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Managing Heart Palpitations Naturally: Tips and Remedies

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

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Posted by Sandra (Roseville, Calif)

I've gotten into the habit of eating sugar-free jelly beans, I have been popping them' into my mouth all day thinking they were fine to eat because they were sugar-free. I started to notice I was having heart palpitations.I have never connected eating the candy with this annoying condtion and have stopped doing so.Palpitations have now ended.

Avoid Coconut Oil

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Posted by Carrie B (Williams Lake, Bc, Canada) on 04/09/2012

I only started with 1tsp of coconut oil and it absolutely DID cause me to have a rapid heart beat later in the evening. I tried 2 days in a row and the same thing happened. I have no heart problems and my blood pressure is 110/70 on average. I also do not have high cholesterol problems. I do, however, have hypothyroidism which is why I wanted to try the virgin coconut oil. There was no other thing I changed that would account for the heart palpitations. It was unsettling.

Replied by Gerard
(Independence, Missouri)

Having heart palpitations in the evening after using coconut oil when hypothyroidism is present may be explained as having the thyroid finally kick in and induce those rapid heartbeats. Those with thyroid problems report on curezone that use of coconut oil cleans this condition up. Try "Oil Swishing" forum as regards orally swirling coconut oil in the mouth for 20 minutes and spitting it out. This sucks lots of infection out of the sinuses and gums; cleans and whitens teeth by cutting biofilm; and can start clearing up what may be a sub-acute fungal infection of the thyroid suspected because coconut oil has a powerful anti-fungal, caprylic acid. Blessings!

Replied by Erin
(Santa Barbara, Ca)


With all due respect (I know you are trying to help), heart palps are nothing to fool around with and not all thyroid problems are because of a fungal infection. I also tried coconut oil (I have hyperthyroid) and had SEVERE heart palps and profuse sweating. It was absolutely horrible and I fear for anyone on this board who reads your comment and thinks they should continue and push through because it's a detox reaction.

Do NOT continue with anything that gives you heart palpitations (or stops your breathing! ) No matter what!

Avoid Dairy

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Posted by Toni (Wa) on 11/15/2015

Reading about the yogurt....I have had a pacemaker/defib implant for about 6 years. Over the last couple years my irregular heartbeat had gotten worse. My doc tried another ablation after on serious incident sent me to the ER. He couldn't find anything. He had also looked when he had put in the implant and couldn't find the offending nerves. But I finally figured it out. Dairy is my worst trigger. I was thinking I had gall bladder issues and had been tested a couple times. Nothing really serious, but stomach discomfort enough to know something wasn't right. It wasn't until a couple weeks after my last ablation and ER visit that it came to me. That day I had a milk shake. It threw me into a unbelievable panic attack. After figuring it out, I realized that my bad days always started out with a nervous feeling and stomach issues. But at that time I knew so little about the gut/heart connection. After testing the no dairy life for a few weeks, I told the doc I wanted to quit the 2 meds he had me on because they made me feel so icky. He gave me the green light, and I have been off them for almost 2 months now. I have found other things that also upset my tummy, and I am weeding different things out of my diet. But the biggest thing is dairy and since I have quit all dairy I have not had to take any anxiety/panic meds and have had no serious arrhythmia. I have read that panic attacks can cause the worst kind of arrhythmia. But I didn't know that is what I was having....and also had no idea it was all set off by my diet. I would keep a journal for a few days or weeks and start looking for possible trigger foods. I don't eat processed food any more and I am very careful of what I eat. I am also feeding my heart with heart healthy food and supplements. I do take hawthorn as my first choice. Good luck!

Avoid Lactic Acid

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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymousville, Usa) on 01/03/2010

Lactic Acid and Heart Palpitations

I never drink milk and I try to avoid cheese. Two days ago I drank an entire quart of kefir, hoping to turbo-charge my probiotic growth. Guess what? Heart palpitations followed not too long after. After reading what Ted said about lactic acid, I'll stick to acidophilus capsules from now on. As for the palpitations, I'm not worried. I already feel some relief (avoiding dairy, caffeine, and msg, and just gulped down some Blackstrap Molasses).

