Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

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Posted by Systemchip (Burbank, Ca, Us) on 01/13/2012

Back in late December I started to take what are called "nootropics" or amino acid and other pills to increase mental performance, focus and clarity. I have ADD and wanted to try something more natural vs taking ADD medication, this turned out to be a very bad idea. I was taking a combination of drugs for 2 weeks with no heart related issues however when I added what is known as Piracetam is caused very bad prolonged heart palpitations for 8 hours. I went to the emergency room and they acknowledged my blood pressure was 180 and heart rate was extremely high although didn't tell me what, they didn't do anything because they had no idea what the problem was. I ended up driving home and the attack episode went away a day later.

What did I take?
The night before I took Bacopa Gold and 500mg of L-Tryptophan
Woke up and 2 hours after doing so I had: 100mg DMAE, 500mg L-Carnitine (alcor), 1200 Omega 3, 100mg Rhodiola.

About 2-3 hours after taking that I then took 2g of Piracetam and Alpha GPC choline 600mg

About an hour later my heart started to pump extremely fast and I started to have uncontrollable muscle spasms and shaking, the kind you get when you are cold. I then started to have electric shocks in my heart.

Over that same week I went back to the emergency room another 2 times, they ran an EKG a total of 3 separate times, a complete blood analysis and didn't find any problems other then my electrolyte and vitamin d levels were a little low. The 2 times after the first incident I went to the hospital, it was 1 time because I had a caffeine drink and a 3rd time it was because I had a bowl of pasta. Subsequently for the next 2 weeks I had heart palptations/blood pressure increases randomly and after eating a wide variety of foods (too many to really pinpoint it on any specific thing). On Christmas day I went to a party and with my lack of control and lack of any symptoms at the time I decided to try some alcohol, didn't have too much but I noticed about 30-60 minutes later I had another attack which lasted for about 2 hours and it was pretty severe, obviously I haven't touched that since.

So now it is over a month since the first attack and I'm happy to say that things have gotten a little better, I can drink caffeine now with no attacks(just tried it once to see if I would get an attack, not daily) however I am still feeling irregular heartbeats on a daily basis. A week ago they did a holter test but they are still waiting for ther results back. I'm 99% confident they are going to see irregular heartbeats throughout the day. I have tried just about every natural cure and remedy listed on this website. So far one of the supplements I was actually taking before, L-Carnitine I decided to try again and that decreased the amount of attacks I have been getting but didn't stop them, taking around 1MG a day. I've also been taking hawthorne, coq10, omega3, potassium, multivitamin. To minimize any potential that these attacks are initiated from any of the supplements I take daily I have tried varying changes from not taking any supplements at all to taking some and not others, no change I made to vitamin regimen has had any noticeable effect other then the L-Carnitine. I also tried Apple Cider Vinegar, however in my case similar to magnesium(below) it actually caused heart palpitations for a few hours.

I've also tried taking Magnesium citrate which I had an attack as a result of that. At the moment of this post I am suffering from another attack because I decided to try a bath in bath salts(filled with magnesium chloride). Almost instantaneously I started to have major heart palpitations to the point where I could feel my lip moving from the blood flowing through my head. I thought this just might be my body absorbing it so I decided to sit in there for a total of 8 minutes and then got out. I measured my blood pressure and heart rate. It went up to 138/77 with HBM at 93. This is certainly within safe levels but caused one of the more severe attacks. Luckily the high heart rate only lasted for a mere 20 minutes as I measured it 10 minutes after the first test and it dropped to 117/75 with HBM at 65. Needless to say I'm not trying Magnesium again as on 2 separate incidents it caused an attack. I am confident this is not anxiety and sitting in a bathtub full of magnesium should help to prove this. I felt very relaxed but the heart palptations came on suddenly and violently. In fact the Drs prescribed me Xanax and I took one yesterday and it actually CAUSED heart palpitations, albeit was the first time it caused heart palpitations, but with taking it previously I can't honestly say it caused my heart palpitations to stop, just made me "not care" about the heart palpitations I was experiencing.

Another thing I have noticed is that some nights my heart rate and blood pressure drop significantly and I start to feel tired but oddly enough it makes me feel good. The lowest I have ever seen my blood pressure go to was 96sys, 56dia, 52 HBM. When I saw it this low I decided to get up and walk around as I know anything below 60 is potentially life threatening. Luckily the only symptoms I ever experienced with this low heart beat was tiredness.

Other times during the day I will get so tense, I will get tingling sensations throughout my body which is usually a precursor to an attack, I would say its adrenaline being released but they tested my Thyroid multiple times to ensure it wasn't hyperthyroidism. Another doctor thought it might be pheochromocytoma which was a good guess but after a blood test for it, turned out a no. Whatever is causing this started from the pills I was taking.

I've also noticed I lost weight, I used to weigh around 150 for 2 years and over the past month it has dropped to 143. Additionally in the first few days of the initial attack I started to see skin pigmentation on my hands, arm and face, little brown dots but the Drs do not think is related. I read this is a symptom of hyperthyroidism but after 2 blood tests 2 weeks apart they say my thyroid levels are fine.

Additionally, whenever I perform any kind of mild physical activity such as going up and down stairs I notice my heart rate shoots up to a comparable extent as if I just sprinted and then suddenly stopped.

