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Hemorrhoid Relief: Top Home Remedies and Causes Explained

| Modified on Feb 10, 2024
Reduce Abdominal Pressure
Posted by Mike (Kent, UK) on 02/10/2024 26 posts

I think this is a big one. For this and also other conditions like GERD but I'm less confident of that.

In the same way that straining on the loo or carrying excess weight can cause or worsen piles or gerd, I think many things that increase abdominal pressure can do it. Such as regularly having gas, especially if it's bad gas like with IBS.

I just wanted to share this to get opinions and so on, and because I think it might help people. I'm 90% sure it's true but I don't know the extent to which it affects these conditions.

Anyway, just something I wanted to share as I do think this knowledge is helping me :)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Christene (Medicine Hat, Alberta) on 01/16/2024

I have not had a lot of experience with hemmies - thank my lucky stars! But I had an external one and put hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and applied it a few times and had relief! When you look into the amazing powers of hydrogen peroxide I'm not surprised.

Inversion Therapy
Posted by geoff (australia) on 10/11/2023


Having previously tried yoga(including headstand) to cure hemorrhoids, I was having no luck whatsoever. But with the Inverter device, success was quick & reliable. I don't know why. I can only say one works, the other doesn't.

Prune Juice
Posted by PJ (NEW YORK) on 10/09/2023

Yes the prunes have really helped with softening the bowel movement and speeding the process along so there is no long time sitting on the toilet makes hemorrhoids worse. I snack on them throughout the day so I get the right amount in. Dried apricots are good as well.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Pam (New York) on 10/08/2023

I have to give the aloe a try.

I have tried a long list of over-the-counter products, herbal teas, stool softener, and the list goes on. It's the burning that is the worst part, it's like a fire in your rectum. I have been brought to tears and rocking myself to sleep from sheer exhaustion from the fight.

I know thinking positively contributes to healing, but it is hard to be so when so many remedies have not worked. I am still willing to try.

Thank you for this suggestion, much appreciated.

Best health,


Prune Juice
Posted by SEDERO (West Midlands) on 09/30/2023

I have not yet tried garlic suppositories for my hemorroids but I got also good results by drinking prunes juice SunSweet from tesco ( little bit costy ) 3 boxes ( 1L each) / week. Prunes are rich in Fibres make your stool very soft and allow easy toilet and ease to pressure on veins and arteries in your anus.

30 Seconds Or Less
Posted by WOLF (North Carolina) on 08/20/2023

Hey, I read this a few months ago and I did LOL! Anyway, I thought, I think there is some logic to this... and yes, you're so right. I was a little scared since my uncle passed away while on the loo. Thanks!

Garlic, Exercise
Posted by Phyllis (Canada) on 05/21/2023

After reading through the comments, I would just like to add something. Yes, I have found that garlic cloves inserted anally is the most effective remedy. I've had this embarrassing problem since I had babies in the 1970's. Initially, it was an external problem then became internal. I would wake up at night in excruciating pain and have to walk around and take pain killers until I got some sort of relief. Finally, around 10 years ago I found out about garlic (an Ayurvedic solution) and have used it ever since. Recently I noticed some new bleeding with every bowel movement and thankfully, have started the strict garlic insertion again. Seems to be working. BUT I wanted to know why this time, the bleeding was increasing. Then I suddenly realized that I have been sitting way too much (I am 76 and spend many days seated, doing art work.) Now, I force myself to stay on my feet for much more time each day and I think this is helping as well. So, I believe that staying active is VERY important--we were never meant to sit for hours at a time! I hope this is helpful to some of you!

Inversion Therapy
Posted by Matt (Sydney) on 02/14/2023

Might be a dumb question but could you do a handstand instead of using an inversion swing? Is the idea of just getting 180 deg vertical the same? Thank you. Long time sufferer here and open to all good remedies.

Raw Potato
Posted by Glenda (California) on 12/06/2022

I can tell you why the RED potato with peel works for hemorrhoids.