Replied by Maxi
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I agree lactic acid and lactose are the main cause of disease. I don't think probiotic supplements are healthy either. I have cancer and they have made it worse.

Replied by Willow 11
(Tampa, Fl)

Probiotics are very important for digestive health, but current ones are grown on GMO corn - which is, well.... really bad for you. So, now a days people will get their probiotics from fermented vegetables like sauerkraut etc. You can get it at the store - avoid additives, or make your own - very easy and fun to do. Everyone should eat a little bit everyday.

Avoid Msg

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Posted by Barbara (Lakehead, Ca.) on 04/15/2012

this site is what i've been looking for. My heart palpations/dizzyness are what I believe to be food related. MSG Monosodium Glutemate is a big culprit and i'm just finding out that there are so many many other foods that hide MSG in the ingredients like yeast extract, yeast food, yeast nutrient and so on. I have 3 pages of ingredients that contain MSG so those of you who have these terrifying episodes read the labels stay away from coffee, chocolate, cheese aspertane, sucrolose (splenda) and the list goes on. any other info is surely welcomed. Would love to hear from those that are experiencing heart palps and what their doing. thanks, barbara

Replied by Lars
(Boise, Idaho, Usa)

I'm 65 years old and have had palpitations since I was 16. I heard that the condition was caused by the Darvon or Darvoset pain med that I was given after surgery when I was 16. It has been taken off the market for that very reason. I have recently found that eating a Red Delicious apple gives me immediate palpitations, and would like to know why. I have them a lot when I get tired or exhausted. I have never had a doctor believe me when I complain about palpitations. They just treat me like I'm crazy or a hypochondriac. My doc now has me on Bisoprolol-HCTZ (a beta blocker) that sometimes relieves the palps but now when I miss a dose the palps go wild. I haven't found any natural remedy that has worked but am willing to try the recipes that you all have advised.

Replied by Bee
(New York)

Hi Lars from Idaho;

I understand what you are going through. About 2 years ago doctors bullied and scared me into beta blockers for hbp and because I said I was under stress he assumed I had palpitations.. I had some nervousness but never palpitations.. so stupid me took the medication.. Now I found a doctor who told me how to wean off the medication and I am doing it slowly but I am getting palpitations from that here and there. So what I have found to work for me is acupressure .. check utube for the points to press for stopping palpitations..Also the most unbelievable thing someone told me is that sea salt in a huge glass of water stops palpitations..and it does for me.. It might take a bit but it works.. Now I cant speak for you but its worth a try.. check earthclinic on here to see how sea salt works for that..

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Lars,

You're correct that "propoxyphene" which was branded as Darvoset and Darvon, were found to effect the electrical action of the heart. In fact, you can still seek compensation for damages. Google, "Darvon darvoset lawyers" and you can find firms that will give free case evaluations.

If this were me, I certainly proceed cautiously but read the article on AEP (google: nutrition review calcium AEP...and you'll find an article that discusses how AEP works on the cellular level to HELP the electrical action). Maybe the AEP could help with the palpation damage done by the Darvoset.

Also I have found that without sufficient "magnesium" in the system one is almost certainly going to have heart issues. I take a lot of natural vitamin E (not the synthetic form); potassium and magnesium; calcium AEP and arginine daily. Those just for the cardio system.

I also might try getting magnesium in the system by taking a few Epsom salts baths two or three times weekly for a month. Two cups of Epsom salts dissolved in warm water and then added to a warm bath and soak for twenty minutes. The magnesium sulfate with absorb into the system and is reported widely to help calm and rejuvenate. Especially helpful in "a fib" issues.

Because papaya is such a system calmer, I'd also try a few tablespoons of that daily.

Replied by Toourlady89
(Hayward Ca)

Hi, Magnesium Taurate is preferable form of Magnesium for heart palpitation according to the "Magnesium Miracle" book. I have read several testimonials about how it helps, if you'd google Magnesium and palpitations there's plenty of info ..

Sea salt has some Magnesium as well but not enough to get the palpitations completely under control .. and you can only take so much sea salt safely without getting over board..

