Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

| Modified on Sep 06, 2021

Posted by Hilary (Va) on 11/21/2017
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Molasses works great for my heart palpitations. But I am convinced there is more to it than just the potassium. I eat a healthy diet, take vitamin supplements and drink coconut water, which is higher in potassium than molasses. But during one particularly bad day of many lengthy atrial fib episodes (and 2 glasses of coconut water), I tried 1Tbs of molasses in hot water. Before I was finished with the cup, my a-fib was gone. I will continue taking the molasses every day. It's far better than what my cardiologist wants me to do.

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Sl (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/10/2012

No no no, please don't discredit something you likely know very little or nothing about, except what you've been brainwashed to believe by "real" doctors and the pharmaceutical cartel's extensive effort to fix studies in order to keep all treatments flowing $$ into their own wallets. Most of all, don't discourage people to do their own research on alternative medicine--people have the right to study what's good for their bodies rather than simply acquiescing and taking anything their doctors have been paid to push.

Magnesium Phosphate Homeopathy
Posted by Kenneth (Midwest) on 12/15/2018
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I had heart palpitations, and took a homeopathic preparation, on the 1st dose, the palpitations stopped in less than a minute...mag/phos was the name of the preparation.

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Bldali (Austin, Tx) on 01/22/2012

Amen to that! I've begun to see that doctors often are in league with the pharmaceutical industry as well and will push products on their patients whether they actually need them or not.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts

Dear Hank: Apple cider vinegar (with appropriate buffers such as bicarbonate or baking soda) removes the body of lactic acid, which in excess kills the cells and causes heart problems.

Yes, yogurt causes heart palpitations because it has lactic acid. Lactic acid is peculiarly toxic to the cell's mitochrondria. Atheletes dread lactic acid buildup and wish one day they can rid of them. Well there is a remedy, it is the acetates (and can come from apple cider vinegar and the side effects are also reduced with citrates - from lemon and bicarbonates).

As a student when I studied biochemistry I would cringe at the idea of lactic acid. If I do a cell cultures, and use lactic acid as a pH to adjust to ideal biological conditions, the cell cultures would immediately die. This is a well known fact.

Since the heart is the source of constant energy, mitochrondrial health is extremely important. Lactic acid buildup intracellulary is dangerous, and this is why athletes have short lives - from long lactic acidosis causing muscular fatigue, thus heart attack is frequent.

In my opinion, magnesium acetate and potassium acetate are an ideal form, and this is found best whenever apple cider vinegar and baking soda is added. May I dare say that apple cider vinegar and baking soda is a food for the heart.

The other issue is the calcium buildup which causes the cells to function improperly. Usually a citrates, found in 8 teaspoons of lime juice (or lemon) plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda is taken reduces the serum calcium buildup which clogs the cells. This should also help.

The best detoxification of lactic acid is either sodium acetate, potassium acetate, magnesium acetate. These acetate forms are found whenever apple cider vinegar is taken, in any brand, and it is reacted with the body's bicarbonates to neutralize and convert to acetate. The cells use the acetate to rid the body of lactic acid. The problem about ridding the intracellular is half of the problem. The other is the body needs to neutralize the acid extracellularly also, which I think is best handled with baking soda and citrates (lemon juice). I remember that whenever a person has a heart attack, they use Harvey Teams (in hospitals) to inject a large syringe of baking soda. This is a quick remedy, but not a complete one. Acetates, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonates is the preferred remedy to use, in my opinion anyway.

I recently have a friend who came to visit me one day and told me her heart had a terrible heart palpitations that she would nearly faint and breathing becomes a problem. I knew it was a simple electrolytic imbalance. After taking 1/16 teaspoon of potassium citrate, 1/16 sea salt, 1/16 teaspoon of magnesium chloride, and some sodium citrate, the conditions stopped within minutes and never came back.

People never realize that these electrolytes are the power cells that gives cells their electrical energy. In the olden days, they use salt with a cardboard in layers to create electricity (Alessandro Volta). If you have a multimeter, most salt solutions do have electricity. Usually it is about 1/2 volts, in case you are wondering. Just imagine what happens if the body's electrolytes are imbalance or lacking, the heart needs electrical energy for normal heart beat too.