There is a chemical compound in the peel of a red only potato that causes the blood vessels to constrict, they shrink and pull back internally where they belong, this works very well.

Eucalyptus Honey
Posted by MIMO (Morocco) on 07/20/2022

Eucalyptus Honey for Hemorrhoids

OK, so my treatment is actually quite mixed, but I'll try to highlight all the important points before I describe what happened (spoiler alert: it's a bloody miracle). So, here is my current treatement:

- Apply Eucalyptis Honey directly on the Roid whenever possible, and especially after bowel movements

(if it's external, like mine were, then its as easy as applying cream, if it's internal, get it in somehow if you can, or just eat it)

- Mix honey with ACV every now and then, and apply EUCALYPTUS HONEY + ACV mix

- You may add castor oil, garlic (oil or raw juices), for more bazang.

- Continue until it's gone

Now for my full story:

Table Salt

I don't know where they came from, but one did. It was huge, on the top right side of the inside of my but, just outside and coming from within the anus. The pain was horrible, so I immediately thought "dirty place, diseased-type skin... put salt on it to calm it down". I did just that, and the pain was excruciating, but the overall pain of the Roid died down with it.


I applied ACV with the salt, to get a deflating, disinfecting effect going on. It worked, but I ran out of ACV, so I put salt again and it grew back in size. So, I went and got ACV and followed a lady on here who said rise out baby wipes, soak in ACV and put it up there, leaving it over night. It worked wonderfully for a while, but then my skin condition started to deteriorate, making the Roids worse, and then suddenly another bigger, worse Roid showed up at the bottom. I thought if this cure don't work, it's surgery for me.

Eucalyptus honey

So I cam across this scientifically proven olive oil + honey + beeswax mix. I couldn't get my hands on beeswax (because to be honest I'm new and didn't even know beeswax was consumable! ). So, I bought eucalyptus honey, knowing its antibiotic nature, and just put it straight on. IMMEDIATELY, just like the ACV the first time, the pain, itchiness, uncomfortableness, all of it, was gone. The size still remained.


So, eucalyptus honey makes all the bad go away and looks after skin, in fact improving it, and ACV does the opposite, which is destroy all that is in its path. Therefore, I can destroy the bugger without any damage, all with no pain or weird remedy, just mix it in a cup, put my finger in it, and put it on top (after washing that area properly, which is what you should do after every bowel movement. You don't wipe plates clean without washing, don't do the same to your butt).

Extra - sitting

I also ensured to change my sitting habits and ensure I'm not sitting in a way that could put bad pressure on them.

Final remarks and current results:

I can feel the little skin sticking out a bit, because they are veins going up that way after all, but everyday it reduces in size. It went from a grape size and blocking even my passing of gas, to barely the size of a pea. It should be gone by the weekend. I'll let you know if it is.

30 Seconds Or Less
Posted by KK (Nairobi) on 06/19/2022

I'm "healed" of my hemorrhoids (the how below).

I've suffered for years, often with recruiting pain. ACV helped me manage my pain: 50/50 acv/water solution on a cotton ball, wedged between my cheeks for around 10 minutes. Plus a repeat 10 minutes of I was still in pain.

Then I read the primary cause of inflamed hemorrhoids is pressure. And sitting on the loo for long is the main cause of that pressure. The recommendations are to take 5 to 10 minutes. I was doing that, occasionally a little longer.

I then found an article that said all mammals, the largest to the smallest, take an average of 12 seconds to poop. Watching my dog poop on walks have me an example of this. When he had more to eliminate, he just did two or more 12 second stops/squats between walking. Never stopped there waiting for the shy ones to come.

This fixed my hemmies instantly and completely. From the first time I pooped like my dog, taking 30 seconds or less on the pot, I have not had any inflammation or pain. Gone completely. After years of suffering!

Try it. Sit, push if you must (don't be scared to push, my dog does. Speed is paramount), as soon as you feel a "break", wipe and get up. If you're a dude, don't pee while sitting, finish pooping, wipe, stand and pee.