Replied by KT

Hi Lars, I just read your post wondering why eating an apple gave you immediate palpitations. Apples are coated with a wax that is a hidden source of MSG.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Kt, I wonder if peeling that same apple would NOT produce palpitations....

Replied by KT

Hi Mmsg--I'm the one you wanted to keep posting "piecemeal" but haven't been on here much. I get discouraged when I know what I have learned but it is not always received well. I see so many remedies for "cures" instead of making attempts to just eliminate the cause.

ABOUT THE APPLES: When you pick up the apple the wax transfers to your fingers and as you peel, the knife transfers the wax along with your fingers to the apple. Then you ingest it. The same goes for oranges and grapefruits. You cannot wash the wax off. However, I saw a post on here, I think, that gave a ratio of vinegar and water that would remove the wax after soaking for a short time.

It's not worth the trouble for me to do that. One time I had gotten some good ol' Ivory Liquid that was reported to be digestible (original formula) and scrubbed the grapefruit skin but I just don't want to do that. I learned about the wax from Jack Samuels. I sometimes get apples and scrub them but I also cook them before I eat them. Eating the skin is still important.

Because our fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified in one way or another, raw is no longer safe. I get the canned water/juice packed apricots and peaches for my fruit. They have been blanched and are easier to digest. Sometimes if they seem too firm I cook them a little more. I don't think I can give the brand name of applesauce I purchase but it is the only one in a glass jar and has "Natural Plus" on the label. I get the concentrated "country style" orange juice because it has the pulp. I cook all vegetables until tender.

Mmsg, I hope I didn't unload too much on ya!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Thanks Kt for all your info! For now, I peel all fruits and veggies possible. Maybe here in Europe it's safer, who knows? I try to stay away from especially shiny fruits and veggies.

Avoid Multivitamins

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Posted by Cynthia (Brooklyn, Ny) on 02/10/2011

I'm a 33 year-old female with mitral valve prolapse. Although I've always had a fast heart rate I've never had palpitations and PVCs until recently. They are worst right after a meal and around my periods. I kept a journal tracking my palpitations. I noticed it started happening when I started a new multivitamin. After a week of going off this multivitamin, my palpitations, PVCs and anxiety went away. My heart normalized and beat like clockwork. I suspected that the high dosage of B complex in this multivitamin was the problem, so I started a new multivitamin with low dose B vitamins. After a couple of weeks the palpitations came back. I stopped taking this new multivitamin and again the palpitations went away. I think the problem lies not in the multivitamin itself or hormones. I suspect that it could possibly be a sluggish liver. I have caffeine sensitivity which is a sign that the liver is congested. I think the multivitamin clears out too slow so it build ups in my body and becomes toxic. My nervous system and heart is screaming out a sign that something is wrong. I'm going to try liver aids and keep away from multivitamins for a while.

Replied by George
(Denver, Co)

Might want to check the magnesium in those supplements, it's possible the ratio is off. Also quite possible you are deficient in magnesium and that is the reason for heart rythem problems to begin with. If the multi's are 2x calcium to magnesium they have it backwards. Tradition says 2x calcium to mag but that's wrong. Try to never have cal levels exceed mag and all will be well. Hospitals have said that most of the patients coming in the door are deficient in magnesium. Gee, could that be why there are so many heart patients? If the cal/mag ratio is off you can just buy mag by itself to make up the difference. Also it would be good to get the mag and start by taking that by itself to see if your heart balances out. You would have your answer right there. Begin with 250mg of magnesium per day and work up to 500. Good luck.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

I recall from about 4-5 months ago a very similar post to yours.

Once again, a few things to ask:

is the multivitamin one of those "one-a-day" kinds with a shiny red coloring coating?


Reactions include temper tantrums, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, uncontrollable crying and screaming, kicking, nervousness, dizziness, inability to concentrate and sit still among other findings. Physically you may get frequent headaches or migraines, upset stomach and feel ill after ingesting this additive.

Red 40 is used in many food products including kool-aid, orange and other flavored sodas, cheetos and dorito chips, strawberry pop-tarts, any candy with red coloring to it including m&m's, skittles, many chewing gums, etc. Also many children's vitamins and pain relievers/cold medicine have red 40 in the ingredients.