Just to summarize all the symptoms: Heart palpitations, skin pigmentation, tingling sensations, high blood pressure/heart racing during severe attacks however most of the time I have heart palpitations without any increase in blood pressure or heart rate. Over the past 2-3 weeks I have not seen my blood pressure exceed 140 during the attacks and most of the time it is within what I would consider my normal range during the palpitations, extreme heart rate for mild physical activity, Heart palpitations can last anywhere from 2-48 hours (yes I had heart palpitations for days non-stop worst feeling ever).

I am a Healthy (or so the Drs say) 21 year old male. I'm starting to think it may be sinus tachycardia or something related. I possibly just created a new health problem nobody has ever heard of before or it is so uncommon the doctors can't pinpoint what the problem is. Noting that I have periods of "normalcy" I am however hopeful I did not cause any permanent damage to my heart as my blood pressure was never recorded to exceed 190sys and my heart rate never exceeded 135 at the peak of my attacks. Attacks can be mild or severe as in the case of me taking magnesium. Anybody have an idea as to why I would have heart palpitations and a racing heart beat from magnesium? Isn't magnesium supposed to calm yourself? I know its not anxiety as not even the anxiety pills help stop the heart palpitations. I have pretty much tried everything at this point and the only thing I can hope is either my body is still trying to get back to normal and I haven't discovered what is causing my body to be off balance. In this case I would hope it would just go away over time as either the attacks have started to become less severe or I just have less anxiety when I have an attack since they are becoming part of every day life. I pretty much can't go throughout the day now without having heart palpitations, even if my blood pressure and heart rate is completely normal during palptations.

At this moment I have an echocardiogram scheduled on the 19th and I am still awaiting the results of the holter test I did last week. I'll also be seeing a cardiologist next month. Unless anybody else has an idea I suppose all I can do is wait to see if things return back to normal or see if they prescribe me beta blockers to see if that stops it, but since my blood tests show everything is fine not sure they would do that. I've just basically given up at this point because I have tried every solution I can find on the internet and either it causes an attack or does absolutely nothing at all to solve it. I appreciate anybody who has taken the time to read this long post and would sincerely appreciate anybodys help or advice about this.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)


Firstly, what kind of thyroid tests have you had done? TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Total T3, Total T4 etc. It sounds to me like either a pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal issue. All three of these endocrine organs are homeostatic regulators. They are like your bodies control boxes. All three of them can effect your heart in some way or another. The Free T3 and Free T4 with the TSH are more "accurate" blood tests. If your doctors did the Total T3 and Total T4 they are pretty useless. If you are hyper then just TSH will tell you nothing. Even in hypo situations TSH is pretty useless. TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone does exactly what it says. Your Pituitary sends out TSH when its messenger hormones tell it your T3 and T4 are too low.

Adrenal issues are the same. Most doctors wont even test for them and if they did they wouldn't do the right tests. One way to find out by yourself if it is a possible adrenal issue is to go in a dark room with a flash light and a mirror. Leave the flash light off for about 10 seconds than look into the mirror while shining the light towards your eyes ( not directly at them). If your pupils dilate like they should then your adrenals are telling them to do what they are supposed to. If on the other hand your pupils fluctuate between dilation and open at all or stay wide open then you can be pretty sure your adrenal glands are ill. Another easy test is to sit down and take your blood pressure. Immediately after then take it again while standing. If it drops then your adrenals are probably ill. It should go up if your adrenals are fine.

Pituitary issues are much less common than adrenal and thyroid issues but still possible. Your pituitary can affect so many organs including your adrenals and thyroid that it can be a big problem if it's out of whack.

My other thought is that it can be an electolyte problem that was possibly started by your supplements or maybe by your adrenal glands or kidneys. If your adrenals are ill then your aldosterone level may be low. Aldosterone signals the kidneys to excrete potassium. If serum potassium gets too high then your heart will most definitely be affected. If your kidneys are not excreting the potassium due to being ill then you will get the same situation with your heart. You probably don't need supplemental potassium. If you want to make sure your getting enough then drink an isotonic drink (sodium/potassium/calcium/magnesium) to make sure your taking in the correct balance of electrolytes. Coconut water (some people hate the taste) is isotonic which means it has the same electrolyte balance as your blood. I drink at least two of them a day and honestly feel terrible if I don't so I am an addict now:)

Replied by Lissa
(Mechanicsville, Va)

Re heart palps and problems with magnesium

Please get a heavy metals test ASAP. My heart palps were coming from and continue to come from a buildup of toxic metals in my system. The magnesium chelates heavy metals and in the beginning you will experience heart palps taking it. I was off the charts with mercury, lead, arsenic and tungsten. It took me 10 years to find a doc who would do the test because despite me telling them that I felt awful they would tell me that I looked good. I had no thyroid function by the end and no sex hormones. My thyroid is coming back now after treating and going completely off gluten in all forms, soy, canola and trying to avoid gmo's.

Replied by Greenshoes99
(Valparaiso, In)

Systemchip, I feel your pain. Until one actually suffers the spiraling hellhole of anxiety, racing heart, palpitations and the feeling of being 'shocked' constantly - with traditional MD's totally clueless and telling you that you are okay - they cannot possibly understand.

