thing. I discovered that dairy and meat were causing the itching and the breakouts. At the same time, I had been doing a colon cleanse, taking black walnut hull supplements (probably for about 6 weeks).

I remember having to rush into a department store restroom and urgently using the bathroom.

What I saw (yes, this is gross but important to those who might be helped by this information) was a t. bowl full of floating black-spider things.

I had obviously purged parasites. After this the DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) was gone. I still got itchy when I tried to eat meat, esp beef. I have been a vegetarian for many years now. Easy to do with all the meat-like analoges.

I believe all skin problems are the result of the GI tract being overloaded and the skin is the next organ of detoxification. Clear the gut and health prevails.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rita (La, Ca, Usa) on 10/14/2010

For years, I'd get eczema flare-ups, which were exacerbated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. At first, I cut out dairy altogether, avoided tap water, restricted my diet--the usual--not knowing that dairy in itself IS NOT THE CULPRIT! A one week vacation in France proved that. There, I consumed the typical French fare of wine, cheeses, cream sauces, etc. & my skin cleared completely. But I still didn't "get" it until years later. Recently.

What REALLY helped was changing my diet to traditional foods, namely raw dairy (milk, butter, cream, etc. ) & fermented foods & drink, in particular homemade yogurt. The idea is to get ALL of the beneficial bacteria from real live food items. Helpful traditional fermented foods: pickled veggies, certain raw cheeses, kombucha, natto, miso, raw soy sauce & of course ACV. Many "pickled" items in grocery stores are pasteurized & therefore don't contain beneficial bacteria. Anyway, it's no wonder ACV is the top remedy on this site. It's a raw fermented drink!!! These items, taken regularly, help us digest our food & maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in our bodies. Bacteria are not baddies! I'm now convinced that we need to be mindful of beneficial bacteria in all aspects of life. In gardening & farming, we depend on good bacteria to break down, to compost & make nutrient-dense soil. Earth can't survive without them.

The concept is the same within our bodies. Similarly, anti-bacterial soaps & products and chlorine destroy the "good" as well as the "bad", making our bodies weaker in the end. It all makes sense to me now. You don't have to be vegetarian or a raw foodist (though I like many of those recipes) for clear skin. By sticking to whole, unprocessed foods & adding fermented items at each meal, we noticed a difference in our family's skin (child had severe eczema too, now much more beautiful skin! ) & in overall health. Best to avoid non-raw dairy whenever possible. That's when we begin to see little flare-ups.

Very helpful resources were "Wild Fermentation" by Sandor Katz and "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. Fascinating info on this site!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Eva (Fairfax, CA) on 11/13/2007

I stopped eating corn products and my eczema cleared up and hasn't really come back unless i eat nuts, especially walnuts.