The bottle label or box carton should say which FD&C (food, drug, & cosmetic) FDA approved color is in there! Anyone any age can have bad effects.

The second question is "are there any minerals listed in that pill?" You could be so low on trace minerals that your body is trying to adjust when taking some. It could be that simple!

You are correct in that you could have a slow or toxic liver, and the food coloring is the final straw. It's taking days to clear something that might be done in hours normally.

You could try taking a high quality fulvic/humic mineral supplement, and see if your heart rate improves, going lower and stable.

They cost a lot more than a one-a-day, but in this case the quality (bioabsorbability) and quantity (most brands have 60 trace minerals and complexes--compare that to the maybe dozen plain jane names on a cheap multimineral tablet)

www.bing.com/images/search?q=fulvic mineral&go=&form=QBLH&scope=images&filt=all

Replied by Cynthia
(Brooklyn, New York)

George from Denver, you're absolutely right about magnesium deficiency. I have MVP with pectum excavatum (depressed ribcage) which is a tell tale sign of Mg deficiency. I've been taking high doses of magnesium for many years. It works wonders for my breathing, sleep, and general anxiety -- but it made no improvement in these multivitamin-induced palpitations. These are strange palpitations. I felt like I was being poisoned. Thanks for the insight.

Tom from Regina, those symptoms look terrifying but I don't have those to that degree. I checked the mutivitamins' labels and they all are FD&C approved and have no Red 40 dye. I don't think my palpitations were caused by dyes. I'm unsure about trace minerals as you've mentioned. I have taken multivitamins before without any problems. Today it just hit me... the one that caused no palpitations were rapid release. The multivitamins which caused my palpitations were time release so does it mean it hangs out longer? For a sluggish liver that can't clear out more than what's put in, maybe "time release" is not a good idea. I noticed my palpitations were worst in the evening, but better in the morning. I think it's because sleeping puts my body on a fast. I forgot to mention that I've been taking birth control pills for over 10 years. I think my liver's finally caught up. Thanks very much for this great info and the article. I hope this thread can help someone in some way.

Replied by Granny Laura
(Waco, Tx Usa)

Before I got tested for allergies even half of a 100 mg vitamin C tablet would make me shakey and so wired I couldn't sleep for 3 days. It turns out that most vit C is made from corn!

The lady at the health food store recommended that I try vitamin C palmitate. That was the answer to my problem.

I have to take vitamin A palmitate because I am allergic to carrots and fish oils. Many B vitamins are made by yeasts. Most grocery store vitamins will also contain wheat, soy, etc I have multiple chemical sensitivities so it is important that I read every label on every supplement I take.

I take Allergy C and Allergy Multi by Twinlab and have never had a problem taking vitamins again. I order them online for half what I would pay in a health food store. Cheap vitamins may do more to you than they do for you!

Replied by Florie
(San Francisco, California)

Yes, I have heard that whatever makes vitamins "timed release" is not a good thing. And the same with excipients.

Replied by Art
(La Crescenta, California)

I'm 62 and just started taking Trader Joe's Pantheon pack multivitamins a week ago because I thought it might help with splitting nails, but since then I've experienced extended palpitations daily, anxiety and diarrhea. They have very high levels of B-vites and extended release - this is the only thing different I can point to in that time period so I stopped taking them and all the above let up. I was curious to see if there was anyone else with this experience, so Googled it. Maybe I'll just start taking something nail-specific. Thanks guys for posting your info.

Replied by Betty
(Holdrege, Ne)

My doctor suggested to take Biotin...

Pick up a bottle of it and take every day and you will have beautiful nails. I have used different strengths... and about in the middle will work or towards to high end.

Also nail polish remover can make split nails... either use no polish or wash well with soap and water immediately after using nail polish remover.