I have experienced all your symptoms and based on what you wrote - including the skin pigmentation - you almost surely have some form of adrenal fatigue/adrenal exhaustion. I was finally diagnosed with 3rd stage adrenal exhaustion by an amazing doctor, after wasting thousands on traditional MDs and even having a head endocrinologist at one of the biggest medical clinics in the country tell me that I was fine and didn't have a problem based off my extensive lab test results! It's sickening how so many in the medical field have become so utterly stupid when it comes to diagnosing people (such as not bothering to listen to the patient's symptoms, only their lab results) who are going through a form of hell most people cannot even begin to understand. Would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Mine started by taking in pure organic extra virgin coconut oil. That triggered some kind of adrenal crash that was actually years in the making - but it has led me to suffer horribly for the past 5 months and contemplate suicide when that was never anything I would have considered before. Again - if you have not experienced this kind of torture of your own body being out of control for MONTHS on end (let alone hours or days) then you cannot begin to pass judgement on those of us who seek natural cures as opposed to the idiotic allopathic medicine approach which by the way, is partly responsible for this because I was submerged in anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills and antibiotics for most of my 36 years on this earth, and now I think they set the groundwork for what am I going through.

Anyway Systemchip, I am betting that your holter monitor will be normal and NOT show any indication of irregular heartbeat or such a low percentage your cardiologist will send you on your merry way, telling you all is well. I also bet your echocardiogram will be totally normal as well. With low blood pressure and low heart rate you most likely will not get a prescription for beta-blockers anyway, which is good. I say this because I literally JUST went through this all with my cardiologist, I was 100% sure he'd see abnormalities on my test as I could document to the second when they happened -- but nothing.

If it is adrenal/hormonal, those doctors cannot help you but there is a wonderful doctor who can, and he's actually in California where I see you are from. Please message me if you want more details.

(Los Angeles, Ca)

Greenshoes99, I too want the Dr info. Please provide it for me. Thank you!

Replied by Bbruza
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I would like the name of the doctor from Greenshoes99. I live in California and experiencing arrhythmia currently and seeking alternative ways to resolve it. Thanks!

Replied by Voyager6
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I would like the contact info of the California doctor.

Replied by Donna
(Oceanside, California, United States)

I would love a referral to this doctor in California. I am in San Diego and desperate! I can't even sleep at night my palps are so bad! It is torturous!

Replied by Ralaur
(Laguna, California)

Greenshoes99 from Valparaiso you advised a pov about a doc for adrenal fatigue in california. If you would'nt mind providing a refferal name and number. Would appreciate, ralaur

Replied by Rita
(Bloomington, In)

I would also like the information and name of the Dr. In Calif. Rita. Lutes(at)yahoo.com Thank you very much. Rita

Replied by Titoman
(Phoenix, Az)

Systemchip, There is something else to consider about your symptoms. Hashitoxicosis. It sounds like you are experiencing hyperthyroid storms. This can be fatal. What happens is you are swinging back and forth from hypo to hyperthyroid. TSH tests will never find this, nor will t3 and t4 tests. You must be tested for free t3, free t4, reverse t3, and reverse t4. If your heart is weak or comprimised from your thyroid then it can't handle things like coq10, ingesting virgin coconut oil and sometimes not even omega 3.

Have the tests done first. You may have a copper deficiency. It may be that you can not handle magnesium because magnesium helps your body absorb and use iodine. The iodine overload will cause: you guessed it, hyperthyroid storms. You probably need to work with an endo who believes in natural cures as well.

Have your hair tested and do a saliva test to test your cortisol level. Your hair test will be like turning on a flashlight in a dark garage. You will then be able to see what kind of car is in the garage. Copper is like the brakes on your hyperthyroid, zinc is like an accelerator good for hypothyroid. The fast palps sound like hyperthyroid which means take copper for a week then add iron because they work together. The opposite would be zinc and selenium which is good for hypo but bad for hyper. A cople weeks later then start to add a little bit of zinc because you need a proper balance of copper and zinc to have a positive functioning thyroid. Let me know how things work.

Replied by Drgb
(St.louis, Missouri, Usa)

It's disturbing to read all the various self-treatments being tried for arrhythmias. No one, including the medics, are addressing what I believe is the underlying cause. The body requires certain elements in balance with one another in order to function normally. Your body cannot produce minerals if they're absent, and drugs cannot take their place. The heart requires several different minerals in correct proportions to beat regularly. Rather than start experimenting by guessing which ones are needed to balance the ratios, seek a practitioner knowledgeable about mineral balance. They will do the proper testing (usually hair analysis) to determine your specific needs and you'll find that many other health concerns disappear when the body is given what it requires to function properly. There is no "silver bullet" and what works for you may be completely wrong for someone else. So if your problem goes away after taking or limiting certain minerals, the likelihood the same advice will work for your friend/spouse/in-law/co-worker/bookie, etc. Is near zero. BTW, I'm an O.D., and the most likely professions to be of help will be naturopaths (N.D.) or chiropractors (D. C. ) in the U.S. Most "mom and pop" health food stores can direct you to people in your area who may be of help.

Remember, it's all about mineral balance. G.B.

Replied by Larry
(Studio City)

It's been years since you posted about this but can you refer the doctor to me that you said is in Calif that is good with adrenal issues?


