Cure Hemorrhoids with Home Remedies That Work


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Posted by Mike (San Antonio, Texas) on 08/01/2009
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40 years ago, an old fashioned family doctor gave me the quick cure for hemorrhoid inflammatory pain. It worked quickly then as it still does. The old fashioned enema immediately cleans out the lower colon of inflammatory producing irritants. The cure includes using a plain mild saline solution with no added chemicals. A popular brand name company sells economical one-time usage, plastic squeeze bottle plain enemas, already filled and ready to use at many chain drugstores. Simply just follow the instructions that comes in the box. Afterward, take a natural stool softener. Constipation can bring on swelling so always take immediate stool softening measures to avoid the painful swelling attacks.

Posted by The23rdman (Leeds, UK) on 07/19/2009
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My naturopathic nutritionist suggested I try coffee enemas for my hemorrhoid as in her school of thought the inflamed hemorrhoid vein is due the the liver dumping excess toxins it cannot cope with into lower circulation. This, along with juicing, has worked wonders for my problem.

Please study very carefully before using coffee enemas though or, preferably, seek the advice of a professional naturopath.

Essential Oils  

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Posted by Ted (Houston, Tx) on 09/10/2015
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For Hemorrhoids - Use 1 part peppermint oil with 3 parts of coconut oil and apply to the area. That has always helped me in healing hemorrhoids in a night.

Posted by Yorgo (Kansas) on 08/29/2015
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Research the power of Essential Oils! I use them for many homeopathic remedies. And especially Aromatherapy.

For Hemorrhoids: create a sitzbath with nice warm-hot water, add 3 drops lavender oil, 2 drops lemon oil, and 2 chamomile... Aaahhh, soothing, cooling, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. etc.

Essential oils are amazing ... please make sure you are using 100% pure essential oils...

Posted by Rich (Pittsburg, Pa) on 11/21/2014
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I have found the holy grail of hemorrhoid treatment that worked for me almost immediately...I thought I would never be free, ..I even had a colonoscopy, & the well known Dr.who took great pride in being smarter than me about these things didn't even give any solution than more fiber & water! But I've discovered essential oils of myrrh & cypress with coconut or olive oil as carrier oils. The holy grail I found first though, was Ma Ying Long, an award winning solution for hemy over in China.

Posted by Benqish (Metar, Israel, Israel) on 12/01/2013
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I have successfully tried this combination. In a small jar of about 50 ml mix 2 or 3 of these oils: olive, avocado, sesame or almond. Sesame is the best but the others are also great. Then add all or any of these essential oils about 10 drops each: peppermint (or spearmint), cypress and tea tree. Apply 3 to 4 times a day when bad and less later: before and after every BM, after showering and before going to bed. Application is by dipping the middle finger in the jar and sliding about 3 cms (1 inch) up the anus and applying externally around the hole. Do this 2 to 3 times. Never double dip (ie replace your dirty finger into the jar). This is difficult even unpleasant (I do understand), but it does work. It works very, very well. Good for hems and fissures. Basically you are lubricating the area for easier BMs and applying a good dose of vitamins and ant-bacterials where they are needed. Stops the itching too.

Posted by Griselda (San Antonio, Tx. Usa) on 09/07/2013
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You don't believe what it help me - so simple and it feels so good, Thank you God! Because I know was U helping me! Organic Greek yogurt! , Yes, just put it in the roid, push it gentle inside, within a second, the bump just disappear! I put it with a drop of tea tree oil, God Bless you!

Posted by Karl (Galway, Gaway) on 04/29/2012
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Hi there, I was suffering from an external pile last week. The pain was so bad I couldn't walk properly and I had to pretend that my back was sore. What I did was I mixed 4mls if frankincense oil and 4mls of Myrrh Essential oil into 300grs of raw unfiltered extra virgin coconut oil. I would soak some soft tissue in the mixture and sit it between my bum cheeks. Within 15 minutes of my first application the pain was almost non existent. I couldn't believe it. I did this twice a day for a week and now I'm cured. I'm sure if one had bleeding and internal piles, using a enema and throwing a bit of cayenne pepper on your food would do wonders. Hope this helps all.

Posted by Jennandluca (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 04/24/2012
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Hi There, I wanted to add to the Hemorrhoids section. I have been applying Tea Tree Oil to my hemorrhoid, and it instantly cools and relieves the pain. I'm not sure if it actually helps to shrink the rhoid, but for pain control, I highly recommend.

I had learned about using Tea Tree Oil to help control and heal pain on a boil I had, so I thought it couldn't hurt to try it on my hemorrhoid.

Hope this helps someone else. thanks, jenn

Posted by Big Tuna (Park Ridge, Illinois, Usa) on 06/29/2010
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I really enjoy EC & have used many of the remedies it contains. A few weeks ago I had a rare bout of constipation. When I finally did have a movement, it felt like I was passing broken glass. It took considerable effort (and tears) , but I was finally successful.