Good luck!! Betty

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Yep the palpitations, are caused by the BVits.. The heart has a massive amount of nerve fibre in it, along with the rest of the body. You probably have twitches where you didn't have twitches before as well. It's like putting fertiliser on the garden it sort of goes off untill it finds its new balance. Old defunct nerve paths firing up again neurons going off where they havent gone off for a long while. The body only stores the B12 in the Liver.. This is distributed from there as and when required. The rest are taken as required and excreted on a daily basis. I think it might be an extra demand for potasium, so you can either ignore it, and after a couple of months it will go away... Or take a couple of bananas a day this seems to stop it, as they will give the potasium. If you stop the B vits. try MSM along with vitC that will fix a few things including the nails.

Replied by Lee
(New York New York)

It is important to consume your vitamins from food sources. It is russian roulette while taking vitamin supplements, because there could be additional/unwanted fillers, etc. In them. Soy (in vitamin supps) is believed to be a hormone disruptor, and can be one of the culprits towards heart palpitations. Of course, there are other culprits which can affect the heart; environmental, genetic, medicinal, psychological, dietary, etc....

It is also important to check the water in your home. If you are using a water filter/purifier, I suggest having the water tested for minerals.

My body responds negatively (or so it seems) to apple cider vinegar, coconut, cruciferous vegetables (esp, but not solely, raw).... I believe in the blood type diet, but am finding it difficult to strictly adhere to the diet.

It is also important to have your blood checked for minerals, vitamins, arsenic, mercury, lead, etc..

Replied by Faith
(San Diego)

My good friend was sick for over a year, heart palpitations, shortness of breath dizzy feeling like car sickness, and sound sensitivity. It was an allergic reaction to Vitamin D due to her body not being able to break it down. If your heart rates increases after exposure to a food, a drink, vitamins, pet, plants environment, or even fabrics, shampoos soaps and any chemicals you most likely having allergic reaction.

Beet Juice, Hibiscus Tea

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Posted by Jp (Usa ) on 07/03/2023

First if like to thank everyone for all their shared testimonies here! Every time I have palpitations and high Bp. I drink half cup of biotta beets juice & hibiscus tea. After 1 hr my heart rate goes down & BP. Because I use inhaler it's like a side effects of increased heart rate. I read it here also so I usually try warm water with a tablespoon of black strap molasses. I take this at night time and I sleep good with it. I take my regular heart medicine. I pray also and take communion daily. 😊

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 10/28/2021

I found quite by accident that organic unsulphured molasses has greatly improved my palpitations. I take a tablespoon every morning.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts

I take acv, but it did not stop heart papitations, but I just started taking blackstrapp molasses for over a week now, it stopped the palpitations for me. One teaspoon in morning and one at night, it works for me, but we are all different, hope it works for you too. I chase it with water immediately, ps, dont breathe, lol.

Cardiac Ablation

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Posted by Gwen (Orlando, Florida) on 08/10/2011

If your doctor has failed to determine the cause of your heart palpatations is could be because your problem is an abnormal electrical signal that travels through your heart muscles causes it to have arrhythmia or palpatation. No medication or vitamins can prevent this. The only solution is a procedure called Cardiac Ablation. Cardiac Ablation works by scarring or destroying tissue in your heart that triggers an abnormal heart rhythm. In some cases, ablation prevents abnormal electrical signals from traveling through your heart and thus stops the arrhythmia. I had this non-evasive procedure done due to years of having heart palpatations that no doctor could explain even after a battery of tests. Then finally, Bingo!

I heard about Cardiac Ablation, had the procedure done 6 years ago and I have not had an abnormal rhythm since. Still today I can't even feel my heart beating. Before the procedure it felt as if it would beat out of my chest day and night. I suggest anyone having this problem see a cardiologist about Cardiac Ablation if everything else has been ruled out.

Good luck.

Replied by Linda

Hallo Yea. Thank you for your post and it sounds all too familiar. I am having the same procedure done in a few weeks time. I am 62 years old and quite scared. Can you throw any light on this procedure for me please. Very many thanks and I truly wish you continued good health.

Replied by Rebecca
(Murrieta, Ca)

I had this procedure done as well. I had it done twice actually. I had a much more severe case. I have two leaky valves, an enlarged right aorta, and I had 9 pathways that needed ablation. The first procedure, the Electro- physiologist went in and did a minimal amount of burning. When I was on the drive back home from the hospital in Hollywood, I had two attacks that the rhythm was much different. Whatever the Dr. did changed things in my heart. Before I went in, I was having the ablation done based on a diagnoses of PSVT....