That's it. That's what healed me. Three weeks now. Went from daily piles and pain to zero. Try it. 30 seconds or less.

Posted by Michaela (New Zealand) on 03/06/2022

Hi, GertJr. I was reading down the thread looking for treatments for my daughter, who has just had a baby, and I saw your reference to IBS. Everybody is different, but I had IBS badly for 20 years. One day three years ago I decided to try lower-carb eating to lose weight, as an unexpected, but much appreciated, side effect of going off all grain products (bread, baked goods, etc) my IBS stopped, never to return again! I find if I have too much fruit, I get a little tummy ache. I have finally figured out all these years later, that eating a grain-free diet while watching my fruit consumption has sorted it. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it worked for me when I thought I would have to live with IBS for the rest of my life. All the best.

Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/25/2022

6 Proven Collinsonia Root Benefits - Healthy Focus

11 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Black Pepper (healthline.com)

here are some links to add to above article on hemorrhoids. I don't have those, but these products look interesting for other health improvements. I know when you feel miserable it is nice to find information without having to go look for it. I may be adding these to my cabinet for occasional use. A nice arsenal is good for us.

Posted by Chelle (South Africa) on 01/25/2022

Hi. Really appreciate your posting. I'm wanting to help a friend who says he's bleeding "like a stuffed pig". Really suffering. He's 75. Did you use dried ginger and cayenne or fresh ground up into a paste in the capsules? I want to make this for him. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Anonymous :) (United States) on 01/16/2022

Buy a portable bidet bottle. Keeps from irritating them with paper. Wish I had known this earlier in life.

Stone Root Extract (Collinsonia)
Posted by Brett RN (Hawaii) on 12/18/2021

My go-to for the occasional hemorrhoids (once every 10 years or so) is Stone Root extract herbal tincture. At about 23 years old I became vegetarian. I am an avid athlete weight lifter and sadly I immediately lost over 50 lbs of lean hard muscle (and most of my strength too). Then while bearing down as I was trying to bench press (my previous warmup weight), I felt a burning pain in my butt. Doctor diagnosed hemorrhoids...with zero family history of this I was shocked. Doctor said "Welcome to it, it is very common with weight lifters."

I was only 160 lbs at that point having lost from my 210ish normal weight. I tried medications (all of them) and nothing worked. So I went to the health food store and asked the lady on the vitamin aisle. She smiled and said "Oh, yes, I have just the thing for you! Collinsonia, also called Stone root." I took a dropper full in the store and by bedtime 3 hours later I was "burning-itching-stabbing pain" free.

The next day I could pass stool without pain or blood. I kept getting them every month or so and kept taking stone root each time. Then I started eating meat again and they didn't come back for over 10 years of weight lifting and heavy lifting at work. Took stone root and gone.

Then in my early 40s, I got some that didn't go away with stone root alone (a different brand?), I had to drink fresh carrot and spinach juice 2 times a day for 3 days and GONE were the painful bleeding hemorrhoids. So, heavy lifting only causes them if you bear down deep. I learned to breathe and lift without ever doing that in the gym or on the toilet too...bearing down is foolish and dangerous.

Hope this helps some of you out there and many thanks to EC for all you do.

Essential Oils
Posted by Truself (Ohio) on 09/05/2021

Can u offer details on the essential oil amounts and how used for hemorrhoids?

Raw Potato
Posted by Selva (Washington) on 08/20/2021

For hemorrhoids

It is well know in my country of origin that if you peel a small potato and use the center of it to make a suppository like shape and insert it in your anus, you will cure internal hemorrhoids. I saw how it cured a close friend of mine back then.