Ginger and Baking Soda
Posted by ACP (South Carolina) on 06/18/2021
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Anyone who has suffered from PVCs and done any kind of research will discover thousands of sufferers claim a link between Acid Reflux and PVCs. Of course the medical community denies the possibility of this stating the only connection is that Reflux causes stress and stress causes PVCs.

My PVCs began hard and heavy during a stressful time of my life. Ironically, I was having acid reflux issues at the same time. I decided to take a course of Prevacid to counter the reflux and noticed that my PVCs began to improve. I just assumed the PVCs were winding down because the stress was. Be advised that I have "silent" Reflux, which means I don't usually experience symptoms even though I do have the reflux. I also don't take meds unless I have to.

So, as my Reflux felt better, I chose to stop the Prevacid. Shortly thereafter, the PVCs came back with a vengeance. So I began to experiment. I would start a round of antacids and then take a break for a while. Always on the breaks the PVCs became worse. Not wanting to take Prevacid the rest of my life, I started drinking baking soda every night before bed. This simple trick substantially improved my PVCs. Basically taking them from unbearable to manageable. I have done this for 2 years now.

Okay, recently I began taking ginger supplements. I noticed at that my PVCs were so rare, I felt normal again. I did not at the time make the connection with the ginger. However, about a week after I stopped the ginger, my PVCs started coming back. Again I bought more ginger and again noticed improvement within days.

I finally put everything together. I believe my PVCs are directly linked to my acid reflux. A trunkline nerve runs down your GI tract to the heart. It is called the vagus nerve. When your acid reflux acts up your GI tract becomes inflamed. It is my opinion that this inflammation aggravates the vagus nerve and thus leads the heart to misfire.

I do not believe I am cured of PVCs as they show up occasionally. However, God has given me my normal life back.

The protocol I use is as follows:

Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 1 ounce of water at bedtime.

Ginger: 1100mg tablet daily.

Olive oil, Potassium Iodide, Taurine
Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 09/26/2017
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I have had them all my life. This is my belief: some are caused by lack of magnesium, so that works for some people. Some are caused by thyroid problems, so a drop of potassium iodide in the morning works for those people. Some are caused by the vagus nerve and digestion issues, so three tablespoons of olive oil a day works for those people. Taurine can also be helpfull and b12. Some are caused by anemia, and molasses works for those people. In my case, a combination of olive oil and the drop of clear potassium iodide and taurine worked.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Posted by Jim (Rocklin, Ca) on 03/30/2016
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I am 50 and have been experiencing missing heart beats, mostly in the early morning and late at night. It makes me cough and it's frustrating. The solution stemmed from an emergency visit 20 years ago. I remember the Dr giving me a bag of Magnesium via IV. I'm sure it cost a bundle. Fast forward to now: I was just experiencing a bout of skipping beats at 3 am.

I ate a half cup of roasted pumpkin seeds (one of the best food sources of Magnesium). Within minutes of the first swallow, the missing beats went away! I chewed as much as possible, then spit out the shells that I couldn't swallow. I thank God for providing natural & safe remedies. Going back to sleep now!

Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 04/12/2012
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Randall, my husband was diagnosed with the exact same thing as you, mitral valve prolapse. He was experiencing the same symptoms as you. It was hard for him, as he is a handsome, tall, athletic man who was not used to being held back by physical ailment. Dr. wanted to put him on beta blockers. NEVER go on beta blockers.

I began corresponding with a Dr. via email who wrote a few books. He put my husband on this protocol: morning - 300 mg. Magnesium, 500 to 1000 mg. Sodium ascorbate (vit. C), 500 mg. L-carnitine, 200 mcg. Selenium, 500 mg. IP-6, 100 mg. Co-q-10, 800 mcg (or mg. , however they measure it) of d-3, 100 mg. K-2, 100 mg. Quercetin. We get all capsules or powder, except for the d-3 and co-q-10, which are tiny enough for him to swallow, and I put it in a small cup, mix with about an oz of orange juice, and he drinks it up. With the exception of the selenium, repeat in evening, right before bed. Sounds like a lot, but do it. His heart palps stopped in their tracks. If he gets careless and adds a lot of sugar and a beer or two to his diet, it will recur. Palps stopped within a 2 week period or so. Keep up the regimen daily, if you want your life back.