General Feedback
Posted by Jim (Tuckerman, Arkansas) on 02/15/2009

I've been suffering from heart palpitations for 37 years and had every kind of test run to see what was causing the problem. Guess what, the doctors could not find a thing wrong. Sound familiar? I have been observing the palpitations closly for a long time and I have concluded that they are caused by intestinal gas which exerts pressure up on my diaphram and my heart reacts to it, and by the way, one cardiologist said that I have a sensitive heart. This makes sense, since the gas pressure is there the heart will sense that and skip a beat or several in a row. Suggestions from anyone? Jim

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello Jim from Tuckerman, That is a long time to put up with irregular heartbeats, but it could be something you are deficit in and/or a combination of that with eating stuff you shoudn't be. Believe it or not, I remember seeing a lady with what we call a bijeminal beat. No doctors had found a cause for it either. I suggested that she switch to whole grain products (including making her biscuits with whole wheat flour). The rest of her diet was very good with lots of home grown vegetables from her garden. Hardly any processed foods. Because she also was having trouble sleeping & admitted to some stress, a good stress tablet at meal times and bed time was also suggested. A few weeks later she dropped into the clinic just to tell me that she was feeling better than she had felt in years. Palpating her pulse while we were talking, her bijem was gone and replaced with a regular, normal pulse.

Now let's talk about those things you shouldn't be eating. Since you are sending e mails, I assume you have a computer and are on line. Do yourself a favor and type in (excitotoxins) in your search window and hit go. You will find that the two major toxins are monosodium glutamate and aspartame. Copy down all those names they hide monosodium glutamate (MSG) under and go into your kitchen and start reading labels on everything you eat or drink and you should also include any chewing gum, snuff, and chewing tobacco. You will quickly learn that almost every processed food in your kitchen contains one or both and both of them are known to cause heart palpitations, panic attacks, and other much more serious things. Don't forget to read labels on your raw meats that you bought at the supermarket, because I found two of the very popular brands of chicken and beef listed chicken broth and natural flavors or natural flavoring. Although MSG wasn't mentioned in either case, the chicken broth in one brand is loaded with MSG, and the other brand of chicken and beef also listed natural flavors or natural flavoring on the ingredients. This is also MSG. I have found a couple of brands of canned vegetables that listed from MSG, and mentioned it again in the same ingredient list under the names hydrolyzed plant protein, and natural flavoring. You are safer in the frozen food section, but stay away from the preseasoned frozen vegetables too because they are more likely to have one or both of the 2 major excitotoxins in them. You can find a few soups, salad dressings, sauces, etc. without them but it takes time, because it isn't easy to find them.

Now one other thing we need to talk about is magnesium, because this mineral has a lot to do with regulating the heart rhythm and the blood pressure. If you are still eating bleached flour products, this in one of those 52 ingredients taken out in removing the bran and bleaching process. Then they add 8 back and call it enriched! Truth is, it is depleted of 44 nurtients after this so called enrichment. Magnesium is one of those things that most of us would check out low on these days. Also magnesium is hard to replenish to the desired level without getting its laxative effect also. But since reading about transdermal replenishment to avoid the laxative side effect, thereby retaining the needed magnesium, it seems that my cup or two of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in a good bathtub of warm water should do a decent job of replenishing without getting diarrhea, and rather inexpensive to do when you can get a 2 lb. box of epsom salts at a few stores, like dollar tree, for $l.00. Why don't you give these suggestions a few weeks try and let us know how you're doing. LOL in this case means lots of luck to you.

Replied by Amy
(Austin, Tx)

I have had the same problem for several years Jack. Have you found anything that is relieving your symptoms?

Replied by Omar

Take alkaseltzer with coffe double double .....it reduces acid, thins blood and improve to alkaline, your heartburn may be from too much acid..which gives heartburn from acid and heart pulpitition

I had same situation.....suddenly it will stop all movement including and breathing.....alkaseltzer and magnesium worked for me......you can give a try....

Replied by June

I am pleased to read about the gas connection. I recently had a laparoscopic surgery, during which gas was pumped into my body. I got terrible gas pains after the surgery, but I also got heart palpitations. I had the following tests done: EKG, Xray, CAT scan, and blood tests. I was told my heart is very healthy and there are no problems. The palpitations continue. I am over 60, and I have been eating organic foods my entire life. My diet consists of seafood (caught in wild) fruit, vegetables, and grain. Except for the occasional Tylenol, I do not take medicine. I have read about the magnesium, and I know I am deficient in this. I just realized that I have not taken my regular Epsom salt bath for three months. I can only take showers because our house is under construction. I and have not taken my magnesium supplement for several months. I am going to start again.

Ginger and Baking Soda

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Posted by ACP (South Carolina) on 06/18/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone who has suffered from PVCs and done any kind of research will discover thousands of sufferers claim a link between Acid Reflux and PVCs. Of course the medical community denies the possibility of this stating the only connection is that Reflux causes stress and stress causes PVCs.

My PVCs began hard and heavy during a stressful time of my life. Ironically, I was having acid reflux issues at the same time. I decided to take a course of Prevacid to counter the reflux and noticed that my PVCs began to improve. I just assumed the PVCs were winding down because the stress was. Be advised that I have "silent" Reflux, which means I don't usually experience symptoms even though I do have the reflux. I also don't take meds unless I have to.

So, as my Reflux felt better, I chose to stop the Prevacid. Shortly thereafter, the PVCs came back with a vengeance. So I began to experiment. I would start a round of antacids and then take a break for a while. Always on the breaks the PVCs became worse. Not wanting to take Prevacid the rest of my life, I started drinking baking soda every night before bed. This simple trick substantially improved my PVCs. Basically taking them from unbearable to manageable. I have done this for 2 years now.

Okay, recently I began taking ginger supplements. I noticed at that my PVCs were so rare, I felt normal again. I did not at the time make the connection with the ginger. However, about a week after I stopped the ginger, my PVCs started coming back. Again I bought more ginger and again noticed improvement within days.

