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Posted by Vic (Agadir, Morocco) on 02/10/2009

Honey for Cold Sores: I had this horible Cold Sore all over my mouth together with cracked and chapped lips and nothing seemed to help. Thought about hearing something about honey being used to heal such issues. Tried it and my mouth is almost healed after just 24 hours. MIRACULOUS!!!

Replied by Kamran
(Nyc, Ny Usa)

It's April and it is spring. The weather is fluctuating 15-20 degrees (cold at night - warm during the day)

On Monday night, I was feeling extremely tired and exhausted to the point that I went to sleep at 9PM (I usually sleep very late). I woke up Tuesday morning and started feel a little tingle on my upper right lip and at the same time felt a bit of "COLD" coming on. I wasn't concern about the cold ( continuous sneezing gives me an early warning that I am catching a cold which didn't happen), but I knew that I'd have cold sores on my lip and it would hurt. Tuesday went by with my upper lips giving tingle sensations. On Wednesday morning I GOT the BLISTERS popping out, my lips were irritated, and it hurt. I came to work and researched earth clinic that always I always do for a personal healing information/solution. At around 12 Noon, I started dipping dabs of honey (which I use with my green tea) on the spot. At first, after a minute or so my cold sore started to tingle then the area felt burning a bit ( not too high, but I felt it). I kept on dabbing honey at the spot the rest of the day. By evening, the area stopped hurting, but the tingle continued whenever I dabbed honey on the spot. Before I went to sleep, I dabbed a bit of honey on the spot and went to sleep.

Thursday morning (after sleeping only 4 hours), I woke up and went to bathroom mirror. My lip sore WASN'T SWOLLEN as yesterday, the dark scab was lighter (instead of darker and hard), and the top skin on the sore must have come out. The area feels a bit hard and I believe that by end of day, the swollen area will subside. THE PAIN AND IRRITATION IS GONE and IT DIDN"T COST ME ANYHTING EXTRA.

RESULT: After a cold sore outbreak, I applied HONEY, and it took 24 hours to stop and start reversing the virus.

HONEY has multitudes of benefits including ANTI-BACTERIAL power.

As for the cold, I started taking Tomato Tea just to be safe.

Posted by Sara (Albertville, Alabama USA) on 01/26/2009

I have used HONEY to stop and cure cold sores for years. Honey is a natural virus killer. Also bacteria. When I read about honey i didn't believe it but tried it when I started getting the next cold sore. Lo and behold it never went beyond the first little blister-stopped the pain and itching instantly. When I first feel one coming on I dab honey on it and it never gets worse and is gone within 2/3 days. Dab on often-3/4 times a day. It also works on gastrointestinal virus- I work in a nursing home and we are constantly getting that bug. When I feel a little nauseaed I go home and take a big spoon of honey and have only gotten it once in 4 years and that was when I didn't take the honey! I believe n natural cures and believe that God gave us all we need to cure disease in nature.

Posted by Peter (Paris, France) on 06/13/2007

I have been under treatment for years for Herpes Whitlow on my right hand, which occasionally manifests itself on my palette and genitals. I have always tested negative for herpes 2, and assumed my outbreaks are weird manifestations. Doctors here have never seen this combination of symptoms. They were debilitating until I started self immunizing my cat and pollen allergies with daily dose of different honeys, and cutting out practically all refined sugars in my diet. Whereas I would have an outbreak every twelve months on a maintenance dose of 500mg of Zelitrex daily (quadrupled during outbreaks) the last two outbreaks have been restricted to my finger and palette - a great improvement over previous ones. I feel the honey is helping my immune system suppress the virus, perhaps by keeping my immune system on alert all the time. I have upped my daily dosage of Zeleitrex to 15 mg, and would appreciate any comments from others who have found Honey a satisfactory palliative.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Paige (Texas) on 05/11/2017

Hydrogen peroxide for cold sores: just keep applying 😀

Replied by Cris01us

I would let the skin rest and probably not do it more than a few times a day, especially each application is for an extended time.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sisi1109 (Montreal ) on 07/03/2016

I'm a bit disappointed... I have herpes on my mouth for 7 years now. Found out about hydrogen peroxide and I did it I read the book and did everything 3 drops in a 8 oz glass of distilled water 3x a day until I reach 25 drops stayed a 25 drops for 4 days and went down to 3 then stopped and I went to do a blood test to see if I still have it in my system ( I haven't got the answer yet ) but on Saturday I felt a bump on my lip and guess what it was my herpes again.... its less intense then before.. but still frustrating that I still have it :( :(

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tmccallum (United States ) on 12/29/2015