Coconut Oil, Cumin
Posted by FR (MN) on 08/18/2021


WARNING & SUCCESS: Not totally sure this was the cause but I've been using the Magic Milk Tonic with all four spices -- curry, turmeric, ginger AND the cumin. Today was the third time I'd taken it and maybe an hour or two after that I was going into the kitchen and all of a sudden felt "pulled" toward the floor to my right side. Only when I grabbed the counter did I feel at all light-headed or dizzy and I never blacked out (I had that experience in junior high and I'm 59 now). It's the only new thing I've been doing recently.

I did a search on Duck, Duck, Go: "Can taking cumin, curry, turmeric or ginger make you lose your balance" and ended up on this page (I'd meant to say AND ginger):

https://www.drugs.com/mtm/turmeric.html and looking under common side effects I found the "dizziness" hyperlink and clicked it and found the "Vertigo" page below with the following comment.

"What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a condition that causes you to feel dizzy. You may feel that you or everything around you is moving or spinning. You may also feel like you are being pulled down or toward your side."

I HAVE had good results with this combination, otherwise. I think I've only taken 1x/day the few times I've taken it. I HAD been contemplating 3x/day just to move on from this more quickly. I was basing that idea on the coconut oil/cumin ointment first mentioned by Dibro828.

Does anyone else have anything similar to report? Now I'm thinking I'll stick with the 1x/day and maybe make it before bed so I can sleep it off. I also think I'll discontinue as soon as possible after total or near-total relief because of this strange side-effect.

I don't take any medications.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Brandon (Healdsburg, CA) on 07/30/2021

Hi Bubba_man,

I noticed you posted this message a few years back and was wondering (A) if you're still using the supplements listed above, and (B) if they are still working for you. Thanks!

Camphor in Belly Button
Posted by Peppermint (USA) on 06/19/2021

Wow, this works!! Thank you so much for taking the time to posting this unusual tip.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rose (Ontario) on 05/28/2021

It is the skin of the aloe leaf, containing latex which is toxic to liver and kidney, not the inner gel. Some liquid and powdered aloe supplements contain the skin, advertised as 'whole leaf'. It is the 'filet', just the gel that is essentially non toxic, but all things in moderation and one should research for contraindications to any supplement which could apply to an individual's health profile.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Yogita (Lucknow ) on 05/16/2021

Can I insert hydrogen peroxide over night?

Big Salads
Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 03/22/2020

My friend had hemorroids soooo bad he couldnt seat (tennis player). I told him to eat BIG RAW SALADS (mixed and different fresh vegetables.) He did and what a rilie and fast cure! Now he wins every game against me! I regret I told him!

Fresh Radish Juice
Posted by Joel (London) on 01/12/2020

You mean 150- 200ml twice per day? or 75- 100ml twice per day?

Fresh Radish Juice
Posted by northstar (Yangon ) on 12/23/2019

I suffered from stage 2-3 hemorrhoids few years ago. I tried several medicines prescribed by doctors but nothing helped me.

What worked for me is radish juice. I took radish juice around 150 to 200 ml every day morning and evening on empty stomach continuously for 4 days. I

started feeling the reduction in pain and shrinking of hemorrhoids from day two itself. In 4 days my hemorrhoids gone completely. I am sure this remedy will work for all. I also recommended this remedy to couple of my friends and they too get cured very fast. I recommend this to every one. Radish juice, immediately after juicing have a very strong taste. I use to drink it immediately after juicing.

Those who cannot handle the taste, take the juice 30 minutes after juicing ( If you leave the radish juice for for some time, its strong taste will be come mild to some what sweeter ).

Good Luck.

Camphor in Belly Button
Posted by Anne (Texas) on 08/18/2019

Once every several months, I experience hemorrhoids. I don't really know why as nothing changes in my diet or exercise. Usually the problem goes away in a few days. But the last time, I had more than one hemorrhoid appear and they did not go away quickly. I tried the castor oil remedy, and it was soothing, but did not resolve the problem. Then I read a comment on mercola.com, in which the person quoted Dr. Donald Carrow (now deceased, but a holistic MD).

Per Dr. Carrow, put camphor oil into the naval and the hemorrhoids would go away.