I finally put everything together. I believe my PVCs are directly linked to my acid reflux. A trunkline nerve runs down your GI tract to the heart. It is called the vagus nerve. When your acid reflux acts up your GI tract becomes inflamed. It is my opinion that this inflammation aggravates the vagus nerve and thus leads the heart to misfire.

I do not believe I am cured of PVCs as they show up occasionally. However, God has given me my normal life back.

The protocol I use is as follows:

Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 1 ounce of water at bedtime.

Ginger: 1100mg tablet daily.

Ginger Tea

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Posted by Sidhu (Burlington, Ont,canada) on 08/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I used ginger tea for irregular heart beat and it worked for me. Take fresh ginger1/2 inch piece.Thanks

Replied by Lisa
(Orange, Nj)

Hi did you boil it then drink or just added ginger to hot water and drink? Do you add anything else? How often do you drink the tea?

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Hi, to make ginger tea I will grate fresh ginger and add boiled water, cover to steep twenty minutes then enjoy. Four times a day or approx every 4-6 hours when drinking for ailment (health) improvement. Also suggest Hawthorne berries for heart health



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Posted by Danray (Panama City, Florida) on 11/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered skipping heart beats rapid heart rate, acid reflux and panic attacks for 15 years. Now all that is gone. I found out that Hawthorn will stop the irregular heart beat in minutes. Also found out the cause was poor digestion accompanied by stress. Apparently the intestines have some similar tissues to the heart. I thought perhaps my heart palps were due to food alergies because they seemed to come on strong after a meal. I am taking several enzymes to correct my digestion and the hawthorn. My heart now beats normal all the time in the low 60s at rest. Used to be in the mid to high 90s at rest. Ive not felt this good in years.

Replied by Candy
(Fort Madison, Ia)

What kind of hawthorn did you use? pill, or tincture? Thanks.

Replied by Stephen
(Nj, US)

what kind of hawthorn and dosage?

Hawthorn, Motherwort

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Posted by Jerry (Seal Beach, Ca) on 12/10/2011

Try alcohol-free hawthorn extract and the lowest alcohol content motherwort extract, read the bottle for dosage, don't bother with water, take equal quantities, and I think it will promptly cure your palpitations.

Hawthorn, Motherwort
Posted by Jerry (Seal Beach, Ca) on 11/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Please look at my submission under Tachycardia, titled Motherworth and Hawthorn, to get my remedy for heart palpitations. This is fast heartbeat, a sudden rise to 150 beats per minute or more, even to the 200 beats per minute range. The remedy I found and have tested over years is very fast for me, and very reliable. My submission under Tachycardia, titled Motherwort and Hawthorn, gives details. I think the medical community should know about this but I think the pharmaceutical industry would find a way to make money off a chemical variation. The herbs themselves do a remarkable job.

Healing Mudras

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Posted by Tweety (Des Moines, Iowa) on 06/15/2012

Hi, The people can use these mudras for heart palpitation and thyroid disorder. You can see the results within 5 to 10 minutes. These mudras are really amazing. The link is:


Replied by Chang
5 out of 5 stars

I achieved incredible result to slow down heart rate after practice the holistic healing - apana. I wearing heart rate monitor everyday and can see the different instantly. Thank you for sharing this information. Having high heart rate after two tooth root kernel 6 months ago and sitting down with 103bpm/standing up 125bpm.

Heart Palpitation Remedies

Posted by Sintia (Illinois) on 10/07/2013

Hi Ted, I'm in desperate need of your help. I've been having heart palpitations for the past 2 yrs. I've been to the doctor, cardiologist, ER and they done EKGs heart monitors and nothing comes out. I sometimes feel dizzy, nausea and sometimes end up vomiting. My episodes last a few hrs but during the time I'm afraid of dying. Please help me... I am very desperate. Also, according to my doctor my blood test shows everything is fine.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Sintia,

I am not Ted, but I don't think he is able to answer posts right now. I have a few thoughts I thought I would share. Heart Palpitations are scary.

If you haven't already, please read people's stories on the Heart Palpitations page:


Sometimes something very simple helps.

Caffeine and MSG are very common triggers. MSG is hidden in so many things - you need to look up "Hidden Sources of MSG" to be able to avoid it.

Blackstrap Molasses has helped people with palpitations and other arrythmias. You can take 1 Tablespoon morning and evening. I think the magnesium in it is what helps. Some people just use magnesium supplements.

Cayenne Pepper, Hawthorne Berry Powder, and Ginger are all excellent herbs for the heart. If my husband has some caffeine and then his heart starts acting up, he takes these herbs and it helps. You can take them daily.

It is encouraging that the doctors have not found a problem, but frustrating not to have a solution yet. I hope you find relief soon. Please be sure to let us know what works for you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Fifi
(Laguna Beach, Ca)

I have had heart palpitations and it is scary. I react to foods and my heart palpitates after I eat dairy. You can do an internet search, there are folks that react the same way I do to other types of foods and additives/preservatives. Also, magnesium supplement made my heart palpitate, it was messing up the prednisone I was taking and my heart felt really weird.

Lastly, if you are anemic it could make your heart palpitate.

Look at the side effects for every pill you take too. Prescription medicine and otc meds can cause heart palps. Hope it gets better, it's scary for sure.