For years I would get re-occurring cold sores when a change in the weather would come;typically from warm to cold. However, this year I used HP and soaked a cotton ball in it and applied (ran back and forth) on my upper lip for repeatedly until I felt it tingle on my upper lip. The tingling helped me to know that it was working. I did this until the tingling stopped. NO cold sore! Not sure this will work for everyone but I can feel when something is not working right on my body and I try to be proactive in stopping it. I hope this helps!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Liz (Santa Clarita, California) on 11/27/2012

I have had Herpes on my lip since I was 6. I get outbreaks about 4 or 5 times a every year. Usually stress and heat triggers it. I have tried, ice, lysine pills, abreva, cold sore lip balms, apple cider vinegar and none have helped me. The healing time of the sore was the same whether I used these or not (which is about a week and a half). I have been prescribed acyclovir which worked on a few outbreaks or at least has decreased the healing time.

However, 2 days ago I got a break out and the acyclovir has not helped as it did before. SO, I found this website, and decided to use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!!! It is amazing! I left a cotton ball doused in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes on the sore and it has gone down so much, its unnoticeable!

Replied by Lee
(Blenheim, New Zealand)

I can not reccommend Hydrogen peroxide enough! I had my first ever break out of cold sores on my bottom lip, it started as one then ended up having 4, my lip was a mess and showed no signs of improving it just kept scabbing then cracking. I went and got Hydrogen peroxide 6% (but im sure 3% or whatever one you can get would work) and I put it on every time I looked in the mirror or remembered about it -the more the better! (I also started taking L-lysine and olive leaf extract but I know it was the hydrogen peroxide that made the big difference) then within only 2 days my lips were 90% better!!!! It kills the virus, dries up the blisters/scabs and heals it but without it getting so dry that it cracks. If my lips did feel a little dry I just put some coconut oil on them and it worked so so well! Had to come back on here and reccommend to anyone who is going through what I have just been through. USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!! :)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bill (New York, Nyc Usa) on 11/23/2012

I've been battling cold sores for twenty years. They would appear whenever my body got "run down" (fatigued). I suspect that my immune system is not as strong when I'm really fatigued and that's when the cold sores appear.

As somone who travels for business, frequently crossing time zones, there are several times a year when I don't get enough sleep and get "run down" Up until recently, the cold sores would appear without fail. I tried taking food grade hydrogen peroxide according the the advice given on this site. That hasn't worked for me yet but what HAS worked is very simple. When brushing my teeth, I dip my toothbrush in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water (half h2o2 and half water) and simply brush my lips with the solution. The h2o2 is the 3% kind found in conventional drug stores. It's been two years and I've only had two occurances of cold sores, both when I neglected to bring my h2o2 with me while traveling. This is not a perfect cure because when I've neglected to brush with the h2o2 and haven't gotten enough sleep, the cold sores reappeared. But even after a cold sore has developed, I've brushed with the solution and the cold sore has gone away in two days maximum. This really is a completely workable way to manage cold sores. If I feel a "tingle" on my lip, which is an indication that a cold sore is about to appear, I quickly brush with the h2o2 and water. I've actually begun to brush this way on a daily basis just as a precaution.

I've recently discovered that they are making toothpaste with h2o2 as an ingredient. I've been using this for the last 3 months and the results have been the same. No cold sores. This is even easier.

This is a really simple remedy and I'm anxious to hear if it works for you.

The short version is to simply brush your lips with 1.5% h2o2 daily and also whenever you feel a "tingle". Let me know how you do!

Replied by Kilgore
(Jackson, Ms)

Try iodine. I completely resolved my 7 year case in two months by taking 20 drops of 5% solution in coffe and milk. It works!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by A Helpful Friend (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 02/07/2012

On Thursday the 2nd a small bump on the right side of my lip, near the corner, began to grow. At first I was skeptical about treating it so I took some garlic, since I know of its healing properties, cut a small piece off and pressed it to the small bump. This made the bump decrease slightly. The next day I went to a mongolian restaurant where I enjoyed two oranges. Not knowing the affects of citrus and cold sores, I smeared the orange all over my lip in hopes that the citrus could combat it. The bump was was very pleased, it grew instead. I could feel it growing as I sat in the restaruant with a friend after eating the orange. By the time I got home it was more than one bump, and I was more than distraught. That night, (friday) I decided to try an over the counter product because I was desperate. Searching online, I found a product with a patented formula that promised to stop it in its tracks and have the sore gone in 24 hours. Of course I was optimistic. I began using the product and noticed it was still increasing in size and had spread to the entire corner of my mouth.

The next morning I discontinued use of the product and switched to Hydrogen peroxide because of this website. I also went on to read a book about the amazing healing properties of HP.

