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Natural Remedies for Insomnia, Tried and True

Multiple Remedies
Posted by lucy (nashville, tn) on 03/14/2022
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some of the herbal remedies for sleep all make my legs so restless!! I've tried valerian, hops, 5http, chamomile, melatonin, and some antihistamines. jump like frog legs, I am so tired..

Posted by KS (IL) on 02/04/2022
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I starting adding 30mg of zinc for Covid prevention, besides D3. Couple of weeks later I realized I had been sleeping much better; deeper, remembering dreams, less frequently getting up and only in the first couple of hours. (I take meds with a lot of water before bedtime.) And the zinc was the only new addition. After a little research I found out that yes, indeed, zinc does help with sleep disorders.

Posted by Dee (Florida) on 01/16/2022

I realize everyone reacts differently to doses and remedies. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. There are many causes. I think my cause is my blood sugar goes up during the night and wee morning hours. I tried so many remedies, what works for me at night is 6mg. Melatonin and 1 cup of Organic So. African Red Rooibos Tea. I buy it (80 bags) on Amazon, the tea relaxes. Everyone has to find the right dosage of melatonin that works for them.

Posted by Kathi (New Brunswick, NJ) on 02/07/2009
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I developed severe insomnia last winter (nov 07) and went through quite a trial for months, with none of the many things I tried helping much except some tips on how to improve sleep habits through cognitive behavioral therapy. I was doing better May-Oct 08 then all of a sudden the same severe insomnia symptom was back in full force. Last month I decided to try vitamin D3 2000 IU/day, after reading so many recent articles about the importance of this sunshine vitamin. I chose tablets with D3 source from lanolin, since I am allergic to fish. Within a week I was sleeping soundly at night, and I am continuing to sleep well. In retrospect, it is likely that I became more susceptible to vit. D deficiency after I became lactose intolerant and stopped drinking milk.

Posted by Teasmiles (Wysox pa) on 11/02/2021

What adaptogens do u recommend for sleep and how do u take them? I like adaptogens for stress and energy but not sure how to use it which ones for sleep..I do randomly take 5 htp and not sure about it for sleep. Thank you

Posted by Joe A. (Stockton, Ca ) on 10/31/2021
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Ken, I just read your latest post, regarding sleep I have a few things: Serpina pills from Amazon or wherever, Serpina is an Ayurvedic herb that was produced in 1934 for lowering blood pressure, later it was and is used for insomnia. AKA: Indian Snakeroot. If you cannot sleep at all take 3 pills in AM and 3 pills in PM they are 4mg pills, no side effects, stop whenever you like. They also calm your mind down. If you like you can take 2 pills 3X daily. It does interact with cold flu medicines and Antipsychotic drugs. The other suggestion is to take Benadryl pills 50mg or 100mg and if you wake up 1,2 AM then take another pill to put you back to bed. Completely good to use providing no longer than 1-2 months. Long-term effects can cause memory loss. Best of luck. Joe

Posted by Bwhiskered (ON) on 10/17/2021
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A spoonful of Honey before bedtime. If you waken though the night a spoonful will usually get yo back to sleep,

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by RM (Missoula Mt) on 10/06/2021
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Apple Cider Vinegar

Helps you go to sleep. Pills (Nature's Bounty) work well, take 2-3. And stop eating wheat gluten which is the cause of so many ailments including insomnia in myself. 50 year old male.

Hypnic Jerks
Posted by Anthony (Ireland) on 09/30/2021
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I too suffered from hypnic jerks, past tense. It was my medication that was causing them, taking magnesium out of the system. I would get them when trying to fall asleep and just before you dose off, they would jerk you awake again. one night I jumped out of bed with one scary. Too much tea coffee and alcohol would also take magnesuim out of the system. I would get them real bad on a Sunday night if I was out drinking Saturday night. Now I take magnesium citrate two hours before bed 400mg with a snack, magnesium by solgar best quality. Not that expensive for a month's supply. Cut back on tea coffee and alcohol.

Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca ) on 08/16/2021 75 posts
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Insomnia, my best tablets are called Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) an Ayurvedic tablet that is excellent, plus has many other positive things, I can't write everything now but send me a message and I will try. Serpina tablets $7 at Amazon, or Distacart sells them. Dosage if can't sleep at all take 3 tablets in am and 3 tablets at nite. Once you're sleeping then reduce dosage if you want. They are completely safe, however will interact with Antipsychotics, cold, flu medicines. Non habit forming, stopping cold turkey is fine.

