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Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids: Swift Soothing Relief

| Modified on Feb 10, 2024
Castor Oil Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. This uncomfortable condition can lead to symptoms such as pain, itching, and bleeding. With the growing interest in natural remedies, castor oil has emerged as a potential treatment for hemorrhoids due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

This article explores how castor oil can be used to alleviate the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, providing a detailed guide for those seeking an alternative or complementary therapy.

The Healing Properties of Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Castor oil is lauded for its extensive healing properties, encompassing improved circulation, pain relief, infection prevention, inflammation reduction, and tender tissue soothing. After witnessing its benefits for hemorrhoids, you may wish to investigate other potential applications for castor oil.

How Castor Oil Works for Hemorrhoids

The mechanism by which castor oil alleviates hemorrhoid symptoms is multifaceted. Ricinoleic acid within the oil penetrates the skin, helping to relieve pain and inflammation. This can result in a reduction of swollen tissues and provide a soothing effect on the affected area. Additionally, castor oil can improve blood flow to the tissues, promoting faster healing and reducing the chances of further complications.

How to Apply Castor Oil to Hemorrhoids Effectively

Applying castor oil to hemorrhoids can be done in several ways, each method aiming to soothe and reduce the symptoms effectively:

  • Toilet Tissue Method: Start by folding a piece of toilet paper into a smaller, thicker square and then add a few drops of castor oil onto it. Gently press this against the hemorrhoid area. Make sure to change the tissue with a new oil-applied one after each bathroom use. Before each new application, cleaning the area is vital to prevent any infection.
  • Cotton Ball or Pad Application: A cotton ball or a cosmetic pad can also be an applicator for the castor oil. Dab the cotton with oil and apply it to the affected area. These items should be discarded in the trash after use, as they are not meant to be flushed down the toilet, unlike toilet paper.
  • Soft Fabric Method: For those with sensitive skin, using a piece of soft, clean cloth, like an old t-shirt cut into small squares, might be gentler. Soak the cloth square in castor oil and apply it to the hemorrhoids. These cloth pieces are reusable after washing but should also be disposed of in the trash, not the toilet.
  • Overnight Application: Many find that applying castor oil before bed allows for an uninterrupted healing process. Overnight, the oil has ample time to work, and many report feeling relief after the first night. Ensure that the oil is securely in place, possibly with the help of a small clean cloth or pad, to avoid staining your bedding.

In any method you choose, quality castor oil and hygiene are paramount for the best results and to avoid further irritation or infection.

Tips and Precautions

  • Protect Your Clothing: Castor oil can cause stubborn stains due to its thick, greasy nature. To prevent damage to your garments, it may be wise to use a sanitary pad or a protective barrier when applying the oil, especially if you're moving around during the day.
  • Avoid Overuse: While applying castor oil topically to hemorrhoids, be cautious of the amount used. Castor oil has a known laxative effect when absorbed in significant amounts through the skin, which may inadvertently exacerbate hemorrhoid discomfort or lead to other digestive issues.


Castor oil stands as a promising natural remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, offering anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. Incorporating castor oil into your self-care routine, you can manage hemorrhoid symptoms and promote faster healing. However, it's important to note that while castor oil can provide relief, it is not a cure for the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. A comprehensive approach, including dietary changes and consulting with healthcare professionals, should be part of your hemorrhoid treatment plan.

Remember to consider the efficacy, benefits, and precautions associated with castor oil before use, and always opt for high-quality, pure castor oil to ensure the best results in managing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Have you tried using castor oil for hemorrhoid relief? We'd love to hear about your results. Keep reading to learn from the experiences of others who have incorporated castor oil into their hemorrhoid management routine successfully.

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17 User Reviews

Posted by Jimmy (Grand Cayman) on 08/14/2023

Castor oil shrank my exterior Hemmeroid though now I am bleeding the day after?

I did a compress yesterday and this AM it had shrunk from a grape to a watermelon seed, though today I have bled (alot- the bowel was bright red~)twice with two BM's, will the bleeding go away? If this bleeding persists, when should I see a Doctor?

Replied by Magnolia16

As a fellow sufferer, bright red blood means the hem. is bleeding. That may also play a part in the shrinkage of it. You might need a stool softener or something like miralax to soften the stool and make it easier to pass. Usually the bleeding will stop on its own. Dark blood can mean something more serious, but the bright red, would indicate to me it is the hem. and should stop on its own. Good luck!

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi Jimmy

The #1 spice to stop bleeding is Cayenne Pepper Powder. I had dental work done. It bled a lot, So I tossed a 1/4 spoon of Cayane Powder and it stopped right away and never bled again., hardly any pain.