PROCEDURE: In the morning I woke up, soaked a cotton ball with HP and pressed it to my lip. I felt and enjoyed the burn because I knew something was working. The sore began to turn white with small bubbles and dried out. Let the sore dry out every time. It must remain as dry as possible. There is no limit to the amount of times to use the peroxide as it is a natural compound. I started eating 4 small yogurts each day on that saturday to boost my immune system and get a good amount of lysine in my body. I continued doing the pressing procedure all day, by night fall it had begun to create a scab and the peroxide didnt burn anymore. Sunday the cab was more apparent. Realizing it was in its healing process I used Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula in its Palmade form to help with the healing process. I could feel the tightness of the scab around my mouth. The scab began to fall off monday night. I woke up tuesday continuing with use of the palmade. It is tuesday night at 7 pm and I have been completely cold sore free for hours. The skin showing is not red or raw. My lip looks completely fine and healed because I didn't pick the scab. My mouth looks the exact same as it was last tuesday before any hint of a cold sore.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lilly (Milwaukee, Wi) on 10/24/2011

Hello all... Just wanted to share my personal story with using fghp (food grade hydrogen peroxide 35%). First of all let me just say that I started the program and have fallen off a couple of times. I made it up to the 25 drops in distilled water 3times /day, and I continued that for about 10 days. I contracted hsv type 1 from a boyfriend through oral sex. I must say that my immune system at that point was very weak, I have also always battled with candida, and caught every cold my kids brought home. I have only had one outbreak and have been diagnosed for about 7months and I'm not sure if it is because of the fghp or not (which I started about about 2mo ago) but I must say it's done wonders for me. At first I wasn't sure what was wrong with me for 8 days of the program because I was eliminating large amounts of mucus. Around the 8th or 9th day I had so much energy I didn't know what to do with myself and I'm normally a person who can't get enough sleep. Around the 10th-11th day I developed a medium size blister (or could have been a herpe) I say blister because there was only one on my genital area and with my initial outbreak there were many. In general I noticed that my skin became clearer, as well as my thoughts. I firmly believe that all dis-ease starts with yeast then moves to fungi/mold... etc... As I stated earlier I go for testing next week where I will ask for a test that can measure viral count so at least if it's still in my system I have somewhere to measure from (because my 1st initial test was non-specific re:viral count).

Wish me luck! I will keep everyone posted if I still have the virus even if I don't I will be more religious about taking fghp. When I fell off the program I noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level and overall emotional state. I may also do a 10day green fast. I highly recommend reading works by a Dr. Robert O. Young who's theories are based on there being only one real disease which is over acidification of the body. Take care everyone and stay positive!

Replied by Mike
(Los Angeles)

Do you know if it's bad to use it with regular filtered water?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anonymous (Bklyn, Ny) on 09/30/2011

I just discovered this site and living with herpes, I felt so alone and ashamed. Through this site, I was able to run to the health food store and have begun treatment, I believe can heal my condition. I have had a breakout in the private and was able to use FGHP to dry it up almost instanty. Thank you earth clinic.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anonymous (Bklyn, Ny, Usa) on 09/28/2011

Hi, I myself have become a victim of herpes. For three years I have been in denial until recently. I read Kevin Trudeau's book and bought larrea, plus his other recommendations except FGHP. I was talking to someone who uses it and then I became interested. I researched it online and got scared, but wanted this thing out of my body. I use Abreva on my lips daily and as a result, NEVER gets outbreak. On my Vajayjay, it comes once in a while. I used to be so depressed, until I came upon this site, earth clinic, and found a wealth of info. I recently started using the FGHP, after consulting a herbalist who told me to start with one drop in 8oz water until I get up to 25 and take 25 3x daily for one week. I got up to seven and was getting CONSTIPATED and had dark stool which freaked me out, so I took about a week off and went back to like 2 drops once or twice daily. I just bought lecithin and taking 4 capsules once daily plus liquid oxygen after someone claimed to be cured. I have stopped eating sugars and cut back on junk (which I did little off). By the way, has anyone been having weird dreams ahen they drink FGHP at nights and difficulty sleeping? It is bad. Can anyone send me blogs of folks who got cured and exactly what is used?