If you feel one coming on during the day, take some magnesium powder in o.j. , maybe 500 mg. or so. It calms them right down. Also, fill pot or bucket with ice water, dunk your face into it, and rub it on your arms and wrists. This will stop palps in their tracks. As far as the motherwort and hawthorn, I ordered both thru vitacost. com, and they are coming in the mail any day, to keep on hand for emergencies. You can get your life back, it just takes diligence. Oh, yeah, above all; prayer is the ultimate healer. Ask God for his help. He has guided us through this. God is so good!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Alpha001 (Vancouver, Washington) on 08/22/2010
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I apologize if this is a bit long. I would like to share with everyone who has or currently is experiencing (HP) and the alternative process that I undertook. It was December 8, 2008 when I first experienced HP. It felt as though my heart was going to go through my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack, but without the chest pain or numbness of my extremities. Thank God for that. It freaked me out so bad that I had my wife rush me to the ER. At the ER, they hooked me up to an EKG machine, then took X-Ray, and admitted for an overnight observation. In the morning, I underwent a treadmill stress test. All results were normal. So, I was prescribed Atenolol and Fleicanide. I went to ER more than 13 times from the plethora of side effects from these drugs. I experienced very low BP, blurred visions, internal burning and pain in my gut, which then radiated to my lower back and chest, and I was diagnosed with Barret's esophagus, which is a precursor to cancer. I believe the culprit was the Fleicanide. To combat the very low BP, my cardiologist replaced Atenolol with Deltiazim--that cause severe chest burning. It got so bad that I could hardly eat anything and I was burping and belching all day long. I had to be put on Xanax for anxiety and Valium for the pain. So what did I do?

Most of you have indicated that modern medicine doesn't help. I totally agree. In fact, it only makes thing worse with so many side effects and little benefit, IF any, which was my case. I even under went catheter ablation and thankfully, my cardiologist could not chemically induce the palpitation. So he couldn't burn and scare my heart. I understand that this process makes things worse. A friend of mine took me to her Naturopath doctor. He tested my lungs, heart, stomach and liver and wrote me a prescription to have my blood tested. There were 10 tests that he was looking for. I got the results and my regular doctor said everything was normal. I took a copy of that test results and gave it to my Naturopath. He highlighted 5 things that he found abnormal even though my regular doctor had indicated that they were normal. He immediately put me on 2 weeks nutritional program strictly of organic vegetables; no meats, no sugars, no bread of any sorts, and 8 sessions of colonic hydrotherapy to help speed up the detoxification process. Once the two weeks was completed he re-adjusted my nutritional program for another 4 weeks. He also put me on herbal and botanical supplements. I was on Devacor, Neprinol, Charcoal capsules, and a mixture that consisted of 15 different herbs, roots, flowers, etc. , all precisely weighed and mixed. I have also added OMEGA-3 Fish-oil, COQ10, pre and probiotics. I continue to drink ginger tea made from fresh root and in the process of being part-vegan, I have lost 35 pounds. I say part-vegan because I eat fish and turkey. If I do eat chicken, it must be cage free or organic. Throughout my HP ordeal, I have learned so much about alternative health style. Today, I am very healthy. I still get HP, but once in a blue moon, and briefly, as compared to what I experienced in the past. I continue to eat healthy and learn to appreciate vegetables like it was going out of style. Too much to write, but if anyone wants more information , you may contact me at my email address with the title "Heart Palpitation. " Thank you for reading.

Cardiac Ablation
Posted by Kvnc (Triangle, Nc) on 05/30/2012
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Cardiac ablation should be avoided at all costs. It causes FAR more problems--weakness, debilitating shortness of breath, etc--than the problem it is supposed to correct. COQ10, goldenseal and selenium in combination, strengthen the heart muscle and mitigate against the misfiring of the electrical signals. Cured my own problem in the face of the threat of ablation four years ago, and haven't had a problem since, which watching friends undergo the horrors of ablation, which, of course, cannot be reversed once they've killed portions of your heart muscle.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sugarboo (Cocoa Beach, Florida) on 08/20/2012
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.. Any kind of Vinegar can cause heart palpatations. Vinegar speeds up the metablolism and therefore can cause palapataions. Hasn't anyone on here ever heard of the "Apple Cider Vinegar" diet? two or three tablspoons a day of it. It speeds up your metabolism just like caffeine, diet pills, speed, any natural suplement that is supposed to aid in weight loss, or any kind of stimulant. I have major heart problems and was trying to lose weight by eating salads for lunch and dinner. I used white balsalmic vinegar for the dressing and didn't realize this is what set me off on a two week course to almost being dead!! No one could figure out why my heart beat was all over the place. I finally figured it out on my own, but it has taken three weeks for my heart to heal from the damaging of it having to work so hard from the fast heartbeats. Hope this helps someone out there...