You can take OTC Benadryl 50 or 100mg if you wake up in middle of night then just take another 1 of those and fall back asleep. Since they can cause memory loss in long-term use I advise to take for 3-4 weeks maximum.

Never take sleeping pills, habit forming and dangerous. A Valium is fine a few days but they are habit forming and dangerous after 4-5 weeks maximum. Jujube fruit(Chinese dates)fight insomnia, Anxiety, buy at Amazon.

Last one for sleep: try L-Theanine pills (only must have: Suntheanine, highest quality) take 200mg twice daily or increase to 400mg 2X daily, they are safe and can be taken at 3,000mg safely, but rarely done. Best of luck to anyone who tries them. If you're happy & sleeping send me a message.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/12/2021
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Last week I started taking some Motherwort twice a day. (2 droppers of the tincture twice daily - once in the morning and once before bed)

After a few days, I noticed that my sleep was better. I have a fitbit and each morning take note of how my sleep was the night before. It has been interesting to see what helps my sleep. Definitely, 15 mg of melatonin at night has improved the ratio of deep sleep and REM sleep to light sleep. After a few days of the Motherwort, I realized that my deep sleep is improved further. I wasn't taking it for sleep and it took me a little bit to even realize what in my routine had changed.

Motherwort is a relaxing herb. It is sometimes used for racing heart or for anxiety - I guess often the two go together. And apparently, it can help improve sleep!

I make my own motherwort tincture. I have used Herb Pharm's Motherwort tincture in the past and find it to be a quality brand if you are looking for Motherwort!

~Mama to Many~

D3, B3, B12 and B Complex
Posted by Ivanka (Nevada) on 07/12/2021
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The supplements that I had the most success with for my severe insomnia were:

  • Vitamin D3 5000IU every night for a couple of weeks and then one every other night.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) 500mg every night plus
  • B12 5000mcg
  • and B complex in liquid form.

I hope this helps you too.

Skullcap and Valerian
Posted by Art (California) on 06/15/2021 1508 posts

Hi Denise/PCL,

Wow, that's a lot of magnesium citrate at 800 mg/day! Most people would be spending a lot of time in the bathroom at that dose of mag citrate.

I didn't know that was possible to see all of anyone's posts. I must have hundreds. I hadn't noticed that feature.

I will click over to your post link in a moment.


Skullcap and Valerian
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 06/15/2021 157 posts

Hello Art,

I do take Magnesium, usually just Citrate works for me, 400 mg twice a day. It does help me with sleep as well as leg and foot cramps at night. I also started taking it every day to hopefully help with Essential Tremors but I feel I need more than just the Magnesium.

I am able to see ALL your posts thank goodness, just by clicking your username. Then it takes me to another page that has a link to all your posts over the years. I think maybe in each of our profile, I know mine has an option to check or uncheck a box that asks if we want to allow others to see our posts/replies, and I have mine selected "yes" and I am betting you do as well. Finally figured that out when I woke at 1 a.m. and the thought just popped into my head, LOL!

I need to get your feedback, and possible knowledge of Taurine for Essential Tremor. I've posted there..

..and so hoping you see this and stop in on that thread if you might be able to help me with searching for answer for my tremors in head & left-hand?

Can't thank you enough for all your dedication to helping others Art, Denise

Posted by Bj (Michigan) on 06/03/2021
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I have been using iodine for many years with good health results. It worked well paired with my natural bovine thyroid supplement. A couple of years ago I changed from using Lugol's to a BioActive tablet form. There was no change in results, it was just easier to take.

30 days ago my husband mentioned that he seemed to be getting more and more sluggish. Asked about my thyroid supplement. Since he had never had to be on any thyroid meds in the past, I didn't think he should go that route, but mentioned that since he has been using sea salt rather than iodine infused table salt, that it may be why he now feels sluggish. He started on the BioActive iodine, taking it at night because that is when he would remember. Not only has he seen a difference in his energy levels, but his sleep is much better. Instead of waking at 1-3am he is sleeping until 5am and his sleep is more restoring. The few times he has forgotten it, he was again awake before 3. The iodine does help him to go to sleep, nor does it cause drowsiness. It just seems to provide what his body needs to be restored. Since then I have switched my intake of iodine to the evening, and find that my sleep is more restoring.

Skullcap and Valerian
Posted by Art (California) on 05/06/2021 1508 posts


Magnesium Glycinate as part of the combo at the dose recommended on the bottle is helpful for relaxing muscles and helping to get you to sleep.