You will be very happy that you did this.

God Bless


Replied by Katherine


I found out that low copper can cause hemorrhoids. Zinc and copper need to be balanced. I was taking lots of zinc and got bleeding hemorrhoids. Took same amount of copper as zinc (1-1). Next day almost 100% better.

Castor Oil
Posted by George (Delores ) on 07/17/2023

My hemorrhoid was the size of a grape! I couldn't bend over to grab anything or squat down without pain. One application of castor oil and I can bend and squat now with no pain! Thanks castor oil!!

Castor Oil
Posted by Irene (Los Angeles, CA) on 04/01/2021

My husband developed really bad hemorrhoid recently. We tried every remedy I'd find on earthclinic, but nothing seems to work. It lasted for almost a month!

One day I searched earthclinic again and noticed the posts for castor oil. I bought organic, food grade oil and he started using it. We were careful, applying a couple of drops each time, 3 times a day. It shrank the hemorrhoid greatly pretty fast, in a half of the day the pain was less and the size became much smaller, it worked like a miracle. In a day the shrank piece fell off. We were shocked!!! I talked to the doctor, she said that it is possible...Because that piece fell off he had some blood, we healed the wound with neosporin, just applied it several times a day. Finally our suffering stopped!!! After a very short time everything was over!

Replied by Kim
(Harrisburg PA)

Has anyone used castor oil on an external thrombosed hemorrhoid? I've read several success stories about castor oil healing hemorrhoids, but it seems that the oil is to bring blood to the hemorrhoid so it will heal. A thrombosed hemorrhoid already has a blood clot in it. I'm concerned about bringing more blood to the area. Any experiences regarding this would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, I use castor oil, just a small amount rubbed on and it shrinks the hem. and takes away lots of the pain. Have used it for years and is my #1 thing to use.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Kim

I have no experience with Caster oil for that issue but I found that using Frankincense Oil on any lump or bump once you apply 2-3 drops on the area they soon disappear and do not come back. It works for me.

God Bless


(Harrisburg PA)


Thanks for your response! But was it a thrombosed hemorrhoid? Or a “regular” hem?

(Illinois, USA)
431 posts

It's been my experience that the body can use castor oil in many, many different ways and for many, MANY different jobs, as required. If it was me, I'd put a plastic garbage bag under the sheet, slap a castor oil soaked gauze pad on it when I went to bed and not worry about it - just let it do whatever it needs to do. If the body NEEDS to push it out through the skin due to the direct application of the castor oil, it might be messy but I'd just rinse off, slap another fresh castor oil soaked gauze pad on it and go back to bed - fully expecting that method of the body getting rid of something it doesn't want to be over and done with by morning. BUT - if the idea of some blood frightens you, you can simply use an ordinary castor oil pack over the liver area.

Progression of the issue will stop, either way, though a regular castor oil pack may take a week or more to resolve that particular issue if there are other things that also need to be done. Which there would almost certainly be but what's a week? It's practically no time at all. Plus, the worry would be gone due to progression being stopped so, take as much time as you need with it. Use a little or a lot, applied directly to the hem or systemically with an ordinary castor oil pack over the liver (I'd skip the heat).

There's no guarantee it wouldn't push it out through the skin, even with an ordinary oil pack but, if you're worried, simply roll a tablespoon of cayenne pepper into gauze to about the size of a teabag and leave it in the bathroom, "just in case". Apply that and go back to bed.

The main thing is to not worry about it. Worry/fear is modern medicine's biggest revenue stream and your body is THOUSANDS of times smarter than modern medicine.

You can buy reusable teabags now! They're sort of like brewing bags or aquarium filter bags. Fill some with cayenne, tie the end up and keep them in a mason jar in the freezer for emergencies!

And just FYI - castor oil doesn't "draw" things out. There are instances in which the body will PUSH things out through the skin, if need be and castor oil PENETRATES very deeply - deeper than the other oils - but it doesn't draw. Charcoal will draw toxins through the skin and even out of the blood to dispose of them via the digestive tract, epsom salt practically yanks foreign bodies out through the skin and clay has some drawing power as it dries - but not castor oil.

Castor Oil
Posted by Geet (New South Wales) on 08/06/2017

I tried using castor oil for my hemorrhoid. Got relief from the very first application, as I was unable to bend down to pick up anything. It's been 8 days, I am still applying once after shower, as a tiny bit of it has remained, but I can't feel it's there, while I walk, run or whatever I do.