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Lindy (Reno, NV) on 02/02/2008
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Don't forget adrenal fatigue. I had heart palpitations and tacchycardic states for several months before finally being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by a homeopathic doc (western medicine docs don't recognize this condition). There are tons of natural remedies, just google adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Carrie B (Williams Lake, Bc, Canada) on 04/09/2012

I only started with 1tsp of coconut oil and it absolutely DID cause me to have a rapid heart beat later in the evening. I tried 2 days in a row and the same thing happened. I have no heart problems and my blood pressure is 110/70 on average. I also do not have high cholesterol problems. I do, however, have hypothyroidism which is why I wanted to try the virgin coconut oil. There was no other thing I changed that would account for the heart palpitations. It was unsettling.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Hank (Florida) on 04/15/2007
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ACV for acid reflux(heart palpitations)...I started having heart palpitations last October and went to my family doctor who referred me to a cardiologist who did a stress test and an echocardiogram and put me on a heart monitor for a month. He then referred me to an electrocardiologist for possible pacemaker. This Dr. referred me to a sleep clinic for sleep apnea. I now have a cpap machine, for sleep apnea but the palpitations were still coming quite frequently. I'm not sure the cpap machine is the answer unless that is something else that is going on, but unrelated. Out of desperation, I went to the internet and started doing some 'research' and found your web site. This is my 4th day on _____s apple cider vinegar and the palpitations have all but stopped, except last night I decided to try some plain vanilla yogurt which I thought would have a soothing effect. The palpitations started almost immediately and quite severe after eating the yogurt. I took another glass of water with 2 tablespoons of ACV and the palpitations stopped! Do you have any idea why the yogurt would cause this? Needless to say, I am very amazed at the effectiveness of ACV. Hopefully, the effects will last. What caused my reflux? I had taken ibuprofen for several years for back pain and have been on Tramadol(generic Ultram, which I was on before the generic came out) for several years. I definitely believe these drugs have caused a train wreck in my stomach. I am also on Zocor for cholesterol and Altace for blood pressure. Before the back pain(degenerative disc), I was a runner and had none of this although I did take ibuprofen some of the time during my running days. So far, I am looking at ACV as a miracle. Thanks so much!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Christine (Deer Park Ny) on 03/03/2018
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Used acv every morning in water to loose weight and got palpitations. Now getting angiogram. Great, probably from the acv.

Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 10/04/2016
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Greetings to All,

Blackstrap Molasses is awesome in potassium which helps to calm heart palpitations. I use the un-sulfured blackstrap Molasses. One tablespoon is all you need. Straight from the spoon is mighty tasty, or you can mix it in water, or other food like oat-meal. The company I buy from has 320 mgs of potassium in one tablespoon of un-sulfured Blackstrap Molasses.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Beth (Ga) on 02/10/2016

Hi Jewel...same thing for me years ago...was diagnosed as having PAD (peripheral artery disease)...turned out( years later) it was a large HIATAL HERNIA...the pressure causes the stomach to press onto the vagas nerve ...causing the PALPS, ......Havent had them in years....Must eat smaller amts...take digestive ENZs with every meal and never lie down after eating, , , I eat main meal by 2 pm and have fruit usually an apple.in slices and hot tea at 6pm...am 78 yrs old...on NO MEDS! Blessings, Beth

Ginger Tea
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/22/2018 223 posts

Hi, to make ginger tea I will grate fresh ginger and add boiled water, cover to steep twenty minutes then enjoy. Four times a day or approx every 4-6 hours when drinking for ailment (health) improvement. Also suggest Hawthorne berries for heart health


Aloe Vera
Posted by Sara (Boston, Ma) on 12/30/2011
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Try taking ALOE VERA JUICE for Heart palpitations.

