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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cold Showers
Posted by Paras (Louth, Drogheda, Ireland) on 02/12/2012

Hi guys, I have had eczema for a good part of five years. I'm sick and tired just like the rest of you guys.

stumbled across this site and saw the apple cider vinegar remedies. I ordered it online and it actually does work if you apple it more so then drink it. just get some Apple Cider Vinegar with same amount of water. soak it in cotton. Apply it on affected areas. it will sting at first but the sting dies soon.

Another thing I did to improve my eczema is drink plenty of water and take cold shower! Oh yeah and also try to avoid foods that flare up your eczema! Curry is a big no-no for me! The cold shower is the best method for me! It is ver effective and seems to me like my uncurable eczema is cured.

Just sharing with you guys because what it can be like having eczema..

hope u guys beat eczema!