After reading that it's a laxative, I have taken a tea spoon internally as well empty stomach in the morning. It is an excellent remedy to clear my intestines, and heal the hemorrhoids. Thank you!!

Castor Oil
Posted by Isabel (Fl) on 06/30/2017

Re: Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids - I did it and it worked.

Castor Oil
Posted by Castor Oil For Hemorrhoids It Works Very Fine (India) on 06/28/2017

Yes I used castor oil for Hemorrhoids it works very fine. now no pain and healing on the anus area.. I strongly recommend to all people in work very fine..

Castor Oil
Posted by Anne (London) on 03/25/2016

I suffer from hemorrhoids once a month for a week, and usually just grit my teeth and bear it. But this month was particularly painful. So, I came onto Earth clinic for a remedy and opted for castor oil as this person describes - as mini packs during the day and at night during sleep.

I also employed the 6 inch step and ate a bit more fiber in the form of flaxseed. But I always up my fiber around this time of the month anyway, but it doesn't help much tbh.

There was a 80% improvement in 2 days! I couldn't believe it. I think it was the castor oil and 6 inch step.

The other thing is that I added sauerkraut to my breakfast these last 2 days too. I think fermented foods are amazing for intestinal health no matter what, so I'll carry on with that. Not sure if that contributed to my healing to quickly, but I'm sure it didn't hurt.

Thanks for such an amazing site!

Replied by Kim

What is the 6 inch step if you don't mind me asking? Or did I miss something in the thread?

Castor Oil
Posted by Naturalpursuit (Oklahoma, US) on 10/29/2014

I just tried the castor oil for my hemorrhoids, and within 2 hours, the anal tissue has completely shrunk and withdrawn back inside (it was inflamed and swollen). I still have pain, so I am looking forward to seeing how fast it completely heals. I am amazed that I did not know this sooner. I just gave birth 5 days ago and have been suffering with hemorrhoids caused by labor.

All I did was apply the castor oil on a square cotton pad and press it onto the area and leave it there. I will continue applying it and hopefully I am hemorrhoid free soon.

On another note, I also take magnesium and blackstrap molasses daily to prevent constipation. It is a miracle cure for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and/or constipation because it causes you to become regular and softens the stool naturally.

Castor Oil
Posted by Johanna (Dallas, Texas) on 09/30/2012

My hemorroids have flared up in the past and gone down with no special treatment. However not this time... They flared with a vegence and the pain with sitting, standing, walking was unbearable. I tried externally applying apple cider vinegar but that made them worse as well as causing bleeding and the pain was NOT alleviated. ( I wish it would have worked... Sigh). Anyway I read thru the hemorroid remedies here on Earth Clinic as I did not want to go the surgery route that my sister did. She was in ALOT of pain afterward and is still having some problems. Anyway I noted a couple people here on the site had relief from castor oil. I happened to have a bottle of castor oil on the shelf and thus decided to give it a try. Well it is working... my pain level has considerably decreased.

What I did was to use Hexane Free and Paraben Free Cold pressed and cold processed castor oil and exfoliating cotton round cotton pads (yep the cheap ones you find in the make up aisle). I placed several drops of castor oil on the pad and then placed the pad against those hemorrohoids. I left the pad in place and went about my day. Every time I had to use the bathroom I replaced the pad. I also sleep with a pad in place. I feel so much better!!

I also have been taking sitz baths with only warm water three times a day. I sit in the sitz bath 20 minutes each time.

Replied by Dolores

If you put a few drops in milk and drink it, it helps the internal hemorrhoids, putting it in milk camouflages the taste of the castor oil

Castor Oil
Posted by Em (San Francisco, Ca) on 03/07/2012

For the last few years I believe I have hemorrhoids (some swelling) and constant itching. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was a short-term relief but , the itching and irritation that would follow would soon come back. I've tried different oils and other solutions.. Coconut, olive, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, calendula creams... There would be some relief and not for long. So, I finally decided to try multiple remedies.. For the last couple of days I've taken 500 mg of rutin which seems like a lot and may not continue since it seems to make me feel a bit queasy, plus 5 black whole peppercorns twice a day. I've also been applying castor oil two or three times a day and have felt a marked improvement.

I think castor oil is making a huge difference. The swelling and itching has almost entirely subsided and I feel I'm on the verge of a complete recovery. I'm so grateful to have access to this site and appreciate finding natural and least invasive treatments for many conditions that may otherwise be chronic. Thank you Earthclinic and all contributors!