Aloe Vera
Posted by John H (Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, Uk) on 07/08/2013
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Be very careful before taking Aloe Vera for fast heart beat as it depletes potassium and low potassium is one of the main causes for fast heart beat. John

Posted by Joseph (Los Angeles, California) on 07/22/2011
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As you can see I am up at 4:30 in the morning. The reason why is I suffer from Anxiety and heart pulpitations frequently (3 years) Fluttering in the heart etc. I happened to accidently run into this site because a friend of mine had accidently put Cayenne Pepper in his soup instead of the standard peppers. I searched (Cayenne Pepper) and found this site. I'm very grateful and upset because now I have something that can help me now. I'm also upset because I've seen a lot of Dr.s and none of them have recommended this treatment. Thank you once again for having this page. You should have a Face Book account so I could push LIKE to my profile.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Savannah (Id) on 09/05/2017

AVOID all the so called sweeteners, they cause SERIOUS reactions in many.

Posted by Jackie (Cape Coral, FL, USA) on 12/19/2008
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Magnesium for heart palpitations/panic attacks: I thank God for this site. I was having scary heart palpitations at night, and I knew it was panic attacks. The only course my doc offered was xanax, and as I was rushed through the visit there was no time to talk alternatives. I am not one of those people who thinks happiness is a pill away. I did my own research, and decided to try a magnesium supplement. The FIRST NIGHT I was heart palpitation-free. I can't believe doctors would rather throw a dangerous pill at you rather than discuss the effects of diet, exercise, and soda (caffeine&aspatame) on your body. Try Magnesium first, and make sure you are getting your potassium too!

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Gerard (Independence, Missouri) on 12/06/2014
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Having heart palpitations in the evening after using coconut oil when hypothyroidism is present may be explained as having the thyroid finally kick in and induce those rapid heartbeats. Those with thyroid problems report on curezone that use of coconut oil cleans this condition up. Try "Oil Swishing" forum as regards orally swirling coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes and spitting it out. This sucks lots of infection out of the sinuses and gums; cleans and whitens teeth by cutting biofilm; and can start clearing up what may be a sub-acute fungal infection of the thyroid suspected because coconut oil has a powerful anti-fungal, caprylic acid. Blessings!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Velma (Wagoner) on 02/06/2018
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I have noticed a connection between sugar intake on an empty stomach and heart palpitations.

If I reach for a sugary snack to hold me over until meal time I am getting heart palpitations.

I think a piece of cheese or handful of nuts would be better and will try that soon.

Posted by Hisjewel (Usa) on 03/28/2018

Hi Shante from Jackson MS,

if you have not already, replace all your drinks with water, for about a week and see the difference. instead of coffee or tea have a hot cup of water. Water. water, water. When someone ask what you want to drink say "Water please". No caffeine at all. it made a big difference for me after only two days. just water and food and that little change can make a big difference.

You may get a withdrawal headache, but each day it should be lighter.


Posted by Mp In Pc (Plant City Fl) on 10/06/2018

I think it is the mix of the minerals in Black Strap Molasses. It even has copper. I have been having Heart Palps, too. Last night in desperation, I drank ACV with Baking Soda...best night I have had in a week. Then I got up this morning and had a tablespoon of BSM. Feeling pretty good now! Heart palpitations are just the worst.

Vagus Nerve Theory
Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 11/04/2016

Hi, just wanted to share a theory! The theory is that most people who have heart palpitations actually have colitis and don't know it! The palpitations are the result of an irritated vagus nerve!

So in that case you would take 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil daily to heal your intestines. And maybe some inner leaf only aloe. Just wanted to share this idea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sean (Seattle, Washington) on 09/02/2015

Dear Shane,

It sounds like you might be deficient in magnesium. If you are not already taking magnesium, you should immediately start taking epsom salt baths in addition to either magnesium oil or magnesium supplements. If you use the magnesium oil, slather it around your entire chest area and armpits and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Stop drinking the apple cider vinegar. I have read on here that it can cause bad heart palpitations in some people.

You might also be deficient in iodine.

Hope this helps, Sean