Skullcap and Valerian
Posted by Sam (Canada) on 05/05/2021
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I also found scullcap to be helpful. But it didn't seem enough on it's own. Need more. Maybe a combo. Trying magnesium (& potassium) which began working but the magnesium dose was too high and started causing loose stools. Will try another type and a lower dose. Glycine is another addition that seems to help many. I heard taurine also helps. I seem to need a stack. Continue to biohack myself.

Vitamins D and B Complex
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 03/30/2021

Hi GertJr -

That's a really good question! I found this article very informative:

Vitamin D3 is only found in animal-sourced foods, whereas D2 mainly comes from plant sources and fortified foods (it's cheaper to produce).

Vitamin D3 appears to be better than D2 at improving vitamin D status.

You can also get Vitamin D3 through sun exposure on your bare skin. The further you are away from the equator, the harder it is to get proper D3 levels from sun exposure alone.

If your total Vitamin D levels are in the optimal range, I wouldn't worry about the breakdown between D3 and D2 (none of my tests had a Vitamin D2 category - just D3).

Hope that helps!



Vitamins D and B Complex
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 03/30/2021
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I have a question about vitamin D. I was reading 'Right Sleep' and the doc there says get B12 and Vit D blood tests. It's a pricy program, so I just did the blood test. My b12 was great, right in the middle of the range. My D3 was also right in the middle of the range, but my D2 was at the bottom, not even reading an exact number, simply <4. Does this matter at all? I've always read that D3 is what you want, but I'm thinking everything matters and should be in a good range. Should I do anything? and, if so, what?

I must say, since I started supplementing with D and B complex, I've been sleeping much better. How do I get all my numbers in the good range?

Watch the Sunrise
Posted by Sara (Canada) on 06/08/2020
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Going for morning walks to see the sunrise is so healing and definitely helps! I didn't even do it for that reason, it was just refreshing. It's hard to get into the habit at first if you haven't been sleeping well but it's worth the weeks or months it takes to get there for sure! I can't go out now but I'm going to try looking out the window in the morning to get the same benefits. Thanks ,Michelle!

Watch the Sunrise
Posted by Michele (Florida) on 02/27/2020
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I had years of insomnia and was told that my circadian rhythm off and that the best way to fix this was to look at the sunrise as many days as you can in a row to reset your natural clock. This makes it that the body creates and releases the correct hormones at the correct time. I had been making cortisol at night and melatonin during the day, which is not as it should be.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by BBHE (NYC) on 10/26/2019
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I had insomnia for about 10 years and it nearly killed me.

I finally realized that whenever I had any gluten at all, even a micro dose, it would pop my eyes awake in the middle of the night, reliably. I think it's really weird. I always thought, yeah yeah cut back on gluten dairy etc. and try to eat healthy. But that's not what's going on. I can eat unhealthfully but as long as I don't get ANY gluten, I sleep like a baby. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out, Maybe it was that I was sleep deprived. Also it seems like whey in whey protein shakes sometimes hurts my sleep and I've given that up as well. But gluten does seem to be the big culprit.

Ted's Alkalizing Remedy
Posted by GertJR (Madison) on 06/17/2019

Ted from Bangkok says in one of his insomnia messages to take Hydrogen Sulfide and Sodium Nitrite. I see sodium nitrite is used in curing meats, so 'curing salt' is this item. How do you get hydrogen sulfide?

When I look on amazon, it doesn't have it and wikipedia says it's the rotten egg smell but nothing about where to get it. I'm trying all his suggestions for insomnia and this is the next one in the list (still no success, really). I can fall asleep and even sleep 3 hours at a time, but never feel rested. I'm doing epsom salt baths, alkalyzing (my ph is 7.3 this morning), passion flower, valerian, lemon balm in sleepy tea (yogi brand), kava and so much else I cant remember. Melatonin 2 mg. And benadryl......sure want to eliminate the benadryl.

Sleep Smoothie
Posted by Canadianguy (Victoria ) on 05/11/2019 15 posts
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I use mango,coconut water, banana, and sweet potato for sleep, and it really works!

I read that these ingredients help with insomnia, which is typical for me now, and decided to try them, and they're great!

I make a smoothie with mango, banana, and coconut water right before bed. I usually eat more banana then and also eat some previously còoked sweet potato then too. Any kind of sweet potato works, but the purple colored ones work even better than the orange coloured ones, which are just fine. It's even better when I add GABA and tryptophan powder, but it's mostly the regular smoothly that does the work.

