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Cod Liver and Evening Primrose Oils
Posted by Healed37 (San Diego, Ca) on 05/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Cod liver oil is amazing. I did like suggested 3x's a day, plus I added Evening Primrose oil recommended dosage on bottle since I'm in menopause and think that this flare up was a result of my hormone change and could help. My hands were the worse and completely raw, swollen, red, peeling constantly, and felt like bee's stinging me constantly. I could hardly bear the pain and read all the suggestions on here. This one made sense to me and gave it a try. I've been doing this regiment for a week now and hands are normal size, not red, not peeling, not itchy, and not in pain. I will continue for another week until I see it completely healed...but rejoicing...because I'm almost there! Woohoo...I'm a very happy woman for this cure!!!