I didn't have straight camphor oil, so used metholatum rub which has the camphor. After one or two applications of the salve into my navel, I was back to normal! The hemorrhoids were gone. I don't know how it worked, but it did, so I wanted to pass it on for others who might like to try it.

Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 12/09/2020

Her ( my son's wife) oxygen levels have risen and they took her off that today and now they are waiting to see how well she can walk, before releasing her from hospital. She had other health issues prior. I asked a friend to pray and he put her on a prayer chain. I pray thankful prayers. (It is finished, praise the Lord) I can't speak into my families lives because a prophet is of no effect among his own. Light is coming into all the dark places and truth will rise up and overtake every hidden thing. Thank you for your prayers and concerns. Blessings, Charity

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 12/05/2020

I was thinking about my daughter in law when I went to bed, she is very ill right now with pneumonia and covid and I woke up and saw a large white cup and felt like it had slippery elm tea in it. I didn't know that was a tea but I do take the herb for digestion issues. It works on mucus, sore throat, burns and the pre and pro biotics and many other things if you google it. Good for crohns, IBS, hemorrhoids

Posted by Art (California) on 11/25/2020 2139 posts

The LDN is the one to try first as it has a fairly good track record with IBS/Crohn's disease and although it is helpful for many other diseases, it has shown the most benefit with IBS. The melatonin would be the second choice as there is a chance it can exacerbate the diarrhea.

LDN is by prescription, but it is very mild and slow acting. I've used it in the past and it did not give me any problems.


Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/25/2020

Art, no I haven't heard that high dose melatonin could help. Is the help temporary or more permanent? And, what dosage are we talking about here? I'm willing to try that. I had looked at the LDN some time ago and don't remember why I didn't try it, is it by prescription? That's usually the only thing that stops me from trying something. Thanks again for all your help.

Posted by Art (California) on 11/24/2020 2139 posts


With diarrhea, hemorrhoids can be caused by sitting on the toilet frequently for extended periods of time as you wait for the diarrhea to stop. The hard seat significantly reduces normal blood flow to the area which can cause hemorrhoids.

Have you looked into LDN or high dose melatonin(HDM) for the IBS-D. Low dose melatonin may be useful for IBS-C.


Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 11/23/2020

Hi GertJr, I have had plenty of clumsy of my own, No worries : ) Love, Charity

Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/23/2020

Oh, Charity, you didn't set me off. I just wanted to open people's minds to other possibilities, in my clumsy way. For example, how many men comment that hard stool is the only factor. They've never had a hemi pop out as they were giving birth, now, have they? Just wanted to point out that there are many ways to get this problem.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/23/2020

Hi GertJr,

I am currently studying to override original programming from womb to at 7. Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Lipton put some keys in my hand and I'm not sure yet which doors they unlock but I will be trying them out. One is that your subconscious mind is your body and is 95 percent of the brain you live in. 5 percent is your reasoning brain that does research, watches movies and get inspired but connot change the 95% except in the hypno state 1/2 before sleep and 1/2 hour before waking. That has to be done intentionally or it will never happen. My issues from trauma are my body is addicted to cortisol and I need to give it more endorphins from good vibrations to override that addiction to change it's energy source. Fear or faith doors are what they are . Fear stops digestion. I just learned this in the last 10 days of studies, so I have lots of application to figure out. My other limit is I am a Jesus freak so I have to be careful to not get involved in occult issues while I am trying to heal myself. I am BODY MIND & SPIRIT and can't heal without all three areas addressed. Loveyou GertJr, sorry if my colace comment set you off. I had C-Diff for over half a year battle and couldn't eat a cracker without a toilet nearby. Normally I need Ox bile daily and kefir or all movement stops in my intestines. Running from my trauma.

Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/23/2020

I am really concerned with all these people who equate hemorrhoids with lack of fiber. I have ibsd, never constipated, and the diarrhea will sure trigger hemis. Adding fiber just makes it worse in my case. And don't overlook the fact that ibsd or constipation can result from factors beyond your control, such as medical conditions. I had radiation twice in my life, once while still in the womb. Since I have done everything I can do for the last 60 years to overcome the diarrhea and nothing has worked, I conclude that the radiation, beyond my control, is a factor. I also had several concussions as a young child and head trauma is also a factor. Any remedies for that, and I'll listen.

Posted by Helaku P. (EC's Facebook Page) on 11/22/2020


I had hemorrhoids, it was caused by food with lack of fibers: mashed potatoes, tomato paste, white rice, etc. Cooked food can soften the fiber and make transit harder. Avoid or limit coffee, gluten is harsh on intestines, it makes them porous.

It all went away, but : use hemorrhoid cream, do not use toilet paper they are too harsh, I use reusable cloth. Avoid walking too much during crisis if possible it hurts.

Posted by Steve East (EC's Facebook Page) on 11/22/2020


Piles are caused usually by the parasite Pinworm! Now pinworm is one of the hardest to remove ... but a course of Clark Fx ( the 3 herbs cloves, wormwood and green Hull of Black Walnut) .... dose 3 times a day for 30 days ..then weekly maintenance doses along with a more alkaline diet! Now Parasites carry virus and bacteria ... so beware possible infections during treatment! Read Dr Hulda Clark!

Posted by Love real health news (UT) on 11/22/2020

Be sure to get the Witch Hazel withOUT alcohol.. you have to read the label.. I have found some in some health food stores and on Amazon.

Posted by Beverlie G (Edmonton AB) on 11/22/2020

Look up Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube. Bile Salts (aka Ox Bile) will help in many ways to calm digestive tract, soften stool, encourage healthy bacteria, decongest liver and much more.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/22/2020

At walmart ,near the feminine pads is a section with cream for yeast infections. Next to it is a cream called vagicaine. It numbs the area. Buy some witch hazel to shrink the hemorrhoid. Buy some yeast cream to put in the rectum just in case you have some imbalance there. Buy some store brand colace to get rid of any constipation. Buy a freezer gel pack to ice the area. Buy two so one can freeze while you use the other. If you are miserable, get in the tub, drink 16 ounces of water and lemon, orange or pineapple. The bath water will trick your brain into thinking the pain is coming from a larger area and shrink the signals. Blessings, Charity. Sit on a core ball.....

Posted by Ingo (CA) on 11/22/2020

OMG, I hope one of these remedies work, I'm in so much pain I can't sleep. There's no position where it doesn't hurt like hell, it's been like this for weeks. I'm terrified of surgery and have no insurance either, and I don't want to become addicted to painkillers. Hope I don't have to spend the rest of my life like this.

Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/22/2020

You should keep some Witch Hazel (near the rubbing alcohol in the store) on hand. It is an astringent and can reduce hemmorhoids, for awhile at least. I keep it in the fridge, the cold feels so good. For a large rhoid, soak a cotton ball or wad of gauze with it, place it on the rhoid and see if your cheeks won't hold it in place because then you can put on underwear and keep it in place for a long time.

Posted by M (New Jersey) on 11/21/2020

I just had the biggest hemorrhoid ever. I couldn't close my legs or walk or sit or lay down or stand, or even wear underwear and tighter pants. It was the size of a peach pit and protruded out from my cheeks. I wanted to scream. I desperately tried ACV, sitz baths, castor oil, iodine, aloe. The castor oil soothed it a little, but didn't reduce the size of this raging behemoth. ACV didn't do anything and diluted iodine just burned. Aloe went inside my hole by accident and really stung inside all night long. The sitz baths felt good while doing them, but when I dried off, it was back to normal for ol rhoidy. Vicks is the only thing that has soothed it within a minute of application, and decreased the size by half overnight. I was able to walk, sit, and wear underwear again! In three days it went from the size of a peach pit to a small peanut. I could cry; I am so appreciative.