Replied by Carly

If the palpitations are due to MSG being eaten... (easy to do, that poison is in almost everything) then take 1,000 mg taurine. Taurine competes with the MSG and helps to clear it from the system.

Also, sometimes palpitations can be caused by being dehydrated, so a good amount of water can help.

I agree with what others have said re magnesium also.... take 400 mg a day of a good mag supplement.

Alkalize, read about it here on EC.

Last, but not least.... Look at electrolyte imbalance. I would eat potassium rich foods, and use a good pink hymalayan (spelled that incorrectly, I am sure! ) sea salt. Lots of minerals in a quality sea salt.

Good luck.... Heart palpitations are scary.... I know.

Replied by Marie
(New York)

Hi, I started using 500 mgs. of Taurine and magnesium oil and apple cidar vinegar and beet root powder and one tablespoon of olive leaf.. And this has made my high bp come down but still on some medication which looking to wean off of... I also do EFT which lowers my heart rate.. Last night heart was racing a bit but not too severe so I immediately did EFT and took some Apple Cider Vinegar and felt okay.. Oh; I had missed one day of Taurine and not sure if that had something to do with it...

Hopefully will get this right someday.... but it feels like all an experiment until the right formulas are found....

Replied by Mr. Ree

Put 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in an 8 ounce glass of water and drink... It usually subsides before you finish the glass. If you want, drink another one... Palpitations gone very quickly. Sometimes for good...

Replied by Tom
(Fort Worth, Texas)

To Marie on Heart Palpitations; What is EFT?

Replied by Debbie


I was getting heart palpitations as well. Rather than take supplements (which may have nasty additives in them) you are better off seeking out natural herbs.

I started taking dried hawthorn berry in a tea form (mixed with other dried teas) and the problem has gone and not returned. Hawthorn Berry or leave is an old renowned remedy for heart problems.

Lemon Balm is also a great herb to take for heart palpitations (grow it fresh rather than buying it).

There are other herbs for the heart you can grow for free in your garden.

Replied by Jenny
(Asheville, North Carolina)

Dear Cinthia, I suggest eliminating your food and drink one by one. I get heart palpitations after eating a certain amount of vinegar, usually 1/2 half hour after eating food with vinegar or even drinking water with apple cider vinegar. Then the palpitations can come and go for another 24 hours. I agree, it is scary! Let us know what you discover! Best of luck.

Replied by Andrea C

I use Cayenne peper for this, it's a well known remedy for ANY heart complaint's, half a tea spoon in warm water, and drink straight down. It works right away, or in less than a minute. Love Andrea C xxx

P.S Google Dr Christopher and Cayenne Pepper. This Man is consiered the World's leading Exspert on Cayenne Pepper Cure's although he passed over year's ago. And he loved Cayenne pepper as it's an amazing spice with zillion's of great cure's proven by it's use. Love Andrea c xxxxxxx

Replied by Marie
(New York)

@Debbie from Australia - Thank you but for now I am on prescription medication for hbp and unfortunately it interacts with Hawthorn and some other herbs so I can only take what doesn't interact for now.. I do use astragulus and hibiscus tea and some other things.

Replied by Marie
(New York)

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique.. Its tapping on certain points or meridians on the body and getting relief from your ailments... Check some utube videos.. And follow along.. It looks strange at first but it surely works... Hope this helps.

Replied by Debbie

Marie, have you tried going wheat and gluten free. Research reviews for the book Wheat Belly or look on youtube. Many people have reversed blood pressure after eliminating wheat and gluten.

The herb book I have by Isabell Shipard (wonderful book-google it) says that in controlled medical studies Hawthorn Berry was able to dilate the arterties and bring down blood pressure. It will also stop palpitations. It is one of the best herbs known from antiquity for the heart. High blood pressure is treatable. You just need to be under a Doctors supervision. Doctors don't want you to get off the medication as it is a lifelong money spinner.

Many people have been able to get of HBP medications by taking herbs.. Google it. You are responsible for your own health.

Replied by Debbie

One other thing Marie. Sometimes bowels can affect heart palpitations. If they are blocked they can push in the heart area and cause palpitations.

Replied by Marie
(New York)

Hi.. Thank you and yes I am pretty much wheat and gluten free.. Funny you should say bowels because I am having what feels like gallbladder issues so working on that also but was told cant do a gallbladder flush taking medication.. Don't know why?

NO doctor unless its a naturopath would help me use herbs instead of medication so I need to find one. Not many practice where I live and to get an appt. takes months..

If herbs would help me get off medication then that would be great.. But I am afraid to do it without supervision.. I am at a loss now unless I find someone who cares..

I do have some lemon balm which I tried tonight. I forgot the man in health food store gave it to me.. I also use magnesium and iodine.. Thank you

Replied by KT

Hidden sources of MSG can be anything processed from corn (citric acid or citrate). I had very scary palpitations, referred to cardiologist, diagnosed with PVC (premature ventricular contractions) but found out it was caused by the magnesium CITRATE I was taking. Stopped taking the citrate formula and went back to regular magnesium and the palpitations went away. I still drink coffee with no problem and if it had not been for the kindness and friendship of the managers of the truthinlabeling campaign, I would have never known. It has been over a twenty year piecemeal learning endeavor that has saved my life. You have to read labels and, in addition, pay attention to the binders and fillers in any vitamins and/or supplements.

Replied by Beberobozo
(New York)

Wow I use magnesium oil and it seems okay but I am now wondering if I am allergic to shell fish.. One time I had some crab in a restaurant and I got the palpitations at night.

