Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Insomnia: A Comprehensive Guide

Sleep Mask
Posted by Leslie (Toronto, Canada) on 03/22/2006

I tend to forget to wear it, but a few yrs back my friend got me a sleep mask for my eyes. Whenever I wear this mask, I have the DEEPEST sleeps and most vivid dreams. Without the mask, it usually takes me ages to fall asleep, and even when I do, I'm always waking up. I suggest these masks to anyone who has trouble staying asleep. My only concern is that it does such a good job at keeping my eyes in darkness, that I've rolled right off the bed a couple times when waking up, because I'm disoriented and don't realize where I am on the bed. A small price to pay though for some needed sleep!

Posted by Eric (Mt. Airy, Maryland) on 03/07/2007

For me, its not eating a bannana before bed, rather incorporating bannanas into my diet. If I eat 1 or 2 a day I can fall asleep with no problems whatsoever.

Posted by Leah (Victoria BC) on 03/06/2006

Try eating a banana at bedtime. My stepfather suggested this when a girl he knew had a hard time sleeping after getting into drugs. I tried it & it worked!!

The Pillow Method
Posted by Tammie (Greensboro)

This works everytime for me. Put a fat pillow under your legs/knees and take your pillow out from under your head (make your head level with or below your heart). I can lay awake for hours but as soon as I do this, I'm asleep within 10 mins.

Posted by Victoria (Florence, KY) on 02/26/2006

I tried L-Glutamine after complete colon cleanse and Candida treatment called ThreeLac. Insomnia was one of the symptoms that surprisingly disappeared. While L-Glutamine is an amino acid, and supports the body in many ways, I learned through this experience (and the guidance of a very good Holistic Chiropractor) that when this amino acid is first introduced into the body, the colon just loves it, and sucks it up. As the mucous membranes of the colon are regenerated, insomnia is one of the symptoms that fall to the wayside. I did use the L-Glutamine after a round of the candida treatment, which irradicates an overgrowth of Candida and helps to balance the pH levels of the colon and body. There is also product called HGH at night, which is rich in L-Glutamine, but this is not the original source that I took. I originally took a powder form, about 1,500 mcg. daily, first thing in the morning, as it is loaded with protein and jump starts the metabolism.

Amino Acids
Posted by James Wallace (Seattle , Washington) on 05/19/2007

Recently I wanted to increase my body's growth hormone production to repair stressed muscles. I read in a book on physiology that people who don't sleep well do no release enough growth hormone in the first few hours of sleep to repair the stress of muscles caused during the day. The book pointed to studies of taking the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Glutamine an hour or less before going to bed.

So I bought the two amino acids (500 mg strength each) and took one of each. I got the muscle repair I wanted. But something else happened - I SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH! And I have been sleeping soundly since.

I think this works like a two way street. Insomniacs don't release enough growth hormone: Increased growth hormone release causes sounder sleep.

Also you don't have to take Arginine and glutamine every night. Just 3 to 4 nights a week (I know this because I sometimes forget to take the capsules). So it works in a Ted kind of minimalist sort of way. I appreciate that Ted from Thailand is a minimalist in supplement taking. It's refreshing advice.

Posted by Aimee (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/22/2007

I've had sleep problems for as long as I can remember and it doesn't help that I'm also bipolar. I've tried everything from mind tricks and herbal remedies to over the counter pills but one thing I found that seems to work like a charm is half a cup of chamomile tea mixed with half a cup of milk. The drink should be warm, not hot, so what I do is make cup of the tea by heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then adding the milk afterwards allowing the tea to heat the milk. After drinking it, I'm asleep within half an hour.

Coconut Oil
Posted by jeffrey (bournemouth, ENGLAND) on 06/07/2007


Coconut Oil
Posted by Rosemarie (Carlsbad, CA) on 10/06/2007

I am on my 3rd week using vco and have lost 10 pounds, sleeping through the night, and having more energy. I have cut out gluten from my diet, milk, and coffee also. Now I am going to get my husband to take it..

Wiggle the Toe Method
Posted by Hazel (London, England) on 07/04/2007

I had psychotic depression after my childs birth. I didn't sleep for days. A reflexologist told me this. You wiggle one toe, then the next one, then the next one and so on. Over and over. It works brilliantly, try it tonight!

Magnesium Citrate
Posted by Jann (Ocean, NJ) on 07/08/2007

A natural pharmacist once told me that everyone over the age of 50 shoud be taking 500mg. of magnesium CITRATE (3 capsules)before bedtime,& "they will sleep like a baby"! So my husband & I both tried it & we get 8 hrs. sleep each night! It took a few days to kick in, so dont give up.After a few months, I cut back to 320 mg (2 capsules) & it still works. Its been over a year already! I just love, love, love, your website! Thank you!!!!!!

Posted by Barb (Seattle, USA) on 08/09/2007

I have insomnia related to stress and physical pain. Magnesium helps somewhat. Kava has helped. Unfortunately, benadril is what gave the most relief the past few months. But I seem to be able to take less benadril by using a liquid tincture of the herb skullcap. I use one dropperful before a warm tub each night, then go to bed. I have used melatonin but it gave me bad dreams. I will continue to experiment and keep you informed if I touch on anything else worth mentioning.

Cold Showers
Posted by Leon (Wichita, Ks) on 08/11/2007

I like taking cold showers at night. It helps to sleep and I feel confident getting up in the morning. I encourage everybody to take a cold shower at night. It really helps with insomnia.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by GT (Vero Beach, Florida) on 08/24/2007

Used Medicinal grade Bentonite clay for acid reflux,works within a few sips. Get a small bottle of water put in a teaspoon of bentonite clay (PH is 9.1) shake hard so it disolves in the water and take some sips. You will notice within the second sip the acid starts to calm down. A note; People with bad acid reflux have trouble sleeping, magnesium gets depleted when acid is on overload, a few sips of bentonite clay before bed you sleep like a baby. Magnesium' has a 'calming' effect for the mind and the physical muscles. There is magnesium in bentonite clay.

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
Posted by Margaret (Tallahassee, FL) on 09/14/2007

Insomnia -- This really works. Combo Vitamin of Calcium 1000 mg, magnesium 400mg, & zinc 25 mg. 1 hour before bedtime. Also take Valerian Root 530mg 1 hour before bedtime. I guarantee in 1 weeks time, you won't need sleeping pills anymore.