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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

Apple Cider Vinegar, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Gracie (London, Uk) on 12/04/2012

I recently sent in a post on how apple cider vinegar really helped clear up my eczema but I have to say that adding diatamceous earth into the routine has been the one additional thing that made a masssive difference in drying up this huge patch of eczema. It really has speeded up the drying out time. My theory is not to moisturize, I know this helps some people beat their eczema but for me I need to dry out my eczema patch and then it just peels off leaving fresh good skin underneath.

I have been using 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar and 2/3 water 2-3 times daily soaking the eczema area in this with a cotton swab. It has been slowly drying up and since my skin is getting used to the ACV I increased the concentration each subsequent day starting from 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar and 2/3 water then 1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/2 water and then today 2/3 Apple Cider Vinegar 1/3 water however as I said the eczema has been slow to dry up.

The day before yesterday, in the evening I saw on this website diamatameceous earth listed as a cure and since I had some lying round I just put some of the powder on my eczema and it really dried it up so much and the redness really diminshed after one application for two hours.

I find getting water on my face is a big no-no when I have eczema especially not on the eczema patch, it makes it worse!!

So I have learnt to not get my face wet at all in the shower (where the eczema is), what I do is not use soap and water like I normally do, instead I clean the normal skin with lotion (cream-based) and toner (rosewater, Apple Cider Vinegar with water or other) and then just cleaned the eczema skin with the 2/3 Apple Cider Vinegar to 1/3 water solution.

Yesterday in the morning I waited for that to dry off then dusted more diatamaceous earth on the eczema sores.

I repeated the same no water washing and acv/water topical treatment again in the evening before I went to bed and then put diatamaceous earth on the sores and this morning I am really surprised by the improvement. Diatamaceous earth added to the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment really speeds up the recovery time impressively! Could some eczema be parasitic or other tiny creatures, I wonder? Since I know diatamaceous earth is used to kill insects in the garden and parasites in the tummy, who knows? Or is the drying effect plus the wealth of minerals the property of this earth, the thing that helps the skin? Whatever the case it really really works so well for eczema I am so relieved to see this huge patch of eczema diminsh and dry up so rapidly!

Cortisone cream is rubbish compared to this ACV diatamaceous earth treatment!

I hope this helps lots of people suffering from this horrible condition and thanks again to earth clinic for allowing us to all help each other!! Best site ever for health ailments!

Another thing I'd like to add which for me are things that help with eczema:

eat a really clean, pure diet, all organic if you can afford it. Eliminate dairy (except occasional goat products), no eggs, no red meat, no gluten and no sugars.

Supplement with vitamin D (4000iu at least), the best source is pure sunshine, I never have eczema in the summer! During the winter try to find a UVB safe tanning bed if you get eczema, it will also dry it out. Lots of people say tanning is bad and maybe it does dry out the skin but I would rather run the risk of having one more wrinkle than having a huge patch of eczema permanently across my face!

It really really helps my eczema no end and I think vit D deficiency is to blame for many ailments. The sun has been scapegoated for so many things but if you do scientific research, so much depression, MS, skin ailments are actually caused by a lack of vitamin D and although you can take tablets, the bodies' best way of absorbing it is through external exposure.
As long as you are sensible with it and only take what you need medicinally and when you need it, you can safely absorb vitamin D. Interesting when you consider the fact that people living in the North of Europe have much more MS than those in the south due to lack of sunlight.

I always feel better and look better during the summer when I get my fix of sunshine.

Do not use water or soap to wash the eczema infested area. Do not get it wet. Only clean it with Apple Cider Vinegar and water. If you can try to not wet the whole part of the body where the eczema is occurring, clean with lotion and toner or some organic wipes.

Be well!