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Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne
Posted by Regina (Sonoma, CA) on 07/02/2009
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Hello everyone adn thanks so much for the great info. Long Story short is we live in Allergy county and well this yr was yr round for alot of us. I felt tired dizzy sinus issues and almost like asthmatic. So with dealing with all of that I gained 15 pounds in 3 months and was really depressed. I got to thinnking about my diet and realised I was eating pretty bad cheeese pizza dining out lots of salt ect. # days ago I checked my bp to see if went up due to the diet wieght gain as this has happened before. And it was 140/78 pulse 97. So I have changed my diet to no salt, cherries avacado seafoodfresh/frozen (not the breaded) chicken beans veggies. And started the cool water swims. After my laps I lay on the floatie in the water and put my head in the water and do a major head massage off/on 5- 10 minutes.

So today after discovering this site and before doing the cool water swim my bp was 141/78 pulse 103 3:30 pm. So I drank 3 tbs of the organic ACV then took a capsule of Cayenne 450 mg did my above swim workout and after my shower my bp had dropped 122/68 pulse 89 5:58 pm. This is remarkable. The cold water feeling is truly a miracle. My head is clear I feel like a million bucks. ANd thanks to this website and wonderful people I started the ACV and am so happy how quick this worked. I also have lost 3 pounds in just 5 days. I truly hope this info is helpful to you alll out there. I wish you all health wealth and happiness.