NOTE: I originally had a can of knock-off Vicks from Amazon (bought a while ago) that did not work at all. Why? It did not have turpentine. Turpentine is the key ingredient. I found that out from my sister and immediately went to the store and bought Vicks, and that was the key. A lot of store brands comparable to Vicks do have turpentine, but you have to check those ingredients!

Posted by 2q&learn (Southern California) on 10/04/2020

Once, when I had constipation, I developed a tiny outside hemorrhoid. MY ND said to drink more water & eat more roughage & it would go away in several days. I researched & read that hemorrhoids are caused by swelling, which is caused by injury. So, I took a single dose of MSM (known for reducing swelling), and the next day my hemorrhoid was gone.

Posted by Cat (Mallorca) on 08/22/2020

That's interesting because I'm pretty sure that rebounding (which I adore) has actually caused my current internal hemorrhoids. Admittedly, I was doing it pretty strenuously for 60 minutes, four days a week for two months. I am wondering if I'll ever be able to rebound again... Hope you're still bouncing away, Sharieff!

Anti-Candida Diet
Posted by Diane (Mn) on 07/26/2020

If someone can't eat garlic would taking garlic supplements also work?

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Aloha Granny (Maui, Hawaii) on 07/09/2020

Also, the best thing ever for me was purchasing a toilet seat bidet. Remove your existing toilet seat and replace with bidet toilet seat to your existing toilet. Search online for one that suits your budget and needs.

Posted by Suzanne (South Fl) on 08/22/2018

I am pregnant and had gotten hemmoroids, tried everything otc . After 12 hours of no relief, I ended up in the ER. After some pricey prescription, I finally got relief but a few days later they were back and bigger than ever :(

I looked on earth clinic and tried the cayenne pepper tea... right before bed. I woke up at 3 am and the newest addition was gone!! Better relief than the medication and worked much faster!! I highly recommend.

Inversion Therapy
Posted by Geoff (Qld.) on 05/28/2018

You don't have to use the swing everyday as a preventative measure. yYu only use it once you get a 'roid'.

Some relevant points;

1. get on the swing immediately after getting the 'roid'-delay will adversely affect the cure time.

2. you must go a full 180 degree inversion, nothing less.

3. if you live alone, or are not very agile, make sure you have some means of returning to vertical i.e., attaching a rope to the ceiling or wall, or placing a large box near your hands to help pushing yourself back to vertical. most swings have an adjustment mechanism on the rear that you can adjust to alter the centre of gravity, thus making it easier to return to vertical.

4. at some stage you will get a 'puckering' feeling around your anus. don't resist it, just relax & let the roids be 'sucked' back inside your rectum.

While the swing was my lifesaver for 6-8 years, it was rutin that cured my hemorhoids- if you have tried rutin & did not get results, try doubling or even tripling the daily dosage.

The swing made my life close to normal, but rutin has completely eliminated roids from my life, and as mentioned in a previous post my roids weren't severe, they were catastrophic, the worst of the worst. I hope my post helps you, best wishes.

Inversion Therapy
Posted by Geoff (Queensland) on 05/26/2018

as I got hemorhoids after every bowel movement, which was 1-2 times a day, I was using the swing that many times. after I used the swing, the hemorhoids would be gone until the next bowel movement when I would repeat the process. as stated, the swing does not prevent you getting hemorhoids in the first place, but when you do get them the swing can get rid of them in as little as 2-3 minutes with a little practise. initially, you may have to spend as long as 8-10 minutes until you get the hang of it. believe me, this device borders on the miraculous when it comes to the relief of hemorhoids when all else has failed. please note that most swings come with grossly inadequate foam protection for your ankles when hanging upside down-you will probably have to substantially the foam, or find a far better way of supporting your ankles. please give this method a good try- please reply back if you experience any problems. I speak from first hand experience.

Inversion Therapy
Posted by Pat (Wa) on 05/25/2018

How often and how long to you use the inversion swing?