Long story short and after wearing a monitor for 6 weeks 24/7 I had AFIB. The Dr. scheduled a second ablation and did 58 burns... There was a steam burst and he had to stop the procedure and I was admitted overnight. I was told that there were still 2 pathways that they couldn't get to and I'd need to schedule another procedure. Problem is before the procedure my BP was averaging about 100/65... Now its averaging 79/44 going as low as 59/42. My cardiologist, whom I love & and was the one that set up the procedure with the Electrophysiology Dept. , just went out on leave because he has cancer and I have a hard time trusting cardiologists as I was told by 4 previous cardiologists that my condition was nothing and was all in my head. My Dr.... Dr. Benson believed in me enough to order the monitor for an extended amount of time and caught several events, one in which my heart had to be medicinally stopped and reset.

So, now needless to say, I'm a bit leery to go back, but I'm having episodes again and my hypotension is getting SO severe I can fall asleep just sitting in the couch after 8 hours of sleep. I'm SO tired ALL the time!!! I have had those procedures and 17 other operations as well... All in the past 20 years. I only just turned 47 in October for crying out loud!! #Frustrated!

Replied by Kvnc
(Triangle, Nc)

Cardiac ablation should be avoided at all costs. It causes FAR more problems--weakness, debilitating shortness of breath, etc--than the problem it is supposed to correct. COQ10, goldenseal and selenium in combination, strengthen the heart muscle and mitigate against the misfiring of the electrical signals. Cured my own problem in the face of the threat of ablation four years ago, and haven't had a problem since, which watching friends undergo the horrors of ablation, which, of course, cannot be reversed once they've killed portions of your heart muscle.

Replied by Hilary

This is a dangerously uninformed post. Ablation is sometimes the best option for some people. There are several types of ablation therapy - radiofrequency ablation being the least invasive and least likely to cause damage to heart tissue. But, as with any operating room procedure, it is only as effective as the doctor performing the procedure.

I have a mild form of paroxysmal fibrillation which I have been able to control thus far with proper hydration, yoga, potassium and magnesium supplements and cutting back on caffeine. However, I have a nephew who had a severe, debilitating a-fib problem which sent him to the hospital on numerous occasions with chest pain, nausea and weakness. His problem was corrected through ablation almost 30 years ago, and he has never had another recurrence. This procedure was a blessing for him. The post-procedure weakness you mentioned is probably due to the anesthesia in the operating room - not a result of the procedure itself.


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Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 09/30/2013

Hi Coconut oil is a big no no if you have Thyroid problems, it will do you more harm than good :-( I have been researching about this, and Cayenne Pepper seems a good one to try :-) Take it in warm water so your body is aware of the heat factor if you have not used it before. Take half a level teaspoon AM and PM, if you get palpitations inbetween, do the same again. There is not really a set limit to how many times you take it, and it may burn initially, warm heat not tissues burn, but it passes quickly, milk or yougurt will take the burn away if you really must use some thing. Water will not, but it will go on its own, I use this myself as I suffer terrible palpitation's and chest pain's to the point it feels like a heart attack. I use fresh Cayenne Chilli Peppers, but Powdered Cayenne pepper if I run out of fresh, with the freah pods, I use a pod split length ways in half, with seed's removed as your not suppose to eat the seeds, then I put it in a cup of boiled Distilled, or bottled spring water. I let it stand for 3 to 4 minutes so it infuses and the water is not to hot to drink, then neck it back, I lurve the stuff Masochist that I am!! Hahahha! Actually, I've used it for so long now I drink it like regular Herbal Tea although it's a spice, any way, with the powder just use warm water or par boiled not boiling, stir and drink it. It is also a life saver in the event of a Heart Attack, throw a few heaped tea spoons in water, it does not have to be warm in an emergency such as this and drink, this can be used this way for any one, it also heal's heart tissue's and promotes Heart tissue growth. I would put a heaped table spoon in if I were having an attack, and tap water would have to do if there was no other available or time to mess about. It also thins your blood out better than Warfrin, so don't use it if you are on blood thinners, but, and I am not saying 'do it', but I wouldn't think twice about blood thinners and taking it in a Heart Attack situation. It will make you warm or even sweat, but not always but this is fine. As its also a natural 'Detoxer' hence the sweating. Some people report a rush of energy and a sense of well being akin to a Spritual exsperence, and others, like myself, feel very relaxed and it help's my anxiety as well. I get palpitation's regularly through out the day most day's, an the Cayenne stop&s them right away, or in a few minutes. And if I am going out any where, I make some ready and keep it in a dark glass bottle and carry it with me at all times. Coconut oil did the same thing to me as it did to you the first time I used it, an I had to go and lie own, but I reackon it's because I took a heaped table spoon first time, and my body was not use to it, so I began again with half a level tea spoon and worked my way up, but definately do NOT take it with Thyroid problem's. Love Andrea C. Xxxxxx