The problem is that now I have a bleeding hemorrhoid since that day. I am starting my 4th week of trying almost all of the remedies on this site for this ailment with no success or relief. It has gotten so bad the past 3 days that I can't sleep. Even OTC pain relievers have no effect on the pain. I have taken B6 & Rutin for 2 weeks; no effect. Last night, 6/28/10 I became desperate & took my bottle of tea tree oil & applied several drops to my finger tip & gently messaged it into the hemorrhoid & surrounding area. At first I felt nothing. In about 3 minutes I felt a warming sensation & possibly a little less pain.

I began watching TV & about ten minutes later I realized that I was actually sitting on the couch & I didn't have any pain. I was able to sleep from midnight to 10am this morning. When I arose from bed, no pain. About an hour later I had another BM. I wish I could say it was pain free, but it was NOT! This time I only had a slight trace of Blood. After I cleaned up I reapplied the tea tree oil & had to wait about 10 minutes & the pain subsided. In fact I went out & cut the grass! As I am writing this I am sitting on a regular chair without the dough nut!

I don't know if the tea tree oil will cure my hemorrhoid or not, but it made it much more bearable & I was able to sleep. Tea tree oil is a fantastic product that I have used for years on cuts & scrapes, hot spots on my dogs etc. It is fungicidal, antiseptic & a germicide. It can be purchased from almost any drug store, vitamin/health food store & many on-line vitamin sites. I got mine from

I know your pain my brothers & sisters.

Big Tuna

Posted by T. in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, USA) on 09/18/2008
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I am trying Preparation H mixed with 3 drops Lavender oil and 2 drops Eucalyptus oil. It tingles but it helps disinfect and heal skin tissue. I also have been using suppositories. I have been using Lavender oil for the last ten years on scrapes, pimples and small cuts. Amazingly my skin doesn't scar when I use it for 3 times a day for 5 or 6 days!

BTW, ACV with garlic diluted in water is an excellent way to clear out bacteria and viruses in the colon as an enema. You will need to replace good bacteria with probiotic yogurt or friendly flora supplements.

Posted by Kim (Hagerstown, Maryland) on 05/31/2008
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I started asking about hemorrhoid remedies while pregnant with my fifth child. During the previous pregnancy (and especially after deliver) I had horrible, painful hemorrhoids.

A friend suggested the following:
1 small (2oz.) tube of KY jelly, squeezed into another container - mix in 5 drops of cypress essential oil and 15 drops of geranium cypress oil and mix very well. Apply liberally as needed.

I'll say that it does "tingle" but I wouldn't go so far as to say it burns. It provides almost instant relief and my hemorrhoids have remained very mild this time around!

Oh - one other thing that did work great for me was straight ICE PACKS - nothing else. But not as convenient as the essential oil mixture!


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Posted by Sharrieff (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/23/2010
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As of this posting I am 64 and have been a employing natural healing remedies for 40 years. I had my first juicer and water distiller back in 1971. For over 25 years I have been a vegetarian and workout regularly (3-6 days a week). However, over the last 10 months I have been experiencing hemorrhoid challenges. For about 4 months the pain threshold at times was at a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I tried nearly every "natural" remedy recommended on this and other sites. Nothing provided the relief that "rebounding" (small trampoline excerciser) has provided. After two days of rebounding for 30 minutes each day I noticed a significant reduction in the swelling. After a week I was practically back to normal; free of pain and with much more energy. Check the internet for the many benefits that rebounding offers. It is said to basically "knit" your body back to normal at the cellular level!


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Great results! I have advised rebounding here in my case for the eyes but it is true that it is a great exercise for all kinds of problems, even to keep young! I am guilty of not doing it enough even now my husband gave me a very good one on my birthday last year (I used to have a cheap one but this one is a completely different experience!). Anyway, even with a cheap one you can achieve great results. Tell me something, do you do any special kind of exercises or do you just jump? I do some exercises with music, I have two great DVD's and it is a lot of fun.

Posted by Paul (Seattle, Wa) on 08/12/2009
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Cured hemorrhoids with these simple steps

1) Walk 30 minutes per day
2) Drink a smoothie once per day with the following included: 1 tbl. spoon apple cyder vinegar, 1 tbl. spoon cold-milled flaxseed, 1 tbl. spoon psyllium husk fiber supplement.
3) Minimize meets and dairy, maximize fruits, veggies, fiber in general.
4) Very regular kegel exercises. Do this laying in bed and anytime during the day. Do it sitting at your desk at work or in your car, or while walking. Very beneficial and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Follow these steps and it will absolutely help alleviate hemorrhoids quickly and will address the root causes.


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Posted by Leelannee (Sussex, Nj) on 09/01/2013
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Clear soluble fiber.

I had hemorrhoids after childbirth and while witch hazel helped with some of the pain and itching, it didn't really cure them.

For a different health concern, I started taking a product that is advertised as "clear soluble fiber" or "non-thickening fiber". Insoluble fiber can dry out your stool, which can irritate hemorrhoids; soluble fiber makes the stool easier to pass, which (I believe) allows the hemorrhoids to heal.

This even worked for one of my cats! I gave him 1/2 a teaspoon in his water bowl every 3-4 days, and he never noticed because it doesn't have any flavor or texture when dissolved in water. In a few days he was better, and I continued to add it to his water for prevention.