Castor Oil
Posted by Xpi (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 06/04/2011

My hemorrhoids flared up when I went on a diet and didn't introduce myself to a high-fiber diet slowly; my digestive system also seemed to have major issues especially with high fiber yogurt, which sent me to the bathroom frequently with burning diarrhea. I stopped eating the yogurt and the burning stopped, but the hemorrhoids persist.

I, like most others, have tried many things to control the pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids, with little success. OTC, sitz baths... none of it was giving me much, if any, relief.

After reading through all the posts on this site, I decided to first try apple cider vinegar; both externally and taking orally. Sadly, it has not helped me.

I then decided to try a Castor Oil pack last night. This morning I had the most comfortable BM I've had in a couple of months. I started getting a little throbbing from sitting a couple hours later; did another pack and felt relief in a matter of minutes. I'm not cured yet, but so far Castor Oil has helped me where nothing else I'd tried to date has.

Replied by Xpi
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Update: Three days and four castor oil packs later I am so much better!

Castor Oil
Posted by Laura (Sparks, Nv) on 04/05/2011

Fast Hemmorrhoid cure

When I had babies it really brought on the hemmorrhoids. I tried creams, pads, espom salt soaks, sitting on pillows. I had to suffer 'til it went away. Nothing helped. Years later I was using the Edgar Cayce castor oil felt pad method on my abdomen for another issue and on a whim decided to try it on my hemmorrhoids. It worked! Gone in 20 minutes. This is what I do now when I occaisonally get hemmorrhoids. The ticket is not to get them in the first place... But childbirth.... Fiber dosen't fix that! Ha Ha

Treatment: Tear one sheet of toilet paper off the roll. Fold it in half and then half again into a small square.

Open the bottle of caster oil and set on a stable surface. Unfold the toilet paper to half open. Hold the paper on the top of the open bottle and hold them together and tip the bottle on to the paper so you can carefully pour about 1/4 tsp on to the paper. (be careful not to get on your clothes or carpet as it can stain)

Apply the paper directly to the hemmorrhoid, between your bums. Pull up your pants and go about your business.

The next time you sit on the toilet the paper should fall out in to the toilet, or take it out yourself. If the hemmorrhoid is not gone with the first treatment, repeat until it is. I have had results as fast as twenty minutes!

My 83 year young mother recently had a hip replacement. After a few days she told me she had hemmorrhoids. I said I have a treatment for that, why didn't you tell me? I did the above and handed her the paper that she applied to the hemmorrhoid while laying in bed. Her next trip to the toilet she said it was all gone! The next day I asked her if she needed another treatment and she said it never came back and she was so surprised.

I wish I had this when I had my babies. I know this will help a lot of people.


Replied by Hollie
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Laura, thank you so very much for your information and time to write this! I have had two boys which are my pride and joy but for two precious gifts along comes hemmoroids, for me that is, and now that they are 18 and 20 yrs old strangely enough they are starting to enlarge and multiply with know constipation or straining whatsoever. I have been in pain and itching like crazy! Thank God for Earth Clinic and for people like you Laura! I will try it today and I will let you know if the castor oil and toilet paper work. Much Aloha from The Lewis Family!

Castor Oil
Posted by Jon (Singapore) on 06/02/2009

I had severe piles (internal) & haemorrhoids (external). Visit to doctor who gave some creams & advised surgery if the haemorrhoids didnt shrink. Read about castor oil and tried it as last resort as I didn't fancy the idea of surgery. A friend of mine who had piles surgery discovered he couldnt control his bowels well sometime after surgery.

Anyway, what i did was to coat the rear area, especially the inflamed tissues with castor oil twice a day after visiting the bathroom. Amazingly, after a couple of days, the area went back to normal and I did not have to go back to the doctor.

I will try castor oil for other various problems that I read about on earthclinic. Castor oil rocks!

Castor Oil
Posted by Gabi (TORONTO, CANADA) on 02/04/2008

Use Castor Oil to cure hemorrhoid. Make small CASTOR OIL PACK. You can use even cotton ball saturated with Castor Oil. Lie down and apply it to the hemorrhoid. You can walk with it if you have to. It brings very fast relive and swollen hemorrhoid shrinks fast.

Replied by Anon

Does Castor Oil permanently cure? It did disappear the hemorrhoid after a day or so. Then when I stop it I do see a small one in the morning...
Kept it again and hemorrhoid disappeared. When I stop applying the cotton with castor oil... I see a small one in the morning... Repeating for 7 days now....
How many days should I continue this? Did anyone face this?

What kind of a diet did you follow when you applied this topically?