A few days ago I had an outbreak down there and poured boiled water plus purified water from store and added lots of FGHP in tub and I have to say it dissappeard by next day( I added little water and sat for a short while). I also was brave enough to put some FGHP on cotton ball and stuck it on OB for a while in underwear and lay in bed. It stung, but did the job. I have been boiling water instead of buying purified, is it the same? This blog has saved me. I feel there is hope out there. The FDA will not approve this natural stuff, because they will lose money. Thanks everyone. Thank you earth clinic.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by High Flyer (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 01/20/2011

I did the food grade h2o2 drops and it seemed to work, but I just could not stand the bleach taste. It felt like it was burning my throat. After reading the research on ozone, I decided to buy an ozone generator. The ozonated water is much better for me, no problem at all to drink 2 liters. The first 2 weeks I did this each day. My sinuses and ears were very sensitive. I was also very emotional. Since then I do this about 2 times a week. I have not had an outbreak in 8 months. I have had hsv for 20 years. This is incredible. I have gone on a 12 hour drinking spree, (wedding) played sports to exhaustion, and consumed chocolate at will. All these things would have guaranteed an outbreak in the past. I am not saying I'm cured, but this is the best I have ever been. I even supplement arginine now for the physical benefits. I have not been sick, even though I have been exposed to many who are this winter. I hope this helps someone, as I have tried many other remedies. The generator I bought was the air zone xt301. I have had no problems, but it costs a bit more.

Replied by Belvedresi7
(Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Usa)

Hydrogen peroxide works! Do this now: Sterilize a safety pin and poke a hole right in the middle of the sore, put hydrogen peroxide on lip multiple times (you will be able to feel it tingle in the sore), then the sore will dry out and you can squeeze the pus stuff out. When you see what comes out, you will know why it hurts so bad. You have to get that stuff out. Do this every day until you get it all out. It took me three days. It feels wonderful after having a swollen lip for a week. Relief!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lola (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/23/2010

After applying H2O2 on my "cold sore" I got swollen and puffy part of my upper lip (healthy part of my lip - inside and outside) It stays on my lip second day - no changes, but my cold sore blister is healing well. Please, help me - what can I do with that swollen and puffy part of my upper lip?? it doesn't hurt, but look terrible. Thank you.

Replied by Kaitlin Rose
(Dillon, Co)

After one application, my cold sore closed up and began to heal. Took a cue-tip, dipped in in HP and applied to cold sore on the inside of my mouth before bed time. In the morning, the soreness was gone and it had dried up and began to heal. Will re-apply tonight!

Replied by Joey

I'm curious to know if ingesting or inhaling H2O2 really works to eradicate the HSV 1 virus. So far, I've read annecdotal comments about its effectiveness but haven't heard of any real studies that confirm this. What is the science behind it and have you been tested negative since undergoing your treatment?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Baz2010 (Newburgh, Ny, Usa) on 02/01/2010

Last night a cold sore began to develop on my lip. I read on Earth Clinic to use hydrogen peroxide. I used cotton swabs and applied the peroxide to my lip. I did this using 5 separate swabs over a one hour period. I noticed immediate results within that hour. This morning I did the same and just did it again when I got home from work. The cold sore seems to be in its final stages and should be gone by tomorrow. I have used Abreva and saw the same results over 4-5 days. Peroxide worked for me and did so a lot faster.

Replied by Marie
(Crowthorne, Uk)

I have gotten all excited about the great responses to using HP for cold sores, however not one comment states if it is 3% solution or 35%. Please could someone let me know. Many thanks.

Replied by Megan
(Brooklyn, New York)

This 100% works. I have had cold sores all my life and I have used hydrogen peroxide and it is already dried out after 30 minutes. It is even better if u take a Q-tip dip it first in rubbing alcohol, then non- acetone nail polish remover then hydrogen peroxide. It burns so bad but its works so fast.!!

Replied by Jaytuccibx
(Scarsdale, Ny, Usa)

I have cured my oral herpes ingesting H2O2. After I had reached about 15 drops 3x a day I felt my lip tingling as if I was going to get an outbreak... Over the next 3 to 4 days I did get an outbreak (or so I thought). The sore kept growing 3 times its normal size, then balloned and popped... I continued with the h2o2 for the full course.... Also I got boils under my armpits which I now know were the aluminum deposits from my deodorant being forced out.... That was about three years ago... Havent had an outbreak since... I used to get them at least twice a year religiously for 7 years, , . , So when the doctor tells you there is no cure for herpes laugh at him... He will tell you to take a 20$ abreva cream which does nothing... No money in the cure people.... You can easily get reinfected with the virus, if so I would repeat my same process.... I would assume this would also work for GENITAL HERPES being that h2o2 kills basically all viruses and bacteria... Email me with any questions!

Replied by Becca
(Lb, Ca)

hi, I was wondering what the exact dosage and regiment you used? how may drop you started with, the grade and how much water you mixed with?

Replied by Paysocal
(Redondo Beach, Ca)

There is a website I was reading this morning that has all the information on hydrogen peroxide theropy. They give you the dosage schedule. I haven't tried it yet.