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Colloidal Silver
Posted by Maria (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 02/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Firtly I'd like to just say thankyou for the time and efforts to keep this wonderful website as it has helped so many of us.

Back to eczema, I know of two people whose eczema got significally improved with Colloidal Silver. The first one was a little girls whose arms were badly infected with it constatly itchy and red. When the mother finally decided to give it to her, it disappered completely and as far as I know no longer has that problem as I see her from time to time and has no visible eczema. Second person is my husband who has a small spot on the back of the shoulders and soon after appered an ongoing weeping spot on the ear.

Neither of us knew what this ongoing bleeding on the ear was caused by. My husband din't even make the time to go to the doctor, so finally after trying several things on this constant scab such as oxigen peroxide, iodine which didn't help. I suggested colloidal silver to which I am very familiar with and have taken for several years to control the Rickettsia virus.

After less than a month and with inconsistency of use (my husband is difficult when it comes to taking care of himself) his eczema stopped bleeding and the scab is gone. The other red patch of eczema is clearing up in colour slowly, but definitely not itchy at all.

Regards to you all!