A few days ago I ate about four shrimp and my pulse raced a bit. Not too much but a bit.

Could I have an allergy now to shell fish? The rest of my diet is pretty much wheat, gluten free and mostly organic .. it's a pretty healthy diet... I read labels and rarely take in any chemicals if I can help it like msg and the like.... Thank you

Replied by Bette With A Pebble
(Nj, Usa)

Aloe vera gel softgel capsules taken as directed on the bottle is said to have stopped palpitations within 24 hours according to the latest Dr. Whitaker newsletter in the "works for me" section.

Replied by KT

This post needs to follow my post about the "magnesiun CITRATE" because it was correcting Beberobozo's misunderstanding about my post, thinking I was referring to "magnesium".

Magnesium is an essential mineral. "Citrate" is more than likely manufactured from corn. MSG can be created as a consequence of manufacture. Citrate is such a product. It seems like double trouble when using GMO's to "manufacture" the binders, fillers and capsules. As far as the magnesium oil, I don't know anything about that. I had been advised that any "extract" can be a hidden source of MSG because in the extraction process MSG is created. Oil is an extract.

Was your shellfish breaded or did you use a sauce that is not used on other food? I would have bouts of hay fever even as an adult until I learned what I was eating was breaking down my ability to tolerate different foods so I have a different opinion about all these "food allergies". There are so many variables.

In addition, there is a substance manufactured called mycoprotein that is fake meat/fish. It has been textured to resemble meat and is sliced, diced or shredded and used in restaurants.

By the process of elimination over the last twenty-plus years I have learned so much about how our food supply has been making us sick and the medical profession seems to be focusing on finding cures and/or quick fixes instead of acknowledging and eliminating the cause. The genetically modified food is harder to digest and even the "organic" produce is no longer safe. Not sure about this but the fungus in that soil may even be similar to the fungus used to produce the mycoprotein. I don't think anyone has full knowledge of what has happened to our food supply.

Replied by Beberobozo
(New York)

Hi, As far as the magnesium I use the oil transdermal and seems to be fine.

My first fish which was breaded and was crab must have had something on it like a sauce I never had before. Not sure what it was as it was in a restaurant.

The second shellfish was some raw shrimp which was plain and nothing on it but I have no idea where it came from.. It was only four so I assumed it was okay but from now on going to stay away from shellfish. Thank You.

Replied by Jim
(Ny Li)

Hi all, on bing.com search how to make magnesium oil put it on skin 8 squirts = 100 mgs of magnesium. Walmart has the distilled water under a $. God Bless

Replied by Sunny

Could it be a panic attack? Very similar symptoms you have.

Heart Palpitation Triggers

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Posted by Tracy (US) on 01/15/2019

I've had heart palpitations off and on for as far back as I can remember. However, I noticed they've been much worse over the past few weeks. It started when I was PMSing and we went for a hike.

I was fine during but it was at the cool down period where I got the palpitations. Of course this sent me into a tizzy and I ended up having a few panic attacks. I went to the doc and he gave me atenolol and a water pill for my high BP, which was been high since I was pregnant. It seems to help as I haven't had them quite as much, but they still manage to creep in. I'm wondering if my hormones have anything to do with it. I'm also under stress having an autistic toddler. I'd just really like them to go away once and for all. It's always a good day when I haven't had them. I'm a 35 year old female.

Replied by Deborah
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Hi Tracy,

Have your thyroid checked.

Replied by June
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Palpitations in my view can be caused by:

1. Silent acid reflux. Many chiropractors know how to lower your esophagus!

2. Thyroid

'3. IBS


5. Iodine, magnesium b vitamin, iron, b12 deficiencies

Hydrate, Turmeric +

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Posted by Lynn (Westcliffe, CO ) on 12/09/2021 5 posts
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Heart racing, fluttering, and irregular heartbeats:

My racing heart after years of the unknown cause is now clear…. First dehydration, second inflammation of the Vagus nerve, racing heart, all tied together. You get dehydrated, any injury that affects the Vagus nerve, including reflux, aggravates it. It controls heart rate, then all of a sudden racing heart (over 100) takes hold. It took me years to figure this out.

So, the treatment, immediately hydrate, get some electrolytes (since they are now out of whack), and start taking every 5 hours advil and add Turmeric for inflammation. Also, I added magnesium (in spray on form) or epsom salts work too. Your electrolytes need rebalancing also. You take the Advil til the inflammation in your Vagus nerve calms down, maybe be a week or two. I have a neck disc problem that is the culprit…and when dehydration affects your discs, they can inflame the Vagus nerve.

I have solved the problem, no more fear of high heart rate, all with the help of water, magnesium spray (on Amazon), turmeric, every 5 hours advil, and limit caffeine, add eletrolytes to rebalance. If you have reflux, you have a hiatal hernia most likely, push it down and take tums…..all of this works…finally, and no doctor helped…I am finally free of this symptom and if I forget or relapse, I repeat the above protocol.

Ice Water

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Posted by Misti (Westport, Ct) on 06/29/2013
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A remedy my grandmother used to swear by was drinking a glass of ice water whenever she had heart palpitations. I tried it last night and it works. Yea Granny!!