Ps the book says if you eat greens of some kind with the mango, it KEEPS you awake instead. I wonder if that means at dinner too.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michele (Florida) on 02/27/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Please try what worked for me: Look at the sunrise every morning for as many days in a row as you can to reset your circadian rhythm. This is a very beautiful natural remedy.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by JS (Portland, OR) on 10/20/2019


I find that if I have any dairy, I cannot sleep. My body doesn't digest it well. Often inflammation is the cause of insomnia, and that was the case for me. So I get my probiotics in a pill (PB8 is my fave). JS from Portland

Multiple Remedies
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 10/16/2019

No she doesn't. It has much less of a laxative effect, but people like me still get diarrhea from it. Believe me, I've tried them all.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sophie (United Kingdom) on 10/15/2019

Dr. Carolyn Dean has a magnesium without the laxative effect. It's quite expensive, but the best apparently. Hope that helps.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sherry (Az) on 06/25/2019

If you have IBS you have a leaky gut. Autoimmune and leaky gut go together. I've had it for 12 yrs, not sleeping goes with it. I started keto diet improved greatly. What was a great help for sleep I started taking colostrum-ld if I wake up I go back to sleep, hubby also 7-8 hrs a night. It helped my IBS, leaky gut.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/11/2019

Dear GertJr,

I know you have tried so many I hesitate to suggest anything - I am sure you have studied this way more than me! A couple of things in your post sort of popped to me, though.

First you mention that the sleep got worse when you stopped hormone replacement, implying that menopause is likely related. I know so many ladies whose sleep becomes more difficult during the change of life, including my own. For me, I will fall asleep and then "startle" awake. Sometimes a noise does thing but sometimes I think it is just me. Then I can't get back to sleep. My heart races and it won't settle. Who can sleep with a racing heart? I have found that Motherwort tincture helps me with this a lot. If I take a dropperful of Motherwort twice a day, I don't have hot flashes and sleep well. I don't need it so often now, but if I have trouble sleeping, I take a dropperful of Motherwort and a dropperful of Chamomile and am usually able to get back to sleep. Another thing to look in to is Dr. Shultze's Female Formula, which is used to naturally balance hormones. If you haven't had bloodwork done it might be something to check in to. One thing out of whack can cause a cascade of problems that often seem unrelated.

A friend of mine with severe sleep difficulties has eaten a near "perfect diet" for years. One night she did eat salty snack food and found she slept well. She wondered if it was because she had a salt insufficiency related to her insomnia. Have you tried bromelain for pain? I hope you can figure this out and get some desperately needed rest soon.

~Mama to Many~

Multiple Remedies
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 05/09/2019

I read today that there are 5 different types of insomnia, all variations of stress/no stress + major event (health or other)/no major event or only a major event. I think I have the stress + major event kind. Too bad, the article gave no solutions to fix it. I have been on Ted's Sodium Citrate 1/2 tsp + Potassium Citrate 1/4 tsp at bedtime for over a week now. My morning pH is 7 -7.5. I am still not sleeping. Today I will add the 1 dr iodine he says to try next. Do I continue the Sodium/potassium? I think so.

The only time I sleep is like every 4th day and then I'm taking Passion Flower & other sleep herbs and a benadryl. I'd like to stop the Benadryl, but how? Would taking 2 mg melatonin instead of the 1 mg I currently take make a difference? I really think this is the menopause thing (the major event part) that never got resolved. I took hormone replacement for several years and then stopped, which is when the insomnia took over. I already do the sleep hygiene, no devices, exercise, early morning sun, eat clean, no processed foods. But, I have pain and need help easing it if anyone has a suggestion. If I take a pain pill I tend to sleep well, stopped doing that after advil gave me an ulcer.

