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Diaper Rash Cream
Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 10/10/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I've had some success with this one. Desitin Diaper Rash cream. Ingredients are Cod Liver Oil plus Zinc (2 remedies already mentioned in here). The stuff doesn't work overnight, but it seems to work.

Note: it is known that Zinc supplementation cures facial eczema in cows, I looked for a zinc product.

Had some bumps dissapear and wrinkles/stretch marks go away and hair grow back in the affected area. I'd say 80% cured in 2 weeks. Kind of smelly stuff. Got a bit lazy on application.
Eczema is often a misdiagnosed yeast/fungal infection. Diaper rash is usually a yeast problem. So I'm thinking this eczema stuff is like "adult diaper rash". :)