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Posted by Lani (Philippines) on 08/05/2014
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I have a symptomatic Mitral Valve Prolapse with mitral regurgitation so palpitation is like a daily thing for me plus chest pains and fatigue. I learned about magnesium on the net and tried it right away and since then I no longer have palpitations and it also cured all the other MVP symptoms including insomnia. Just 400mg daily before bedtime. I've been taking it for 5 years now.

Replied by Nathalie

Please advise which type of magnesium helps with palpitations?

Replied by Sunny

What kind of heart palpitations? What kind and brand of magnesium where you taking? Thanks so much.

Replied by Sensitive Creature

Hi! I have read where many people keep referring to Magnesium as the cure for their palpitations, but unfortunately they do not disclose which type/s they are taking (not brand). There are so many different types of magnesium, such as taurate, oxide, and citrate….just to name few What type have you been taking, and is it still helping? Thank you.

Posted by Jay Jay (Emerald Beach, Nsw Australia) on 11/15/2012
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My friend had severe heart palpatations that had me driving him to the hostpital one time after he had sat there for 8 hours with an irregular heart beat! The hospital did what they knew to do but nothing worked for him and gave no really useful advice.

For another issue he started taking magnesium and a little zinc. He didn't really notice that he hadn't had a heart palpatation until one day he forgot to take the magnesium. His heart went irregular by about 2pm. He started to get worried.

He remembered he hadn't had his magnesium tablet and within a few minites of taking it the palpatations had completely stopped!

Reading other posts, I wonder if that's why molasses has worked for some people as it has a good supply of magnesium?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Taurine regulates heartbeat. Taurine competes with cysteine, so be sure you don't have high cysteine levels.

Posted by Jackie (Cape Coral, FL, USA) on 12/19/2008
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Magnesium for heart palpitations/panic attacks: I thank God for this site. I was having scary heart palpitations at night, and I knew it was panic attacks. The only course my doc offered was xanax, and as I was rushed through the visit there was no time to talk alternatives. I am not one of those people who thinks happiness is a pill away. I did my own research, and decided to try a magnesium supplement. The FIRST NIGHT I was heart palpitation-free. I can't believe doctors would rather throw a dangerous pill at you rather than discuss the effects of diet, exercise, and soda (caffeine&aspatame) on your body. Try Magnesium first, and make sure you are getting your potassium too!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hi Jackie, Welcome to the world of reality. Your doctor doesn't tell you a lot because of the AMA which is the strongest union in the USA. When they get wind of someone recommending anything that medicine doesn't have control of, they start hollering "Quack, quack" and trying to put them out of business. Psst! Ever hear of that site called "Quack Watch"!? Not many doctors want to run that risk with all the debt from medical school hanging over their heads or even after that debt is paid. It also explains why the big pharmaceuticals, AMA, and other allies making a living in the health field are so interested in closing down the health food stores, making vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements available by prescription only. I hope & pray that this current attempt will be such a flop that they will never try it again. But play it smart and go buy you a few good books on recognition of and uses of our local herbs that most people call weeds. That way, we might not be able to get herbs from other countrys but we can surely find enough in our own localities to still be winners healthwise.

I am cheered up by people like you and the other one I just read in EC that figured out that mixing powdered blood root (which is a very easily recognized wild flower) with DMSO for skin cancer on her own. YEA! EC readers & sharers, keep using those heads for something besides a hat rack! We can all learn from one another and enjoy better health, and better health starts with what you eat & drink.

I was just reading something about Michigan, which first started fluoridating the public water, supply is now rethinking on the wisdom of this, because of so many reports of connections to bone cancer and other unwanted problems from this toxin produced as a byproduct of producing aluminum which could only be sold for pesticide or rat poison, before somebody got the idea of forcing it on the people on the public water system. I also read where Maryville, Tn. finally got it removed from their public water supply in the past couple of years. If
people keep wising up, our health is gonna increase likewise. But winning the battle with FDA, AMA, MSG, aspartame and the others isn't going to be easy.

Replied by Chachazoom
(Sutton, Ontario)

Regarding heart palpitation and magnesium supplements... It is important when using magnesium supplements to keep daily intake of maganese under 2 mg. Too much manganese crowds out magnesium uptake and causes an irregular heartbeat.

Check vitamin and all supplements to make sure there is no more than 2 mg a day


I know this is a long time ago, but my husband just started getting palpitations. He also started eating lots of nuts since he's working at home, takes 5 mg of manganese in his vitamins, and eats a lot of dark chocolate. I did have him start taking magnesium citrate. Maybe this is the solution.

Replied by Florie
(San Francisco, California)

There is a wonderful book, "The Alternative Medicine Guide to Heart Disease, " that covers all of this. It is brilliantly laid out, and the information is extremely helpful. Magnesium is included, of course. I highly recommend it. It saved me.

Replied by Pjdez
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I went to the ER today because for the 3rd day in a row my palpitations were occurring too often and this time around I had chest pains. The ER doc ran all kind sof tests and the old ticker is fine. He also said both potassium and magnesium were fine. He mentioned that I don't treat with anti-arrythmic drugs because they tend to do worse things since palpitations are a defense mechanism that kicks in when the electric signal isn't working right.

Replied by K
(Hartford, Ct)
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What happens when you try a magnesium supplement (mag. Oxide) and you get a rash in reaction to it? Should you try other kinds? Or are you allergic at all?

Replied by Shelly
(Spokane WA)

Mag oxide is the least preferred mag supplement. Not sure about allergic reactions, but I know it's the least absorbed form. Mag glycinate is best for cardiovascular issues.

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