Thanks for letting me whine.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nonnie (Canada) on 05/03/2019

Hi GertJr -

I'm wondering if, in addition to everything else you are taking, you try sleeping in a completely dark room (no light emitted from anything - including around the windows or from electronic devices). Speaking of electronic devices, remove them from the room. Let your bedroom be an oasis of tranquility - no clutter, clean and quiet. In the evening, wear blue-blocking glasses if you watch TV, use the computer/tablet/smartphone - at least a few hours before bedtime. Get enough physical exercise during the day, fresh air, sunshine (or use a light therapy device for 20 minutes in the morning if you live in a cloudy/rainy place). Stay properly hydrated. Ensure your Vitamin D levels are where they should be (do an Internet search for Vitamin D and insomnia - it's an incredibly important hormone). If you take Vitamin D supplements, take them in the morning. Write down your worries, thoughts, etc. in a journal - get them out of your head. Have a fan going to circulate the air - also, a fan can have a soothing "white noise" effect that helps people sleep. The room should be comfortably cool. What about your bedding and mattress? These are some of the "sleep hygiene" tips that help many people. Do an Internet search for sleep hygiene - there are lots of studies on how it can help - along with a clean diet (which I'm sure you have if you suffer from ibs), limited caffeine, etc.

A good night's sleep is crucial to good health. I wish you the best of luck. Take care.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jay (Canada) on 05/02/2019

To GertJr from Madison: I

had a similar situation several years ago when I tested my morning urine PH and found it to be less than 5. What worked for me to improve PH was to drink 8 -- 8 oz. glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice throughout each day while gradually trying to modify my diet to be more healthy. I was more intent on finding a food mix that would work and forgot the PH issue for a while. The fresh juice was taken in 8 oz. glasses and the 8 glassfuls were spaced at least an hour apart.

About 3 months later I thought of checking my morning urine PH and it was spot on 6.2 (which is the medical standard). Needless to say, I continued the juice drinking. You also need to look up foods to see how to correct your food intake to create an acid/alkaline balance that matches your personal digestive system...examples of alkalizing foods: potatoes,, green veg (raw or cooked), etc.

A useful book is called The Acid-Alkaline Diet for optimum health by Christopher Vasey.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 05/02/2019
3 out of 5 stars

I've been on here for years now trying to fix my insomnia. Several things I've posted helped a good bit but nothing really does the trick, so I've gone back to square one and will try to be more methodical. My first attempt is Ted's alkalizing treatments.

I got ph strips and, wow, my morning urine was down around 4. I've started the acv + baking soda (1Tbs ACV + 1/2 tsp BS in 8 oz water, 3X/day) and have done this several days now with no real change. I have ordered Potassium citrate and will use it instead of the acv when it arrives.

Additionally, I will watch my diet more than I have been. I've been so intent on getting probiotics to fix my ibs-d that maybe I'm getting too much yogurt. Is there a form of probiotic that would be better for the ibs as well as the insomnia/acid issue? I've tried dairy kefir and really couldn't stand it, the store bought kefir is great but full of sugar. I'm open to suggestions. Carbs don't bother my belly, so that's what I tend to eat. I will make more effort to get greens, but cannot do anything raw besides carrot.
Please, if you have any other suggestions for me let me know. My ibs makes it hard to get adequate minerals (even mag oil topically gives me diarrhea if I do more than 3 sprays/day) and lack of minerals can sure wreck your sleep. I hope the potassium doesn't upset the bowels, but my reading hasn't indicated that it would so it's worth a try.

I am also doing a hypnosis app (Glenn Harrold) for sleep that helps me go to sleep fast but I wake up within 20 minutes of it ending. It says do it faithfully for 21 days before deciding it won't work and I'm only on day 9, so we'll see. I looked into acupuncture, but the guy near me charges $70/session and wants 3 sessions a week for at least 6 weeks so I can't afford that.

I am currently doing a mix of seriphos, ashwagandha, passion flower, l-theanine, glycine, gaba and melatonin. Works some days and not others. I tried adding valerian to this and it bothered the belly and have lemon balm that I”m willing to try but will do the alkalizing first. I seriously need help sleeping, 60+ y.o. female.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/30/2019 235 posts

I recall Ted stated an acidic body is the cause of problem in insomniacs. I would therefore try Ted's alkalising remedy, of the baking soda and lemon ( tastes better than the ACV, and actually quite nice ).

Multiple Remedies
Posted by TeSa (Florida) on 03/30/2019

Thank you Steve.

My cortisol was checked once in a hospital when I had Bigeminy tachycardia for several days and it was normal back then. I see that seriphos is sold over the counter. I'll certainly try it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Steve L. (United States) on 03/28/2019

You might be one of many folks who have high night time cortisol. You can have it tested. It is usually related to adrenal fatigue/stress. If this is the case there is only one product that I have found helpful to reduce night time cortisol which is called seriphos. It is a special formulation of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus that blocks cortisol so you can sleep. Might be worth a try if nothing else has worked. You have to play with the dosage until you find what works for you.

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