Posted by Lucinda (London, Ontario, Canada) on 05/24/2012

Cayenne!! This morning, my heart 'went out' at 6:26 am. I hesitated taking cayenne as have not done so before. Tuned in to this site, for courage and for reassurance. At 7:24, took 1/4 t of cayenne in one cup of warm water. Result: heartbeat/arrhythmia became more obvious, almost stronger. I kept reading, praying. Then, at 7:50, took another of the same dose. Again, more obvious heartbeat. I kept reading, searching the web. Suddenly, at 8:26, I realized that my heart was 'back in'. You all know the elation I felt, the tremendous relief.

I thank God for this site. I thank God for all of you who have shared your trauma and experiences with this terrible scourge. God bless you. Thank you, from the bottom of my normal, normal heart!! Lucinda

Replied by Kathy
(Ontario, Ca)

When this happens to me I take two magnesium tablets and it's gone in a few minutes....

Replied by Francine
(Roebuck, Sc)

I will try the cayenne, I've been taking 1000mg of magnesium for 2 years... it helps.

Posted by Joseph (Los Angeles, California) on 07/22/2011

As you can see I am up at 4:30 in the morning. The reason why is I suffer from Anxiety and heart pulpitations frequently (3 years) Fluttering in the heart etc. I happened to accidently run into this site because a friend of mine had accidently put Cayenne Pepper in his soup instead of the standard peppers. I searched (Cayenne Pepper) and found this site. I'm very grateful and upset because now I have something that can help me now. I'm also upset because I've seen a lot of Dr.s and none of them have recommended this treatment. Thank you once again for having this page. You should have a Face Book account so I could push LIKE to my profile.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Anna (kahului, hawaii) on 07/02/2007

I read all of the information and people feedbacks on your web site. Now TED is saying only hydrogenated coconut oil will cause heart palpitations etc. That is so NOT true! I took virgin coconut oil for one week and my heart started to race. Please watch what you advise people.

Replied by Rick
(Stockport, Uk)

I've had problems with extra virgin coconut oil, but it seems that all extra virgin is not the same. The brand I took goes rancid after a few weeks and ends up smelling like engine oil, so it ain't pure despite having the appearance of being genuine.

I'd advise anyone to check the brand carefully and see if it putrifies after opening before chugging tons of it.

Replied by Jonathan
(Los Angeles, California)

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil caused my heart to race several times - heart racing, profuse sweating, and feeling like I couldn't breathe... I would like to think this was a detox reaction bc it helped clear up a fungal issue, but I'm leaning more towards it speeding up my thyroid and I am hyperthyroid to begin with.

Cold Shower Therapy

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Posted by Lisa (Victoria, Texas) on 01/17/2008

I woke up early this morning and went right into one of the worst panic attacks of my life. Nausea, dizziness, heart rate going at about twice what it normally does... I found this site after looking for quick ways to lower my hart rate because I was having trouble breathing. I decided to give the cold shower treatment a try and, while I regretted it for the first five minutes or so, I am now feeling totally back to normal. I'll be sure to use this method in the future as it works so much faster than any medication I have tried.

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